110 (Hollywood Inspired) Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles For You

Do you remember those years during your tweens and teens when you’re watching Charlie’s Angels and suddenly stop just to admire how beautiful all leading ladies were? Of course, you do! But also, how about Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz’s stunningly perfect hair in both the movies? I mean, like how gracefully did those ladies pull off those strawberry blonde locks. And it wasn’t only to the two of them who rocked that gorgeous blonde hair.

Every leading lady of Hollywood who was all over the television and the theaters during the 2000s were wearing those beautiful blonde updos. Whether it was Nicole Kidman or Julia Roberts, all these beauties and talents of the industry didn’t fall too back behind when it came to rocking some stunning hairstyles.

And strawberry blonde wasn’t the look only for the 2000s. Some of the greatest women of today’s time, too, have been wearing their natural strawberry blondes, and honestly, they’ve never looked prettier. Just look back at some red carpet photos from the late 90s to the early 2010s. You’ll see how these styles never go out of date.


And here we have listed down 110 beautiful strawberry blonde hair colors (and a few styles) that you’ll probably want to try.

Basic Blonde with Waves

strawberry blonde

This low effort beach waves on strawberry blonde hair completely speak the 90s to us. It also makes one look like the gracious, strong woman they are.

Copper Blonde

The copper strawberry blonde typically looks good on straight and slightly wavy hair. Add some winged eyeliner to that and a leather jacket, you’ll rock the motorcycle chick look.

Ginger Highlights

We all know how Julia Roberts has been ruling the strawberry blonde look for a few decades now. And blonde hair with ginger highlights couldn’t have been shown off better than by her. The ginger highlights in this style also help to compliment the Blonde in your hair.

Stylish Straight Blonde

Styling your blonde hair while it’s straightened is pretty basic. But, basic ain’t bad! This look is one of the most well-put looking styles one could go with.

Dull Blonde

Dull Blonde is one of the original colors in the game. It’s more natural-looking and helps you attain the 2000s look.

Rose Gold Blonde

Rose Gold is one of the more “in” colors of today’s time. If the basics are too old for you, you should go for this beautiful rose gold blonde.

Darker Blonde

 (Apart from her acting skills and an Oscar)Emma Stone has been famed for her classic blonde hair. Her shade of strawberry blonde is more to the warmer side. Maybe opt for this shade of color for a subtle Mary Jane look.

Shoulder Length

Shoulder length hair is just one of those hairstyles that help compliment your facial features. And adding strawberry blonde is an added attraction.

Natural Roots

If you feel like going complete Blonde is too big of a commitment, you can go for a natural roots color. You can leave the roots of your hair to your natural color or even color it brunette and paint the rest of your hair crazy, Blonde.


 Strawberry Blonde dye

If you’re more into reddish tones, you can surely go with the strawberry blonde hair dye. This hair gives you a soft angel look.


Light and Dark Mix

If you feel somewhat bold and might be wanting to try something crazy, you should seek the light and dark mix of blondes. You can mix up two different shades of Blonde for a blonde ombre look.


Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde is one of those colors that speak on all levels. It goes with every setting, say, a formal event, a party, and even a date.


Medium Shag

Medium length shaggy cut adds definition to your hair. You might even want to add a low-layered cut for a fun look.

Medium Length Curls

Light waves at the top followed by a set of loose curls are one of the basic styles for blonde hair, which also looks pretty good on everyone.

Cool Clip-Back Hair

Loose clipped back hair on strawberry blonde hair goes excellent for both casual and party-based settings. They’re pretty simple to do as well.

Copper Auburn

This copper auburn is a versatile hair color. It looks flattering on all types of skin color.

Slight Waves

Slight waves on blonde hair help you get the “soft” look. A few shaded colors make your eye color pop.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

The subtle transition from natural black to Blonde looks pleasingly aesthetic. It suits even better for short to medium haircuts.

Rose Gold Ombre

The tenuous transition between two shades of blondes helps add volume to the hair and curls, especially.

Mid-part Sleek Bun

Hair buns are the basics of formal hairstyles. A sleek mid-part bun lets you attain a classy style.

Angel Blonde

Angel Blonde is the kind of style set for any sort of celebration. It works even better for weddings.

Ginger Bangs

Ginger bangs are one of the classic styles worn by middle-aged women who, not-so surprisingly, wear it well.

Long Hair with Fringes

Blonde fringes were one of the most worn hairstyles during the late 2000s and early 2010s. They can be styled better with colored jewelry.

Golden Bronze Highlights

Golden bronze is simply just one of those colors which go well with any other shade of Blonde. It suits better with warmer skin tones.

Casual Sunlight Blonde

Sunlight Blonde is a shade of brown which is more towards the warmer tone. It looks pretty decent on all skin types.

Light Ash Blonde

If your skin tone is more towards the cooler side, and it’s difficult for you to find a hair color suited for you, light ash blonde is the way to go.

Copper Shine

Copper shine goes perfectly for every type of skin undertone. It flatters fair skin tones with reddish tones much better.

Butterscotch Blonde

Not many shades of blonde look good on warm skin tones. But, butterscotch strawberry blonde sure does bring out your facial features, even for warm skin tones.

Diamond Highlights

It’s always the right option if you go for a mix of light and dark colors. You can add a hint of light diamond highlights to your dark shade of Blonde, red or ginger.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde is a pretty classy color. If you’re all about the contemporary lifestyle, go for this shade.

Bronze Diamond

If you want to mingle some colors but are too scared to try it, try and undercut diamond blonde with a top bronze. If you change your mind about the diamond blonde any time, the bronze helps you hide it.

Soft Sunflower Blonde

This soft sunflower blonde helps you achieve a “softie” look. It used to be and has been one of the more attractive blonde looks for decades.

Penny Ginger with Light Blonde Ends

Penny Ginger is something that helps channel your inner Ginny Weasley. And painting the ends light blonde compliments the darker shade of the hair.

Pastel Pink Roots

Strawberry Blonde and any pastel colors go well with each other. These colors blend perfectly to create a chill party-girl look.

Honeycomb Curls

There’s no denying that curls are one of the most versatile hair looks ever. They look even better on blonde hair. And no to miss, “honeycomb” like the name is a pretty sweet color.

Natural Golden Blonde

The natural golden blonde locks are “the” look for you. This look is naturally perfect, and it gives you a medieval female-lead look.

Amber Medium Length Hair

Amber Blonde hair on itself is a flattering color. And it maintained with a medium length hair compliments any type of skin tone along with bringing out your facial features.

Messy Long Hair

Every shade of Blonde usually makes you and your entire look well put and maybe even rather dull. This messy long hair look is undoubtedly a go-to one for a party.

Light Copper Ombre

Blondes are split into multiple shades, like literally a ton. Ombre is a great way to mix any of them up subtly. This subtle transition from Light Blonde to a light copper is anything but flashy.

Middle Part Bangs

Middle part bangs for blondes is a pretty model look. It gives you a “dreamer” girl look from a rom-com.

Ginger Side Sweep

Ginger Blonde Side Sweep was one of the most stylish looks during the mid and late 2000s. And trust me, the 2000s aren’t going away any day soon. You can rock this look any lace, any day now.

Long Blonde Waves

These sweet blonde waves are totally “in” right now. If you’re trying to “keep up” with Kardashians, definitely go for this style.

Side Layers

Shoulder length strawberry blonde layered hair helps to frame your face and to shape your chin better.

Champagne with Pink Highlights

Champagne Blonde and Pastel Pink, at the same time, are both parallel and divergent colors for hair. The mix of these two colors looks fabulous when put into light waves.

Light Auburn

Light Auburn (strawberry blonde) flatters all types of hair and also adds volume to your hair. It looks even better on cooler skin tones.

Tortilla Blonde

Tortilla Strawberry Blonde hair goes well with literally every skin tone. And it’s not about the skin tones, and this color looks good with the simplest of makeup looks.

Light Waves Short Hair

Blonde and short length hair are both two factors that are flattering to facial features, including the eyes and the nose. This look is everything.

Brunette with Champagne Ends

We know that brunette and Blonde are like two opposite styles. But, it’s never wrong to try out new looks by mixing up some classics together. Just even this beautiful brunette looks with light blonde ends is a great example.

Casual Bangs

If you love your blonde hair but have always had the same hairstyle, bangs are a significant step forward for a new look.

Breezy Shag

This breezy shaggy cut gives your hair more texture and gives you the fun and carefree girl look.

Strawberry Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cut hair is easy to maintain hairstyle. It’s even comfortable to style and wash.

Side Sweep Bangs

Side sweep bangs are one of a few styles that never go out of style. And, they’re great for all face shapes like round, square, etc.

Double Blonde Highlights

Slight waves on blonde hair look spectacular. When you add highlights of blondes and brunette together, it’s just icing on the cake.

Medium Peach Blonde

Elbow-length hair is a cut with multiple styling opportunities. On top of that, peach Blonde is a pretty neutral color. So, it looks great for any skin tone.

Nutmeg Shine

Nutmeg Blonde is kind of a rare shade of blonde mixed with a hint of brown. And it’s a great color for every type of skin tone.

Golden Strawberry Blonde

This shade of strawberry blonde is a pretty attractive color. It also gives your skin more of a glow.

Light Golden Blonde

This soft yet classy shade of color gives you the perfect soap-opera vamp look. And haven’t we all wanted to rock the vamp style once in our lives?

Carrot Blonde

Rachel McAdams may be playing the role of Christine Palmer in the Marvel universe, but this gorgeous carrot blonde makes her look like an alternate universe. Don’t you agree? And who knows, maybe when you’re donning this hair, you will too.

Single Loose Plait

Single Loose Plait was undoubtedly one of the most basic and go-to hairstyles for everyone at least once in high school. They’re easy to do, look good, and, as a plus side, it’s also low maintenance.

Light Ginger Low Highlights

Any shade of low highlights goes for a great e-girl look. And aren’t we all just into it right now? And adding another shade of blonde highlights to already blonde hair is a pretty subtle yet attractive look.

Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde is simply one of those colors lets you channel your inner Weasley witch look from the Harry Potter universe.

Toffee Blonde

Toffee Blonde is just one of those colors that bring out your inner innocent, sweet girl look. And it’s also a versatile color that is easy to mix and match with other shades.

Long Loose Curls

If you miss the early 2010s and especially, the Tumblr girl in you from the time, go for this classic long loose blonde curls.

Spiky Bangs

Spiky Bangs are a graceful and flowy cut. The layers help to flatter the face and make any style you put on look modern.

Reddish Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde on itself is a stunningly stylish color. The added warmth of the reddish tone is a bonus. You can not go wrong with a no-makeup makeup look for this hair.

Light Peach Blonde

This light peach blonde gives a splash of color to yo and your style. It is excellent for a fruity-summery look.

Pearly Highlights

Whatever age you are, these pearly highlights on honey blonde sweep you right to your youth. This look stays forever fresh.

Monroe Curls

We all love Marilyn Monroe and love her classic blonde curls. If you want to try out these gorgeous curls, go for it. Cause of what we know, the old times are undoubtedly coming back.

Russet Blonde

Russet Blonde is a royal looking hair color. You can style this hair any way we wish, and don’t be scared to pop off with the jewelry.

Side Pony with Mini-Braids

This loose side pony with mini-braids is a go-to wedding hairstyle. They’re cool, classy, and breezy.

Beeline Long Curls

Beeline Blonde is a gorgeous color. It’s everything you want to look with a hairstyle. It’s fun, light, and versatile.

Natural Dark Blonde

Now everyone all over the world loves our dearest Queen Bee. Although we can’t be as impressive as her, we can still rock this beautiful natural dark hair look.

Copper Hair with Brows

Styling your hair isn’t only about the clothes. Even mixing and matching your hair with your eyebrows gives you a great soft-girl look.

Unbalanced Fringes

The term “Unbalanced” might drag you the wrong way. But, it’s not a bad look at all. Fringes on their own are pretty, and you might even look like a blonde Dakota Johnson.

Heavy Curls

Heavy Blonde curls are one of the most basic and versatile hair look. They even let you channel your inner jolly self.

Side Swept Short Bob

Now we call THIS an unusual hairstyle. This side swept short bob gives you an entirely mysterious look and who wouldn’t want to look mysterious (and maybe even avoid talking to random new people, cause we’re all a bit awkward).

Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde is a pretty “mushy” and cute color for you to try out. They’re great for a flowy look.

Auburn Hair with Ginger Streaks

This warm shade of strawberry blonde brings out your motherly look. It makes you look mature and flatters your eyes as well.

Blunt Bangs

These heavy bangs help you make statements, with only the style. They’ve not gone out of fashion for many years.

Soft Waves

These soft waves are the style for you to unleash your inner cottage core girl.

Light Highlights

If your hair needs “A Simple Favor,” add some light highlights to a peach shaded light waves.

Karen Bob

We all know about this infamous hairstyle. Although it’s infamous, it can still look hecka good on anyone who can rock it.

50s Style Short Hair

Let’s all just agree that the 50s weren’t such a good time for everyone. But a 50s inspired short hairstyle can be. The subtle light waves on short blonde hair create a classic and classy look.

Side Curtain Bangs

You don’t even have to chop your hair for this stylish vintage look. You can simply sweep your on-growing bangs to the side. And, then you’re good to go.

Side Part Auburn

Auburn on itself is a fiery hair. And with curly hair, you always have a ready-to-go style all the time.


Sunshine Carrot

Sunshine Carrot is an unusual color. It’s almost orange but not quite orange- you know what it’s somewhat tricky to explain. But, it surely is a great color to style your hair. It may even make you look like a fairy.

Long Curls

Long curls on blonde hair is a very adaptable hairstyle. It’s in style all season long, and there are many many ways it can be styled.

Elbow Length Low Curls

This elbow length deep curl is one of the many classic blonde looks. It is effortless, and it never goes out of style.

End Beach Waves

Don’t we all love those beautiful beach waves? If you didn’t until now, you probably will now. These waves go with every look, and they’re easy to maintain and look marvelous.

Faux Gelled Back

Everybody loves those not-wet wet hair looks celebrities don on the red carpet. This faux gelled back hair look on blonde hair is equally beautiful, like Kim K’s iconic damp hair look.

Long Side Bangs

Everybody knows how difficult and stressful growing out your bangs can be. But if you know how and what to style it with, it can be a perfect look. Soft blonde long side sweep bangs go great as a professional hair look.

Chocolate Brown with Blonde Streaks

Chocolate brown hair with added blonde streaks is a “highlight” to your style. The cross of colors helps add volume to your hair.

Medium Champagne

Medium Champagne is a color more bent to the cooler shade. So, it looks great on a warmer skin tone. It helps you attain the soft-girl look.

Light Red Blonde

We’ve all wanted to look like the “Queen Of North” since we all started binging GoT. But, you know, not everyone can be Sophie Turner. But, you can still rock the “blessed with fire” look.

Quadruple Ponytails

Ponytails are the classic schoolgirl hair look. And to multiply it four times, oof! It’s everything. It’s cute, it’s pretty, and it’s timeless.

Peach Champagne Waves

Peach and Champagne are both great shades of Blonde. And when you mix them up together, it’s simply iconic. Peach Champagne hairstyles with soft waves are something you can don looking like a punk band rockstar.

Puffy Loose Ponytail

A puffy loose ponytail is something we have all seen Zooey Deschanel done at least once. It’s a great look if you’re all about that artsy aesthetic.

Straight Long Hair

Straight Long hair on strawberry blonde hair is just one of those classics. It’s versatile and can be styled in multiple ways.

Front Shaggy Hair

If you’re all about the 90s, this shaggy front hair is something you should go for. It’s almost even like you’re rocking the classic Rachel Green look (but not so awkward).

Messy Textured Blonde

Messy textured hair is a great look for any type of backdrop. Party, date, or even red carpet, you name it.

Long Textured Fringes

These long textured fringes help to draw more attention to your eyes and other facial features. You can top it off with subtle or dramatic makeup look as all types are flattered by those beautiful layers.

Peach Streaks

Strawberry Blonde, with a hint of peach blonde streaks, is a very classy look. You can style it with any makeup look and any style of clothing.

Full Bangs

Now to clear it out, fine lines and wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of. But, if you still want to hide some forehead lines, you can’t go wrong with the strawberry blonde full bangs.


Strawberry blonde falls under the red color family. It’s not quite blonde and neither too red nor ginger. It’s like a hybrid of both those gorgeous hair colors mixed to form an even better one.


And, although strawberry blonde styles and look have been around for quite a long time (and we’re talking decades), they’re far from going out of fashion.

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