83 Sassy Perm Hair Which Never Goes Wrong

Perm hair( permanently curled hair) dates way back to the Egyptian era when ladies loved to create various hair designs. The people then used to roll their hair on sticks and soaked in boiling water vapor. The real perming hair technique came back in 1905 when a German man named Karl Nessler gave a fantastic idea of perming straight hair. Nevertheless, it was not a success, and many hairdressers from then came up with beautiful views to get the perfect permed hair. Moreover, different varieties of permed hair have appeared to date.

Amidst all the types of permed hair, may I present you with the finest of hair design that is sure to give you that “Ah yes!” moment.

Spiral Perm Hair

perm hair

Spiral perms are the most trending perm that is sure to make anyone go head over heals to get a hair like that! Plus, if you have a red or crimson colored hair, your perms are sure to look hot.

Stack Perms With Accessories

This Barbie-themed hair is sure to look sizzling and with a clip like that, Oh girl! You are going to take the hair game to the next level.

Wet Appearing Perms

Do you want sexy hair? What can be hotter than this jelled hair! Trust me; this is going to look great in dates.

Multi- Texture Perms

This hair surely looks like noodles! LOL JK, but girls this hair is going to look gorgeous in a gown or a casual wear.

Spring Like Curls

Isn’t that hair beautiful? Well, with spiral curls like that anyone would want to know the secret to that hair design.

Thick Blond Curls With Bow

OK, gorgeous! I can understand that thick curls can look so dull at times. You can make your hair look playful with a net bow if black.

Brunette Curls

Who said curls don’t go well with formals? Because in brunette hair, curl can look pretty and at the same time a formal classic.

50-50 Idea

I am quite uncertain on who would want a hair like this one, but ladies, who are preparing for a fancy dress party can sure take this hairdo as an inspiration.

Stacked Perms In Rose Blond

The straight rose blond looks pretty but with stacked up hair, the whole aura can look Prettier.

Mane Like Curls

Girls, are you looking for a bolder look? If yes, this hairdo is sure to give you the aura of Lioness.

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Thick Spiral Curls

This curl is pretty impressive, and the best thing is anyone can look fantastic in any hair.

Perm Hair For Long Strands

Long hair gives you a variation of hairdo to choose from, and this curled hair is one of the best choices among all. Trust me, you are going to look hot, and your hairdo is going to be such a stand out for sure.

Natural Curls

For ladies who opt for a natural look, this hairdo can be such a blessing. The natural looking curls are the best way to flaunt your hair, which looks gorgeous with certainty.

Set Wet Style

This type of curl can be the best when it comes to a sexy look. With a short cute dress and a hair like this, girl you are going to look lit!

Shiny  Dolled Up Curls

Didn’t this hair make you go “aw”? I am sure it did, so I also pretty sure that a hairdo like this is worth a try.

Short Perm Hair

Now, who said short perm hair is not cute? Because in reality, it is the most cutest hairdo that you will ever come across and you are sure to turn your head twice, just to have a proper look.

Multi- Texture Curls

More the texture more the fun and more is your hair going to look thick and healthy.

Cottony Partial Curls

Let’s be real here! This curl is, seriously, lit and this is the best one amongst all in the list. If you are looking out for the spiral hair which helps to make you a stand out, this is hairdo can be a great start.

Thick Spirals

A curled hair like this is beautiful, but the bad part is, if not done well, this hairdo can leave your hair damaged on a severe level.

Long Mane

No one can ever not look at you and walk away if you have hair like this one.

Partial Perm

Not too less and not also more! This hairdo is merely perfect for ladies who want a dazzling look with a touch of style.

Black Perm Hair

Just look at that beautiful hair design! This genuinely classy curls in black are sure to grab anyone’s mind and attention for sure.

Dolled Up Thick Curls

These thick curls are not only good to look at but also beautiful to put on. Most importantly it gives such a good hair volume.

Arabic Curls

We don’t get a chance to admire the curls of Arabic curls because they have hijab, but most of the girls have Curls no less than this one. If you are thinking of getting these dashing curls, trust me, you are making good choices.

Shakira Curls

Shakira’s hips and hair does not lie! And maybe that’s why girls are crazy to get curly hair like her’s.

Messy But Sexy

It’s 2019, and if you are stuck with your dull hairdo, come on girl, it’s time to take your hair game to the next level.

Classic Curls

Are you bored with the plastic fashion of today? If so getting your perms in classic design is the best idea.

Curled Blondie

Darling Blond with curls never goes wrong! Trust me, if you are confused in the hairdo choices, choosing this one will always make you shine like a diva.

Coiled Perm Hair

The bolder, the better! And with that beautiful coil, you are surely going to look gorgeous than ever before.

Long, Thick And Healthy Curls

Do you remember that protagonist of the movie Brave? Oh yes, that brave little girl! If you want a hair like her’s, you need to try this hairdo.

Sassy Curls

This hair was worn back in the 80s and can be an excellent fashion statement if you decide to pull it off boldly.

Curls In Pixie

Who said curls in pixie doesn’t look fabulous? Seriously, who said that?

Curls For Models

Be it an Instagram model or a real model, I understand the pressure of trying to look best in every occasion, and in situations like this, this mane like curls is undoubtedly going to help you stand out.

Natural Looking Curls

Natural beauty is the best, so who doesn’t like flaunting that natural strands?

Blond Curls In Bob

Now, this is something new! The beautifully premed blond hair which you have cut in Bob can look so amazing at times.

Wild And Free

In African American communities this hairdo is known as Afron, due to the beauty of this hairdo, people despite their race have started getting this design.

Blond Curls

Blond and silver blond is one of those hair colors that looks beautiful in any hair designs.

Angelic Black Perm Hair

If you search in your mother’s old photo gallery, you will surely find her hair in this design because this hairdo was so famous that anyone and everyone wore it in some point of their lives.

Long Finger Wave

This hairdo is a definite “yes-yes” for girls who are searching for an iconic hair that is classic, and that stands out at the same time.

Red Shades And Curls

Only a single shade of red can make your hair look pretty nasty at times, and the only way to make it playful gain is by trying on different shades.

Perm Hair For Teens

Girls let me start up by saying that you are beautiful the way you are, but perming your hair will surely not harm! ūüėČ

Very Very Long Finger Perm

Girls who have been seriously influenced by Rapunzel need to try this hairdo with no regrets because this hair type is sure to look beautiful.

The Curly Bob

This hairdo reminds me of a beautiful bear; I don’t know why though. But seriously I mean it in a Good way.

Middle Partition Spiral Perms

This hairdo was so popular back in the actress’s days. And if you like it, you need to try it out yourself. Trust me; there is no way you are not going to like it.

Perm Hair With Rollers

Perming hair with heating rods can be a good option, but rollers like these avoid any hair damage.

The Lioness Mane

This hairdo is such a beautiful hair design that is sure to attract any eyes where ever you go!

Larger Spiral Curls

Now you can go for larger curl or smaller but keep in mind ladies, larger the size better it is going to look on you.

Natural Perm Hair

In this very article, I have talked so many times about getting a natural look with natural looking curls. And this hairdo right here is no different; trust me, you are going to love it for sure.

Perm Hair In Bollywood Style

This actress is Kangana, and she knows her style pretty well. So, ladies if you like the hair like this, you need to follow Kangana’s lead with no doubts. I can assure you that you will not regret it.

Shiny Scarlet Curls

If you are searching for a perfect color to match your curls, trust your heart and go with the scarlet color.

The Red Afro

Who said afros are only in black? This beautiful hair design of perm looking gorgeous in red and is sure to blow anyone’s mind at the site of this perfection!

Perm Hair In 2018

Well let’s be real 2018 was not full of perming hair and stuffed like that, but it did have some elegant hair design like this one. The curls look natural, and the messy nature looks so eye-catching, that you are sure to be a head turner where ever you go.

Angelic Curls

I don’t know about you, but this curled hair brought a smile in my face! Just look at how the beautiful blond highlights the pretty face.

Light  Body Curl

This perm hair with margarine and collagen is good and nutrition for your hair. This curl not only makes you stand out but also make you sparkle like a natural beauty.

Perm In Short Hair


Perm hair is so cute when it comes to short hair; trust me, if you get this hair, you are surely never going to regret.

Spot Perms

Taylor Swift also had a permed hair back in her teens, and she never complained about it, so darling, if you ever get a spot perm hair, you are going to love it with no complaints.

80s Actress Look

Ladies, if you ever get a spot perm hair, you are going to love it with no complaints for real.

Perm Hair For Women Over 40s

This hairdo is neither to the top nor too classic, that is why it is so trending, and all the women above 40 are in love with a hairstyle like this one.

The Curls For Teens

All the fashionable teens out there, one thing is for sure, you are going to look slaying hot in the perms like this one.

Model’s Hair

Models try on different hairdos, and we can judge by the hair feature if that specific design looks good on us or not.

Iconic Finger Perms

Among all the hair perms in this list, this one is one of the best curls that is not only going to make you look classy but also sizzling hot at the same time.

Frizzy Curls

I, myself, don’t understand why “frizzy hair” is being preferred so much these days but trust me these are the type of hair that any women could die for to have it for real.

Curly Diva Hair

If you want a hairdo that speaks for itself with attitude, you will make a perfect choice by choosing these curls.

Light Coils In Pixie

Pixie hair with thick curls or light coils both look equally good, and when it comes to being a bit sassy, this hairdo is undoubtedly going to look impressive on you.

Free Curls

Like your personality, sometimes, you should learn how to free your curls as well because the more you set them free, the more Lively you are going to appear. And for sure more beautiful you are going to look!

Stack Curls

Stack curls look fantastic, and if you have a blond hair, you are going to look sizzling hot in style like this one.

Pretty Curls With Middle Partition


Let me give a piece of good advice to all the beautiful haired girls out there, in a bad hair day- ponder no more and get a middle partition. This hair design is sure to solve half of your hair problems.

Curled Hair With Bands

Who doesn’t like hair bands? If you are a fan of hair-bands, this is good news for you; your curls are going to look beautiful with that band.

Curls For Tanned Skin

If your tan skin doesn’t match with your hair color, you might end up looking like a clown! So, in that case, all you have to is get an ash brown hair with curls.

Perm Hair With Highlights

Perm hair with no attractive colors can look so dull at times. If you are in confusion on how you can make your curls look playful, well all you have to do is highlight some of those spiral strands. Voila! You will get that ideal hair for real.

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