91 Attractive Short Curly Hairstyles In 2021

Looking for some short hairstyles that perfectly goes well with your curly hair? If so, then you have come to the right place. Having short curly hair, on the other hand, is such a freedom thing. With this hairstyle, you will have more time for other things because you’ll only have to spend a fewer time in styling your hair. Plus, you will look chiller in the summer as well as throw on a scarf in winter with ease.

Either way, to help you in choosing the best short hairstyle for your curly hair, listed below are 90 attractive short curly hairstyles where you can choose from. Whether you have very short curly hair, medium curly hair, or short curly, rest assured there is at least one on the list that will suit you the most. When you find the perfect hairstyle, look for an expert hairstylist as soon as possible to get the style that you want. But if you think you can do it alone you are allowed to do so. However, you need to make sure that you have the right styling materials and knows how to do it properly.

91 Short Curly Hairstyles

Curlicue Shingle Bob

This short curly hairstyle looks edgy and ethereal. In fact, the uneven micro bangs, as well as the pointed neckline, make this short curly hairstyle look contemporary. short curly hair Natural Short Curly Hairstyle

If you want to achieve this short curly hairstyle you need to prepare lots of pre-lightening as well as conditioning treatments. Also, it is a great style if you want to rock new colors and shades for the first time.

Sexy and Short

This hairstyle is beautiful and quite simple. However, this one is ideal for working women who do not have enough time to style their curly hair.

Brown Short Curly Hair w/ Highlights

Women with naturally curly hair can rock this popular 1980s hairstyle effortlessly. If you want to give this look a try, but if you’re not blessed with naturally curly hair, worry no more because you can also rock this one. How? A curl would be a low care solution.

Ruffled Bob

If you want to achieve a messy yet elegant look, then give this medium length bob a try.

Side Bangs Wavy Style 

If you have a fearless personality and want to change your look significantly, then it is the perfect hairstyle for you. As a matter of fact, this style is suitable for all age groups. All you have to do is to pick the correct hair color. Either way, if you’re a kind of girl who doesn’t want to devote hours in front of the mirror, this style is also for you.

Black Curly Pixie Cut

Women with curly and thick hair will definitely love this haircut. In fact, short curly hairstyles for women are a great way to get rid of some weight from their hair. They will also maximize the volume of natural locks. Nonetheless, this hairdo is very easy to style.

Curly and Thick Chin-Length Bob with Highlights 

This short haircut is the right hairdo for ladies with plenty of hair. Even so, this bob cut that is chin-length is flawlessly textured while keeping the full thickness stunning.

Black Curls

Another great example of short curly hairstyle that every girl will surely love.

Short Blonde Haircut

Do you want to look chic? If so, then this short curly hairstyle is something worth getting. As a matter of fact, this hairdo is a perfect option for ladies over 50 that have thick hair.

Naturally, Curly Bob

When paired with a modernized outfit as well as simple makeup, without a doubt this style will make you stand out wherever you go.

Razored Cut Short Curly Hairstyle

If you like to boast extremely small hair, particularly to discharge the heat of the sun as well as achieve stunning appearance, then this hairstyle is for you. The razored cut will make sure that the ends of your hair are trimmed properly depending on your preferred length.

Stylish Messy Bob

This style that features perfect spirals is ideal for ladies with round face shape.

Lovely Permed Style

Looking for a great hairstyle that will make you look and feel chic? Look no further because this is the style you’re looking for.

Cute Curly Hairstyle

This hairdo is perfect for ladies who love putting some accessories on their hair.

Shoulder Length Curly Hairstyle

Wanna give your shoulder length hair a whole new different look? Then this hairstyle is worth considering.

Cute Short Curly Hairstyle

This short and curly haircut can give you a simple yet eye-catching look.

Jennifer Lopez Curly Hairstyle

Are you a big fan of Jlo? If yes, can you prove it by having this one of her famous hairstyles?

Formal Curly Hairstyle 

As the name implies, this short curly hairstyle can be worn at formal events. Also, it is suitable for ladies with round face shape.

Pixie Hairstyle

This hairdo can be a great help in creating unique as well as chic styles.

Short Blonde Cut w/ Curly Ponytail

This hairstyle is suitable for ladies with medium length hair who want to rock a new and beautiful hairstyle.

The 70s Inspired Curls

Another great short curly hairstyle that every girl will surely love.

Voluminous Hair w/ Deep Curls

A perfect hairstyle for corporate ladies who have short bob hair. In fact, this one is very easy to make. All you need to do is curl up your hair and make an extensive volume over your head.

Long Bob This long bob haircut will highlight your face’s best features nicely.

Stunning Blonde

A nice and perfect hairstyle for ladies over 40. This hairdo, on the other hand, is very easy to make and it will help you to achieve your desired look.

Wavy Tousled 

It is perfect for ladies with naturally curly hair that difficult to control or may be coarse. Also, this style will emphasize your naturally wavy and thick hair. Plus, this short bob hairstyle is very easy to style.

Bouncy Root Curl

Making perms that begin from the root scan give this hairdo an extra bouncy vibe and look. Furthermore, this hairdo grows naturally.

Jaw-dropping Bob

This super short and jaw-dropping bob haircut will not only give you a natural look but a natural feeling as well.

Wavy and Hot Red Bob

This bob cut features messy curls that are touchable and can offer an effortless look. Even so, to finish off the look, make sure to apply some vibrant lipstick.

Layered Short Curly Hairstyle

This charming and voluminous hairstyle is layered all over the sides as well as back to make the full shape. Furthermore, this hairstyle is ladies with blonde short hair and a long face shape. Nevertheless, the side-swept bangs improve and finish the entire layered hairdo beautifully.

Curly Mixed Hairdo

This short curly hairdo is perfect for women with bold personality. In addition to that, this one will give you a unique vibe as well as look.

Short Haircut for Women Over 50

A beautiful short curly haircut that will make you look and feel younger.

Stylish Short Curl

Looking for a perfect hairstyle that you can wear to your next formal event? If so, then you should give this hairdo a try. Trust us, you will not regret it hence you will thank us for recommending this to you.

Short Curly Black Hairstyle 

Do you want to wear a new hairstyle that is not hard to maintain and style? What are you waiting for? Visit your hairstylist and show this picture to him/her.

Wavy Short Hairstyle 

This hairstyle will look more stunning if you place some highlights or lowlights. In addition, this look is very easy to duplicate.

Sassy, Wavy, and Cute Short Curly Hairstyle

This short curly hairstyle that looks sassy, wavy, and cute is best suited for black women. Nevertheless, with a curly and cute look like this one, you will definitely achieve the unique style that you want. Also, this is one of the most versatile hairstyles today.

Pixie Cut for Short Hair

This very easy to make and popular hairstyle gives off a lively as well as a very attractive look that is youthful, yet pleasing ladies with all ages. Also, this hairdo is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Super Short Curly Pixie A super short curly hairstyle that looks simply amazing and unique.

Hot Trend 

A trendy and hot short curly hairstyle for women with dark hair.

Rihanna’s Short Hairstyle

Want to look beautiful and carefree like Rihanna? Then sporting this fierce and beautiful hairstyle is a good way to start.

Short and Curly Pastel Colored Pixie Cut

If you’re looking for a vibrant short curly hairstyle, then this one is a great option. In fact, with the help of this hairstyle, you will surely a cool look and vibe with ease.

Short Curly Hair for Square Face

Have a square shape and want to rock a new hairstyle but don’t have any idea where and how to start? Worry no more, because this beautiful short curly hairstyle is perfect for you.

Short Wavy Curly Pixie Cut

Looking for a new haircut that is processed and lustrous? Then this one is for you. Actually, with this style rocking a short curly hairstyle has never been difficult.

Short Curly Crop Hairstyle 

If you’re uninterested of your stubborn locks, then offer them a fresh and new life using a perfect definition. You’ll be surprised that you will obtain a glamorous, modern, and vintage look with this very beautiful hairdo. Try this attractive hairstyle as well as balance out your overall look with ease.

Naturally, Spunky Curls

Define your spunky curls with a little bit of mouse as well as artful layers just like this one.

Short Curly Purple Hair

Do you find purple attractive? If so, then you will also find this vibrant short curly hairstyle attractive.

Short Haircut with Tight Curls

Achieve a stylish as well as modern look with this short haircut that features tight curls.

Cute Natural Hairstyle

With this cute hairstyle, you will surely achieve a distinct and sophisticated look with ease.

Fashionable Wavy Haircut

Searching for a fashionable hairstyle that can offer you a whole new different look and vibe? Then this style is perfect for you. Trust us, you will look good in this style and it draws attention easily.

Short Haircut for Black Woman

Jlo’s (Jennifer Lopez) curly layered bob haircut with highlights would be an awesome hairstyle inspiration for ladies who are planning to have a hair makeover.

Enchanting Curly Hair

An enchanting short curly hairstyle with highlights. Either way, don’t be scared to try this hairstyle as it can give you a wonderful and impressive appearance.

Curly Short Crop

It is one of the most versatile hairstyles in today’s day and age. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can style it with ease whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight.

Pixie Haircut on Thick Wavy Hair

This hairstyle is a great way to tame your wavy locks. It will not keep your locks under control, but it will look beautiful as well. Even so, if you want to give this hairstyle a try make sure to keep your sides cropped using the locks concentrated at your front.

Incredibly Beautiful Short Curly Hairstyle

A very easy to style look that leaves an amazing as well as natural feeling.

Short Wavy Haircut

It is a popular Jessica Chastain’s haircut that is ideal for women of all ages. What are you waiting for? Create your own version with this short wavy hairstyle.

Messy and Short Curly Hairstyle

Are you a type of person who hates styling your hair? If so, then having this messy hairstyle is perfect for you.

Cute Corkscrew Locks 

This unusual, fun, and feminine hairstyle looks great for naturally spiral-permed or curly hair. In addition, this hairstyle is layered over to offer lots of bouncy shapes as well as volume.

Fancy Short Curly Hairstyle

A good-looking hairstyle that can be worn at formal events such as weddings.

Taylor Swift’s Bob Haircut

Another great and famous short curly hairstyle that can be worn on formal occasions or events.

Bob Cut with Beachy Waves

A short and curly hairstyle that everybody will surely love. In fact, you can easily wear this hairstyle on your next formal or casual event.

Tapered Curly Haircut

This curly hairstyle is narrowed at the back as well as sides, however, there is a long bang in front that will surely flatter a square or long shape. Either way, you can easily achieve this hairstyle by setting your hair with small locks rods. To keep your curls bouncy and soft make sure to avoid using a hairspray.

Short Curly Hairdo

A naturally curly hair that has golden blonde hair coloring as well as layered bob.

Unique Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

This hairstyle is made of electrifying curls. Also, it is an overall sexy hairstyle that is something worth getting.

Short Pixie With Highlights

Any woman will look good with this short pixie haircut with highlights. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most impressive hairstyles in this generation.

Short Naturally Curly Hairstyle

An awesome short curly hairstyle that will not only give you a younger look but it will make you stand out from the crowd as well.

Delightful Wavy Hairstyle

Looking for a hairstyle that is suitable for round face shapes. If yes, then you can count on this stunning short curly haircut.

Cute Curls 

A curly and very cute hairstyle. Either way, its full and round curls can you a neat and clean impression.

Short Curly Pixie

An easy to style hairdo that is perfect for ladies with naturally curly hair. It is also ideal for women who love to adopt awesome styles.

Soft Pixie Haircut

If you have got stunning soft waves, then a grown-own pixie haircut like this one is a perfect option if you want to have a whole new different look.


Stylish Short Haircut for Curly Hair

This hairstyle is pretty and fun yet sophisticated and edgy all at the same time.

Beautiful Short Curly Hairstyle 

Another beautiful curly hairstyle for women over 50. As a matter of fact, this hairstyle is very easy to duplicate especially if you have naturally curly hair.


Also See:

Rihanna Short Curly Pixie Hair

Another famous Rihanna short curly hairstyle that is something worth getting. Thus, if you’re a big fan of this versatile and famous person then prove it by having this simple yet fashionable hairstyle.

Unusual Pixie Short Haircut

A stunning as well as a unique short curly haircut that is certain to catch everybody’s attention. Either way, this style is ideal for ladies who are planning to rack a new hairdo this season.

Black Short Curly Hairstyle

This is such a perfect hairstyle for the summer season. On the other hand, it is so feminine that all you really need to do is apply a light makeup.

Cool Short Curly Haircut

There is nothing cuter as well as unique than this cool short curly hairstyle. As a matter of fact, this hairstyle never goes out of the trend.

Curly Haido With Highlights

This short curly hairstyle with highlights looks stunning as well as chic. Even so, it is an eye-catching and beautiful hairstyle that you can wear wherever you go.

Blonde Curly Hairstyle

If you are looking for a perfect hairstyle for your upcoming event, look no further. Because this sexy blonde short curly hairstyle is for you. In fact, it is very easy to make and it will surely make you stand out anywhere you go. Either way, this style will look more stunning when paired with pearl accessories and simple dress.

Very Short Curly Hairstyle

A very short hairdo isn’t for everybody. It does not matter if you’ve got a curly hair or the straight kind. Always keep in your mind that there is always a great option for you. Either way, if you’re comfortable and confident enough to wear a very short hairdo then this style is for you. As a matter of fact, this style can make your look classy as well as neat.

Line Bob Curly Hair

If you want to take your current hairstyle to a higher level, then sporting this attractive short curly hairstyle is not a bad idea at all.

Natural and Cutest Short Curly Hairstyle

This short curly hairstyle can give you a very perfect look. In addition, this cute hairstyle may be a great help to you if want to change your look. Either way, it is one of the trendiest short curly hairstyles today.

Classic Hairstyle

Another popular and great short curly hairstyle that is very easy to maintain. In fact, this one is perfect for working ladies who prefer short hair than longer hair.

Natalie Portman Short Curly Hairstyle

Another famous celebrity short curly hairstyle that will not only give you a whole new different look but very easy to maintain style as well.

Short Curly Hairdo for Fine Hair

Want to have a hairstyle that is quite similar to the image below? Worry no more, because achieving this kind of hairstyle is very easy.

Finger Curly Hairstyle

Achieve a messy, sleek, sexy, and sweet look, with this nice-looking short curly hair. Accompany it with some accessories as well as light makeup to finish off the look.


Having a curly and short hair is definitely a blessing. Why? Simply because it will make you look the most fashionable and stunning girl in the whole world.  Either way, the abovementioned short curly hairstyles are charming, gorgeous, and attractive. As a matter of fact, they will make you look and feel prettier. Plus, they will make the center of attraction wherever you go.

Thus, to all the women out there who want to improve and freshen up their current hairstyle, go look for a professional hair stylist and pick your desired short curly hairstyle from the list above.

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