105 Adorable Pixie Bob You Should Definitely Try This Summer

Are you looking for some significant changes in your life? You should think about a hair cut then. Hair cut for real brings a change in life; you gain the confidence to start again being more confident, bold and beautiful. If you are looking for a new style and don’t want to spend much time managing your hair, then pixie bob would be the perfect haircut for you. Without wasting much of your day to day time maintaining your long hair, you can look stylish and beautiful in this kind of hairstyle. No more hard work in getting the perfect hairstyle – just carry out these beautiful pixie bob styles and you will look fabulous.

In this article, we are going to discuss 105 pixie bob haircuts. We have all kinds of hairstyles for you. We do understand that each one of you may have different nature of hair; straight, curly, thick, thin, etc. Therefore we have tried our best to reach a mass audience and incorporated the best hairstyle for fine hair, thick hair, curly hair, and straight hair. We have come with the most fantastic pixie bob hairstyles for girls, and we can assure you that you are going to love it.

This is a kind of haircut in which the hair is longer on the front and shorter on the back and sides of the head. This hairstyle has been in light for many years now. It started in the 1950s and then it has been hitting the screen since then. Let’s see how this haircut looks. We have these hairstyles for any age women.

Faded Pink- violet & Ashy

The hair color in this picture has a fantastic combination which is looking fabulous. The ash color mixed with faded pink and violet color brings out the best of pixie bob looks. This is a funky pixie cut. Try out this amazing look to stand out in a crowd.

Layered Style Pixie Bob Haircut

pixie bob

The hair in this hairstyle has been cut in a layered style. There are different layers of hair as you can see here. The color of the hair also looks great. Try out this edgy style and be stylish anywhere you go.

Black & Beautiful

She has straight black hair and the pixie bob, and the combination is looking nice.

Fantastic Platinum Color

The platinum look has always been classy and beautiful. She is dazzling in platinum colored hair. You can give waves to the front part of your hair and style it like her. Don’t think and just go for this look.

Voluminous Hair

This hairstyle has a voluminous hair. So if you have a thick and bulky hair, this can be one of the best options for you. Give this look a try and make your everyday life easy and beautiful.

Four Views

Here are the four different views of this style. Take a look at this hairstyle and see if this suits you. The blonde hair with black color at the root of the hair is looking gorgeous. People will surely love this combination of color in your hair.

Messy and Classy Pixie Bob Haircut

This hairstyle looks messy with the different layers of hair, but at the same time, she is looking classy with this hairstyle.

Beautiful Volume

This one’s for you, for the ones with thick hair. The lustrous and voluminous black hair with a pixie bob haircut is sure to steal the show. Don’t miss this hairstyle ladies.

Snow-White Style

In this style, we can see how snow-white hair is styled into pixie bob. The hair at the front section has been styled into chopped bangs, and she looks lovely.

A Few Waves

You can always curl or add little waves to your front part of hair and style it like her to ace your look anywhere and anytime.

With Short Bangs

You can have short bangs instead of long hair at the front of your head and have a relaxed and stylish look in your everyday life.

Razor With Undercut Styles

In this type of hairstyle, the hair at the back side of your head is undercut and razor-ed. The beach-blonde hair looks stunning in this type of hairstyle. This is a cool hairstyle. Do this style and look cool.

Any Age Style

Even if you are above 60 or women above 30, this style can be carried out by any women of any age, and you will surely look awesome. When you make a haircut to do a pixie bob of this style, you do not have to waste much time in setting your hair, and your hairstyle already looks classy. This is best for elderly women.

Side-parted Hairstyles

You can do a side partition of your front hair and set your hair as shown. This style is simple but looks adorable at the same time.

Honey Blonde Style

The honey blonde color in her hair is looking awesome. Try out this color. Do the front part of hair like side-swept bangs and go out for work. You appear to others as a classic businesswoman.

Soft Styles

This hairstyle looks best in teenagers. This style is young, fresh and energetic. It gives you new vibes and best to start the change in your life.

Two Shades

The two shades of blonde and black can set the new trend. The front part of the hair is colored blonde, and the back part of the hair is black. The combination looks great.

Nice And Easy Styles

The pixie bob haircut looks nice and is easy to set. This is undoubtedly a beautiful style. You will surely love to try this one.

Long Styles

The hair at the front is much longer than that of pixie-bob. Keep a side-swept front hair. People are sure to adore you in this hairstyle.

Yellow & Straight Bob

This yellow hair color looks sophisticated and fresh. A straight pixie bob haircut looks something like this, and you are sure to love this style.

Symmetric Styles

This hair looks symmetric in term of length- you can notice only a difference of a few inches. This is looking great on her, and you will also carry it very well. The white blonde color is a great color to try once in your lifetime.

With Side Swept Bangs

This style has side-swept bangs and a short hair at the crown of the head. The back side of the hair is cut in a layered fashion. This is a perfect twist in pixie bob. Style your hair like this and look unique and stylish.

Feathered Layered Pixie Bob

This is a short and feathered layered style which is a cute version of pixie bob haircut. You will look adorable in this style, and you do not have to waste much of your time looking cute. So why not try this look?

Wavy Styles

The wavy hair in this style is found to add beauty to this style. The waves of the hair are sure to drive the attention.

Messy Bob

This messy hairstyle is another example of how you can look stylish in less or no time.

Many Layers

This hairstyle has many layers of hair from very short to very long hair. The different layers of hair provide volume to the hair making it look thick.

Gorgeous Bangs

This kind of hairstyle with side-swept bangs is shown in three different views — no doubt that it looks great.

Add Purple

The ash blonde hair, when highlighted with a purple color, looks mesmerizing to our eyes. Look at all the four views of this hairstyle given and pick up this style. You are sure to look funky and beautiful.

Pixie Bob For Fine Hair

This is the hairstyle for fine hair. The blunt bangs at the front of the hair look so straight and silky. This hairstyle is best for casual wears.

More and More Curls

This is a fantastic style for curly hair, and the curly hair is looking amazing. This style is for any age women. Carry it as your style and be ready to steal the show.

Choppy Bangs

This pixie bob has choppy bangs. The hair at the front is cut into the shapes of choppy bangs to give you an edgy look.

Short Pixie Bob

Here are the four different views of short pixie bob. It should be adopted by only those with sharp facial features. It takes almost no time in styling your hair. You can just wake up and dress up and go out. This way you can give more time in the makeup of your face.

Undercut Styles Pixie Cuts

This hairstyle as shown is undercut at the back of the head and the side of your ears. This look is for those you want to try new trends and can carry them out very well.

Long & Colored Front Hair

This style consists of long hair at the front of your head and very short hair at the back. The long hairs at the front are colored blonde to make it stand out. This style adds uniqueness to your look.

Honey Blonde At the Front

This style is the same as the style discussed earlier. The only difference is that the hair at the front section of pixie bob is colored honey blonde — no doubt that this color looks fantastic.

Simple Styled

This is a simple pixie bob for black colored hair.  Do the extreme side partition of your hair as shown in the picture above and set your pixie bob style. You can try it out for the official look.

Shining Blonde

The bright blonde color is the highlight of this style. Just have side-swept bangs and set the other section of your hair at the back of the head as shown above and it’s ready. This style would look great on you.

Glamorous Pixie-Bob

Everything about this style is glamorous. The color of the hair is perfect, and the way the bangs are set is also excellent. You should try this adorable pixie bob this summer, and you will look amazing.

Style for African American

This style is for the African American. Have a look. The hair with curls when cutting into short pixie bob looks like this, and it looks great. Right? If you have got curly hair and thinking of having pixie bob, you can consider having this style if you like it.

Short Stacked Style

This short stacked hair makes women look edgy and glamorous. It is cut according to the shape of your face, so it suits every face shapes. In just only 10 minutes you will have a fantastic hairstyle, and it suits any outfit you choose be it the official ones or be it your clubbing day, it is best one for all of those events.

Twist It With Blue Color

Though only some people think of coloring their hair blue, some of the excellent looks has been the blue ones. You should also think of giving it a try this summer.

Formal Styles

If you are heading to a formal meeting, try out this style and look disciplined and stylish at the same time.

Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs at the front are cut in such a way to match the shape of your face, and this style is looking fabulous right? If you want to look great every day with short hairs then here you go. Get this hairstyle and look beautiful every day in any outfit you choose to wear.

A-Line Style

This is another example of an edgy pixie bob where the front section of the hair is cut in such a way that the hair grows gradually from one side of the forehead to end in the opposite chain. Here are the four different views of this style.

Magical Touch Of Pink

This style is looking amazing and what’s impressive in this style is the magical touch of pink in the blonde colored hair. This a bob hair cut. Try out this look this summer and look magical all the time. This is one of my favorites bob styles so don’t hesitate to try it out.

Sexy  Styles

This style makes you look sexier. Try this look for the party, and you are sure to turn the heads around.

One-Sided Styles

In this style, the front section of the hair is one-sided to give you a unique and fresh look. Try it out to get out of your monotonous look of every day. You should try a new look every day, and you will for sure appear attractive to others.

Bob with A Pixie Twist

When looking from the front side, it looks like a bob, but there is a pixie twist to it at the back of the head as shown in the picture above. The hairs at the back are undercut by doing an edgy partition.

Lob Pixie Bob Styles

Usually, the pixie bob hit the jawline or the ear line, but in this type of haircut, there is a lob which is of such a length that hits your chin and graze your cheek. To cut down your styling time, just try out this look.

Ombre Style

This hair has different colors of different shades. The color combination of purple, black and blonde is looking mesmerizing to eyes.

Side-Parted Style

The hair is side-parted and left messed up at the crown of the head to give a chilled-out look. Go out to beaches carrying this look and look fresh and fabulous.

Ash Colored Straight Hair

This hairstyle has ash colored straight hair. The side view of this style is looking stunning.

Wispy Layers And Precise Cut

This look is especially for all the feminist out there, but others will also look great. There are wispy layers which are cut precisely to give this style. Go for this look and reflect your inner self.

Platinum White Hair

The Platinum white color is looking amazing. Never think twice to try out this color, it will look stylish and fabulous.

Pixie Twist

Here are the four different views of this look. In the fourth view, you can see the pixie twist given to this style.

Pixie Bob with Cheek Undercut

This style is for you all stylish women. The hair is undercut above your cheek and at the side of your ears to give you an elegant look. Chicks just go for this style and are the style icon in your group.

Long & Voluminous

This is a long and voluminous style. The hair looks voluminous and is an extended version. If you do not want your hairstyle to be noticeably short just go for this style.

Bob Straight Hair

This style of hair cut has been in the hair salon’s hairstyle list even before World War I. Not only women but men also used to have this type of hair cut. But now its a famous hairstyle among ladies. This is a Bob straight hair where the length of the hair touches your jawline or neck. Selena Gomez is carrying this hairstyle gracefully. She is making this style appear more appealing.

Add Fringes

This hairstyle has fringes, and the fringes are looking awesome. This style requires deficient maintenance but looks super stylish at the same time. You can opt for this style this summer and have fun.

Bob Hair With Blunt Bangs

Bob hair also looks great with bangs. She is looking stunning in this style. The blunt bangs and the bob are the matches made in heaven. Do not think much and go for this style. You won’t have long hair to maintain much not even a short hair to worry. This is the best hairstyle for that kind of people.

Very Short Hair Styles

This is a very short hair which is almost like a boy’s cut. Nevertheless, this looks amazing on girls, giving a professional look.

Light-Blonde Hair With Side Bangs

This is another chilled-out look you must think of trying out this summer. To bring the cool vibes in your life go for this look.

Chopped Bangs And Short Styles

This hairstyle has chopped bangs and is shorter than usual. The color of hair is looking great on her.

Conventional Style

This is a conventional style which is looking casual and straightforward. Try this out for your casual wear and if you prefer simplicity.

Messy Styles

This style gives your personality an edgy touch. The messy hair is looking stunning on her. To cut out the blow drying time of your hair, consider this style.

Fashionable Styles

This style stands out in the crowd. The length of hair is perfect making you appear stunning. The blonde color is never out of fashion. Adopt this style and go to parties.

Beautiful Black Styles

This black color is looking gorgeous. If your hair is black and you do not use to color your hairstyle your hair like her. I assure you that there will be no regrets.

Glamorous And Stylish

This is for models who always need to look stylish and glamorous. You can also look like models by styling yourself like this.

Simple And Sober

This is one of the most straightforward styles which people around you are sure to adore. You will love yourself in this style.

Braided Styles

The braids in this hairstyle are looking perfect. This would look best on African and African American. Take a small section of your hair and braid it as shown above until you have finished every part of your hair. You will look lit and stylish with this braided pixie bob.

Heavy Bangs

The heavy bangs on this hairstyle are looking nice. This style is kind of cute and gentle giving you a beautiful look for the hot summer.

Four Sides

The four sides of this style are given here, and all we can conclude is that this style is looking stunning.

Voluminous Black Hair With Side-Swept Bangs

This style has voluminous hair. If you have thick hair, do consider this look. The side-swept bangs add beauty to your look.

Six Sides Of A Fantastic Style

The views of the six sides of this kind of hairstyle are given here. This style looks beautiful, fresh and young. You should always experiment with your look. Pick this hairstyle and look carefree and young.

Short Bob For Round Face

This is a short bob with the hair above your jawline.

Showoff  Your Undercut Styles

Sweep all your hair to the front and show off the undercut at the back of your head. The hair at the front seems like bangs, and you will look great. The color of the hair is the thing that stands out in this style.

One-Sided Long & Curly Styles

The long curly front hair and the small curls at the back of the head are the assets of this style.

Black Curly And Blonde Wavy Styles

Have a look at both of the black curly and blonde wavy hairstyle. Adopt whichever style you like and look marvelous anywhere you go.

Cotton Candy Look

The cotton candy color is sure to stand out in the crowd, and you will turn the heads of many people around looking at you.

Beautiful Black Bob With Chopped Bangs

This is a black hair and the chopped bangs. She is rocking this look with that beautiful black color and the chopped bangs.

Bob Hair With Arched Bangs

The main attractive feature of this type of hair is the arched bangs at the front. The arched bangs make your hairstyle look even more adorable.

Asymmetrical Bangs

This is another excellent look. It looks terrific on women who opt for a professional look.

Contemporary Classic Look

This style looks best for a triangular face. The straight and clear fringes make you look classy and standard. This is a contemporary classic look for you.

Hence, these are all the 105 pixie bob styles that would look best on you. These are the best summer looks you can get. Make your summer days cool, fun and beautiful with these hairstyles. Start a change in your life with this haircut, and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all. Boost up your confidence and stay beautiful ladies!

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