91 Amazing Sew In Hairstyles That You Need To Try This Season!

When you go to the hair salon to trim and style your hair, you often have second thoughts, don’t you?  The fear of short length, thinning and outdated styles make you revert your decisions. But, behold ladies, you can now give a new definition to the look with a slight alteration of your natural hair with the sew in hairstyles. The magic of sew-in helps you experiment with the latest trendy hairstyles every time without being outdated.

Unlike the regular extensions, this is a simple non glued, sew-ins with multiple options. You can dive into a lob or a short pixie or the long weaves that you’ve always dreamt of without losing sleep. And you know what’s the best part of this, it goes well with every look without even giving a slight hunch to the people that there are flawless false stands attached to it.

So, if you ever thought of having long weaved hair or short bouncy lob /bob or a beautiful bang, but you’re too greedy to chop off your hair?  Don’t worry, here are  the best 91 astonishing sew in hairstyles techniques to add length and fullness to your natural hair:

Side Parted Straight Sew In Hairstyles

sew in hairstyles

Are you obsessed with thick long hair but can’t have one because of your thin, fragile hair? Then adding a hair extension will be the solution to your problem.  Getting a side partition and designing your sideways will add length to your hair as you’ve always wanted to with a hint of a chic look.

Black Italian Curls With Bangs

You’re very aware of this natural bouncy curls with bangs.  You can flaunt this hair everywhere without making it look false and even adding up volume to your hair.

Tight Lob Curl Sew In Hairstyles

Have you noticed an American actress ‘Zendaya’ flaunting around her tight curls at different events? Well, if that look inspires you, then sewing in some tight twists will give you that resemblance and also give your curls some definition and volume.

Triangle Parted Bantu Knot With Weaves.

If you want to try some different variations on your curls, then add some Bantu knot to one of the sideways, making a triangular partition and sew-in the extensions to the rest.  This style not only reveals your hairline but also help you to design your baby hair and clearly emphasize your chiseled jawline.

Straight Extension With Cornrows And Half Ponytail

I guess cornrows are the must done hairdos that many of us are familiar with since childhood. If we ever wanted to look different on special days, than cornrows never betrayed us. Adding a long straight extension and pulling a high half ponytail will make you look elegant as well as hot at the same time.

Black Bouncy Bob Curls


Have you ever thought of chopping your hair to a long bob and giving it a bouncy appearance? Then, trust me, this bouncy bob curl will give your black hair more definition. And the best part about it that no one will be able to differentiate the false extensions.

Glossy Medium Curls

Sewing in these glossy medium curls not only gives volume to your hair but also adds confidence in your style. You can wear this style anywhere without any effort and minimal hair damage. Also, those big circular earrings perfectly fit into the look provided by the bouncy lob curls.

Long Wavy Sew In Hairstyles

Loose wavy sew-ins will not only provide you chic look but make your style look simple yet sophisticated. Also.the side swept high front wave will add extra glamour to your alluring hairstyle.

Loose Wavy Mess Sew In Hairstyles

If you’re a fan of the American fantasy television series ‘Lucifer,’ I’m sure this made you think of our brave demon ‘Mazikeen.’ You can slay this style like her looking confidant and sexy at the same time. And yes, if you’re always late for your office or school, then its a savior for a night owl like us.

Half Top Bun With Natural Black Curls

Updo hairstyles are taken into the next level by adding up bun with tight curls. So, if you’re worried about having short tight curls, then sew-in some curls adding length to your hair and pulling half of it to form a top bun. Also, adding some makeups will make you look more elegant.

Burgundy Hair Wraps

Always wanted to wrap your hair with the colored extension but didn’t have that confidence or was too afraid of hair damage?  Behold: extension wraps are our savior. Any color wraps are available, but this specific burgundy wrap will illuminate your face. Also, adding up some fancy hair beads will make your look even more fabulous.

Natural Black Layer Sew In Hairstyles

This long layer loose waves will surely make us feel like one of the  Disney princesses.  Plus, parting the hair in the middle and adding the high front waves will give you the Royal appearance too.  To add up more glamour, loose layers with a slight touch up will further illuminate your flattering look.

Natural Beachy Waves

If you’re into some simple-go-to styles, the beachy waves sew in hairstyles are one of them. You can wear this easy to do hairdo anytime, anywhere. Also, there is no problem with setting the waves or some drastic change in your hair.  Instead, you can easily handle it and wear it without worrying.

Side Swept Long Wavy Extension.

Curls have always been the favorite of most of the girls. Though we think its little worrying to set, still it can never go wrong. So, if you want some long body wave, this side swept long extension is the best option. These sew-in hairstyles make our dream to get Disney Princess look come true.

Braided Sew-In Hairstyles And Curly Extension With Half Top Bun

The braided sew-in is something that can make people gasp and turn their heads for the double-take.  I know this may look a little tiring, but, trust me, in the end, you’ll love it.  The fine detailing and designing of the braids are so prepossessing, don’t you agree? So, if you’ve always wanted twists that give tribal vibes, then do try these sew-in hairstyles.

Afro Natural Kinky Curly Extension

Are you worried about having thin kinky afro curls? Then you can surely sew-in some natural afro curls. This natural afro kinks will give your hair a bulky appearance, and no one will be able to differentiate the false strands. Now you can flawlessly flaunt your natural look.

Pastel Blue Ombre

Everyone once in their life desires to dye their hair, but due to the fear of hair damage or the harmful chemical reaction, they suppress their desire. But no worries, the colorful extension will give your hair goal a reality. Blue has always been the most refreshing color that gives you a simple yet unique look. So, try pastel blue ombre for the bold and sexy look.

Blue, Pink Pastel Unicorn Curls

Well, if you want to try some fresh and unique style but don’t dare to dye, then no worries; these blue, pink pastel unicorn curls are worth giving a try. Don’t you think Unicorn hair is the absolute magic of the color’s hues? Trust me, the magic of blue, pink amalgamation will make your look ready to go anywhere, anytime.

Side Parted Front Wave With Loose Ringlets

The front wave extensions always make one feel like they are ready to fire up the red carpet. Side parting the extension will give more definitions to the long loose ringlets by adding up length and volume to our hair. So, feel to try these elegant sew in hairstyles to add up the maximum style point.

Multicolor A-line Long Bob

The day since Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ was released, almost every girl desired to have that a-line bob. This A-line bob works for most of the faces and any hair types—sew-in some multicolor strands to highlight the layers and give a fantastic and versatile look.

Silver Ash Wavy Extension

The perfect real-like sew-in helps us to escape from the use of the harsh chemicals on our real hair. Without any compromise, this silvery ash shade will grant you an authentic look. Side parting and creating the high frontal wavelets, you reveal your best side profile.

Front Wave Caramel Sew In Hairstyles

For those who’ve always been a fan of perfect front waves with loose natural waves, do try this hairstyle to rock your daily routine. The caramel color will give more clarity to our personality and makes it look authentic and natural.

Crown Braid With A Straight Ponytail

We often try out headbands, but the crown braids are unique and worth trying. But, if you have thin hair and can’t have one, then sew-in some twists to the top half to form a crown and make a sleek high ponytail from the rest of the hair. This crown braid will also look beautiful on kids.

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Fun Color Afro Bob

Whenever I see girls with fun Afro bob, I feel like they’re out for their summer vacation and enjoying it. And yes, for those who admire colorful bulky kinks, this one is for you ladies. Fun afro sew in hairstyles are amazing, aren’t they?

Side Shave With Teal Blue Extension

Have you been looking for some trendy modern style to show off your cool personality? Then, this amalgamation of triple toned blue, teal extensions with a side shave is perfect. This color goes perfectly with any of our styles and gives us that spectacular, jaw-dropping appearance.

Two Tinged Short Weaves

Didn’t the side view of this style give you Marilyn Monroe vibe? Though she had single-toned blonde waves, you still can style with a chin long, layered two-toned caramel ombre and get the iconic look.  These sew in hairstyles not only provide you that Retro style glamor waves but also ease for maintenance.

Two-toned Straight And Sleek Ombre

If you are into the long straight hair with a splash of color but, you usually get panicked about the splits ends and curly hair. Then, adding up some straight colored extension will give your ombre look more visibility.

Braided Headband With Natural curls

Headband reminds us of our childhood, how we used to flaunt this versatile look at every event. So. to get the same dramatic look, sew-in some natural curls and style your front hair into the side-swept braids. This natural will not only add up the volume but also your desired length to your hair. And yes, you can still try these sew in hairstyles on your small daughter or sisters.

Loose Caramel Beachy Waves

Do you intend to sew-in the colored hair? Or, are you into ombre? Then this soft color melt from dark chocolate brown to a light caramel beachy wave extension is worth giving a try. And also, adding on some striped blonde highlights will give more sharpness and clarity to the wave.

Half Side Shave Natural Sew In Hairstyles

Recently side-shave or the undercut has been dominating the beauty industry and is intended to stay a little longer. For your drastic makeover, I suggest you try this side-swept natural extension with one-sided shaved at the front. This modern trendy hairstyle is worth giving a try.

Brown Hair With Caramel Highlight

I would give that same pose if I had those lengthy natural brown sew-in with the caramel highlights. The length and that waves are worth drawing attention to oneself. You can set fire to the red carpet or any carpet with this simple dazzling look.

Natural Brown Beehive Puff

The ’60s most admired ‘beehive’ resembling hairstyle is still favored in the beauty industry. You can rock this pompadour style by sewing them on your natural brown long wavy hair.

Natural Rolls Extension

Hairstyles with natural rolls are always so alluring. It’s not that sew in hairstyles have to be dramatic or very eye-catching; elegant yet straightforward rolls can also add up your entire look. If you’re looking for a pure, effortless style, then, ladies dive into these natural rolling extensions.

Jet Bllack Wavy Extension

Again, this ready to style look makes you feel smarter and confident without any effort. If you want to slay this style at work but worried about your thin hair, then add the jet black wavy extension to your beautiful hair to give it more clarity and volume.

Green Bulky Waves

The slight ting of the green color on the black hair made me want to have this exact bulky waves. Just look at the bouncy curls. Aren’t they shiny and alluring? Do you have a round face, then you have to try on this classic look. So, to those who love the voluminous, bouncy color waves, then add some extension, and you’re ready to rock the world.

Middle parted Natural Extension.

The very first thing that got stuck to my mind when I looked at this picture was Michelle Obama’s hair. The way she styled this hair made her look gorgeous and beautiful with a courageous and daring appearance. If you want to add up some style to your natural black hair then, do add some natural extensions and part it in midways with smooth and light waves.

Pale Blue-Purple Stacked Wedge Cut

Having a classic short pixie hair is what most of the girls desire. Now one can have them by adding some extensions to make their hair thick and change them to short wedge. This pale blue-purple stacked wedge cut will make you stand out in the crowd.

Stacked A-line Side Shave Bob.

Are you into A-line bob? Or do you have one, or you want to add some style to it? Try side shaved A-line bob; surely, people will turn their head. This versatile bob can never betray any of your looks. So, feel free to try this and show off your cool personality.

Side-Swept  Blonde Ombre Sew-in

I bet one can try on as many looks as they want with these sew-ins. Just look at the magic work of the extension. This two-toned blonde ombre extension is worth giving a try.

Blonde Sew in Hairstyles

Want to add a shade of complete blonde to your hair? What, you don’t want to mess with your smooth, shiny hair? Well, why worry when weaves are there. Weave in some complete blonde extensions to prevent your hair from the harsh chemical reaction.

Side Parted Black Extension.

If you want to style simple to your conference or seminars, then just were some natural straight extensions and part it sideways.  I bet you; this will make your hairstyle look effortless and give you a smart look.

Stripped Copper Balayage A-line Lob

When it comes to inverted lob, we usually think of beautiful, straight hair. A-line lob has always been a favorite among the public. Attaching some of the copper balayage in a stripped manner will give more definition to your overall look.

Deep Sunflower Stack Layered Bob extensions


As you were in an inverted lob, this also is one of them. But as you noticed, this one is twisted. Adding some extended curls gives you the stacked lob appearance. And if you’re bored with your hair, then chop it to a lob, add some deep sunflower blonde and curl up then, observe the magic of color and blonde.

Side Slicked Straight Cut Sew In Hairstyles

Are you done with your curly, kinky, and unmanageable hair? And you always wanted the pure straight hair? Then do try weaving some natural extensions and slick it to the sideways and straight it up to get the unwavering hair. The hair extensions on the above girl are correctly attached that we are unable to differentiate the false strands.

Honey Blond Balayage With Bangs

Whether your hair is long, short, thick, thin, curly, or sleek, this style will suit your bangs and make you look feel cute. But, if you’re afraid to chop off your hair to bangs, then add some extensions and make it come true. You can see how the girl above perfectly flaunting her honey blonde balayage by sewing in the weaves.

Short Pixie Caramel Blonde

Pixie! Yes, you inevitably can weave on some short hairs and make or look even cool and bonny.  Get this short pixie caramel blonde for a dramatic appearance. Also, if you give a slight touch up and add on some accessories, you’ll add more to the style.

Straight Jet Sew In Hairstyles With Bangs

Straight jet hair can never be unsatisfactory. And adding up some extensions and pulling it to a bang is not a bad idea. Bangs gives you a cute look and makes your face look completely different.

Glossy Straight Lob Sew In Hairstyles

This glossy straight lob is perfect to style in for your first day at the office and the grand seminars. If you have always wanted to have a smarter and bold appearance, then sew-in some natural straight hair and part it from side to get that classic chic look.

Curly Faux hawk Golden Blonde With Black Side Gelled hair

Did you know, the Faux hawk style has been initially modified from the Mohawk style?  In Mohawk, the side hairs are shaved, leaving the large central stripe to style in. But, these days, women are more attracted to Fauxhawk, where one does not have to shave their lateral sides and still can style the middle part. So. if you too want to try this funky, jazzy look, Curly Faux hawk golden blonde with side gelled hair is worth giving a try, ladies.

Chocolate Brown Body Waves With Lift Sew In Hairstyles

Finally, we have the ultimate chocolate brown body waves. This one probably gave you the Royal vibes. If you want the same style, sew in hairstyles having chocolate brown waves that won’t give a slight hunch to people that it’s false.  To give it more definition, pin your bangs to puff, and you’re ready to rock the world.


So, how about giving Sew in hairstyles a try. I understand the sew in hairstyles may look a little tiring and time-consuming. But, we know that the result always turns out to be sophisticated and spectacular, right? These extensions will indeed withdraw our stress of harsh chemical and hot iron or curler that we have to use on our hair. Thus ladies, get the thick, voluminous hair like some of the Instagram idols that you’ve always dreamt and admired. Also, if you haven’t received compliments for a long time, then get ready to get some great comments from the people and make their head turn around.