105 Winnie The Pooh Quotes That Will Refresh Your Childhood

Winnie the Pooh quotes are the quotes that are universal, and our childhoods’ favorite cartoon character has quotes about everything and for everyone. Each time I come across Winnie the Pooh quotes, it reminds me not only of my childhood days but fills me with lots of positivity. Is the case same with you as well? If so then our childhood was undoubtedly awesome.

This time we have something really different for you people, go through 105 Winnie the Pooh Quotes and thank us later! Have fun!


Friendship is considered the best relationship on Earth and we all might have different meanings of it. Let us hear some of Winnie the Pooh Quotes about Friendship:

Friendships are the best presents one would never trade for anything. It’s the most valuable thing in the world which can’t be bought by either money or diamonds!

It’s weird how we keep thinking about the people we love the most! Isn’t it? Yeah, that’s weird but true at the same time. Talking mainly about friends, they care, they think about you every time and wish if they could accompany you in your work! And to have friends as such is a real blessing!

And we’ll grow old together, cherish everything and won’t leave each other’s hand till the end of the world!

With friends, we can travel the places never visited before, swim across the oceans and touch the skies! Because in friendship, you do everything together and nothing is impossible when you have them near you!

Actions make big differences. It’s a great thing to keep encouraging and keeping your friends from negativity, and it requires strength to do such work because you might get hurt by the same friend while trying to change them not realizing the good deeds you are doing for them!

This is something one should learn from our adorable Winnie! I mean look at the way he expresses things! So coming back to this very quote, Winnie says that the most important thing that friends should always remember is that even if they are apart, they’ll still be with each other and have each other’s support!

Please keep that promise and don’t forget your worth! You are essential, and your presence matters a lot!

You are always loved more than you will ever know!

To the friend who is always there in ups and downs- thank you so much, I love you!

Every day spent with friends is always awesome. But it’s even more fun when it’s your closest friend, and hence every day you spend with them eventually becomes your new favorite day!

Forever and ever!

Because friends are meant to walk side by side, hands in hands! So don’t be behind or in front but rather be by the side and walk together! Be someone your friends can count on to when in need!

Friendship is the sweetest melody ever heard and the eternal bond in the world. To have a friend is a fortune and to be a one is more prominent than that!


Weeds And Flowers

winnie the pooh quotes

That is, even the things you consider useless sometimes turn out to be useful once you know their worth! Know the worth! Only jewelers can identify a diamond in the coal, be that jeweler and see the flower hidden behind the weeds!

Winnie The Pooh Quotes About Love

It’s Winnie’s logic; you don’t spell Love, love’s an emotion, a feeling to be felt by heart!

Too much of care is nothing but love. If someone cares too much for you, don’t get irritated by their concern and the care, it’s their love for you, and you are very fortunate to have them in life! Treasure them and be thankful for having them in life!

A Little Concern

Show your little concerns for others because even small things make big differences!

Funny Quotes

Of all the genres I have myself always loved Winnie the Pooh quotes funny, let’s explore some of them:

Isn’t it funny? I want to question you the same question. Have you ever stopped thinking and forgot to start again?

Wobbly life! Cute and funny at the same time! Isn’t it? Well, this Pooh quote goes so well for the people who are a bit clumsy and confused but adorable at the same time!

We know that our Pooh’s quite a silly bear but whatever it is, he’s cute, and we love him the way he is. And since we love him and we know that kong words bother him so we won’t use it either!

Smallest Things Matter!


Even smallest of the smallest things can sometimes leave their impacts behind in our heart! So make sure that everything you do doesn’t hurt others, and those things do not destroy them. Spread love and happiness!


Because there’s nothing good in goodbyes so please don’t say that. Forget the misfortunes and let’s start from the very beginning!

And it’s always sad to say goodbyes to the people we love the most, but it’s fantastic knowing that we have someone in our life whom we can’t afford to lose and without whom our lives would be so dull! Goodbyes aren’t always easy my dear friend!


You know a great adventure is on the way when you find friends of your level!


So you must as well put on the boots and be ready to be a part of the same adventure because I believe that experiencing it is better than just watching it!

And every day is an adventure when you are with your friends. Aren’t friends simply amazing? And isn’t it awesome when you see them for the first time, and you know that they are your type? Well, that’s the connection that gives you vibes that something exciting will always happen when you people are around together.

Accidents are as well adventures we never have until we have them in real! They are funny things people would rarely think of!

Be Strong!

Always be bold and use your voice against the things that don’t please you, be brave enough to listen to your heart and accept what it says, and last but not the least always be strong enough to live the life you always dreamt of living!

I Want To Be…

As we all know how much Pooh loves eating and hence he wishes if he could be like a caterpillar who eats a lot, sleeps for a while and wakes up beautiful after being transformed into a butterfly! Well, everybody wishes for almost the same, eat a lot without getting fat and stay beautiful!

Gratitude Winnie The Pooh Quotes

It doesn’t require a big heart to be thankful about million small things nor does it need a big heart to return the kindness. Size of your heart doesn’t matter, all that really matters is the amount of gratitude you can hold in it! Do good, be kind and have a big heart even if it’s size is small!

Go To Them

Looking at the picture reminds me of many of the Winnie The Pooh Quotes About Honey. I very nicely remember that Pooh loves honey and if you try interpreting his words in real life scenario you’ll know how in few words he gave us big lessons. For instance, if Pooh wants honey the bees won’t come to him to grant it, he’ll have to go near them to fetch it from them. Similar is the case in our life. If we want something in life then we can’t stay waiting in a corner, sometimes we have to go to them on your own!


Nor does it to keep looking for opportunities and successes because at the end your tiredness will vanish with the joy of achievement and content!

Winnie The Pooh Quotes Positive

The most positive character I ever came across is you, Pooh! Have this kind of positive attitude in life, and you never know how amazing your life will turn out into!

It’s the most irritating thing in the world when the person you are talking to doesn’t pay attention. Don’t you agree with me on this? But our Mr. Pooh doesn’t do, he is way too kind-hearted to take everything positively, and I guess we must as well acquire a bit of it in ourselves! So according to Pooh, you must be patient when the person you are talking to doesn’t seem to be listening and assume that he has a little piece of fluff in his ear and he would respond a bit later!

Honey Is Love

Honey is love and so are friends! Friends are the sweetness in life, and a life without friends is a pot with not a single drop of honey i.e., sweetness in it!

Do every work with this level of perfection!

Pooh’s love for honey is infinite! Well, that’s kinda tongue twisting here!

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Dance In The Rain!

Because if you keep waiting, hard times will seem longer, but if you learn to adapt the circumstances and cope with it then you’ll not know how fast the time passed by!

Memories And Fun

It so happens many a time that we don’t realize we are making memories while having fun! We believe in living in the moment, we enjoy every second of life, and when we look back to it, we remember all those memories we created in between the fun and they remain alive throughout our life!


How I wished forever was true! Everything has an end, so has the life and hence there’s nothing such as forever. For us forever is till our last breaths!

When you start enjoying, you realize that even forever is too short for it. You wish if things just paused or time flew slower than ever before! But, the saddest part is that good moments seem to fly really fast and that’s the reason why forever as well seems to be too short to enjoy life!


Thank you so much for this harmony!

Nothing Is Impossible!

It’s indeed true! Nothing is impossible if you try doing everything but if you do nothing every day then my dear friend, things are impossible for you!


I personally recommend you guys to go through Winnie the Pooh quotes about self-love! See, Pooh’s proud of how he is. He is chubby, short, fat, silly, cute and adorable and is proud of that! So you guys must as well be proud of who you are!

Have Patience!

We learn quite many things from our nature. Look at the river, for instance, it teaches us to have patience because sooner or later we’ll definitely reach to where we belong, but that also doesn’t mean doing not a single thing and waiting. It means having patience and working for it!

Notice the river flowing slowly beneath, and you’ll know there’s a mystery in everything that you still need to know and discover!


Laughing is the best exercise, and laughter up to a great extent helps to reduce the stress. So if you didn’t laugh today you still have time, laugh, don’t let your day go wasted! Laugh and make others laugh too!

Without You

Nothing is pleasant without the person you love the most. It’s usually a prayer everybody prays for- to grant them a life shorter than their loved ones so that they never have to live a single second without them! And visualizing a life without them is a painful experience one can ever have!

Keep Me In Heart

Treasure me inside your heart so that when I’m gone, I’ll still be there for you!

Think It Over

Think it over, think it under and think from every aspect possible and you’ll find a little positivity in every negativity!

Just To Be Sure Of You!

Because sometimes all you need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand! And when you have them all, you can be just sure of the things to go well!

Value Of Doing Nothing

Never underestimate the value of doing nothing because even in nothing they are doing something and you must not be bothered by that!

Who We Have

It’s who we have that matters the most because at the end of the day you’ll be only happy with the loving people you have around you and not other luxuries in life!

Life’s A Journey

Life’s a journey with lots of emotions and challenges to be experienced by you. It does have lots of problem in it, but life itself is not a problem hence experience your life, learn from it and enjoy to the fullest!

Little Things In Life

Enjoy each and everything, and you’ll remember them once it’s all over and would laugh at those memories! And it’s more important to treasure little memories in life because they get the result into greater happiness later on!


Sending virtual hugs to someone special and nearer to your heart to let them know that you have thought of them today!

So we come to the end of Winnie The Pooh Quotes. Hope you guys loved going through each one of them and I hope it took you back to an excellent, memorable journey!

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