98 Gorgeous Pixie Cuts That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Hollywood

If you are looking to cut your hair short this year, then you can’t go wrong with a pixie cut. Yes, it may seem like the most drastic cut that you can have, but there are a ton of Hollywood women really rocking out the style right now. We have Michelle Williams and Kate Hudson who are trying the trend on for size and really making it work for them.

Pixie cuts can be styled in many different ways, whether you want an edgy, spiky style or an elegant and classy one. The sky is the limit for what you can do with this popular look. Check out these 98 Gorgeous Pixie Cuts That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Hollywood:

  1. Add Some Dimension

Her roots are dark and her ends are bright, which gives her hair a lot of dimension to it.


pixie cut

2. Braided Styles

How cute is this style, with the fishtail braid on the side? Her hair is thicker which makes it easier to style.

3. Sleek Looks

For such a young girl, she has a lot of fashion sense and when it came to growing out her hair, she really rocked it.

4. Side Styles

This messy style is a longer pixie, but it’s very stylish right now.

5. Forward Styles

This cut pixie style has the sides shaved and the hair is styled forward.

6. Curly Styles

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have curly hair, it will take a little longer to style your pixie cut in the morning. It’s the same with thicker hair as well.

7. Sweet Styles

This is a really cute style and one that you can take to any event that you are going to.

8. Short Looks

This is a very short style that is polished and well put together.

9. Edgy Styles

You may think that having a pixie style is only for elegant women like Michelle Williams, but that’s just not the case. This photo proves that you can have a pixie and still be the rock star deep down inside.

10. Fresh Looks

A fresh new look like this is sure to brighten your day.

Do’s: Learn About the Texture of Your Hair

You can really make your styling life easier if you learn a little about the texture of your hair. Find out what kind of hair you have. Is it thin or thick and do you have coarse strands or fine? Do you naturally have straight hair or is your style filled with bold ringlets? If you have curly hair, you just know you may have to spend some extra time on your hair in the morning.

11. Celebrity Styles

Pixies like this one are super popular in Hollywood right now. Emma Watson, Michelle Williams and Kate Hudson are all rocking these styles right now.

12. Elegant Styles

A cool style like this is both elegant and classy.

13. Rock Star Style

Bold looks like this one will have heads turning wherever you are going.

14. Dimension Designs

A great style like this is eye-catching because of the colors. This look really pops because of the contrasting colors.

15. Shaved Styles

We love her tight curls. The combination of the curls and the shaved sides really pulls together the whole look.

16. Short Bangs

Michelle Williams cut off all her hair and has been rocking this style for a while now. The way her pixie is cut makes it look like she has really short bangs in the front.

17. Short and Stylish

A great style like this is really edgy. The top is long, but it’s still a very short style. It looks that way because the sides are shaved. You could easily make this style into a mohawk if you really wanted to.

18. Casual Looks

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is easy to style, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

19. Side Styling

This is a stunning style that has bold curls style off to the side. The shave is on one side and it really makes the style stand out.

20. Mohawk Styles

What a cool style that is edgy and bold. We can also see the contrast between the dark and light colors.

21. Legendary Styles

This is a super short style that is legendary. We have seen these styles in old Hollywood.

22. Round Styles

This look is very round, it’s not spikey or choppy like most of the ones that we have seen.

23. Choppy Bangs

A great short style that has choppy bangs.

Dont’s: Listen to Your Friends

It’s okay to get advice from your friends or your significant other about new hairstyles but make sure you are making the decision for a pixie on your own. It’s a very dramatic hairstyle and you need to be able to walk around with confidence that you have an awesome style. Make sure you are getting a style because it’s what you want and not what someone talked you into.

24. Bold Trends

Katie Holmes has gone back and forth from short styles or long ones, but this pixie cut is one that really suits her.

25. Textured Hair

We can see here that her hair is thick and has a more textured look. Thick hair can be harder to style when it’s this short.

26. Soft Styles

A soft style like this would not be hard to manage in the morning when it comes time to style.

27. Short Styling

This could be the easiest pixie to style out there and one that you are sure to love.

28. Classy Styles

We love the gorgeous waves in this style.

29. Simple Styles

A cool new look that will turn heads wherever you go.

30. Edgy Blondes

Nothing will make your pixie cut stand out more than a bold new shade.

31. Casual Styling

If you are looking for a low-maintenance style, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

32. Creative Elements

A stunning example of a short and curly hairstyle.

33. Glamorous Styles

Natalie Portman was another actress that decided to chop all her hair off and she looks amazing.

34. Stylish Looks

Everyone was shocked when Jennifer Lawrence chopped off all her hair, but she is confident and has no problem with rocking the style.

35. Natural Looks

A great style like this is so natural and pretty.

36. Iconic Looks

A stunning style like this is sure to make you the life of the party.


37. Short and Sweet

This is a very short style and one that you will steal the show with.

38. Choppy Looks

This stylish look is sure to make you happy because it’s simply cool.

39. Sleek Side Bangs

She adds more volume to her look by having a deep part and some bangs.

40. Edgy and Sleek

If you want some over the top edginess, then you can’t go wrong with this amazing look. It’s sleek and the sides are shaved.

41. Sexy Styles

This edgy style is rounded out and has some edgy coloring to it.

42. Simple Looks

This is another simple style that would be easy to create in the morning.


43. Simple Styling

Another great look that is simple yet beautiful.

44. Sweet Accessories

An amazing style that is so cute and it’s made perfect by the bow accessory.

45. High Styling

This is similar to the Mohawk style and one that is sure to draw the eye to you.

46. Fun Curls

We love curls when it comes to pixie cuts and you can see why.


47. Masculine Styles

This is a very short style that almost has a masculine look to it. It would likely take you under a minute to get ready in the morning.

48. Fun and Flirty

This style isn’t as short as the others, but it is a fun style to have. It’s a flirty look that you can wear anywhere.

49. Fun Looks

A great style like this is also fun and flirty. Halle Berry looks great with short hair and she has been rocking it for years.

50. Spikey Styles

The mohawk look is one that you can achieve with the pixie cut. We love how these pieces are spikey all over the place.

51. Stunning Looks

Another short style that is long on top and has the sides shaved.

52. Bold Styles

A great style like this is sure to make you the life of the party.

53. Legendary Looks

This look takes us back many years, but it’s a sign that it’s iconic. The fact that we have seen the style still going strong.

54. Sexy Looks

Another sexy style that Keira Knightley is pulling off magically.

55. Long Looks

This is one style that is unique because it is longer on one side than the other.

56. Country Styles

This country music star is rocking out a short style of her own.

57. Edgy Colors

You can even make your style edgier by adding some cool colors.

58. Sharp Styles

This is an amazing style and one that Rihanna has rocked out regularly.

59. Classy Look

You are going to feel like a goddess at your next party with a classy look like this one.

60. Side Styling

We have Michelle Williams looking polished and magnificent in this pixie cut.

61. High-Class Styles

A great style that can showcase your style. It’s a bold look that you can totally pull off.

62. Fun Looks

A very simple style that is low-maintenance.

63. Fun and Stylish

This is a cute and stylish look that will make you feel fresh and fun.

64. Sexy and Fun

This style is pushed off to the side in a dramatic way. It’s both fun and sexy.

65. Awesome Styles

There are so many gorgeous Hollywood actresses that are rocking out the pixie style and this is just another example of that.

66. Boyish Styles

This is another style that has a boyish look to it. It’s very simple and would take no time at all to style in the morning.

67. Subtle Styling

If you are looking for another cool look this year, then try out this style.

68. Creative Styling

This is another fun style that is fresh and unique. It’s a great pixie style that you are sure to love.

69. Gorgeous Looks

She looks like a Queen and that’s exactly how you will feel when you are wearing it.

70. Short and Fresh

This is a short look that is easy to maintain.


You are probably going to need a trim to maintain your style every 4-6 weeks. It’s something to keep in mind when you are cutting your hair this short. You will also need to purchase some product like gel or mouse to maintain the style. If you use gel to style your hair in many ways, then you can keep the look longer. But there is nothing more unflattering than a pixie growing out so make sure that you keep up with getting your hair trimmed.

71. Sharp Looks

We love the color here and the sharp spikes in the style.

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72. Textured Hair

Her hair is thicker, so you get a very different look for the style. There are also a ton of layers throughout so there is dimension included as well.

73. Sophisticated Style

A great style like this is not only classy but sophisticated too. You are sure to love a style like this one.

74. Sweet Looks

A wonderful style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

75. Intense Styles

This is an intense style that is sexy and unique. You are sure to be the life of the party with a style like this one.

76. The Shaved Look

If you want a sexy style, then you have come to the right place. There are sexy waves and a shaved side that is sure to make you happy.

77. Bold and Beautiful

Between edgy colors and unique choppy cuts, this style is one for the books.

78. Softer Styles

This gorgeous style is soft and simple. It’s not over the top and it is easy to put together.

79. Bold and Textured

This cool is bold and we can see that it’s a very textured look.

80. Grey Styles

Ginnifer usually has black hair, but in this case, she needed to go an icy grey for a role. Either way, the style looks amazing on her.

81. Pretty Waves

This is an edgier style but one that you can wear to an event.

82. Bold and Stylish

These styles are every popular. The style is pushed forward and the sides are short.

83. Cool New Styles

A sun style that is messy and cool. These styles are always fun to try out.

84. Shaved Looks

Kristen Stewart shocked us all when she shaved her head and bleached it blonde. It’s a completely different look for here than what we were used to in the Twilight movies. As it’s been growing out, she has sported a messy pixie cut.

85. Fun and Fresh Looks

This is a gorgeous and naturally curly style. We love how cute and fresh the style looks.

86. Fashionable Looks

A great look that is stylish and cool. This style is very fashionable and popular right now.

87. Pixie Bangs

Anne Hathaway has long bangs with her pixie cut and they look amazing.

88. Wavy Looks

her hair is very loose and thick. She styles it in a very messy way.

89. Fun and Trendy

These choppy styles are trendy right now. Try it out this year and you will be the most fashionable girl at the party.

90. Trendy and Bold

One side is long and bold and the other side is shaved and edgy. If you want a sexy style that is also stylish, then you have to to try this style out.

91. Deep Parts

We have Kristen Stewart sporting a longer style but one that is no less edgy. The deep part gives her a ton of volume to create a look that is stunning.

92. Standard Style

Another simple style that you can rock out for any occasion.

93. Side Bangs

She has very thin hair, but she can still have a cool and popular style. We love the long side bang that she has.

94. Messy Styles

If you are looking for a less polished look, then this might be the best look for you. We also like the bright color that she chose.

95. Longer Looks

This is a very different look and one that has thicker hair to it. It’s a fun style and one that you can appreciate. If you are not ready to go super short, then this could be a great start for you.

96. Stunning Curls

Bold curls like these are sure to brighten your day. This is a stunning style that you can wear to your next event.

97. Striking Styles

If short is what you are looking for, then this is a sexy new look for you.

98. Shiny Looks

Try a style like this because it is polished and sophisticated. It’s a look that you are sure to love.

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