80 Chic Platinum Blonde Hair Colors And Ways To Style Them

The best thing about fashion and trends in today’s world is that no one judges you based on what you wear. This is the era of finding oneself and identity, whether based on their aesthetics, interests, or just hair. One of the best examples of a hair trend that everybody seems to love right now, which wouldn’t be something many were fond of during the old times, is platinum blonde. On the first look, platinum blonde may not seem like something too out of the loop or something that seems not to be conforming with the basics, but in actuality, it is a unique color. Just because something does not align with the basics and norms doesn’t make it great to look at. Platinum blonde is a blonde-based hair color that is more to the wheel’s icy/ diamond color. Any form of blonde hair color always looks so versatile and chic, from the classic strawberry blonde worn by almost most Hollywood to these very platinum blonde shades that have taken the internet and trends by storm.

Correctly achieving platinum blonde includes more than a single salon appointment. But, that won’t be a deal-breaker considering how good the results turn out. The hair is bleached through several steps and processes to get the perfect and expected colors while steadily losing its yellowish or reddish tones. You should know that getting straight to the icy, silver, or metallic blonde on your own with drug store products is not healthy for your hair. So for a fantabulous blonde as per your dream, you should set an appointment with a professional hairdresser so that you can work out the right shades and processes that would be suitable for your particular hair type since bleaching is not an easy thing to have your hair go through.


Now that we’ve got the weird stuff out of the way (for the better of your own hair), which you should definitely consider while going platinum blonde, you should have a look at the article further. We have listed down a few marvelous platinum blonde hair colors, styles, and ways you can wear them.

Layered Platinum Blonde Hair


platinum blonde

If you’re done with your hair lacking the volume you wish for, then you will love this style. The platinum hair color will add depth to your hair, while the layers will help add density to it.

Messy Pixie Platinum Blonde Hair


Platinum hair color or not, pixie hair is something you should definitely go for while choosing hair looks. They aren’t only comfortable, but they also look effortlessly put-together all the time.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Pure Diamond Highlights

You can never go wrong while mixing up and adding colors to the hair. These platinum blonde and pure diamond are colors towards the same placement of the color and shade chart, so they manage to blend in well together while also looking different and not so simple.

Platinum Blonde with Dirty Champagne Blonde


Both platinum blonde and dirty champagne blonde are two colors that, surprisingly, aren’t and haven’t been worn out too much. That’s a plus if you’re already set to get this simple and elegant look because of how unique it would make you seem at the same time.

Crown Braided Long Waves

Any braids always manage to look fashionable and make you look the same. On its own, this platinum blonde is a rather angelic-looking color that will look even more ethereal when topped off with this simple crown braid.

Light Brunette Hair with Platinum Blonde Chunky Highlights

Brunette and blondes are two shades that always look fabulous whenever styled together and in any way. If you have natural and dark hair and want to add something to it for a new and modern style, you can add some chunky blonde ombre highlights.

Dramatic Dragon Braids


We’re sure everybody, including you, likes a bit of drama regarding styling and looks. If so, you’d like a simple yet dramatic style as such. A few simple braids are easy to put in, but they also manage to make you look like a powerful medieval queen when put in platinum blonde hair.

Low Half-up Plait

Simple styles always do so much for the little effort they require to be put in. This low half-up plait is a simple hairstyle that you can do on your icy-silver hair for an angelic aesthetic that everybody is head over heels for right now.

Pure Honey Blonde

If you’re not one much for too flashy and busy styles, you will like this basic hair color look. This pure honey blonde is a beautiful color; however, it is styled. With a sleek side sweep, you don’t need to worry about styling it daily.

Natural Shag with Natural Roots

Shaggy haircuts have been in trend for like over three decades now. But they’ve also made quite a comeback right now. If you want in on a look that works for both classic and modern style, then you can do it with platinum blonde/ silver shaggy hair.

Platinum Shaggy Mullet

Shaggy mullet has made a fabulous comeback after Miley Cyrus started wearing them, looking all strong and powerful, as she is. If you’re all about that rock and alternative music taste and maybe even lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with this platinum shaggy mullet.

Long Messy Side Swept Pixie Hair

What even is a hair cut if it can’t be styled all cool and messy? Messy hair looks always manage to look gorgeous every time. While the side swept messy pixie cut is a somewhat “young” look, the platinum is the perfect shade to even out the look.

Layered Angel Blonde Lob

This angel blonde is such an amazing shade. It totally has all in awe. Just the shade itself is actually so “angelic,” and when added on with a few messy layers, it manages to turn into everything you’d wish for in a hair look. Casual or formal, you name it! This hair look goes perfectly with anything.

Sleek Diamond Rihanna Bob

We hadn’t forgotten the bob craze Rihanna managed to bring back when she debuted her beautiful bob cut. That got us thinking- how chic and bold the dark bob made people look, And now how would it look if done with a light and softer shade? Well, here we have the answer.

Beeline Platinum Blonde with Toffee Roots

Toffee blonde is a seemingly rich color that pairs up pretty well with any other shade or color. Just like in this beeline platinum blonde, toffee blonde roost help highlight the rest of your hair and adds some depth to your hair to make it appear dense and voluminous.

Half-up Single Space Bun

Space buns always look super cute. There’s just something about the small and simple mini high buns that melts our hearts. The light platinum blonde and the half-up space bun is a perfect hair look. If had been looking for a way to style your silver hair that’s simple and can be worn daily, then this look is it.

Double Half Dutch Braids

Any hair look or style is incomplete without a simple french or dutch braided look. Braids always help to amp up any hair color or hairstyle and takes it to another level. Just take this double dutch braided hair for an example. The half-up dutch braid is an easy to wear style that also looks as if it has had quite a lot of effort put into it.

Multi-Braided Puffy Bun

There’s no denying that light hair colors are absolutely gorgeous, but then again, it can take some effort to make them stand out all on their own. If you already have platinum blonde hair but are having trouble due to the textures not showing off too well, then this style is something you’d like. The multiple braids secured into a loose puffy bun is a simple style that is easy to handle but also pretty sophisticated.

Classic Marilyn Monroe Heavy Curls

Everybody knows Marilyn Monroe and her iconic Blonde curls. Haven’t we all wanted to have hair looking all gorgeous as hers?  Well, the simple answer is a yes, then what are you even waiting for? This classic look is an absolutely achievable one that will make you look like a queen.

Kardashian Inspired Long Platinum Blonde Hair

The Kardashian-Jenners know how to wear any look. Whether it is all dark long hair or light blunt cut short ones, they all look gorgeous wearing them all. But this hair look inspired by their style and aesthetic is everything we would love to put on and more. This look is chic, stylish, and sophisticated.

Basic Pure Diamond Emo Hair

We don’t remember anybody saying that emo hair looks are only limited to dark, green, black, and purple shades. How about this pure diamond platinum blonde hair? This hair shade is simply beautiful and also one that will make you seem all mysterious that your 14-year old Tumblr self definitely would’ve loved.

Sleek Layered Side Bun

Simple buns and updos are some of the most important hair styling essentials. Any color or length of hair looks absolutely stunning when put or pinned up into a simple bun. A sleek layered side bun on ombre grey-silver hair is a style that is mature and pretty cool at the same time. The hair colors with the updo help your hair appear well-textured.

Sunflower Honey Blonde Lob Hair

If anyone knows how to rock a blonde hair look, then it’s our very own Emma Stone. Apart from her movie accomplishments, Emma has also been known for her different classic blonde hairstyles. Just take this sunflower honey blonde bob for an example. You can definitely see how simple and low-maintenance a style, which also looks professional and comfortable.

Tinted Strawberry Blonde Platinum Hair

Tinted strawberry blonde platinum hair is something that stuck all the way from the 90s and the 2000s. Quite a few leading ladies from the movies wore different styles and shades of the very color. Although this shade of color has been worn by people onscreen and off for some significantly long time, they are yet to go out of style.

Comfortable Caramel Curls

We can’t just talk about chic and cool hairstyles and not talk about some simple curls. Curls on dark hair are something we see quite often, but coils on blonde and similar shades aren’t something we see as much. And that’s the biggest call for help. Just look at these blonde curls. They’re simple, elegant, and yet casual for everyday wear.

Growing Out Lob Butter Blonde

Growing out, their hair can be a pain for many people. It just takes so much effort and time looking up on Pinterest and Google to find the perfect style you can wear your hair in. If you’re tired of all these shenanigans, then this butter blonde lob will do you good. The lob is a perfect style for growing out hair; the hair color adds some volume.

Light Blonde Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs are a staple in the styling industry; we’ve seen many big names wear dark blunt cut bobs on and offscreen. We don’t see many faces wearing the same bold, blunt bob but in light blonde shades. So why not go ahead and change that? The cut is the pretty basic style, so it’s sure to suit you fantabulously, plus the blonde works well with any skin tone.

Short Bob Hair with Pastel Highlights

Pastel colors and platinum blonde are both hair shades that fall to the lighter and subtle colored part of the wheel. That’s what pairs them up so well. Adding a few pastel highlights to your platinum blonde hair will let you get the fun and bubbly vibe. You’re ever ready for a party now!

J-Law Inspired Sleek Waves

Jennifer Lawrence is responsible for rocking for quite a variance of hair looked. Whatever styles they are, she always manages to pull them off. But this time, we need to give some credit to this sleek, wavy hair look. The simple waves with this tinted silver hair look absolutely gorgeous.

Layered Double Shaded Lob

Layers will always be your friend, whether you’re fighting with low hair volume or not. These simple layers on shaded platinum lob will help to accentuate the overall look. As a plus, the layers and cut also complement your facial features.

Classic 90s Inspired Long Blonde Hair.

The 90s have left quite an irremovable mark when it comes to fashion and trends. These 90s inspired looks are typically simple, but they are always so elegant, just like this basic long blonde hair.

Shaved Blonde Hair

Women or men, anyone with buzz hair cuts always looks absolutely stunning. These sorts of cuts with the right color, just like this platinum silver, will let you work with both masculine and feminine appearance.

Bold and Basic Silver Hair

Simplicity is the coolest style. Anything simple to your hair will make it look fabulous; take this basic long silver hair. This simple look suits just about anyone any with any aesthetic.

Short Pixie Hair

Pixie cuts will never fail to make us fall in love with them again and again. They’re simple, elegant, and equally gorgeous as any other style you’d like. Any make-up look or no make-up, pixie cut suits them all.

 Sleek Classic Platinum Blonde

This Ari inspired sleek classic platinum blonde ponytail is one of the sleekest hairstyles you will find. As with any other ponytail look, this style doesn’t require much effort, yet it looks sophisticated.

Double Parted Sunflower Blonde Bangs

Bangs are a classic and have been so for quite well over a few decades. And how can we miss out on it? A simple sunflower blonde bangs hair look is a look that can be perfected by anyone with minimal effort. This look manages to make you look elegant and mature every time.

Casual Light Blonde with Waves

Everybody loves a simple style to work with every day, which doesn’t look very basic even if worn every day. Well, then this is the style if you had been thinking the very thing. A casual light blonde hair with waves is a basic style, which is also a classic.

Thin Short Blunt Bob

Not everyone likes to maintain and handle their long and heavy hair daily. So why not just solve the problem? This short blunt bob is a cute haircut that is easy to handle. Light and ashy ice blonde shade will make you appear less child-like and more mature with the cut.

Flowy Ashy Ice Blonde

There’s no shame in the fact that quite a few of ours’ hair lack the volume we wish they had. Well, if you’re always kind of sad due to the very fact, then this hair look will be your savior. The ashy ice blonde makes your hair appear flowy and poofy, which will, in turn, make it appear voluminous.

Straight Hair with Ashy Grey Roots

Medium length straight hair looks are a basic style, but they don’t require you to style any further. The straight hair with ashy roots is a pretty beautiful and easy look for how low-maintenance they are.

Soft Cottage-Core Inspired Platinum Hair

Now when everyone has been losing their minds over different sorts of aesthetics and finding out themselves, these cottage-core-inspired looks are sure to blow your mind. They’re just simple half pinned hair looks, but they also look so sophisticated.

Tinted Purple Platinum Hair

Pastels and tinted purples and pinks are quite a few numbers of teenagers,’ and a lot of young adults’ favorite hair looks. They help you add extra jazz to your look while also not looking too immature or basic.

Dirty Platinum on Lob Hair with Dark Roots

If you like to stay a tad bit to the natural side when it comes to fashion and looks, then maybe you’d go for this look. This platinum lob with natural roots is a simple style that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Bob Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Bob haircuts are one of the most widely worn hair looks. They’re simple and sophisticated, yet they also work for daily wear. They’re comfortable and easy to style. And if you want a pop of change and color to your bob, then you can’t go wrong with a plain platinum blonde shade.

Medium-Length Ombre Platinum Blonde

Ombre hair looks always looks so fun and extra. Many people wear them, but they never fail to look different in each person. This medium-length platinum blonde hair will make you seem both mature and casual at the same time.

Long Honey Blonde with Diamond Highlights

This honey blonde shade is super cute and flowy. If you’re all about that soft-baddie lifestyle and look, then this hair look will work for you, and they’re sure to make you look like a real-life Barbie.

Casual Platinum Hair with Blonde Waves

If you’re looking for an everyday hair look that won’t look basic even if you wear them daily, then this is your stop. These casual platinum hair with blonde waves are simple but manage to look put-together each time you wear it.

Lob with Soft Twists

Lob lengthened hair always works best if you want to frame your face and flaunt your facial features and structures well. These soft rose platinum waves will back up the lob and also make your face appear toned.

Sunflower Blonde Hair with Pure Diamond Streaks

Sunflower blonde is a very soft, fun, and warm color. If you decide to wear this color, you’re sure to lighten and brighten any room you walk into. If you want to add a tad bit of modern vibes to the look, you can’t wrong with a few platinum highlights.

Ashy grey is what started and helped raise the trend of silver and light-icy shades of hair colors. So how can we not talk about this classic? This dirty ashy grey platinum blonde hair is super simple and will help you look refreshed and less mature.

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