101 Magnificient Triangle Braids To Try This Summer

 Triangle braids are the hottest braided look that you can have. They are similar to box braids, but your hair will be creating a triangle instead. Triangle braids will rise to the most trending hairstyle because of its style. Your hair looks more creative, funky and cool. You can get a hot, naughty and mischievous look.

Nevertheless, you can also get a look which is cool. What adds more to triangle braids is that you can add romance with it. This will make you gain compliments all day wherever you go. People will turn back to look at your beautiful braids and never take off eyes again. It can be unique and provides your hair zig-zag styles which will make you flaunt. So, it is completely different from the rest of the hairstyles.

Geometry adds a lot to your hair and triangle braids are the best way of making your hairdo look more stunning and fashionable. It can frame your hair in a well-mannered way and can protect the glow of your radiant face. You don’t need to worry about the season or the place you are going. Triangle braids can flaunt this hairstyle any season and every place you go. It sure will make heads turn with this amazing braided hairs.

Here are some elegantly beautiful braided triangle hairstyles that can make you look adorably gorgeous It’s your choice whether you choose long or short. Anyway, it is convincing and can make you look fantastic. Try these stunning braided hairstyles to make your triangle braids to go crazy in the crowd.

Triangle Braids With Bun

Buns are always a great hairstyle. When your triangle braids are collected to make an updo, your buns get a jumbo and more appealing look. Up-do’s might not always be appealing, but this can make your hair look crazy and attractive. Your hairstyle will be appreciated.

 Glittery Golden Triangle

Why not add some shine to your braided hair? You can do this by adding some glitters to your shiny black hair. Golden with sparkle looks very stunning. It will give you a very rocking look. You will flaunt your hairstyle and turn every head.

Never deny this hairstyle. Your denial will only be worth the regret.

 Highlighted Grey

Your triangle braids will look more extra when you highlight it with a grey color. Try this awesome hairstyle to flaunt this summer. Triangle braids will give you a fresh look and will make you comfortable with anyone. Also, they add spice when small accessories are attached to it.

triangle braids  The Fizzy Small Ponytail

Fizzy hair can look adorable too. All you require is a little effort to tie it into small ponytails with triangles on the base. Your hair will not look fizzy, and the bun at the top will give your face a different look. It will be an entirely new hairstyle to try this 2019.

The Stunning Triangle Box Braids

Why work only on the triangle base? Triangle braids are the new trend to make your three twists to give a new triangle look on the top of triangle base. You will achieve the best look. Don’t forget to try this to get a new look.

Cherry Red Crochet Braids

Cheery red can add a new look to your dull black hair. Your hair will get a new neon texture and will make you shine. People will keep their eyes on you while you will be flaunting your perfect cherry red braids.

Triangle Braided

All you need to do is, take the sections you want to braid into a triangle. After you finish weaving, you will get a warm and sexy look of the triangle braided looks. You don’t need to create a triangle again.

A star looks

It’s incredible that you can create a lead looks on your hair with simple, easy braids. Triangle braids are most famous for the star look. You can make this by creating triangles on the corresponding sides from a single point.

Dutch Braid Into A Triangle

It’s cool that a Dutch braid can create a pointed triangle on your head. Hairstyle of this kind is very creative, and you cam flatter your child creating this simple and easy hairstyle. It looks fancy and makes your child look amazing. You’ll make it like your child’s hair is making a round of galaxy.

French Braid Into Gorgeous Triangle

French Braid always creates a fancy and glamorous look. Triangles look extraordinary and brilliant when a plated French braid gives it a definite shape.  Your child can rock her Kindergarten days with this easy and superb hair styling technique.

Short And Cute Braids

They say, “Braids are only for long hair.” That’s wrong; you can create twists that are super amazing with short hairs too. If you are a braid lover mom, your child will be blessed to have these super cute small braids. These are stunning, and you will be the fanciest mom.

Sections For Braids

Braids are never easy. They are tough because you have to put in a lot of time and effort. Sectioning your hair can make it easy to plate into braids.

Fancy Triangles

This style is unique. You can make braids of your desired size for your different style. Be your own stylish and have fun braiding this summer.

Classy Triangles on Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are quite stunning and beautiful. Your stylist will be super amazed if you ask them to do triangle braids your hair on the dreadlocks. Triangle braids are never out of trend, and you don’t need to fix your dreadlocks too soon.


Upper Thick and Lower Thin Triangles

You can have two sizes of braids and make your braiding looks more classy. The top section with numerous twists and triangle accompanied with the lower part with thin braids. It can make your hair look sassy and hot.

Shiny And Simple

It is the most uncomplicated braided look you can get on your hair. Shine adds more to it, and this gives you a triangular look that you will be pleased with it.   

Too Many Triangles

Little triangles on your hair are not always good. If you are a triangle lover, you must surely try this too many triangles look. Your microbraids will look more eye-appealing. Braids will look more compatible and give you a perfectly finished look. Never say “NO” to this.

Thick And Convenient

Fat and thick braiding can make your hair look more sassy and suitable. Triangle braids of this kind can be way too simple but add beauty to your hair.



What about Z on your hair? You can blow everyone’s mind by trying this hairstyle. Triangles, when turned into Z shape, can make your hair look very beautiful. Try this at least once.

Braided At The Back

Your hair can look beautiful even when you weave half of the section. Leaving the frontal part for something else and braiding at the end can give you an adorable and unique look. It looks super gorgeous on hair that shines.

Golden-Red Toned

Triangles look great on toned hair. A mixture of golden and red can make them look very appealing. For long hair, it acts to be the braid type of braiding. Also, your oval face curve flaunts more with this type of hairstyle.

Fancy Curled Triangles

Simplicity might be the best idea for triangle braids. But elegant does not look less. It gives a perfect picture to your hair. Adding accessories can make you see the best.

Fancy Up-Do

Up do’s are always good. You can flaunt this charming updo by coloring a few braids red and leaving the other twists on their natural tone. This style can make your up-do steal hearts of everyone.

Perfect Golden

Golden is always the best color when it comes to hair coloring. Your braids look stunning and can draw any eyes towards you when you apply golden shades to it. Triangles look pretty, and they seem convenient.


Triangles in a row

These triangles in a row are perfect for your summer. In any occasion, it will make you look beautiful because you can wear this anywhere. Its simplicity will attract every eye behind you.

Sleek And Long With Bun

You can get this gorgeous and straightforward look with your long and silky hair. It is charming and is the best hairstyle your hair will ever get. You can try this at the beach or any party. You will get the best of all looks.

Stunning Golden

Golden for a white complexation is never a bad idea. Your golden hair can make your braids look even sexier than they indeed are. Triangle base gives it an excellent finishing. Also, baby hairs add to make your forehead look gorgeous.

Sexy Partial Bun

Up-dos are quite hard for braided hair. But this looks is super hot to make you look fashionable always. You will still have a keen fashion sense with this partially braided bun. Rock every party.

  The Full Geometry

Why only triangles when you can shape your hair into all the formed of geometry? Here you are, with this new and sexy look for the new season. You can amaze anyone with this ever-gorgeous look. You might be nicknamed geometry too. Never mind.

Thin And Tiny

You can get a new hairstyle when you shape your thick braids into a tiny one. Even if you have to bear back pain sitting in a chair for hours to get it, it will be worth your time and the effort of your stylist.


Thick Braids

Thick braids are convenient and never out of style. Its size gives it a simple look. You will always love it because of its simplicity. You will like this as always. Your hair looks pretty well managed and impressive.

Downward Linear Braids

Braids are always scattered. Here you can create an entirely new look by braiding your hair in a linear format. It will make the triangles more visible. Also, this can add to make your everyday braided look worth your effort.


Golden always makes you shine. Shimmer golden adds to it and makes you be the brightest. Triangle braids look extra gorgeous when done on shimmery golden hair. Your hair will look more like a Barbie hairdo. You will have compliments given to a Barbie from Disney land.

Shiny Purple Look

Colorful hairs are always great. Purple shade to your braids gives you an extraordinary and unique appearance. You will never look faded. Your hair will be appreciated everywhere. Purple does not only makes you enjoyed but also can make you shine when the summer heat gets trapped on your head. In this summer this is not to be missed.

Thin On The Button

Your hair can be shaped thick from the start and small at the end. It will surely turn heads. Go for it. Surprisingly, this is the best hairstyle you can have. Just an easy and straightforward braid and you will look the prettiest. Never say “never” to this super cool hairstyle.

Long And Sassy Braids With Triangle Parts

Triangles look amazingly superb on long hair. It will make you look sassy and make you ready for every event. This style is stunning and gives your triangle a folded and sassy look. It is perfect for adults as well as kids. It can be tried by anyone who wishes to catch the eye of people in the crowd.

Simple And Cool

It is the best romantic braided hairstyle that you can get. It will make you classy and straightforward at the same time. Be ready for a day full of compliments.

Zig-Zag Braids

You always wanted either box braid or the triangle braid. But, have you ever thought of zig-zag braids? It will be the new trend of 2019, and you will be the girl to follow up the fashion first. So, hurry up. Try zig-zag on your braids.

The Long Triangles

You might be too bored or your little triangles on every occasion. Try this new. Long triangles look. You can also highlight some of your hair to give you an extra look. Your hair will look 3-dimensional, and you will enjoy this look.

The Raised Triangle

You can give different textures to your simple triangle braided hairstyle. All you do is build your half hair and tie it. You will enjoy the new look to your ebony face.

Cute Buns With Double Triangle

Triangles are right on kids. But they are super useful when you create a cute polished up do with double triangles. This requires a lot of effort but can never let your child’s unique hairstyle go out of style.

Neon-Dark Purple Joints

When you are bored of your same everyday look of triangle braids, you can try adding purple braided hairs. It can give you an extra look and make you look completely different. Bangs with pigtails looks the sexiest. You can make anyone around you turn on. It makes everything on your hair look very balanced. Everything you need is done with rubber bands.

Rhythmic Braids With Golden Cuff

These braids flow in rhythm, one next to another in a rhythmic pattern. It is the best type of triangle braids that you can have for your reddish brown hair. Your hairdo looks clean and finished. A perfect texture appears on your head, and people will amazingly praise your hairstyle.

Triangles On Pony

Perfect for kids, you can apply triangles to on ponytails too. Make small ponytails taking few sections of hair and then at the end separate them to two different parts. Your child’s daily ponytail will look healthier. You can notice your child from the crowd.

Ash-Grey Highlights

The highlight of ash grey can give you a clear, fancy and unavoidable looks. You will flaunt your beach look this summer with this cool hairstyle. Ash highlight gives you a bright and shiny look, raising the glow of your skin and your dark black hair too. It might be too cold to try this summer.
Triangles For Kids

Your child can look the cutest when you give her hair a triangle look from the behind. Adding a childish-pinky bow can make it look beautiful. Your hairstyle will be admired in school too. Pink will more flaunt in your child, and you can be the best mom.

Little Pony With Triangles

Not only with braids, but triangles also look quite right on ponytails too. Your fizzy hair when turned into triangle look, you add a good texture to it. Nevertheless, Parting your hair in sections can make it easier to turn your hair into a right triangle. It can make your hairdo much easier. If needed, you might add persons to make your braids not to get late. That’s an advantage of it.

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Black Braid With Hair Cuffs

Accessories are a great idea to attract eyes to see your hair. A shiny black hair looks extra and attractive when you add some hair cuffs to it. Hair cuffs give you an extra look, and you can enjoy praising of many.


The Braided Bun

Braids are awesome. And so are the braided buns. Braided buns make you look crazy.

High volume braided buns make you look sexy and naughty. You can try this super sexy hairstyle anywhere. It adds full coverage to your face and gives you a good shine. Do go for this type soon.

The Golden Triangle

You know how beautiful colored triangle looks. Golden triangle can look way more appealing, jumbo and attractive than you thought it to be. You’ll be surprised by the beauty of your hair. Beautifully making your hair shine, this will make you win hearts of people just with a simple hairstyle.

Backward Triangles

Frontal triangle braid might be a good idea, but rear triangles are somewhat unique and give your rearward skull section an outstanding and polished look.

People will surely value your effort on your hair. Try it.

Colored- Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Triangle braid when not colored can look a little boring and dull sometimes. You can apply a mixture of brown and golden to make it look crazy. It can make you look smoking hot. Your midnight party will no longer be only about drinks, but about your hairstyle too.



Fizzy Front With Triangle Braids

Your black face looks very appealing with a fizzy hair? Yes. Then why not try a fizzy front with triangle braid? It is the best hairstyle that you can ever have. You can clip the left section of your hair and try anything you want on it. You are sure to be noticed wherever you go with this. Also, it is alluring and will make eyes stare at your hairdo with one of the best styles. 

Half-Straight And Half-Braided

Do you want a straight hair look and also braids? Here you go, try this fascinating and eye-attracting half straight and half braided look.

The Half-Hair Triangle

Triangles braids look extra and gorgeous when you plate it with only the half hair above our two ears. All you need is few rubber bands.

The Crazy Highlighted Bun Look

Your hair can make you look attractive when you use an extra highlight of a slightly off-white to your triangle braid. Making an updo on the top can make your hair look jumbo and pretty.

The Asterisk-Triangle

You can braid all your thick hair and then create an asterisk-triangle look. It will make your head look crazy wild from the behind. Also, your back head will turn heads of many passengers in the road to look at your amazingly beautiful hair.

Partly Red Highlighted

Red braid is always a good idea. But a highlighted red is the best so far. Triangle braids when highlighted red gives your hair that hot and dazzling look. Toning your hair is an excellent idea for any hairstyle you create.

The Spiked Hair

Triangles look amazingly beautiful when textured into small spikes. Spikes colored brown gives this hairstyle a finished look. It can work with adults with small hair and on children too. Why not try this to look a little naughty?

Frontal- Triangle Look

Creating a triangle right from the frontal section of your head makes you look elegant and beautiful. It can make your forehead more visible if you like exposing forehead with braids. It gives your hair a sleek look and adds beauty to it.

Hence, triangle braids will not fail to seize breath of people around you. It will make you look adorable, classy and sexy at the same time. Do not forget to try this breathtaking hairstyle for 2019.

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