75 Stylish Side Braids That Will Turn Heads

If you have a mop of hair that you want to control, the best thing that you can do is to try out a side braid. There are many different braids options to choose from. Whether you have medium length hair or really long hair, you can take advantage of the style. The great thing about side braids is that you get to see the style as opposed to it just hanging down your back.


  1. Cool Updos

This is a more polished braid on the side and its part of a formal updo.

side braid

2. Edgier Looks

A great look that mimics the shaved style look. The braid is just on the side and the rest of the hair is left loose.

3. Messy Styles

This Vampire knows how to rock out a messy side braid for her events.

4. Cool Styles

Talk about a cool style and one that you can wear to your next event.

5. Thick Braids

This gorgeous braid goes from the top of the head down the side and it’s a tighter braid.

6. Pretty Styles

If you want a unique style that is romantic and special, then this is the one for you.

7. Cool Braiding

A great style like this has a unique braid on top and it looks a lot like a fishtail braid.

8. Soft Styles

A thick braid that is on top of your hairstyle and it looks amazing.

9. Loose Braids

A great style like this is gorgeous and the braid is loose and flowing.

10. Bold and Braided

If you love cool and casual looks, then you are sure to love a style like this. It’s a casual look that you can wear anywhere.

11. Stunning Braids

You can even wear side braids to formal events and this actress proves that you can wear it to a red carpet event.

12. Long Braids

The braids start off thicker and go quite thin at the end.


13. Messy Looks

Selena Gomez is totally rocking this amazing loose and messy braided style.

14. Creative Braids

This is a very creative braid and it’s going across the back of the head in a horizontal way.

15. Mohawk Style

There are braids and curls here that come together to create a cool looking mohawk style. If you want something edgier, then this is the look for you.

16. Colorful Braids

This is a unique style created with one braid inside of another braid. We also love the cool colors that are involved here.

17. Contrasting Styles

The best part of this braid is the contrasting colors. It really makes the braid stand out.

18. Simple Styles

This is a really simple style and one that you could wear anywhere.

19. Stunning Braids

This is the kind of braid that will make you feel like a goddess. If you have an event coming up, this would be a great style to try.

20. Vertical Braids

This is a very cool and edgy style. The braids are vertical and they are positioning towards the top of the head. The rest of the hair is left loose and wild. The braids are mimicking the shaved styles that are so popular right now. It’s a great way to get the same type of look without shaving your head.

21. Braided Side

Another cool style that has the side braid. This is a great casual look that you can wear anywhere.

22. Intersecting Braids

This is a very different braid on the side. It’s a more elegant style that you could even wear to an event.

23. Glamorous Styles

If you are looking for the kind of style that is show-stopping and glamorous, then you have to try this hairstyle. It’s gorgeous in every way possible. It’s just a ponytail and yet it is sure to make you feel like a goddess.

24. Big Braids

A great updo style that is created with a big braid.

25. Cool Styles

Another unique side braids that had a braid that is pulled off to one side.

26. Loose and Wavy

A cool style like this has a large braid that falls loosely with waves all around it.

27. Big Designs

A stunning braid that is big and long. You would require a lot of hair and thick hair as well to create a style like this one. The style goes off to the side and it creates a look that anyone would love.

28. Tight Styles

A great style created with one simple braid and it’s crowning the rest of the hairstyle.

29. Crowned Braids

This is a loose and casual style, with just one raid crowning around her face. You could wear this style anywhere whether it be casual or formal.

30. Cool and Casual

If you like casual styles and ones that are truly unique, then you are sure to love a style like this one.

31. Romantic Styles

A soft braid that is created on the side and pulled into an updo. It’s not a polished style, it’s loose and messy but beautiful.

32. Amazing Side Braids

If you are looking for some cool looks that are totally edgy, then these are some awesome ones to try out. They are both different but are both beautiful. These are the kind of styles that will turn heads wherever you go, they are just that amazing.


33. Double Braids

The fact that the braids go well together really make the style unique. There are two braids that are cascading together down the side of her head.

34. Short Styles

Even if you have short styles, you can still have a side braid. This is a fun and flirty style that you can wear to the beach or to a wedding. Try it out this year and see how much you love it.

35. Simple Braids

A great style like this is pretty and casual. If you are looking for something simple and casual, then this is the look for you.

36. Great Styles

A great style that has a simple braid on the side. It’s a wonderful look that you can wear anywhere.

37. Purple Styles

This is a bold look that has some pretty awesome colors. It looks as if it is white blonde and purple together. The braid alone will catch the eye but so will the colors.

38. Kinky Styles

There are kinks all over this hairstyle and then it is braided. It’s a cool look that you could wear to a formal event.

39. Simple Styles

A great look that is very simple to create even at home. There is just one braid with the hairstyle and the rest is left loose in a partial updo.

40. Fresh Styles

These are great casual styles that you can wear anywhere that you want.

41. Stunning Braids

You may be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous braid than this one. It’s long and loose and designed in such a breathtaking way that you are sure to get compliments all night long. This is such a stunning style that you can even use it as a wedding style.

42. Inside Out Braid

This is a very unique style because the braid is on the outside of the style. It’s not hidden within the hair, but it sits on top of it. It’s definitely a style that is very cool to look at.

43. Twisty Braids

Another cool looking braid that is created with twists. It would be a really easy style to create at home. Try it out and see how you like it.

44. Special Styles

A simple style that has a shirt braid on the side. The rest of the style is loose all over.

45. Messy Looks

This loose style is raised on top with backcombing. The hair is pulled off to the side and braided in a loose and messy manner.

46. Cool Braiding

A couple of braids on the side really come together to show off an edgy style.

47. Special Accessories

Sometimes it’s the accessories that really complete the look. The braiding here is very simple, but then it’s wrapped in fabric to create a very unique look.

48. Casual Designs

This style would probably only take you minutes to create. It’s simple and casual and you could even wear it to the beach.

49. Tight Braids

These braids are very tight which gives them an edgier look than most braids. There are two braids and they create a unique look.

50. Cultural Designs

Sometimes people use braids because they are part of a cultural heritage.

51. Fishtail Braids

A simple style that is created with fishtail braids. It is elegant and classy, a style that is sure to get you compliments wherever you go.

52. Horizontal Braids

Jessica Biel is totally rocking out this horizontal braid. If you are looking for a simple hairstyle that is so pretty, then this is the look for you.

53. Celebrity Looks

A great look like this is breathtaking. Carrie Underwood is rocking this style and you could totally use this for a formal event because it’s perfect for it.

54. Great Looks

A cool look that is braided around the front of the head and pulled into an updo.

55. Messy Looks

A loose look like this is one of a kind. It’s messy and bohemian, but you could still wear it to an event because it’s a popular look. These days, it is okay to go to a formal event with messy braided looks like this one.

56. Thick Styles

We see this thick and tightly wound braid from four different angles. It crowns the entire back of the head. If you are looking for a compact style, then you can’t go wrong with a style like this.

57. Bold and Braided

We see two braids once again cascading down the side of her head. The rest of her hair is loose and full of waves. It’s a beautiful style for a professional environment or a formal event.

58. Casually Creative

These cool braids are creative and kinky in design. It’s a casual look that you can wear basically anywhere.

59. Loosely Braided

A great style that has a very loose braid that is long and gorgeous. This is one of those romantic styles that you could wear to any occasion. These styles are breathtaking, but you could still use this braid to go to a backyard BBQ.

60. Bold Buns

She has a lot of thick hair and she’s created a braided crown in the front. The rest has been pulled into a large bun. Her updo style is larger than most, but that’s because her hair is thick.

61. Thin Braids

The cool things about this hairstyle are that the braids are all located in the middle of the hairstyle. There is multiple braids in a few different sizes and they sit in the middle. The front and back of the hairstyle is left loose which creates a very unique look.

62. Loose and Beautiful

Another great look that is loose with a simple braid.

63. Underneath Braid

This unique style is one of a kind and it goes along the nape of the neck.

64. Soft and Romantic

A twisty style that has two different types of braids in it. It’s a unique look that you are sure to love.

65. Stunning Styling

If you want to blow the minds of your friends, then try out an amazing braid like this one. It’s truly unique and eye-catching. Try out something different the next time that you want braids.

66. Soft Braids

A cool style that is simple and messy. Selena Gomes knows how to rock out a cool look with braids.

67. Glamour Styles

This is a gorgeous style that has bold curls and a beautiful crowning braid. You could easily use this style to go to a formal event.

68. Back Braids

The braid in this case not only goes down the side but it’s also along the back. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

69. Long Looks

This is a casual look that has a fresh take on the braided style. Hayden makes a long braid look totally stylish.

70. Fishy Tails

A fashionable style that is romantic and bold. The side braid turns into a fishtail braid.

Also see:

71. Flowing Braid

This special braid is falling in the front almost like it’s a bang. It is a really soft look that makes a different impression.

72. Small Fishtail

A small fishtail braid is set horizontally in the style and it creates a special style that you don’t see every day.

73. Beach Styles

Paris Hilton definitely knows style. We could see this look at a beach party or pool party.

74. Loose Tops

The top is very loose and messy, there is no braid on top. The braid is only at the bottom of the style.

75. Backward Styles

A simple style like this is unique because of how the braid goes backward yet still stays on the side.


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