107 Outstanding Ponytail With Bangs Hairstyles For You

Ponytails are never out of fashion. Are they? Nah! You can do ponytail in various ways and can look stylish anytime. Movie celebrities, TV personalities and various other public figures from Emma Watson, Beyonce to Kaley Cuoco are found to be obsessed with pony-tails giving us hair goals. The hairstyle -ponytail is having a big moment.  Here we will be discussing the different ponytail with bangs hairstyles. We have a fantastic look for  African American. There are some cool pictures of the ponytail with bangs hairstyles for natural hair, black hair, blonde hair, purple hair and many more. We have details of weave ponytail with bangs hairstyle.

Ponytail, as the name suggests, is the hairstyle where you pull most or all of your hair backward and those hair are gathered at one point using a rubber band, and from that point, the bundle of hair is allowed to hang like a tail thus inferring the name as “ponytail.” Bangs with ponytail make a ravishing combination, it makes you look more appealing, beautiful and at the same time stylish.

You have probably arrived at this article as you want to learn about the trend of the ponytail with bangs. There are many different ways to do ponytails when you have bangs, and you can style it as the celebrities do. We have some style icons with this hairstyle, let’s discuss the ponytail with bangs look of celebs.

1) Ash Blonde Hair With Bangs and Ponytail

We love the fact that she has an ash blonde with platinum hair color, and the look of loosely tied lower ponytail with flings is looking great. Like her, you can also replicate her look and look classy and fabulous by letting your flings rest and tying your remaining hairs loosely at the lower end of your head.

2) Phantom Green Hair With Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs with high ponytail make an attractive combination of hairstyle. Green color has lately stayed in style as a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, Kyle has experimented their hair with shades of green and has rocked the color. Like shown above you can have a fantastic blunt bang and then take all your hair to make a high-end ponytail in your curly hair.

3) Olivia Wilde’s Bubble Ponytail

Like Olivia Wilde’s bubble pony look you can also wear that hairstyle and look all dazzling. It is not that difficult. To be able to adopt this hairstyle, you can have any kind of bangs but having blunt bangs would help you exactly replicate the look.

  • First of all, pull up the hair and tie them together at the crown of your hair.
  • Divide the hanging part of hair with different sections of 1 or 1.5 inches and with the help of elastic band secure that section of hair as shown in the picture above till you reach the end of your hair.
  • Now you need to create the bubble effect; pull out the hair gently to puff out each section of the hair. You will look great in this look. You must try it out!

4)High Wavy Ponytail With Parted Bangs

This high wavy blonde ponytail is puffed a little bit. It looks kind of messy but cute and classy. Do the middle partition and part your long bangs and do a messy ponytail at the top of your head.


5) Golden Blonde With Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs in a bold golden hair and low-end ponytail look great here. You just need to side-swept your bangs according to the side you prefer and take all the hair to make a low and loose ponytail. This is perfect for casual outfits.

6) Honey Blonde Hair With Poised Pony Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives a bubbly look to you. You can try it for a wedding ceremony. The side-swept straight and a kind of wavy bangs gives the edge to this hairstyle. The hair is puffed a little, and a high ponytail is made.

7) Chopped Bangs With A Low Side Bun

This look has chopped bangs. The hair is gathered at a side of your ear to make a messy bun. The lower part of the hair is colored brown which looks good on this hairstyle.

8) Puffed Hair With A Curly Ponytail

The bangs are side-swept, and some section of the immediate hair to your bangs are taken to the other side and clipped. Your hair is used as a rubber band to tie the hair. The curliness of the knotted hair gives this hairstyle a fine edge.

9) Brown Hair With Arched Bangs

Arched bangs are similar to blunt bangs; the difference is that where blunt bangs are cut straight to the forehead, arched bangs are cut according to the shape of your face so that the shape of bangs suit the shape of your face.

10)  Shiny Black Straight Hair With Side-swept Bangs

This look includes black hair with side-swept bangs. The shinning texture of hair gives you an added beauty to your hairstyle. Side- swept the bangs on your preferred side followed by a low pony.

11) Messy Blonde Pony

To get this look, rest your flings on both sides. Part your hair sideways based on which side you like and do a messy hairdo. Make a low pony to finish your hairstyle.

12) Ash Blonde Short Hair

The short hair when done ponytail also looks nice. Ash blonde is one of the favorite shades of blonde these days; it looks good on people who can carry it. To get this look, free your ached bangs and then tie a ponytail at the lower side of the crown of your head.

13)Bangs And Bun

To get this look of “Fifty Shades of Grey” fame Dakota Johnson who is a celebrity, let your parted bangs with flings rest in your forehead. Now take your hair to do a middle bun and look amazing!

14) Bronze Creamy Blonde Hair

This bronze creamy blonde hair has been graced with the little puff, middle-parted bangs, and a medium pony. The band with the same color as that of hair is used. When you make a pony, ear accessories look good. Make your look more beautiful with a matching earring.

15) High Wavy Ponytail With Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs give an edgy style. You must give this look a try if you are going to a party or even if you are going out casually this hairstyle would look good. High wavy ponytail looks impressive.

16) A High Puff

A high puff also looks good. Straight bangs and a ponytail with a high puff can be a look for you to parties and red carpet.

17) Keep It Simple

This simple look can even be carried out at parties. It is simple but classy. Let your wavy flings rest aside your face and make a ponytail. Gather your hair at the lower end of your head and secure it with an elastic band. Take a small section of your pony and wrap it around the elastic band. Secure the wrapped part with a bobby pin and conceal it in the base of the ponytail.

18) Side-parted  Braid

This is a simple look which can basically be worn to any events you want. The hair is side parted, and a low side braid is made.

19) Sexy Pony Look

This hot chic look can be worn to any party you attend, be it the red carpet events. Celebrities have rocked their look with this hairstyle many times. Set middle-parted long bangs and make a high puffed hair with a hairpin and finally gather all your hair to create a pony.

20) Beautiful Black Loose French Braid

The longs bang at the front with a loose french braid of some section of your hair leading to a long wavy pony makes your black hair a beautiful and stylish black hair.

21) Silky, Cute and Simple 

This simple and subtle look with chopped bangs makes you look cute and classy at the same time. Give it a try if you are in a hurry, and I promise you won’t regret either!

22) Ponytail With Braid

This look enhances your ponytail look to a next level.

How to do it?

  • Take a small section of your side hair and make a french braid.
  • Gather the other hair to make a high ponytail.
  • Take a small section of your hair and braid it.

Try this look and look amazing!

23) Messy Copper Blonde

When in doubt, make a messy pony and leave your long bangs. Part the bangs in the side or the middle.

24) Amazing Blunt Bangs

If you have blunt bangs, you can make a pony of your wavy hair like Jessica Biel. She makes ponytails with bangs look incredible, and if you replicate it, you will also have a fantastic hairstyle.

25) Amazing Ash Hair

This look gives you hippie vibe as well as a classy vibe. With the chopped bangs at the front and a messy high bun at the crown of your head, you will not regret making this hairstyle as you feel comfortable as well as stylish.

26) Eye-catching Arched Bangs

You can be the talk of the party using this hairstyle. The hair is a mix of many colors thus called ombre. The arched bangs and a bun hairdo give you a beautiful party look.

27) Hot Honey Blonde

Make a puffed section of hair and an easy pony and make your hot honey blonde hair the talk of moment whenever and where ever you pass by.

28) Party Look

To get this look, you need to have arched bangs. So, keep your bangs blunt at the middle section and keep your side bangs wavy at both sides. Make a low-end pony, therefore. Wear this hairstyle and be a talk at the party.

29) Honey And White Blonde

When you blend different colors in your hair like honey and white blonde, you can try the look like this to keep it simple and at the same time beautiful.

30) Sassy Purple Style

The purple looks have been the talk of the fashion world lately. Then middle part your long bangs. Take a significant section of your hair after that and make a pony. Keep your rest hair open. Purple hair makes you look sassy and stylish.

31) Casual Pony Look

This looks best suits the casual outfit. To make your look more appealing try this beautiful hairstyle.

32) Hot & Happening Red

The arched bangs and a long straight red hair with the high pony at the crown of your head look hot and happening. Try it out!

33) Wavy Blonde

Blonde wavy hair with a long wavy bang when done pony looks good on most of the outfits. With this wavy look, you can look amazing.

34) Different Shades Of Blue

This ponytail has some great combination of different shades of blue making it look unique to eyes.

35) Side-swept Bangs

The ponytail is formed at the low end with a beautiful side swept bangs making a blonde hair look beautiful.

36) Jennifer Aniston’s Pony Look

Famous TV series “Friends” fame actress Jennifer Aniston knows very well how to do different ponytail with bangs look and ace this style every single time.

37) Beautiful Rolls

The beautiful rolls of the hair and chopped bangs make this ponytail look standard, stylish and classy.

38) Straight Bangs

The highlight of this look is the beautiful straight bangs at the forehead. The little long wavy bangs and a messy ponytail adds style to this look.

39) Bold And Shinning Black

This look looks intimidating. The shinning black hair is the attractive feature. The thick blunt bangs with the high long straight ponytail give a stylish twist to this hairstyle.

40) Low Black Ponytail

Not only other colors but black is also an attractive color of the hair. Make a ponytail at the low end of your hair and fix your blunt bangs.

41) Parted Bangs

Part your bangs in different ways and make a simple ponytail. Styling your hair like her would make your ponytail look better.

42) One-sided Bangs

In this hairstyle, all the blunt bangs are swept to one side, and the rest section of your hair is gathered to make a long straight high ponytail.

43) Red Styles

You can make a ponytail hairstyle edgy by adding a color to your hair. This red hot color can enhance your ponytail with arched bangs hairstyle.

44) Loose Ponytail

When you want the most casual looks, and you do not have any formal events to attend, you can adapt this easy and simple hairdo.

45) Young & Fresh Half Bun

This hairstyle is young and fresh. The bangs and the half bun and that wavy hairs make a great hairstyle.

46) Rolled Bangs

If you want to experiment new looks, these rolled bangs are the hairstyle you should try. Even if rolled bangs are one of the recent addition to the bangs, it is widely known and accepted.

47) Celtic Copper Hair

Celtic copper is another great color that you should try. This hairstyle has arched bangs and a puffed hair with a low ponytail.

48) Braided Pony

You can anytime braid your pony to enhance your ponytail look. Braided looks never go wasted.

49) Add Hair Bands

Adding hair accessories can make your hairstyle look better in many ways. However, especially a hair band looks good with a ponytail. Matching band color and a hair elastic band make your looks even better.

50) A Messy Blonde Hairdo

Middle part your wavy bangs and then make a puffed hair followed by a messy high ponytail. This makes your look young and stylish.

51) Badass Looks

When you have a leather jacket on and a relatively short hair, you can try out this look to look badass and stylish.

52) Nicole Kidman’s Simple Look

A layered hair cut can also look great when you do a low and side pony. Nicole Kidman has done a simple ponytail and is looking amazing. She has secured her ponytail with a beautiful black elastic band.

53) Twisted Pony

Do a partial up-do first and use those section of the hair to make a twisted and loosely braided hair. This hairstyle makes your look super stylish.

54) Voluminous Hair

Ponytail looks good on voluminous hair. Arched bangs with healthy and rich voluminous hair and a ponytail make you look trendy.

55) Straight Black Hair

Blunt bangs and a neat and clean ponytail can be a good option for you to carry when you are going to attend some events. It is a simple hairdo, but at the same time, it is glamorous.

56) Long Waves

Long hair with wavy bangs and a little puff takes the ponytail to the next level. This is one of the fascinating ponytails with bangs look for teenagers.

57) Side Partition

This is simple yet beautiful hairstyle. You can do this hairstyle at the time of hurry or even intentionally when going to social events. Do the side partition of your hair and make a low ponytail.

58) The Bold Look

This hairstyle would be suitable for official meetings as well as for parties. This hairstyle makes you look bright and beautiful.

59) Damaged Hair Look

When you have a hair which was straightened a long time back, and you want your natural curls to grow again, then it can also adopt this hairstyle. It looks good.

60) Pony With Curls

The ponytail has a lot of curls and voluminous hair.

61) Girl Next Door Look

This is a romantic style- a girl next door look. Bella Thorne has made this look even more appealing. She looks amazingly pretty. You can also adopt this look for a date. He will not be able to take his eyes off you!

62) Carefree And Sensuous Style

This hairstyle is making her look sensuous, and it also reflects her carefree mood.

63) Halle Berry’s Styles

Halle Berry has made her look sexy with this hairstyle of hers’. High ponytail looks have made ponytail one of the admired and famous hairstyles.

64) Beautiful Long Bangs

This long bangs and the relaxed pony makes her look perfectly pretty.

65) Perfect Pony

You can carry this perfect pony styles to any party and get together. Pick an ideal earring and sunglasses to compliment this look.

66) Beautiful Braided Crown

Braids, when combined with ponytails, are always beautiful. The beautiful braided crown on her head and a side ponytail has made her hairstyle glamorous.

67) French Braids and Ponytail

Side sweep your long bangs and make a french braid of a small section of hair followed by a beautiful and high ponytail. You will look amazing like she looks with this hairstyle

68) Taylor’s Style

Taylor Swift has been found many times in ponytails and bangs look. She has made ponytails a glamorous hairstyle carrying it with bangs in many events and parties.

69) Big Black Curls

The voluminous black hair with big curls, when styled into the ponytail, looks terrific. Give this look a try, and this look is sure to turn heads around..

70) Bold Color

Sometimes to freshen up your styles and look, all you need is to bring different shades of color into your lives. Color your head and look fresh and beautiful.

71) Cozy Hairstyle

This cozy hairstyle is comfortable and at the same time makes you look stylish.

72) Long Blonde Hair

She has a long curly blonde hair and she has made a top ponytail with a little. Her hairstyle is looking absolutely perfect.

73) Simple Pony With A Black Ribbon

You can also use colorful ribbons to secure ponytail instead of an elastic band. Here she has used black fabric, and it is looking nice as well.

74) Straight Bangs With Curly Pony

This look of Rihanna is impressive. This look includes straight black bangs. The hair is straight, but the hair of the pony consists of the large curls. You can even use the curly wigs to get that look.

75) Fancy Hair Accessories

Let your blunt bangs rest in the forehead and make a high-end ponytail. Use decorative hair bands to make a pony and watch your ponytail stand out.

76) The High Blonde Pony

The high blonde pony with the messy bangs can make steal the show and stand out among others in parties.

77) Short Black Bangs

Short bangs with the ponytails also look great. You can carry out this look at any parties you have to attend.

78) Casual & Messy

This is a relaxed and messy pony with long straight bangs.

79) Sweet & Cute Styles

This is a cute and sweet hairdo. Side sweep your bangs. Make a small puff in your hair and then do a high ponytail and you will end up looking fresh and cute.

80) A Side Ponytail

Do the side partition of your hair. Let the long wavy bangs rest aside your ears and make a side ponytail. This hairstyle can also be your hairstyle for a prom party.

81)Long Shiny Braided Pony

This long braided pony with a blunt bang having shiny hair can be your next look for a party or even a red carpet.

82) Elegant Ponytail

This is a sophisticated ponytail which makes you look elegant and can be worn by anybody at most of the events.

83) Middle Parted Bangs Styles

This style includes the middle-parted long, straight and silky bangs and a low pony. We love the fact that she is looking classy yet straightforward.

84) Easy & Sexy Hairstyle

Be a bombshell and the talk of a party with this amazing style. Pick up this style for a next party.

85) Wavy & Curvy Styles

This is a wavy hairstyle that is looking amazing in blonde hair. Wear this look to the next event and look amazing.

86) Be Purplish

Try out the purple hair color and pick up this style. You would look great.

87) Classic Hairstyle

This is another classic party look. The hairdo has made this look classic and standard.

88) Celebrity Pony Styles

This is another ponytail looks of famous celebrity Jeniffer Aniston. She has made the ponytail hairstyle a trend in many ways. Try out this style and look amazing.

89) Nice And Easy

Do this cute and easy hairstyle at your next party to look cute, classy and carefree at the same time. You will be in your best style.

90) Double Braided Pony

Are you bored of regular pony? If yes, try out this double braided pony and get ready to steal the show. This style is undoubtedly the best for wedding events, proms and dates.

91) Sophisticated Pony

Part your hair sideways and leave that hair. Make a small puff followed by a middle pony of the other part of the hair. Take the parted sideways hair and add it to the pony using hair pain concealing the end under the pony. This is one of the sophisticated ponytail looks.

92) Quick Pony

Make this quick ponytail with bangs and wear a cool t-shirt and jeans. Go out to have fun and to do shopping.

93)Princess Styles

This style looks royal. Wear this royal style from head to toe and look great at events and parties.

94) Gentle And Romantic Styles

This gentle and romantic hairstyle can be worn by any body to any events. Middle part your straight bangs and do a perfect ponytail.

95) Loose Black And Blonde Braid

This is a classy hairstyle. Make a braid and loose it up a bit and do a low ponytail.

96) Big Curls

The big curls are better off open. Side sweep your hair. Make a big waves on your bang and be stylish anytime.

97) Silky And Smooth

This hairstyle’ s main feature is the silkiness of the hair. Blunt bangs and middle pony is looking great on her.

98) Taylor’s Amazing Bangs

This is another ponytail with bangs look of famous singer Taylor Swift. She is looking amazing as always.

99) Chopped Bangs

This chopped bang with ponytail looks fascinating. You can try it out for your coming event, and you will look great.

100) Short Colored Hair

She has amazing colored short hair. Arched bangs with a high ponytail at the crown of her head are looking flawless on her.

101) Hair Tattoo

She has black long ponytail and blunt bangs. The highlight of this style is the hair tattoo she has under her ponytail. Look badass with this style.

102) Rich And Thick Hair

This style has rich and thick hair. Grace any events you go to by adopting this hairstyle.

103) Add A Braid

This beautiful black and long hair ponytail have been stood out by adding a braid and side sweeping your straight and long bangs.

104) Beautiful Ombre Curls

She has a shade of black and blonde color in her hair. The curls look fabulous and fashionable.

105) Chic Styles

She is looking hot and sexy with this style. Consider this as a to-do style for your essential upcoming events where you need to look hot and happening.

106) Mix Of Brown And White

The upper section and the lower section of the hair in this style are brownish black and white respectively. The low-end ponytail is made and braided which is white.

107) Soft Styles

This style represents the tenderness of women. Replicate this soft style and look always look beautiful.

Therefore these are the 106 ponytails with bangs hairstyle. All of these looks are amazing and great. You can enjoy these beautiful hairstyles and feel beautiful, amazing and confident about yourself any day, and anywhere you go. That is to say; it is found to be one of the trending hairstyles in 2018 carried out beautifully by almost everyone in Hollywood and among us: ordinary people. Also, ponytails are seen to be one of the most loved hairstyles be it on bad hair days when you do not want your hair open or be it the red carpet looks. Most importantly remember that you are beautiful the way you are, but there is no harm in enhancing your beauty with this hairstyles.

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