90 Exciting Rainbow Hair Looks and Styles for Your Jolly Self!

Your hair is your deal and nobody else’s. So whatever you want to do with is what you definitely should. Why even overthink it and stress yourself out when you can do what you wish and enjoy flaunting it. And what better way to showcase yourself better than with some colors. Colors and hair are the best duos that you can work with. Rainbow hair is the best possible way for you to highlight your fun and exciting persona. While some might call the look punk, it’s definitely not all that jazz. It’s actually a part of who you think you are and how you would like to showcase it. 

Experimenting with your hair is something you should not back off from. The whole process of working and trying and experimenting helps a person find “the” look that describes them the best. Rainbow hair or basically any patterns of colors on hair is all about the festivity and being part of something trendy and unique at the same time.

So don’t think about what your colleagues or parents might think about your gorgeous colorful locks and lock some colors into your hair. Just as the colors, there are so many styles and ways of rainbow coloring you can go for. And if you have always been looking for the right time to do something new and different with your hair, then now is the right time. All sorts of hair coloring styles take the internet by storm right now, so no one checks you out like crazy for your beautiful hairstyles. So, here we have gathered many fun and extravagant rainbow hair looks that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Pastel Pixie Rainbow Hair

rainbow hair

Pixie hair is one of the most comfortable and widely worn hairstyles. Any rainbow-colored patterns you add to it will surely become an instantly stylish look. 

Cotton Candy Half-Up Bow

Everybody loves bow styles on their hair. The colors are already a way to pump up your young self; the bow is just there to support the colors and complement them.

Covered Fired Up Hair

If you’re not into multiple colorings and would work just well will limited colors, then this is a look you’ll definitely like. The double red and orange give out a fire-like look that looks gorgeous with dark hair colors. 

Pom Pom Curls

Curls are of the most versatile hairstyles that look good on any hair color. Adding curls to your multi-colored hair will help highlight them even better and add texture to the hair. 

Ocean Rainbow Hair

Sea green and sea blue are two colors that go hand in hand and work well with light pink color. The look these three colors create is something you don’t want to miss out on.  

Rainbow Light Waves

Any hair colors you have, you can never go wrong with some light waves. Waves and curls, as such, always work well to help you flaunt your varying colors. 

Geometric Buzz Colors

Geometry in haircuts is our new favorite thing. Adding different colors to different geometric shapes let you get a unique and cool look. 

Pastel Neon Colors

Neons and pastels are both trending right now. So why not mix them up? Pastel neon colors look different than any usual rainbow hair look, and they manage to look somewhat casual at the same time. 

Casual Pixie Shades

Whatever your hair length, you can always add some more color to them. Adding some fun colors to your pixie hair is a good way to make them look different than the usual cuts.

Loose Half Fishtail Braids

You will never go wrong with a few simple braids. The braids will highlight the colors in your hair and make them appear more textured.

Emo Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair looks to go with any form of aesthetic and definitely with an emo look. The dark emo hair shades and the rainbow colors make each other stand out.

Long Pixie Waves

Adding light waves to your highlighted colors help the colors blend in more naturally with your hair and make them appear more subtle. 

Hidden Classic Rainbow

If you’re a person who won’t enjoy the colors at all times, you should go for a hidden rainbow look. The colors are put under your natural hair for a double look for you to book.

Sleek Side Sweet Violet

Side swept short hair is something all of us definitely want but don’t get because they’re too formal and bold. But, if you want the cut, get them with some colors for a casual and fun look.

Covered Gem Shades


If you’re not all about those “happy” and “bright” colors, then you can always go for some darker shades like the ones above. These darker colors give you a mysterious dark academia look. 

Reflective Bob Cut

If you love the way the glass reflects the light shining your entire room with some rainbow lights, you’ll surely like this look for yourself. The look is simple and looks subtle, but it looks well-put at the same time. 

Pastel Pink-Lavender

Lavender and pastel pink are the simplest and cutest colors, which also happen to be trending right now. The Tiktok teens absolutely love styles like this, and you will too.

Bubblegum Glow

Light bubblegum shades like these look super simple and sophisticated at the same time. These sorts of styles will help you get the soft-girl look everyone is talking about. 

Dutch Buns

Braids and buns are the most classic styles you can work with any hair color and length. These dutch braided buns look super sophisticated and chic on anyone.

Blonde Hair with Classic Rainbow

Light and bright colors are polar opposite, but they look so good. The colors blend in easily with the blonde making it a subtle style. 

Basic Neon Braid

You can never go wrong with any form of braided style and definitely not this one. The braided structure help highlight the beautiful colors and make them appear more voluminous. 

New Year Coils

If you’re into the party-girl lifestyle and fun colors, then this new year inspired look is the one for you. This set of colors are unique and fun and look great with curls. 

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Long Bob with Matte Shades

Bob haircuts are an industry classic because they go well with any other style and look. The cut may be a bit basic, but the colors make them extravagant. 

Grey Hair with Rainbow Highlights

Dull and dark shades of color help highlight the set of colors and vice versa. These colors will add some density to your hair and make them appear refreshing. 

Violet-Shaded Heavy Waves

Different shades of colors from the same color family will never disappoint you regarding hair looks. These colors work together to create a natural yet crazy style. 

Toffee Hair with Unicorn Drop

Toffee brown is a pretty sophisticated and bold color. If you like to mix up stuff and fun colors, then try out this style for a mix of fun and sophistication. 

Platinum Blonde with Purple Mix

If you like low-interest looks, but you want to try out something new, then you can add some coverable highlights to your natural light hair. This style will be easy for you to maintain and easy to rock as well.

Accessorized Long Curls

One can never wrong when it comes to accessorizing themselves and their hair. These accessories bring something different to the hair while letting the colors have their moment. 

Semi-Natural Rainbow Hair

If too many colors are too much to handle for you, then you don’t have to worry about them. Darker natural tones will blend in naturally with your whole look.

Silver Rainbow Highlights


Silver and grey hair colors are all over the internet today. And if you want to go with the trend but don’t want to look too basic, then be sure to add some light rainbow highlights to it.

Undercolored Bun

Any look looks even better in a messy bun; we all know that. But what better way to flaunt your beautiful under-colored rainbow than with a messy updo. 

Dark Pastel Shades Long Hair

The longer the hair, the better you’ll be able to show off your beautiful colors. Next time you’re thinking about chopping your hair off because it’s too boring, you should think about how you could rock this look above.

Open Fishtail Plait

Mixing colors and giving them textures is the best way you can show them off. This open fishtail plait works so well for the festive look you try to achieve with the colors only.

Alternative Rainbow Streaks

If all just colors are too much for you and you’d rather go with something less edgy, then this look is the one you should opt for. Adding in a few alternative colorful rainbow streaks to your natural hair will let you have the best of both worlds.

Pink-Grey Blunt Bob

Blunt bob is the chic-est alternative look you will ever find. This cut of style has been around for quite some time now and probably will stay trending for a significant time from now. And if you think this cut is too worn out, then what are colors even for? Paint your hair a bold pink along with a few grey streaks the chop it off for a super cool look. 

Hidden Brown-Rainbow Hair

If you’re already set on having a rainbow hair look done, but if that seems too crazy to wear daily, then don’t worry! This hidden natural hair-rainbow hair is a look that will let you transform your reflective personality to calm and vice versa.

Light Unicorn Hair

Rainbow colors obviously remind us of all of the beautiful mystical creatures we all wish we could own. So why not become one yourself? Well, not literally, but you know, channel your beautiful self with a unicorn-inspired rainbow look. 

Subtle Rainbow Highlights

If you don’t think you’ll like many colors that can be directly noticeable, then just a few hidden highlights will do the work for you. They’re simple, but they will make you look pretty badass.

Bold Double Colors

Mixing simple colors up is a simple but choice that’s worth everything you put in. With this sectioned double-colored look, you are sure to look like your coming of age movie’s main character.

Complete Mix Rainbow Hair

Bright colors aren’t something anyone can pull off, but if you can, you should definitely go for it. This look serves the entire purpose of festivities and fun inspired look you’re trying to go for. 

Patterned Black Rainbow Hair

Black is a bold and powerful hair color, and to mix it up with some light rainbow color patterns; it’s the ultimate alternative look. This look is super cool and fun. At the same time, it’s along the lines of internet trends; it’s pretty different. 

Semi-Long Bold Bob

Alt and edgy styles and look shave taken the internet by storm, and why shouldn’t they? They’re pretty easy to pull off and look marvelous with any pattern of extravagant colors. The best way to style is based on all-around accessories. 

Layered Colors 

Both layers and colors can help you to add textures and some definition to your hair. Add them both up for an effortless high-maintenance look. You can even trim off the sides for a comfortable look. 

Fading Shades

Fading and blending in multiple colors is the best way to make them seem more natural and less “crazy’.  This “fading shades” look is the look for you if you would like a look a fun look that can also look natural.

Colorful Light Waves

Waves can make any hair look, look even better. In a look as such, you can add individual waves for the different individual colors. 

Shades of Purple Rainbow

Different shades of purple have been all over fashion and trends for a few years now. There’s always something unique and elegant about each different shade that makes us like them so much. Aggregating all these shades into a single look is a good decision you can make. 

Unicorn Rainfall

As we’ve said already, dark neutral shades and exciting bright colors may be far from the same, but they create a great look. This unicorn rainfall look is a magical look that won’t bother your everyday basic look. 

Braided Undercolored Bun

Braiding your hair can never be the wrong thing to do. Braids and updos are the basics of hairstyling, and doing them both together to create a simple is something anyone can do and should be doing. 

Rainbow Bangs

Everybody had had bangs at least once in their life. And even due to that, they may seem too basic to some. And if you’re one of those people, then “rainbow bangs” is something you’d like. They’re basic and different. 

Horizontal Rainbow Pattern

Most rainbow hairstyles are based around the same vertical patterns that tend to look too geometric at times. For those times, this horizontal patterned rainbow hair is the savior. This pattern tends to blend in more easily and look more subtle. 

Grape Hair with Rainbow Highlights

This grape-lavender shade of purple is a cute color that hasn’t been worn by much. So with that, this look will obviously be a unique one for you. The bright rainbow colors help complement the light purple and bring it out better. 

Pixie Hair with Layered Colors

If you’re all about those *dramatic* looks, then color your entire pixie cut with some layered colors. No, I forgot about trimming and shaving the sides. The whole hair is the deal you should go with. 

Sectioned Colors

Adding some bits of maths and technicality to hair looks never hurt anyone. Sectioning different hair colors to different hair sections is a simple look that means a lot. 

Highlighted Curls

Spring curls are gorgeous looks if you know how to style them right. All on their own, these curls manage to make it seem as if you’ve put a whole lot of effort into perfecting them. When you add some highlights and streaks of extra colors to them, they look even better and support the whole”edgy” and “simple” style. 

Side Sectioned Heavy Waves

Side sectioned hair always makes anyone feel like a bold and chic main character. And heavy waves are something that creates a wholly different royal style. Side sectioned heavy waves with multiple bright, colorful highlights is the perfect party-person look you can achieve. Bedazzling the hair with some pretty rhinestones is all worth the effort. 

High Pony with Colored Ends

The high pony is a style that every person has worn, and many of them daily. This look is widely worn because of how basic and versatile it is. If you don’t like going “basic,” some colors to the ends is the thing that should do for you.

Princess Curls

These fluffy and poofy looking curls are absolutely adorable. The colors and pastels help top them off in an even better way. They make your hair look completely reborn and more voluminous. 

Multi-Colored Side Bangs

Side bangs are one of the most classic hair looks, especially from the 2000s. And what else remind us of the good ol’ 2000s? The pretty and bright colors. These “multi-colored side swept bangs” are unique and nostalgic. 

Pixelated Colors

Pixelated looks are a lot more fun than any other geometric looks. This style reminds us of all the video games we wished we could have been a part of. This look is fun, refreshing, and pretty modern. 

Basic Vertical Fall

Blonde is one of the most basic and widely worn hair colors. And it’s just the right amount of light shade and fun colors that will not cause you any fashion policing if you’re worried about that. 

Slit Variations

The short and shaven hair look on anyone looks amazing. With that, a few slits never hurt anyone. This side slit-shaven pixie look has anyone looking fashionable. This look is simple and doesn’t take any effort to be styled.  

Floral Lock


Accessorizing your hair is something that does so much for how little effort it takes to be put in. Faux flowers can be used to put the hair in place to complement the look.

Half-Up Half-Down Hair with Long Waves

Any form of half-up half-down look will create the cutest low-maintenance look, and when it involves simple light and bright colors, boy! Isn’t it a sight to love? 

Low Space Buns

Space buns always come in handy when it comes to spicing things up. Simple space buns can help texturize the color patterns to create a phenomenon look. 

Basic Ponytail

Basic ponytails (obviously) are the most basic and simplest hair look for any hair. So, any day you’re not feeling like going through a lot of work, a simple ponytail will make do. 

Sectioned Double Braids

Simple sectioned double braids can be worn as an everyday hairstyle and with no effort. They’re comfortable, easy to manage and look like they have a lot of effort put in. 

Firey Braided Bun

A little goes a long way and even for hairstyles. This simple triple-shaded braided bun is a look you can wear every day. It is simple, easy to maintain, and comfortable. 

Multiple Pastel Braids

Pastel hair colors have this spark and soft-spot to them, which help you get the soft-girl aesthetic. For a more cottage core/soft aesthetic look, you should add some loose braids with some accessories. If this isn’t the best “festive” look for you, then what is?

Natural Hair with Dark Highlights

Subtle looks can be a little difficult to achieve with light shades and bright shades combined. For a look that will blend in easily with your daily life, dark tones with dark bold colors are the best choice.

Bold Colorful Curls

Fashion and styling are always just about doing what you like and what you feel comfortable in. If you like all the jazz and pizzazz to your looks, then you’ll love this rainbow hair color look without any question. 

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