65 Gorgeous Styles For Thick Voluminous Hair

Thick hair may seem too much to handle and perfectly style, only if you have them. While you may not quite like your luscious thick hair, there are so many others who wish that they had your gorgeous hair. So it’s just about the time that you start loving your thick hair and getting styling so you don’t dull down its beauty and the looks it could create.

About thick hair, it’s what it sounds like we’re talking about. It is just voluminous hair with some density. In practical life, it would be the type of hair quality maybe your younger cousin has that she can pull off such pretty ponytails that we wish we could too. Finding styles for your thick hair is like looking for sand in a desert. Yes! It’s that easy because of the options you have. While you may or may not love your dense hair, there might be some issues you may be trying to cover up, like maybe toning down the volume of it, adding more texture to it, or perhaps just making it seem more natural and less like a set of false extensions stuck from your skull.

Having thick is just a straight blessing that you may or may not realize, but we do. So to solve your styling and look issues, we’ve gone through a few beautiful hairstyles for your thick, voluminous hair. And it’s about time that you start loving the lushness your hair has that other people are losing their minds and money over with multiple tricks and treatments.

Layered Thick Hair with Blunt Ends

thick hair

If you think that your hair is too thick in some way and want it to appear thinner than it is, then you should go for a layered cut as such. Layers help add textures to the hair along with some definitions, which makes it look thinner. And the blunt cut layers help you get a put-together yet messy hair look.

Fluffed Blunt Cut Bob

The blunt cut bob is one of the most prominent styles for thick hair anyone could wear. The dense hair quality helps your blunt cut look even more voluminous, which draws more attention to the hair and makes a face and facial features appear slimmer.

Ombre Heavy Mom Bob

Bob cuts are the most widely worn hairstyles by people with dense hair. The hair’s density can sometimes make the hair seem dull and without any texture, but this mom bob inspired by short bob and pixie haircut solves those issues. The ombre coloring helps the mom bob look more fresh and modern.

Sleek Cinnamon Voluminous Hair

The length of your matters equally as the thickness of it. The length of it can also play a major role in the hair’s density and appearance. So if you have well-strengthened growing hair, you should embrace it and grow it out. A cinnamon blonde helps the long hair look thinner with some beautiful shine.

Bob Hair with Highlighted Heavy Waves

Making your hair look slimmer is all about the textures you can work with. And if your hair is thickly straight, it may look bland, which is an issue some heavy waves can solve. Highlighted heavy waves on a bob cut hair help add a certain bounce to your hair for a casual yet sophisticated look.

Platinum Blonde with Lucious Long Curls

The platinum blonde is an ever-lasting hair color from the fashion industry. It has been one of the leading fashionable styling colored looks worn by women over quite a few decades. The lightness of the blonde makes your hair look slimmer, and the long curls add some textured looks.

Light Lob with Dark Highlights

If you think your dense hair lacks some definition and are looking for a style that will help highlight it in a better way with your outfits, then this is the one for you. Any color of dark shaded highlights on light lob hair helps bring out deep definition in your overall look.

Ombre Inverted Lob

Inverted bob is one of the most prominent hair looks of the 2010s, which was brought back into fashion by Rihanna once again when she debuted her beautiful locks. While the inverted bob is a refreshing look, an ombre coloring on the hair shades your hair in a way that you can flaunt your beautiful thick hair.

Early 2000s Swift Ended Short Hair

Layers on hair are something that, without fail, changes a person’s entire look. When you feel like your voluminous hair is a bit bland for you and needs a bit of change, you should go for this early 2000s inspired swift layered short bob.

Dark Inverted Short Bob with Short Fringes

Going for a big chop is always a big deal for a lot of us. But if you have the strengthened hair that grows quick, you need not worry that much, because either way, the chop for this short bob with short fringes will be worth it. This dark inverted short bob with short fringes is one of the e-girls classic styles back in trend.

Classic Kris Pixie with Fringes

There’s no denying that the Kardashian-Jenners have been the prominent inspiration for looks and styles over the past decade, and who could be the inspiration for a pixie for dense hair than the “Mom-ager” Kris Jenner herself. Kris Jenner has worn this classic pixie for her seemingly voluminous hair for as long as we’ve been known. And does she know how to style the cut perfectly for every setting!

Soccer Mom Flamed Puffed Bob

By this time, you’ve probably got some hint that bob styles are the best looks that will help you style and rock your thick hair I different styles, such as this soccer mom bob itself.  The puffed bob brings a heavy look on the hair while the flamed coloring adds shadings to the hair substituting layers.

Face Framing Blonde Long Bob

Many people have been getting into face-framing styles and haircuts lately (all thanks to social media). While these framing styles do tend to suit most face types, it doesn’t work well with thin hair as it does with voluminous hair. These styles usually work with a certain light density, which is perfect with thick hair type.

Long Ginger Wavy Thick Hair

Natural heavy hair on dark shades of colors looks nice and plain and dull at times. When you’re looking for a style to flaunt your heavy and voluminous hair, light and bright shades of colors such as this ginger blonde adds a certain shine to your heavy hair making it stand out.

Natural Thai Cut

That cut was one of the most famous hair looks for females throughout the 2000s. Before numerous horrendous hair trends, thick and fine hair had the fashion industry surrounded, so the Thai cut on many and made more sense as it helped bring out the hair’s natural density and make it stand out.

Ombre Shaded U-cut Hair

Straight hair is the best look for people with heavy hair as it tends to turn out just bland, so a U-cut helps add a subtle texture to the hair for a comfortable look. And ombre has been a modern coloring technique among people for quite some time now.

Thick Hair with Caramel Streaks

Caramel streaks on dark hair are the staple for a refreshing yet sophisticated look common among people. Lightly shaded streaks on dense hair bring out the hair’s shades, making it appear textured and thinner.

Side Swept Long Bangs with Heavy Waves

Sometimes, voluminous hair tends to look heavy on an individual, which may even make it seem rather bland. A simple long side swept a set of bangs to do the work in this case.

Multi-Colored Mom Bob

Mom bobs can never o wrong for thick hair; if the haircut on itself seems too mature for you, why not add some colors to it. Colors on hair are the best way to express yourself; everybody knows that. Multiple colors add textures to the hair, and also, the difference in colors makes it seems a bit thinner.

Naturally Rooted Bright and Sleek Bob

Bright, colorful hair is trending right now if you’re also looking for a look that would look fresh on you. And if you’re also looking for a style that will add some definition and shades to flaunt your marvelous hair, then you can’t go wrong with naturally rooted sleek (bright) hair.

Shaggy Hair with Framing Long Bangs

The shaggy hair look became a big deal when Rachel wore it on Friends and still is today. We’ve already talked about layers for thick hair, and this style falls in the same context. The shaggy cut with semi-long bangs adds structures to the hair bringing out and complementing your hair’s depth and volume.

Uptight Messy Bun with Waves

Messy buns are one of the staples from the hairstyling industry. If your thick hair lacks textures and doesn’t look as voluminous as it should, you should go for hairstyles such as this messy bun. The let-loose yet uptight messy bun gives your hair some room of space, making it appear more fresh and voluminous.

Light Puffed Low Loose Pony

Puffed hairstyles are the best styles that can be worn by people with thick hair. These types of puffed styles give your hair a sleek and put-together look that works great with any outfit you put on.

Long and Heavy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Many of us have wanted to cop most of our hair off just so that we can rock a pixie cut, right? But some of us leave it out wondering if our thin hair will end up making the style look all drabby. Well, if you have dense hair that can and will fully complement a beautiful pixie cut, you should go for it without any question.

Light and Dark Combo Balayage

Hair colors and coloring techniques play huge roles in the appearance of ones’ hair, just like this light and dark combo balayage. The light and dark shaded combinations give some definition to your hair, complimenting its density.

Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

A light streak on dark hair is our forever favorites style for dense hairs. These styles never fail to impress us with their faux textured presentation and a modern and refreshing look.

Bumped-In Bob with Long Swept Bangs

Bumped hair ends are a classic 90s style. These styles are the most sophisticated yet straightforward looking styles that work wonders on any hair type. Both the long swept bangs and bumped-in ends work well with each other to show off hair textures.

Natural Curls

If your hair is on the other part of the spectrum and you’re actually looking for a style that can make your hair appear more well-strengthened and thick, then this is your stop. Heavy coiled natural curls are among the best and simplest styles that will make your hair appear as you want it to.

Heavy Waves on Dark Shaded Hair

When it comes to hair appearance, coloring and shading are everything. If you want to add some definition to your dense hair without looking bland, you can go with a dark shaded hairstyle with heavy waves.

Blonde Highlights on Brunette

Light-colored highlights on dark hair shades (like blonde highlights on brunette hair) add a certain type of shade to your hair, making it appear more dense and thick in turn.

Undershave with Inverted Bob

Undershave have risen into fame in the past few months, so you know that it’s trending. As we’ve already mentioned, handling thick hair can be a bit much for some of us, with all the heaviness and overheating. So an undercut can be a stylish and suitable solution to those problems.

Heavy Coiled Curls

Heavily coiled curls is a look many wish they could have and pull off but can’t. And if you have the right density of hair for that or natural heavy coils, then you should flaunt it around without any question. These curls help add textures to the hair for a refreshing style.

Sombre Hair Look

The sombre coloring technique works best for thick-haired people if you’re working on growing out your hair. The sombre look gives your ends a lighter glow and makes your hair seem put-together.

Bold Blunt Bangs on Mid-Length Hair

Blunt cut bangs are the best styles for dense hair because the cut itself gives off a “blunt” ook that shows off the hair’s dense style. The medium length hair with blunt cut bob works well together to work a casual yet put-together look.

Flamed Red and Blonde Ombre Highlights

Flaming red and blonde ombre highlights form two of the most prominent and stylish hair colors that will give your hair a colorfully shaded look. And the even better part is that these highlights are pretty low-maintenance for your ease.

Multi-Blonde Highlights

Highlights are the ultimate styles for when you want to add some depth and shades to your hair. These highlights are simple, but they’re also trendy and have been for quite some time now.

Bumped Short Layers

Layers are the best way you can add textures to your hair. While thick hair does look beautiful and strengthened, it also looks too bland, and if there’s anything outside colors that will add some extra spice to your hair, then it’s layered with bumped ends. The bumped ends make the layers appear to seem more visible.

Front Facing Framing Layers

A simple flowy look works wonders on dense hair. And what another style to get that flow other than long layers and face-framing bangs. These face-framing bangs have been all over Tiktok right now, and many people have said that was one of the best decisions they could’ve taken.

Swift Sweep Sleek Long Ponytail

Sleek, long ponytails are among the most basic and prominent hairstyles that look great on any hair type. So it’s sure to look marvelous on naturally heavy hair. Volume is what makes a ponytail come off well.

Layered Pixie Hair

Pixie cut on heavy hair is a style we’ve already talked about, but they tend to be too simple for some people to wear. All on its own, the cut may look as if it’s not been maintained and not even in a good way. But, if you style it with some short layered cuts, it gives you a messy but put-together style.

Braided Bun

Braids are one of those styles that go great with any hair type and hair color. These sorts of braids bring a certain type of fluffed up style to your hair and make your hair seem thinner and more textured.

Tiktok Inspired Balayage

If you’re looking for a style that will make your hair look thicker if it’s too thin for your choice, Tiktok and teens have got your back. Narissa Malfoy wore the same sort of hair look in the later Harry Potter movies. And now, this look has taken the internet by a storm.

Double Dark Shaded Short Inverted Bob

If you have naturally black hair and want to add a subtle yet fun style to it while also making it appear thicker, then this look will work fabulously for you. Black and brown shades work pretty well with each other. And if you think the double shaded hair look will be too childish for you, then a short bob is sure to make it look mature as per your demand.

Shaggy Thick Hair

If you want a look that will help you flaunt your voluminous hair and give off a refreshing vibe, then this shaggy hair is it. This shaggy hair look adds textures to your hair and makes your hair pop off.

Natural Curls on Dark Hair

Natural heavy curls on long hair is a versatile look all in itself. Along with that, these kinds of styles are always low-maintenance yet super fancy and noticeable at the same time.

Classic 90s Long Thick Hair

Every style from the 90s has failed to go out of style throughout the past three decades. While heavy and dense hair was a big thing during those times, most styles, as such, look fabulous on those types of hair.

Fire Ombre with Front Streaks

The major things that most of us focus on regarding our hair are appearance. And the best looks for any hair type is usually created by an ombre style. These ombre styles are not only easy to maintain, but they’re also helping to make the hair appear thinner.

Long Thick Hair with Curled Ends

With dense long and heavy hair with waves is a style that will let you live the best of both the styles. These styles are also equally versatile as curls, and they are similarly easy to maintain.

Long Heavy Hair with Numbered Streaks of Highlights

Light streaks on dark hair are as flexible as curls and waves. These highlighted streaks help add some depth to the hair, making them appear thicker, and also they make you and your entire style look modern.

Lob with Double Highlights

Lob cut on heavy hair adds some textures to the hair while also making your facial features seem more proportionate. And the light highlights go well with any skin tone while also making them seem glowy and healthy.

Classic Straight Lob with Blonde and Natural Roots

Having naturally blonde hair is a blessing for people. These shades look marvelous on every facial type and skin tone. Along with that, they draw away attention from your hair and add some definition to it simultaneously.

Natural Grown Out Layers with Multiple Streaks

Layers and streaks combined in a single look is everything you could look for. They add depth and volume to thin hair, making them appear thick, and they make thick hairless dense and easier to manage.

Long Face Framing Curtains with Textured Bob

Both bob and curtain bangs are two of the most flexible styles. They are both low maintenance and look good on every hair type and facial shape.

Opposite heavy Twists with Streaks

Dense twists with colored streaks help you make your entire style appear fresher and more modern. Plus, they all help highlight any skin tone.

Textured Tucked-In Formal Low Buns

Thick hairs are one of those hair types that are prone to more oil and dirt attraction. Protective styles like buns help your hair stay healthy while also looking fashionable and stylish.

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