110 Breathtaking Poetic Justice Braids To Style your Hair

Poetic Justice Braids are the Box Braids having the box partition among the braided strands. When Janet Jackson came on screen with the large braids in the movie ‘Poetic Justice’, the popularity of the box braid grew, and then box-braids became the Poetic Justice Braids. Throughout these times, many celebrities have come accross the twists with the variety of their styling techniques changing the original Poetic Justice Braids.

The Poetic Justice Braids are not just oriented within fashion and trends; it is a hair protective braiding techniques. It helps our natural hair for healthy growth and development. The Poetic Justice Braids can differ in their length, size and even the texture. We can always adorn them with multiple hair accessories like beads, cuffs, hair-pins, etc. To add a different flavour to your twists, you can always add colours using various colouring techniques.

Few things to be remembered before Getting a Poetic Justice Braids are listed below.

  • Surf through the internet and talk to your hairstylist to get an idea of the hairstyle you won’t later regret.
  • Wash and Moisturize your hair correctly before braiding.
  • Know about the packs of extensions to be used and how long can be the braids kept.  If you choose Jumbo braids kanekalon extensions then, you will need 10-12 packages else 5-6 packs will work. Most of them put on the twist for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • The braiding process takes a long time so get prepared of things you would like to do. Reading books, watching movies, etc.
  • You can wash your braid often but clean your scalp once a week.
  • The unravelling process is also time-consuming. So, prepare for it.

Here are a few Poetic Justice Braids styling techniques.How to do Poetic Justice Braids?

Multi-coloured Braids

Poetic Justice Braids

Showcase the fun-loving child inside you with this Multi-coloured Braids that has different shades of colourful extensions braided on the hair.

Huge Half-up Braid Bun

It is difficult to put on a full bun with the Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids, hence Half-up Braid Bun is preferred to keep the braids out of your face.

Shiny Marley Twist

Marley Twists are larger than Senegalese and smaller than Havana Twist which appears to be a thick dread locs.

Top-knotted Poetic Justice Braids

Another way to handle your Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids in place is to create small knots just above your forehead.

Top Bun

If you are out for your school works that need your concentration, the Top Bun with the braids will help you not to take much of your attention towards the hair.

Ethnic Wrap

Put on some statement earring and neck-piece to rock the Ethnic Wrap of Box Braids that makes you look so pure and traditional.

Modern Rapunzel

Were you obsessed about having a long hair like Rapunzel, the Box Braids can make your wish come true. Modernise your Rapunzel Braids wearings shorts and tights.

Brunette Poetic Justice Braid

Brunette is the choice for those who want to colour their hair but wants to keep it natural. Add brunette extensions for a long and natural braid.

High Ponytail with Scarf

Hairstylist suggests to put on scarfs to protect your box braids from destroying soon. It can also be worn for a style like in the High Ponytail.

Goddess Poetic Justice Braid


The hues of blue extensions that is beaded with shiny golden cuffs and the powering eye makeup with blue lipstick can make you look supernatural.

Big Forehead Box Braids

If you have very thin hair that will showoff your scalp and big forehead then, use the extensions to create box braids for this fuller look.

Brown highlighted Poetic Justice Braid

A touch of brown highlights to the dark braids can overpower the Poetic Justice Braid look. Showcase your makeup skills to work with the outfit.

Thin Poetic Justice Braid

Zoe Kravitz inspired the thin box braid trend, and since then many fans and following have done the look adding additional features to it.

Purple High braided Pony

Purple is all about luxury and satisfaction. Wear purple extensions to your box braids and tie it into a pony to create this elegant looking Purple High Pony.

Metallic Poetic Justice Braid

If you have a grand night out coming up, shine on with this shimmery Metallic Poetic Justice Braids to look classy and stunning.

Side Twisted Jumbo Braids

The Jumbo Braids are for those people having big face shape. Wear the Side Twist and put on some glittery makeup to look like a diva.

Bow Wrap with Side Bangs

If you are connected to the fashion industry and you are invited to a big event then, Wear this Bow Wrap with Side Bangs to look astonishing making a grand entry.

Huge Bun with Hair-band

The Huge Bun with hair-Band are for the working women that don’t want to get disturbed with their hair, and as you take off the band, you are ready to go.

Huge Wrap

Queen B is worshipped by almost by every people for her bold way of expressing herself through her music and as well as her appearance. Get the look to look majestic like her.

Alluring Poetic Justice Braid

The highlights of caramel on the braids with the light-brown eyes makes the model look tempting. Wear these Poetic Justice Braids Look to look alluring.

Platinum Highlighted Half-up Bun Triangular Braids

The braids are created in a triangular division and have highlights of platinum in it. Wear the Platinum Half-up Bun to look adorably beautiful.

Box Half-up Bun

The Half-up Bun is created by taking strands of hair from the top box partition, hence called Box Half-up Bun. Showcase your makeup skill to match the look.

Jumbo Bun

It takes guts to handle a large bun and still manage to be cheerful. If you are bold enough, you can get this Jumbo circular Bun.

Caramel highlighted Poetic Justice Braids

If you are fond of chocolates, showcase your love for them through this Caramel Highlighted Poetic Justice Braids. Do your regular makeup.

Short Hair High Ponytail

Janet Jackson looks adorable with the Short Hair High Ponytail. She is doing an office look matching the hair with the turtleneck and patterned coat.

Long Hair High Ponytail with Scarf

The front hanging braids due to the high ponytail with the white coat and head-scarf is the perfect look for an occasion that vibes about a robust and beautiful person.

Poetic Justice Braid Lob

Lobs are fun and cute. If you are one of that person that doesn’t have time to maintain your hair, this Poetic Justice Lob can be your daily hairstyle. You can give your time for your regular makeup.

Poetic Justice Braid Half-up Lob


The Poetic Justice Braid Half-up Lob is easy and straightforward, but the face-framing curvy bangs of the lob on the side are doing wonders to the appearance with the golden jewels.

Poetic justice Ashy Dark Brown Ponytail


Janet Jackson has all size of ponytails with the box braids. This Ashy Brown Ponytail is medium in length that looks metallic at the ends.

Poetic Justice Braids with Open Ends

The open ends are either created by adding crochet extensions to the hair or by burning the extension a little above the end. If you leave the extension open without sealing, the braids might unravell within some time period.

Silver Highlighted Braids

Are you going to a nightclub party with your friends? This Silver Highlighted Braids can brighten you up in the crowd. Add the beads to adorn your braids.

Half-up Round Bun

Who says buns are tedious and tiring? Do this Half-up Round Bun with auburn extensions to look put-together with any outfit.

Half-up Half-down

The Half-up Half-down hair can be your day hair if you have a sports day. You can wrap the half-down hair while playing and leave it as it is when you are done.

Purple Blue Ombre

The Purple Blue Ombre Poetic Justice Braids looks like the twist a mermaid would do. The colour work on the braid seems superficial.

Half-up Woven Senegalese Twist

If you want to express your intertwined feelings through your hair, the Half-up Woven Senegalese Twist can be the way to do it.

Classic Down Bun with highlights

The Down Bun is a classic way to put on a beret. Here the puffy twist on the front itself looks like a hat and the low spiral bun is huge and vintage. Highlights are playing well with the look.

Bob Braids

If you are done with the classic Bob and want to improvise it a little, you can do a Bob Braid which is still classy and cute.

Cornrows Side Pony

Cornrows are created merely by french braiding the hair in a parallel manner attached to the root. For a neat look, comb your baby hair on the front properly.

Marine Blue Poetic Justice Braid

How often do you go to the sea? If you love the colour and the feel it provides, bring the sea home with this Marine Blue Poetic Justice Braids.

Green Ombre Braids

Are you a green lover or have love for the plants? You can make a statement with the Green Ombre Poetic Justice Braids like the one ‘Save the trees’.

Side Hanging-strands High Ponytail

This Side Hanging-strands High Pony has the face-framing hanging strands that imitate like bangs flaunting the facial features.

Huge Bun with Bangs

If you have a party you need to attend soon, this Huge Bun with face-framing Bangs can be your hair-do. Wear matching earring and necklace to dazzle up.

Half-up Box Braid

Half-up Box Braid Bun provides the various appearance to different person according to the makeup and outfit they match with the hair-do. Some give an effortless look while some standout with the same Bun.

Full Bun

If you have a hangout plan with your friends that includes taking good pictures then, you should do the Full Bun and go with green shirt. Embellish the look with a layering neck-piece.

Blonde Braids

Throughout the year’s many shades have been developed with the brown-blonde but the classic-blonde is still on trend. If you have not done the colour, the Blonde Braid can be a step-up.

Two-side Ponytail

Reminiscence about your childhood with this Two-side Ponytail to bring out that child within you. add golden cuffs to embellish the hair.

Top-knot Lob

If you own a company that you run, this straight braided lob can make you look smart and fierce, and you can also put it into a top-knot for the work. Add classy watch and ring to your wardrobe for the look.

Wrap with Bandanna

Wrap up your huge braids with the patterned scarf and wear a statement earring to look queenly and self-motivated.

Two-toned Ponytail

The two-toned ponytail is a great way to look different from the two sides. If you open up the pony, you can have your hair on only one part to not showoff another colour.

Braided Bun

The Braided Bun is developed by putting a cornrow into a bun. You can add jewels to it for a splendid look.

Poetic Justice Braid Curvy Lob

The Lob compliments any face structure, and it is inconsiderable of the age. You will flaunt it even if you are a grandmom with the Poetic Justice Braids.

Half-up Space Bun

The playful Half-up Space Bun makes you look adorable and vibes about a cheerful person lost within their imaginations.

Pastel Pink Bun Wrap

Braids are said to be done by a fierce and always ready person; you can always add a soft chick flavour to your twist with the Pastel Pink Bun Wrap.

French Braided Poetic Justice Braids

Bring the two hair braiding techniques on one with this French Braided Poetic Justice Braids that creates a unique pattern when added together.

Half-up Bun Lob

Does hippie culture attract you and are you thinking about being a nomad? The Half-up Bun Lob can be a perfect hairstyle as you don’t need to take much care of your short braids and the bun will help you focus on the destination.

Red Locs

Dreadlocks were the hairstyle of the rebellious group to show the power within them to make changes, but now it is a trendy hairstyle. Grow up some Red dreadlocks to look dominant.

Mohawk Locs Huge Bun

Mohawk was a men hairstyle, but now women look powerful and majestic with this Mohawk Locs Huge Bun than ever. Wear hoop ring and put on some makeup skills to look impressive.

Bang with Pony

Put up your ponytail so high that it can create a bang on the front to get a perfect bangs picture like the models. Wear bands and necklace to complete the look.

Half Low-tied Braid

If you are going on a date and want to keep it casual, Wear this Half Low-tied Braid to give a less effort appearance. You can go a step down with your outfit with just some tights and t-shirt.

Shaved One-sided Locs

The dreadlocks are already chill enough and doing the side-shave with the locs compliments the look overall. Wear an open bra-let to show off your tattoos if you have any.

Shaved One-side Poetic Justice Braid

If you are a tomboy, express yourself through this Shaved One-side Poetic Justice Braids giving a cool boyish vibe.

Middle Parted Poetic Justice Braid

Another classic way to style your Poetic Justice Braids is to part it in the middle. You can showcase your makeup skill for the night and merely wear sunglasses during the day.

Multi-coloured Highlighted Braid

Most of the people that are connected to the nature love colours. If you are one of them, get yourself the Multi-coloured Highlighted Poetic Justice Braids.

Multi-colour Highlighted Half-up Twists

Are you a fashionista or working to be one? The long Multi-colour Highlighted Half-up Twist with the patterned clothes can vibe about you.

Sexy Ponytail

How often do you visit the pub looking sleek and thrilling? Wear this Sexy Poetic Justice Braids with a body framing tight dress to look phenomenal.

Intertwined Poetic Justice Braids

Styling a box braid can be hard, and if you are tired of the strands hanging around and don’t want a tied up look, you can intertwine the strands among themselves haphazardly.

Box Braiding Technique

Moisturizing you hair is must before braiding your hair to prevent the maximum hair-fall and itchiness. Moisturize some lumps and start braiding before it dries out.

Mohawk Ponytails

The ponytail with Mohawk adds a feminine side to the tough Mohawk braids. Add some neck chains to balance the chick vibes.

Blonde Braids with Hat

If you are outgoing, then one way to save your hair from the sun and damage is to wear a hat while you head out of your house.


The long Poetic Justice Braids is side braided creating a thick strand through many making the model look like an army on their holiday. Wear a green jacket to complete the look.

Huge Full Wrap

If the bun and the ponytail gets too compact and you can’t cope up with that then, this messy Huge Full Wrap can help you to keep up with the look. Put on nude makeup with the hair-do.

A Middle Parallel Braid Box Braids

A parallel braid in the middle acts as the partition of hair and divides the strands of hair on two sides which looks like a step done for Fulani braids.

Peanut Half-up Braids

The highlights on the Poetic Justice Braids makes the hair look like peanuts. Wear some red lipstick to glam up the look.

Janet Jackson White Band Pony

If you are a huge fan of Janet Jackson, Impersonate her with her all-time favourite Ponytail look with the White-band on. Add jewels to decorate the hair.

Dark Long Poetic Justice Braids

What can be more sophisticated as well as beautiful than a Dark Long Poetic Justice Braids? If you are going to a formal party, wear a white-net outfit but don’t forget to pair up your hand bangs that go well with your braids.

Types of Wraps

The first dark woven wrap looks quite sophisticated and tells about a women that is clever enough to make her work pay and the second walnut Half-up Bun looks fabulous and tells about a women that can handle anything.

Twisted Bangs Bun with scarf

The twisted bangs, bun and the head-scarf reminds me of the iconic women from the poster of ‘We can do it’ that speaks about the working women when men were out for the war.

Side-parted Poetic Justice Braids

The Side-parted Poetic Justic Braids is giving a twisted front and the leather jacket with it will give you a mafia look. Wear nude lipstick with smokey eyes to kill the appearance.

One-sided Poetic Justice Braids

Another way of styling your Poetic Justice Braids is to just flip all of the strands into one side. You can add highlighted strands and cuffs to decorate it.


These were some of the best Poetic Justice Braids and their impersonates. These braids are not only protective hair styling techniques, but it also benefits for the growth of hair. But you should remember about not braiding the hair tightly as it can damage your hair and cause breakage. Same goes with the micro braids. Putting on high ponytail can also cause the hair-damage because it is tightly pulled up. When you unravel different size of twists, you can get various forms of hair-curls, so it has an advantage of having coils without damaging through ironing rods. If you are inspired by these appearances and want to develop your look expressing yourself, try it with the Poetic Justice Braids. If you have any recommendations related to the above hairstyles, we will be glad to hear about it.

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