111 Pretty Pastel Hair To Make You Look Magically Beautiful

Every season new hair colors are found to be trending, and we ladies usually tend to experiment with our hair. Isn’t it, ladies?  The most trending hair color at the moment would have to be pastel. Besides making our hairstyle appear soft and magical, these kinds of colors also give the new definition of beauty to our hair and our overall personality. That is to say; this hairstyle is having a big moment in the fashion world right now. This article has the perfect pictures of pastel hairstyle for every type of skin tone be its dark skin, olive skin, white skin, and warm skin. We have got the beautiful collection of it for you. Read the full article, and I can assure you that you will find the perfect one for you as you reach the end of the article.

What exactly is pastel color? The pastel color belongs to a pale family of color which lacks main chromatic content and generally described using the words such as soothing, milky, soft and magical. This hair color is fun to try that is you can match your hair color with your pretty sweater in the winter, with leaves in the spring and with your swimsuit in the summer. This hair color has been giving every ladies their new hair goals every season. However, you need to choose the best blend of colors according to your skin to look magically beautiful. Have beautiful and gorgeous hair every season and look your best in every outfit in every parties and event you attend with the ideas of this hair color we are going to discuss. With this article, we want to help you find a perfect pastel hair for you.

Pastel Black & Brown Curlspastel hair

This is a pastel black hair with the hints of brown color. There are no flashy colors involved, and this style is simple and looks great with those curls.

Pastel Hair With Purple And Blue Highlights

This style is fresh and young. The hair at the inner sides are colored with the shades of blue and purple as shown above, and the outer hair is left in its natural color. This is for the ones who want to keep their natural hair as well with the colored hair.

A-Line Pastel Bob 

This A-line bob consists of some colorful twists. There are two tones of hair: blonde and black with the two shades of highlights: blue and purple. Try out this fantastic A-line pastel bob and be youthful and colorful. The hairstyle and the shadows of different colors will undoubtedly shape your style, and your hair will be the talk of the moment where ever you go.

Brown And Blonde 

In her fair skin, the combination of blonde and brown color is looking gorgeous. The hair is wavy and short. The hair is side-parted and left open.

Ash, Black, And White Blonde Color

That long and wavy black hair, when colored with the shades of ash blonde and white blonde, looks fantastic. This especially looks fresh in the winter season. You can make yourself the princess of winter by matching your hair with snow. It can be a unique and refreshing look for summer as well. Make the princess vibes of your hair stand out with the beautiful accessory as shown here.

Pink End Highlights In Black-Blue Hair

The hair is first colored blue-black. Then the ends of the hair are highlighted with sweet pink color. The hair at the front section is up done into a bun as shown above. This pastel hair is usually found to be adopted by teenagers, but this style is ageless, you can at any age feel refreshed and new with this hairstyle.

Beautiful Braids In Rainbow Hair

The hair contains six amazing colors- blue, grey, pink, purple, green and white. The way the different shades of color is distributed in the layers of the hair is appealing to eyes. Another salient feature of this hairstyle is the beautiful and unique braids and that little ponytail. This hairstyle is ideal for the wedding ceremonies and the princess theme parties, but you can look magnificent with this hairstyle at any time.

Pink, Purple & Blonde Princess-inspired Pastel Hair

The blonde hair is colored with the blend of pink and purple color from the mid-length of the hair. The braid made as shown is making the hairstyle appear royal. This pastel hair for sure will steal hearts of many.  Girls, don’t miss this pastel hair and it’s style if you need to attend any wedding events shortly. The hair accessory that she has worn is adding more royalty to this style.

Dark to Soft Faded Blue Hair

Wavy curls in beautiful blue color look pleasing to eyes and exhibit great confidence. This hairstyle gives a hint of fairy tale bliss making it appear magically attractive. This blend of colors provides ocean like feel to your hair.

Silvery Hair With A Touch Of Pink & Purple

This is a silvery hair with a touch of pink and purple colors. The pink and purple highlights in those silvery curls appear nothing less than the magical touch of spring on your hair. This pastel hair resembles the blossoms of flower in spring. You should go for this look. This is one of my favorites pastel hair.

Deep To Faint Blonde Pastel Pixie-Bob

The pixie bob has different shades of blonde color from lightest to the darkest which has contributed to making her hairstyle appear prettier.

Different Shades of Ash Blonde

The Ash Blonde hair color has been trending in the fashion world recently. This color is new and so in trend. The voluminous ash blonde color is looking glamorous. You should definitely try this gorgeous curls with this color this year.

Different Shades of Mesmerizing Pink Color

The different shades of pink from the dark, medium to light is applied to the hair with perfect balance. This pastel hair color is so soothing and smooth. It resembles the cherry blossoms of the spring. This is a must try pastel color if you have a light tone.

Many Colors

There are many colors in this hair from golden rose color, pink, blue to purple. The hair has heavy golden rose highlights and partially pink, blue and purple color combined with it. The hair looks full of colors and youthful. If you are a kind of person who loves experimenting their hair with lots of colors, then this is definitely the hairstyle for you.

Ash color With Light Silver Pastel Hair Dye

This hair color resembles the color of snow to some extent. It has darker shades of silver which almost looks like ash color from roots to the mid-length of the hair, and the hair ends have faded shades of silver color.

Princess Elsa Hair With A Twist of Colors

Her hair is as white as that of Princess Elsa from Frozen. But there is the beautiful twist to it. As seen in the picture the hair has yellow, green, blue, pink and purple highlights in the perfect proportion. The waves that are made in the hair is beautiful; it makes the color of your hair more noticeable.

Flowery Braids In Blue Highlighted Silvery Hair  

This pastel hair has silver hair with blue highlights. You can also have this pastel hair and make your hair more noticeable with the flower braids that she has made. This hairstyle would be the most suitable for the wedding events, baby showers, and other events. Pick up this hairstyle and look best in this style.

Baby Pink Hair

The baby pink pastel hair is one of my favorites. This middle-parted baby pink pastel straight hair with little waves and that oceanic blue eyes makes a perfect combination.

Blue And Grey 

If you have a long and voluminous curly hair, you can color it from faint blue to grey and give a little hint of pink at the ends of your hair. Her hair is looking rich and lustrous in this color and with the style that she is carrying.

Pastel Pink Hair

Some people have pink hair fantasies and this shade is one of those shades of pink that they are obsessed with. Those with naturally light blonde hair can easily get this shade of pink color in their hair. This pastel hair is looking soothing and soft.

Blue Color With True Pink Highlights

The blue hair is highlighted with true pink color from its root to a certain length in this hairstyle. You can up do your pastel hair to a messy and high bun which will help you in flaunting the amazing color that you have recently given to your hair.  The high bun that she has made is helping her in flaunting her beautiful hair-color.

Beautiful Ombre For Winters

You can have an ombre hair with the silver blonde from mid-length to the ends of hair and leave the rest of your hair natural black. You can wear winter caps like this and flaunt the ombre.

Triple Tones

This hair is triple toned with black, grey-blonde and green color. You can color the hair like this in a layered fashion. With this pastel hair, you can always be fashionable.

Sparkling White Highlights

This hairstyle has sparkling white highlights with a hint of blue and purple highlights in light ash colored hair. This style is for casual looks.

Crepe Pink Pastel Hair

If you are the one who adores the pink color and looking for the best pink pastel hair, then here is the one for you. The pink crepe color is blended with her ash blonde hair, and it is looking amazing. Do not miss out this pastel hair and add it to your to-do hairstyle list if you are a pink freak.

Mint Green Pastel Hair With Fish-tail Braids

This is a beautiful mint green pastel hair. What’s looking more beautiful in this hairstyle is the fish-tail braid in that mint green hair.

Lavender Purple Ponytail

This pastel hair has a lovely lavender purple color. This is a beautiful shade of purple color. If you love this color, then don’t hesitate to color your hair like this. She has puffed her front section of hair a little bit, and following to it, she has made a high ponytail.

Salmon Pink Hair

She has a salmon pink pastel hair which is short and curly.

Two Styles For Multi-colored Hair

Here are the two ways which you can use to style your multi-colored hair. The hair has four colors- grey, purple, pink and green. You can make a dutch braid or flaunt your curls as shown above according to your wish. Whichever style you pick you will for sure look pretty.

Faded Stone Blue In Dark Ash Blonde Hair

In the dark ash blonde hair, the pale stone blue color is applied as shown in the picture above. Side part your hair and let the waves of your hair feel the air. Match your style with cool shades and be the cool one in your group in summer.

Honey Blonde Pastel Hair

This is a honey blonde hair. The color is refreshing. The hair has different shades of blonde color from dark, medium to light honey blonde. The hair is long, voluminous and wavy.

Lavender Purple With Buttermilk Pink Bob

The hairstyle is bob. The bob has buttermilk pink color, and the ends of the hair are highlighted with lavender color. This combination of color is soothing to eyes she is looking perfectly pretty. This hair color is soft and gentle adding the new definition of beauty to your style. If pink is what you want as your hair color, this is a must try style for you. The ones with the fair skin tone would look angelic on this hairstyle.

Cloud Grey Hair With Red Rose Highlights

The chromatic properties of these two colors: cloud grey and the red rose is from lowest to the highest, and that is the beauty of this hairstyle. The blend of these two colors had provided an edgy style to this hair. You must try this beautiful combination of the cloud-grey hair and the red rose, and you will undoubtedly be the talk of the parties and events you attend.

Rainbow Pastel Hair

The hair is like a rainbow containing almost every color thus referred to as rainbow pastel hair. The front section of the hair is up done to a bun as shown in which the color looks mesmerizing. The hairstyle has very well suited the hair color which is the combination of many different colors.

Blonde-Black Curly Hair

This style includes black and blonde pastel hair. It is a kind of reversed ombre where the ends of the hair are black, and the rest of the hair is blonde.

Fairy-tale like Pastel Hair

This hairstyle gives the fairy-tale like feel. This contains two shades of pink color, blue, purple and a little hint of red color. This pastel hair and the fascinating crown braid would be the perfect hairstyle for a costume-themed party, wedding parties and fancy dress parties. Do this hairstyle and feel like Barbie or a fairy-tale princess.

Decorated Orchid Pastel Ringlets

This is an orchid pastel hair. The hair has extreme ringlets, i.e., it has beautiful curls beginning from the mid-length of the hair. The hair is decorated with cute hair accessories as shown above. With the cute hair accessories and that orchid pastel curly hair is for the ones who adore Barbie doll looks.

Lemonade Pink Styles

This is a lemonade pink pastel hair. Add a beautiful braid as shown to flaunt your silky and smooth lemonade pink hair.

Purple & Pink Highlights In Silvery Hair

This is a long and curly silvery hair which has pink and purple highlights. The pink and purple highlights on the silvery hair is looking stunning. The hair looks rich and lustrous.

Arctic Blue Long & Curly Styles

The hair has its original black color in the root and some section of its hair at the back. The rest of the hair is colored cold blue. The icy blue color in this long and beautiful curls is looking soothing to eyes.

Brown Blonde And Iris Purple Hair

The brown hair has iris purple highlights from the middle length of the hair to its end. The combination of brown-blonde and iris purple is nothing less than a treat to the eyes. Go for this simple combination of brown and purple if you are looking for something simple yet sophisticated.

Fancy Braids In Fancy Colored Hair

The hair in this hairstyle has two shades of pink namely taffy pink and bubblegum pink. It also has an icy blue, green, grey and yellow color. The hair has the right proportion of color applied. Apart from the excellent color combination of the hair, another main feature is that fancy braid.

Coral Pink & Rose Red Hair

At the roots, the hair has a red rose color, and the rest of the hair has a beautiful coral pink color. We can notice that the coral pink color of the hair has well complimented the red rose color at its roots. The wavy hair is set like that of a model.

Purple Highlights In Black Hair

There are homogeneous purple highlights in the black hair. The highlighted section of hair which is purple is color is flaunted well with that hairstyle- a messy high bun.

Five Types of Pastel Hair

Here, we have 5 different types of pastel hairs.

  • Flamingo pink combined with brown-blonde hair
  • Bubblegum pink mixed with black hair
  • Hot pink combined with black hair
  • Sapphire blue combined with black hair
  • Black curly hair with little pink highlights

You can do a low-end ponytail or the gorgeous braids if you like this style.

Frost White Pastel Hair

This style has a frost white straight hair. This one is for the ladies with thin hair and who likes to keep it white.

Flint Grey Pastel Hair

This is a flint grey colored hair with a hint of faint sapphire blue ( you will see it if you look carefully). This combination of color gives the color of the sea to your hair. This is one of the edgy and sophisticated pastel hairs.

Combination Of Heather Purple And Ash Color

This is a wavy bob with the blend of two different colors: heather purple and ash.

Salmon Pink Pastel Hair

This is one of the most glorious shades of pink-salmon. The salmon pink color is looking adorable in her. You can side-part your hair and flaunt this amazing salmon pink hair without doing any decorative styles to your hair. Girls who love pink, this is the color for you. Just go for it!

Silver And Sapphire Blue Hair

The roots of the hair are in its natural color, i.e., black, the rest of the hair is silvery. The sapphire blue hair is applied to the ends of silvery hair to produce this fantastic shine of silver and blue.

Tortilla Brown Highlights In Black Hair

In this style, the fantastic black curls have brown tortilla highlights which are looking great.

Two Shades Of Pink: Peach & Bubblegum

In this hairstyle, the hair has two beautiful shades of pink which are peach pink and bubblegum pink. The peach-pink and bubblegum pink are applied in the most appropriate proportion. The hairdo that is done in this style has added more beauty to her personality.

Long Curly Arctic Blue Hair 

If you want a perfect beach look for this summer, we have the perfect hairstyle for you. This hairstyle includes an arctic blue highlighted hair and the black roots. Just let your long and curly icy hair feel the cool breeze in the summer.

Magenta Highlights In Silver Hair

The hair is highlighted with magenta color from its root to a certain length, and the rest of the hair is silvery. Do the side partition of your hair and flaunt your beautiful magenta hair.

Different Shades Of Grey

This hair has different shades of grey from light grey, medium to dark grey. The hair has a smooth and lustrous texture. This rich grey hair has different shades of grey blended in the right proportion.

Purplish Sapphire Blue

This sapphire blue hair has shades of purple highlights. The long and voluminous curls are looking mesmerizing in this color.

Ocean Blue Bob

This is a bob hair which has black colored hair from its root to certain length, and after that, the rest section of hair has ocean blue color.

White, Peach & Cherry Red Hair

The front section of the hair is white from its root to a certain length, and from there it has peach color. The front part has a full peach color as shown. However, the hair at the other section has cherry red hair from the middle-length to the ends of the hair. This is a highly sophisticated and edgy and that’s why you should try it at least once in a lifetime.

Blonde Bob With Peach Highlights

The blonde bob with the faded pink and green highlights seem like a cool, lazy hairstyle for a casual workday which makes you look professional as well as young and fun at the same time. The bun made using the front section of hair correctly show those faded pink and green highlights.

Grey Color With Blush Pink Color

The two high buns and the blush pink long bangs give cool and carefree vibes. The hair has the blend of grey color and the pink blush.

Teal Blue Curly Bob

This is a teal blue curly bob. The teal blue color is mixed with the grey color to produce this shade of color. The curly bob is side-parted, and the big curls are flaunted.

Arctic Blue Short Hair

This is an icy blue short and curly hair. She has side-parted bangs.

Blush Pink & Rose Pink

This hair has two shades of pink- blush pink & rose pink. The hair from it’s root to a certain length has a blush pink color and from there to the tips the hair has rose-pink color. The hair though is kept messy looks beautiful because of the beautiful shades of pink hair.

Lavender & Taffy Color Hair

The front section of curls has lavender color whereas the other sections of hair have taffy pink color. The curls are looking edgy with the lavender and taffy pink color.

Ballet Slipper Bob

The bob has black shades of color from its root to a certain length. The rest of the hair section has ballet slipper color which is a soft shade of pink color. Do the side partition of the bob and maintain a high classy and pretty bob like this.

Arctic Ponytail

Maintain an arctic blue high ponytail like this and go out for walks and casual shopping.

Ravishing Rainbow Pastel Hair

This is a long and curly gorgeous rainbow pastel hair. You can be colorful and full of life with this pastel hair.

Cobalt Blue Low Ponytail

This is a cobalt blue pastel hair which has a low ponytail hairdo and a puffed hair section at the front.

Golden & Orchid Hair

The hair is straight till the middle-length and is curly from there. The hair has orchid highlights in a golden yellow color.

Ash Color To Snow Color With Blue Highlights

She has a three-toned hair – the upper part of the hair has ash color, and the lower part of hair has snow white color. The middle section of hair is highlighted with true blue color, and the hair as a whole is looking amazing.

Pink To Brown

Her hair-color has three main colors: the roots of the hair are black, and the remaining section of the hair has the colors brown and pink (blush).

Blue, Black & Purple Colors In Thick Curls

This thick & long curls which have the combination of black, blue and purple color is looking rich and super sexy.

Brown Color With Purple Highlights

The brown hair in this hairstyle has purple highlights. The curls in purple highlights are looking glamorous.

Strawberry & Peach Color In Black & Blonde Pixie-Bob

This pixie bob has two shades of pink, i.e., strawberry and peach colors which are used to highlight the black-blonde hair.

Ash & Stone Blue Hair

This hairstyle contains ash and stone blue colored hair which is looking amazing in the long and curly hair. The front section of the hair is up done to a high fun which is looking incredibly stylish.

Two Shades Of Grey

The hair has two shades of grey smoke color from the root of the hair to it’s mid-length and silver color from the mid-length to the tips. This hairstyle has a high ponytail and a little puff at the front.

Rose Pink Hair

The hair has rose-pink color. This is another beautiful shade of pink color which is looking stunning on her. She is looking gorgeous in a side-parted, rose pink semi-straight hair.

Bubblegum Pink Straight Layered Hair

If you are a fan of pink color, then here is another shade of pink color for you which you will for sure love to try on your hair. The long and layered bubblegum pink bangs are looking bang on her outfit.

Blue Hairstyles

This is another hairstyle for sapphire blue hair which you can try.

Lemonade Pink & Lavender Highlights

The black hair has been highlighted with the mix of lemonade pink and lavender color. The hair section from the roots to a certain length is black then lavender and then lemonade pink as shown above. You can flaunt this perfectly colored hair by making a half bun as she has done.

Rainbow Braids Or Blue Highlights In Blush Pink Hair

As you can see, there are two styles. The first one is a rainbow-colored straight hair which has an amazingly beautiful braid as shown. The other hairstyle consists of a long curly blush pink hair which has blue highlights in the upper section of hair: from the crown of her head to certain length of the hair. Both of these styles are fun and at the same time beautiful. You can pick up the one you like the best and live the attractive choice you have made.

Beautiful Faint Sky-Blue Color

The hair has a beautiful sky-blue color. Her hair looks transparent, smooth, soothing and gorgeous. The perfect combination about her look is the way her eyes are matching the color of the hair. It seems like an animated character has come to life.

Two Hairstyles

Both of the hairstyles are different but beautiful. One has blue highlights in natural light blonde hair, and then another has the combination of blue and purple color. Both of them have added braids which are very different to each other; the first one has the flowery braids at the front while the other one has the side braids.

Bubblegum Pink, Lilac Purple, Sapphire Blue & Seafoam Green

The long and beautiful curly hair has some great shades of pink, purple, blue and green color which are bubblegum, lilac, sapphire, and seafoam respectively. The way the colors are distributed in the hair is perfect. If you love colorful hairs, then this is a must try hairstyle for you.

Periwinkle Purple Color

The hair is voluminous and wavy. The periwinkle purple color in her hair has added more beauty to her hair making it look rich and lustrous. This looks good on any skin tone.

The mixture of Pink & Lavender In A-line Bob

This A-line bob has blunt bangs and has a beautiful color which is a combination of pink and lavender color. She is looking delicately beautiful in this hairstyle.

Magenta Or Cotton Candy Pink Hair

The pixie bob with a side-parted bang in the magenta color is looking so youthful and refreshing. This style would be best for summer days. Go for this easily manageable hairstyle and that beautiful magenta color to make your summer days filled with beautiful colors.

As I had promised before, we have discussed all the 111 pretty pastel hair, and I am pretty sure you must have had a lot of these styles added to your to-do hairstyles list. Pastel hair is most of the girl’s favorite hair as it is neither too loud and nor too unnoticeable. These are evergreen, and you can wear them with style in any season. So, we suggest you go for new hair at least once every year and be the beautiful you that you have always wanted to be.

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