135 Glamorous Pompadour Haircut Cool and Stylish

Pompadour haircut is a classic way of styling your hair. When something lasts about a century without fading, you have to believe that they’re the best. Pomp as our slang to Pompadour is a hairdo from the starting of the 20th century, and it has its fair share in our hairdressing market. Our pompadour came into life and fame when legendary singer Elvis Presley used this hairdo throughout his career.

Similarly, many celebrities and famous personalities love a pompadour to get that gentle touch to their personality. As of today, we have a ton of different add-ons and variations with a pompadour and these evergreen hairdos are going nowhere for a long time to come.


Pompadour haircut how to style?

For you to get a Pomp, it is better to have a medium length hair. As we have two different primary forms of Pompadour, you can use either of these according to your hair Nature. If you have a thick hair get a lateral pompadour otherwise have a usually raised pompadour.

We typically keep our bottom hair short so that Pompadour has proper exposure. Then we comb our top hair to a height and defend it towards our rear. In this way, we will have a tide like a hairdo which is Pompadour. Similarly, you can also use your modifications for a unique look.

pompadour haircut

Some of our beat Pompadour haircuts are here for you.

Simple Pompadour with Medium Beard

When you are new to this style world, It is common that mixing up things is your first step. However, complicating your variations won’t help you in most of your time. Similarly, a perfect combination of two or three components will give you a fabulous look too.

Pompadour Haircut Fade

A fade and pompadour is an assurance that nothing will go wrong with your hairdo. These combinations almost never go wrong. A fade also provides that necessary base for your beard. A bold and gentleman look is what you expect from these hairdos, and they never fail to impress you.

Bald Fade and Lateral Pompadour

A slick and a Zero-fade is a story that is famous in our styling world. So, if you have a lateral pompadour, you will want an assurance of variety in your bottom. This scene is where a Bald fade comes to action. A popular fade option for starters, a bald fade acts as a good base for your pompadour variations.

Straight Top Pompadour

A straight top pompadour is a classical version of pompadour. If you are a follower of classic movies of a medieval storyline, you might have seen this hairdo multiple times. With add-ons of different kinds, you can make a most of this hairdo too.

High Fade Pompadour Haircut

A high fade is popular among those people who wear long hair. It is simple logic that a long top and a fade bottom work together well. Similarly, one can add a beard of full length to manage a complete sequence of a pairing of his strands.

Silver Highlighted Top

A silver color falls under exotic hair coloring. People usually dancers love these types of colorings as it gives them a shiny factor to their facial expression. Similarly, a silver highlight looks well with a Pomp as one can add variable add-ons and props in them. A formal hairdo goes well with formal suits and tuxedos.

Pompadour Undercut with Highlights

An undercut and hair highlight goes together well any day. You will love to get a colorful appearance combining with your clean personality. However one should balance their hair color with his skin tone and eye color for the best results. After you apply this modification on your hair, you can have different fades in your bottom, and that will also suit your hair color perfectly.

Pompadour – Wavy and straight hair

Wavy hair nature usually comes in a long hair length. So you must choose the right hairdo for your wavy hair for good looks. You can use hair creams for a shining achievement in your hair. A fundamental way of styling a curved hair nature is wearing a pompadour and using rubber bands to tie it.

Similarly, if you have straight hair with long hair length, you can use any Pomp. Generally, the thickness of your strands also matters in both these cases. If you have an extra thick hair, you can have braids and man buns to manage your hair.

Pompadour and tattoos

Face and neck tattoos generally are the factors that matter while styling your hair. If you have symbols in your face, you will like to expose them properly. Also, if you have a neck tattoo, you want to keep your bottom strands short and sometimes to your skin if possible. As our primary focus is on giving proper exposure to our symbols, we can use a pompadour with a bald fade which fulfills all these criteria.

Diy Pompadour Haircut

A hairdo which anyone can achieve with a specific scientific and artistic assist is what an individual wants in modern times. Pompadour haircut is a similar kind of hairstyle. You can get a razor and cut your hair in a fixed length. After this step, take a comb or brush and make a comb-over. We can have a different variety of pompadours after this step.

Pompadour and lining patterns

Patterns are a technical way of decorating your hair. A design may sometimes look like a slit or an overcover. In slits, you have a little lining to your skin resembling a cut. Similarly, ina overcover your remaining hair after your haircut makes a pattern. People also make colorings in this pattern to make them luminant. Trending now these patterns look great with a cleanly styled beard.

Pompadour and Skin fade

Pompadour is a hairdo which gives us a dominating look. However, your strands might look messy if there is a voluminous strand in your head. A way of preventing this styling hazard is wearing a skin fade. We can have a skin fade with every length of strands as already shown above.

Top flip pompadour with flip highlights

Flips with highlights are trending. Thes flawless hairdos look great with every dress up like it was meant to from the beginning. Flips and fade get well along with each other well, and one can combine these in multiple modifications. Our models here have top flipped hairdo and to work with it they have different highlights and colorings added to them.

Pompadour Undercut

An undercut brings more style factor to pompadour. In a lateral pompadour, an undercut almost always comes undercut. You can add an undercut in Top slide pompadour too which manages your positive energy all over your head. Our model also has a massive ear piercing to get along with a bald fade and Pomp.

Top Flip Pompadour

Flip pompadour is ruling our fashion world. A simple and effective way, some might say that flips don’t fall under pompadour. Well, it is pomp and flips look like that because of its short hair length. Our science behind Pomp flips is pure. You have to keep your hair short or up to medium short and apply a comb-over. These hairdos are great with ear piercings too.

Pompadour Undercut Fade

An undercut is a technical way of leaving your side part of your hair short. Our next part of the short hair is still long. For this hair length, we can either have a long lateral pompadour or an oblique version of it. Adding a fade with a pompadour and an undercut finishes these hairdos. A bald fade makes our undercut bold and dark whereas a taper fade will lighten our hair complexion.

Raised pomp and thick beard combination

Imagine having short hair and every people out there is using a beard. As most people like a bald head with a thick beard or a long strand with a thick beard, you might find yourself in confusion in selecting a hairdo. Well, your answer is here, and it works amazingly with any skin tone too. So, next time yo go to your hair saloon you show them these hairdos and look like a boss.

David Beckham- the King of styles with Pompadour haircut

David Beckham is an icon when someone talks about a stylish soccer player. Throughout his very successful career, he changed his hairdo more than two dozen times. Sometimes long whereas sometimes completely bald, David loved to mix things up. After his career in soccer too, he had a massive fan following. The former England and Manchester United midfielder after retiring in the 2015-16 season is wearing a Pompadour hairdo now, and it suits him flawlessly.

Pompadour fade

A pompadour acts differently with different forms of fades. Our regular fades are stepped fade, taper fade, skin fade, and zero fades. With a step fade, you should have a parallel pompadour combination. Similarly, with a taper fade, you can have a slick as well as raised fade. With a skin or zero fades you will like to keep your hair long, and you can use the usual pompadour to match its hair volume.

Pompadour and British mustache

A British mustache is a long and thick mustache pointing towards its top. As a classic hairdo, Pompadour works well with this variation of styling our beard. A suit will complete this gentleman’s look. A vintage haircut that will give you a bold and disciplined appearance and a classy look, you will want to try a British mustache and a pompadour in your top portion someday.

Pomp in a clean-shaven face

While most of the Hairdos in our market will make a clean-shaven face look like a babyface to you, a pompadour will give you a confident and mature look. A gentleman in a suit will love a Pomp and with it a clean shave. You can always use hair creams and add a shiny factor to your Pomp. Similarly, mixing up your Pomp with different forms of fade will make your appearance clean and unique.

Celebrity pompadour- Elvis Presley

Elvis was a performer of the highest standard when someone talks about owning the stage. A man with class and art, Elvis wore pomp throughout his early years. As a sensational performer, he inspired many of his followers to come. A pompadour hairdo with a clean-shaven face, this combination ruled during that era of Presley. With his rockstar attire, a pompadour worked as a perfect topping.

Pompadour with a sparse beard

Growing a thick hair is an option for some people while for others it is lack of beard growth. In either case, some hairdos might not work out. Well, that’s not a prominent hazard in case of pompadour hairstyle. You can have rare beard forms as our models or a clean shaven one; pomp works smoothly with both of them.

Taper fade and Pompadour

A taper fade is simple but trending fade variation. People of all ages and skin tone use a taper fade. Either low or high Taper fade never leaves any complaints by the users. We can also have slits and patterns in our Taper fade. By doing these variations, our hairdo will come alive, and one can look confident in every outfit. A taper fade is also badass hairdo which is ideal for a bold personality.

Golden Brown Pomp with fade

One of our most common hair coloring styles is highlighting selected strands. Among these hair colors, people choose golden brown hair color frequently. Golden brown color has many shades so you can try wearing any of those. Also, a golden brown hair color matches well with different skin tones easily. Here our model has pomp and a golden brown coloring in it.

Beard Variations with Pompadour

You can experiment with your pompadour to get a perfect Beard hair combination. For some people, it is a long beard while for others a clean-shaven ones look nice. For some of you, a sparse beard will fit and for others a thick one. You can also think outside your comfort zone and wear Latino, Goatee and French hair designs.

Long top shrill with a pompadour

Shrills are circular hair deformations. Well, many people consider them as an enemy to a right hairstyle but not to a Pomp. With a long or medium Pomp, you can use shrills and turn your hairdo as designs. One can also color or highlight their thin portion in their pompadour as it highlights these fabulous portions in hair. Many people use shrills as operating or free strands and their other hair parts as pompadour. Either way, your shrills acts as a boon rather than a severe deformation.

Low Taper Fade and Pompadour

A low taper fade almost looks like a pompadour haircut without spacing. For long and short hair lengths, a little fade is a perfect balancing factor. Similarly, you can use a low fade in any form of clothing as it is a compatible hairdo. Similarly, you can use different top Pomp variations to work with your low fade. Low taper fade hairdos are ideal if you are planning to add patterns of a lining.

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Pompadour Haircut for Young and Aged

A hairdo that gets better with age, that’s what one needs in the modern era. A pompadour hairdo doesn’t age alongside you. Pomp is a hairdo you need if you are aiming to look ten years younger than you actually are now. From a child to a carefree teen and slowly becoming an adult, pomp matches with these all ages.

Facial Tattoo and Pomp with Skin fade

A tattoo is a delicate way of expressing yourself. If you have a Tattoo, one thing you will like to do is giving it a proper exposure. It’s difficult if you have a combination of long hair and neck tattoos. For your facial tattoos, you will love a clean-shaven face and a bald fade to go along with here. Here, our guy has a rose neck tattoo which gets its needed exposure from the skin fade. A pompadour haircut combines all these components.

Pompadour with Variable Skin Tones

A comical result is what you can expect after you choose a wrong hairdo for your skin tone. These are your possibilities mostly if you are planning on highlighting your strands. A lighter skin will need similar kind of hair color. If you don’t mix up and consider these things you will end up looking like a tube light.

Pomp And Neck Length

While most people don’t consider their neck length as an essential factor that matters in cosmetic manipulation, do not be like them and style yourself responsibly. You will like to have a long top hair if you have a short neck and vice versa. Our primary goal is to have a balanced facial structure. A pompadour haircut, either raised or lateral works for these particular scenarios.

Pompadour and piercings

With any long hair, a piercing is a prominent add-on. Piercing acts as a significant factor when we talk about controlling your facial energy. We can also have slits and linings that will complement our piercing and Pompadour alike. An average looking face also looks excellent when pompadour and piercings come together.

Faux and Raised Top Pompadour

A faux is also a variation of a pompadour haircut. Well, it may sound uniquely unreal, but a faux is also a comb-over with some modifications. Every comb-over going towards your rear is a Pompadour, and so comes the Faux haircut. From our pictures above you can compare and contrast between a Faux Hawk and a raised Pompadour.

Weave In Pompadour

A weave in is a new trend which is prominent if you are a long hair length user. In this form of hair styling, you take your strands covering the border part of your head and converge them towards your pigtail region. A bird nest type of Pompadour is a result of weave-in Pompadour haircut.

Pompadour and a long face

Face shapes matters when we style our hair. Some combinations of facial structures and hairstyle might result in comical appearance. One has to choose their hairdo to mingle with their facial region. A long face and faux is an example of such hair combination similarly if you have a long face then using a pompadour with giving them a spherical look.

Pompadour Hairstyle Female

Most of the hairdos are bisexual nowadays. Pompadour, however, is of dominant popularity with males. These Pomps looks great with females too. Athletes love short hair, so pompadour is their first choice. People also use different forms of variation of fades which is more prominent selection in case of a female. Ladies with a round face should at least try a pompadour once in their life.

Pompadour with Faux-Hawk and Beard

A faux is a modified version of Pompadour haircut. Faux hairdos, either long or short, combines with a long thick beard very well. Add a thick mustache and a bald fade, and it results in a hell of a hairstyle. Pompadour haircut modifications don’t get better than a long faux hawk and a thick beard.

New in the Style Market

When people change their hairdos now and then, some of then suits them well while in other times it looks like shit. They can not stick into a single hairstyle for a long time as they like to get along with the trends. What are you find an evergreen yet so uniquely gorgeous hairstyle? What if you discover a Pompadour haircut with your favorite add-on today?

Well, your hectic days of turning the pages of hairstyle magazines are over as we present you your clean winner of this era. A pompadour compliments your hair and personality like no hairdos before. Of course, you have to be patient and give your hair enough time to grow but from where I see every little step of your towards this perfect hairdo is worth it. So, don’t rush while choosing your hairstyle and pick the one that is made for you. Try Pompadour haircut today and thank us later.





Pompadour is an undisputed king of easy styling. Everyone can try these hairdos in their home with little requirements. One other thing is that a Pomp is going nowhere for a very long period. So don’t overthink and use these pompadour haircuts to make your way to the top.

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