SPOTLIGHT: 100 Rose Gold Hair Ideas to Try

In need of inspiration for your next hair color adventure? Here’s one that would definitely suit any face and skin tone. Rose Gold Hair Color, the latest trend in town is neither just red nor pink but a cool blend of three or more colors such as gold, pink, red, purple and brown. It gives a warm, soft, glowing effect on the skin. The colors can be bold or subtle as you want –  Rose gold hair color is very versatile and easy to wear. There are numerous variations of rose gold hair to choose from. There’s Dip-Dyed Rose Gold, Red Rose Gold, Peach Rose Gold and other ombre and balayage choices. Look no further and let these pictures inspire you to choose the perfect hue for you.

Choosing the Perfect Rose Gold Color

Decide which shade of rose gold hair color appeals to you first. Lighter and cooler skin tones work well with warmer rose gold colors. Yellow-based warm skin tone is best suitable with cooler shades of rose gold hair. Any shade is practically flattering for neutral skin tones.

Light hair or blonde hair is the usual base for hair color but if done correctly, the rose gold look would suit even those with medium brown, dark brown, or black hair.

  • Warm Golds – Colors range from pink shades to peach mixed with golds.
  • Lavander / Mauve – The pinkish purple color will blend beautifully with natural ash blonde hair.
  • Copper / Red – Works well with dark base. The mix of reds, auburns and gold gives the natural hair color a wow effect.
  • Ombre/Balayage – The gradient effect of ombre combined with the balayage highlights treatment adds a different dimension to your hair color. This works for both short or long hair styles,


Copper tones

Pastel hues

Hairstyle choices

From pixie cut, bob cut, beachy wave curls, straight or layered hair, the choices are endless. The rose gold hair color compliments any type of hairstyle.

Messy BOB

Straight, medium length

Hair care and maintenance

  • Use color safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Do not shampoo your hair everyday. Use dry shampoo as an alternative
  • For bleached hair, it is recommended to deep condition at least once a week
  • Use heat protection spray if styling your hair with flat irons or iron curlers
  • Use a diffuser to blow-dry your locks
  • Use cold water to rinse your hair
  • As much as possible, avoid exposing your hair to heat to minimize damage and retain the colors vibrancy

Makeup Ideas

Makeup has the ability to highlight one’s features and conceal flaws and imperfections. The makeup you wear in general should work in harmony with your hair color. Here are some tips in choosing the right makeup for your rose gold hair.

  • For darker tones of rose gold hair, use lighter shades of brown and gold combo for a contrasting effect. Wear creamy pinks on your lips during the day and deep plum or red during the night.
  • For caramel brown tones of hair, choose soft browns, gray and beige eye shadows with brown eye liners. Match this with a brown or neutral lipstick with pink or peach undertone. Go for blushes in coral and soft pinks to add some glow to your skin.
  • Light red or copper shades of hair compliments neutral eye shadows. Avoid orange. Apply a brown or gray eye liner with black or brown mascara. Complete the look using a pinkish coral blush on your cheeks and nude lipstick for your lips.
  • For pink, purple and ash blonde tones, use darker shades and smokey eye liners to create a contrasting effect. Earthy shades like black, brown or red are known to complement tones. Apply a peach brown shade of blush and lip color during day time. At night, add a splash of red to your look.

No matter what color of hair you have, you can wear contrasting makeup to make it stand out. Finding the appropriate makeup for your hair color can seem complex and difficult but it all comes down to what you think looks best on you. Use these tips in matching your makeup and skin tone with your rose gold hair!

Neutral makeup

Smokey metallic makeup

Check out these 100 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

1. COPPER ROSE GOLD – This style is perfect for  short to medium hair length. The lovely loose layers and curls make the gorgeous transition from copper to rose gold.

rose gold hair

2. PEACHY ROSE GOLD – The rose gold hue is darker at the crown and lightens at the end. A minimal, neutral makeup is perfect to complete this look.

3. BROWN WITH A PINKISH TINT – The pink tint adds a touch of brightness to the brown base of color. Perfect for your everyday look!

4. SOFT CURLS AUBURN ROSE GOLD OMBRE – This deep and dark to a lighter shade of red is perfect for short wavy hair. The pastel color at the end gives a feminine touch against the vibrant roots.

5. ROSE GOLD BALAYAGE – Take your regular balayage to the next level by adding hints of lilac and pink to create a new dimension of color.


6. WASHED OUT ROSE GOLD – Born with naturally light hair? Change it up by adding this perfect pastel pink to your hair. Light brown eye shadows and a touch of nude color on your lips would complete this dreamy look.

7. LIGHT COPPER ROSE GOLD HAIR – For a dramatic take on the rose gold trend, try a lighter shade of copper tint. This shade would definitely make your eyes pop!

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8. PEACH AND ROSE GOLD WAVES – Beautifully spaced colors of peaches and pinks work together to enhance this long and wavy rose gold hairstyle.

9. METALLIC LILAC ROSE GOLD – This light metallic rose gold blonde is even more dreamy with the touch of lilac added to it. Ideal for someone with naturally light hair.

10. DARK APRICOT WITH ROSE GOLD HAIR – The combination of rose gold and apricot tones create a wonderful combination on the hair. These two tones give a glossy and flattering shade. A neutral colored lipstick is perfect for this look.

11. BROWN ROOTS WITH DUSTY PINK ROSE GOLD – Part your hair side ways and add some big soft curls to rock this look. A ‘no makeup’ look would work best for daytime. At nighttime, change it up with a pop of red or plum lips.

12. DIP-DYED COPPER ROSE GOLD – The dip-dyeing techniques allows you to experiment and test-drive the rose gold hair color. This technique also gives off the same ombre vibe without having to color all of your hair.

13. BRUNETTE ROSE GOLD BALAYAGE – The color variations of pink and gold on this balayage treatment shows how well rose gold compliments the brown color. The look is quite subtle and natural with soft waves at the ends.

14. RED TO COPPER MESSY LOCKS – The loose curls throughout the hair make the stunning ombre transition from brown to copper to pink. This hairstyle is low maintenance and easy to pull off!

15. WARM ROSE GOLD WAVES – This auburn hue with warm undertones compliments dark skin tones. For a fiercer look, match it up with a shimmering smokey eye shadow and deep plum lips. Perfect for a night out in the city!

16.  TOUCH OF PINK – Who says looking good has to be troublesome! Spice up your naturally light hair by adding a touch of strawberry pink lemonade color to give it depth and style!

17. PASTEL ROSE GOLD – Make a statement with this ultra-pale rosy gold tones paired with a perfectly arched and trimmed brows!  Fierce!

18. TOUCH OF PURPLE – This purple toned rose gold balayage is a beauty to behold! It gives a smokey rose gold color that doesn’t demand perfection. Get inspiration from this chocolate mauve masterpiece.

19. BLUSH PINK ROSE GOLD HAIR – This edgy cut and styling takes the rose gold hair trend to a new level! The shades of pastel makes it charming but the shimmer of metallic hues give it a rocker vibe. Definitely makes one perfect combo!

20. PRETTY IN PIXIE – Who says short hair can’t have that rose gold glow? The blend of colors compliments pixie cut hairstyles easily and managing it is an easy-peasy.

21. BLUNT BANGS ROSE GOLD –  Combine your straight hair with full bangs and rose gold hair color to create that stylish statement look.

22. PINK WHISPER – Use a balayage technique for a soft burst of rose gold all throughout the hair. Rock this look with a texturizing hairspray to give it that wavy effect and accentuate the whisper of pink against your golden locks.

23. ROSY BRUNETTE WAVES – The cool and warm colors creates that gorgeous effect of the rose gold. The waves highlights the expert blend of the different tones and color creation.

24. METALLIC ROSE GOLD HUES – Why settle for just rose gold? Add texture and dimension to your hair by mixing other pink tones and give your locks that dazzling effect!

25. DREAMY PASTEL ROSE GOLD – This pale pastel shade is soft and light giving your skin that rosy glow. A blend of dark and light brown eyeshadow, coral blush and nude lips will go perfectly well for this look. Make your look edgier by adding texture to your locks.

26. WARM BROWN ROSE GOLD – The browns and subtle reds blend extremely well with the caramel tones. This beautiful shade is perfect for the fall season.

27. PLATINUM BLONDE AND ROSE GOLD HIGHLIGHTS – Add touch of pink highlights to your blonde hair with a balayage technique. The blend of rose gold, pink and blonde colors with the soft curls give your look a new dimension!

28. BEACHY ROSE GOLD – The pastel pink and blonde locks intertwine beautifully creating a ethereal effect. Perfect for summer.

29. LIGHT PINK LOB – Give your ordinary LOB an edgy yet charming effect with this pastel rose gold hue. The swirls highlight the different shades of pink, gold and magenta.

30.  ALL COPPER ROSE GOLD – Go full on copper for an intense, dramatic look.

31. LIGHT SWIRLS WITH WARM UNDERTONES – Swirls, curls and waves give depth and accentuate the beautiful blends of rose gold colors.

32. METALLIC HIGHLIGHTS ON BROWN HAIR – Oomph your normal caramel balayage by adding a blend  of magenta and pink highlight.

33. BLUNT BOB DARK ROSE GOLD OMBRE – Blunt bobs is a fun, rocker vibe  hairstyle perfect for your rose gold ombre. Change up the look by using texturized hairsprays to go from fab to glam.

34. ROSE GOLD WAVY LENGTHS – Dusty pastel hues with a funky retro vibe!

35. LIGHT BROWN ROSE GOLD OMBRE – Opt for that natural effect with soft highlights paired with the brown to light rose gold gradient.

36.  ONE-SIDED PLATINUM ROSE GOLD – Get that sleek, sophisticated look by parting your straight hair on one side. Neutral, earth shade makeup also compliments this look.

37.  REVERSED ROSE GOLD OMBRE – Change it up by starting light on the roots to a warm pink hue at the ends.

38. ROSE GOLD HIGHLIGHTS ON BLACK HAIR – Give your hair texture by adding soft swirls to your gorgeous rose gold highlights.

39. METALLIC ROSY HUES – Turn heads with this striking blend of shimmering rose gold hues.

40. FIERY RED ROSE GOLD – Fierce! Voluminous fat curls make the hair color more dramatic.

41. ROSE GOLD BLONDE – Look ethereal like a goddess with this full rose gold blonde hue.

42. RETRO ROSE GOLD – Keep your locks loose and tousled to achieve this cool, straight out of the shower look.

43. SUNSET ROSE GOLD – Majestic sunset colors on hair!

44. SHORT BOB PASTEL ROSE GOLD – The peek-a-boo dark roots provides a wonderful contrast against the light pastel blend. Add some bangs to your locks for that sweet and innocent feel.

45. LIGHT MAUVE ROSE GOLD – The touch of lilac roots blend well with the blonde curls.


47. DARK ON DARK – Make your eyes pop with this deep red and dark roots combo. A touch of pink eye shadows, brown eyeliner and mascara, and creamy nudes complete this look.

48. DUSTY PINK ON WHITE – Style up your natural light hair with this dusty pink and gold highlights.

49. OLD ROSE GOLD CURLS – Curls, whether soft, big, wavy or subtle gives the rose gold hair a dramatic effect.




53. LIGHT AND DARK ROSE GOLD BLEND – This whimsical creation is stunningly gorgeous on soft wavy locks.




57. BROWN BASE WITH ROSE GOLD HIGHLIGHTS – The touch of light pink color gives a beautiful accent effect for brunettes. 


59. BLACK HAIR WITH ROSE GOLD BALAYAGE – A combination of black hair roots with contrasting pastel colors. This easy to maintain hairstyle allows to you grow out your roots without looking drab.

60. SUNSET OMBRE BALAYAGE – Hints of lilac and purple creates that sunset vibe.

61. LIGHT ON LIGHT – Ombre colors from light brown to shiny blonde.




65. ROSE GOLD OMBRE WITH SOFT SWIRL ACCENTS – The addition of slim tight swirls create a waterfall effect on the long rose gold ombre hair.

66. BLONDE BLUSH – The sleek, blunt angled cut of this bob makes your short hair modern and fun at the same time! Adding the pink dye on the hair also gives it a touch of elegance and class. 

67. SPLASH OF PURPLE – The beautifully spaced lilac and gold highlights add texture and dimension against the brown base of hair. The metallic finish gives that shimmer of elegance from any angle!

68. RED, COPPER and ROSE GOLD OMBRE – The flow of color looks natural from root to tip. The red, copper and rose gold blends in a vibrant yet subtle way.

69. METALLIC PINK ROSE GOLD – Get that rich, glowing hair with this bright metallic masterpiece. Makes your hair look more healthier and livelier. 



72.WARM ROSE GOLD OMBRE – The blend of black and mauve is perfect with smokey eyes and deep plum lips.



75. DIP DYED ROSE GOLD HUES ON BLACK HAIR – Spice up your hair with bow inspired do. Classy and fun at the same time.


77. DUSTY PASTEL ROSE GOLD – Complete your rose gold ensemble with a dark colored top and black sunnies.

78.  DESERT ROSE – This shade includes red and brown tones with gold highlights all throughout the hair. This would compliment anyone with a light skin tone. A contrasting eye makeup with neutral lips will complete this look.



80. TOP KNOT ROSE GOLD WAVES – The half updo hairstyle is a perfect way to show case the rich and vibrant colors of your rose gold hair. Flower or crystal accents may be added to complete your simple yet elegant look.


82. HINTS OF PINK – Add subtle shades of metallic pink to your for a charming effect.

83. CLASSIC ROSE GOLD TIPS – This beautifully crafted blend of cool and warm rose gold tones is great for blonde hair. Achieve this kaleidoscopic effect with the balayage treatment.

84. SHINY ROSE GOLD BALAYAGE WITH BLUISH HIGHLIGHTS – This balayage creation gives off that mermaid vibe! Style your hair with soft curls and accents of braids for the flirty and fun effect.

85. DARK BROWN ROSE GOLD SHADOW ROOT – Another ombre and balayage creation where warm apricot tones blend with the rose gold color. The shadow root gives a natural look and growing out your roots won’t even matter!

86. PINK ROSE GOLD HIGHLIGHTS – The perfectly spaced streaks of metallic pink and rose gold hair is to die for. The stunningly soft shade is perfect for naturally light hair.

87. DARK ROSE GOLD OMBRE – The addition of toned down pink and red colors on naturally dark hair creates a gorgeous striking contrast. The loose wavy curls at the end accents the beautiful ombre effect of the rose gold color.

88. LIGHT ROSE GOLD – The chicest light rose gold hair on a short bob. No frills, no fuss, just simplicity at its finest.

89. BLOOMING OMBRE ROSE GOLD – Try a gradual effect from dark brown to light and shimmering rose gold for a more dramatic ombre hair.

90. MESSY ROSE GOLD BUN – For an effortlessly classy and elegant look, go for this easy messy high bun. Whether you’re off to meet a friend, go to the office or attend a formal party, pair your messy bun with a light neutral makeup to complete that head-turner look.

91. DARK BROWN ROSE – Rose gold gives your hair a richer and fuller effect on dark brown hair. 

92. DOUBLE TOP KNOT PINK CHAMPAGNE – Tired of single top knot style? Let’s double it up for a cute and charming look. This fun and messy up-do looks effortless and elegant at the same time.

93. BRAIDED ROSE GOLD OMBRE – Soft, loose braids give your hair depth and shows off the beautiful blends of rose gold colors. These messy braids are easy to do and easy to maintain. A side braid is another option in styling your gorgeous locks.


95. ROSY BRUNETTE – Opt for this raspberry copper balayage ombre effect if you don’t feel like bleaching your entire hair. You still get that rosy glow and chic effect.

96. ROSE GOLD WITH SOUR PEACH TONES – Give some breath of warmth to your hair color by adding these peachy undertones. Long hair gives this bold and yet warm look that gorgeous ombre effect. This peachy pink shade is definitely one for the books.

97. ROSE GOLD HAIR BOB WITH PINK HIGHLIGHTS – This chic and edgy look is perfect for straight hair. The soft pink highlights give your hair an iridescent effect!

98. PASTEL PINK ROSE GOLD – The cooler tone of rose gold absolutely compliments the medium to dark skin tones. Paired with brown shades of eye shadows and neutral lipsticks, heads will be turning everywhere you go!

99. GLOSSY ROSE GOLD SOFT WAVES – This beautiful masterpiece is a perfect blend of magenta, copper and blush woven artistically into the layers. The soft waves will give your hair that voluminous and healthy effect.

100. TEXTURED ROSE GOLD BOB – Slim waves and curls give volume and texture to your hair. Adding layers to the bob also give depth and a variation on the rose gold color.

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