100 Fabulous Ombre Hair Colors And Ways To Style Them

If you’re not scared of going “basic” and are looking for a fashionable way to style your hair, you’re lucky to have clicked here, because we will be talking about some stunning Ombre hair color and ideas to style them.

Ombre, in simple terms, is a shading based hair coloring technique. It is a style where darker hair color subtly transitions into a lighter color, either of the same family of color or even different. And if you already know what ombre is and are looking for any reason to color your hair this way, we’ll give you some.

Ombre (and even Sombre) hair colors and styles are something that is trending right now. Probably every third person you pass is surely rocking this look. This look oozes freshness and is a classic modern look. If you’re still unsure if this style is in style or not, just look at some talented Hollywood ladies. After all, if any look or style is currently trending, you’ll find it rocking the Hollywood. A-listers such as Chrissy Teigen, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevigne, or heck, even Khloe Kardashian, have been rocking the style. And if anyone knows how to start and pull off a trend, it’s either one of the Kardashian-Jenners.


And if you’re already sure about getting an Ombre look done on your hair, follow along!

Natural Maroon Bob

ombre hair

Bob hair is simply one of those classic hairstyles you’ve probably tried. And how do I know that? Well, no style that Rihanna has put on has never failed to become a trend. This natural black hair transitioned into a rich maroon is an intense lady-like look to style your hair.

Soft Blonde Ombre

Blonde is a pretty versatile color. It’s further split into innumerable shades. So a blonde ombre look goes excellent if you’re trying to go for a subtle look.

Platinum Blonde Waves

Short Platinum Blonde bob is an easy-to-style and also a go-to ready look. The ombre platinum blonde color gives your hair a modern look, while the wavy bob gives it a classy look as well.

Soft Pastel Hair

A soft pastel ombre style goes for an excellent chic emo-girl look as well as a soft-girl look. And a mix of pastel shades helps you attain a fresh blended style.

Blonde with Black Streak

While Blonde and black maybe complete opposites of colors, but they work well with each other. A single heavy streak of black helps flatter the Blonde in your hair.

Silver Ombre

Silver hair is a classic hair color that has been in trend for years now. A silver ombre is a transition of darker grey into a shiny silver, which is a great cottage core look.

Shoulder Length Brunette Ombre

Brunette hair has been around for several years and probably even decades. A brunette ombre style looks excellent on a shoulder lengthened hair while also complimenting it.

Caramel Brown On Curly Hair

Caramel is a pretty stylish color for hair, which goes good with any other shade or type of color. And it looks even better with a similar shade of color (i.e., any shade of brown). It also flatters loose curls or hair waves.

Brown Sunflower Blonde

This brown sunflower blonde is an early 2010s looks, which also looks pretty fashionable to date. It’s sophisticated, classy, and stylish.

Shaded Violet

Thanks to Tiktok, Violet and Purple hair looks are definitely in style. The subtle transition of shiny violet to pastel is a stylish look and probably and smooth look to rock.

Beeline Black

Blonde shades never go out of date, especially this beehive blonde. It has been around for decades. The subtle transition from soft black to blonde flatter the other color as well.

Silver with Hint of Purple

A black silver ombre is simply one of the ombre classics. It’s probably one of those styles that helped blow up the ombre looks in their entirety.

Long Pixie Ombre Hair Dye

A pixie cut with an ombre color works well as a punk girl look. It’s soft (as a look), relaxed, and comfortable to maintain.

Pastel Pink Ombre

It’s 2020, and Tiktok and Gen Z are on the rise, and so is this emo-girl hair look. This ombre of shaded pastel pink works well with any kind of aesthetic or style.

Mocha Caramel Brown

Brown and Brunette hairstyles have been trendy for quite some time now. And we’re talking about all those countless shades. And when you mix any two of them up, you’re making a fashion statement.

Heavy Blonde Highlights

Mix up the blondes and browns together, if you want. And do so without any awkwardness. Because adding a few chunky highlights to your ombre hair, brings out both the subtly mixed colors.

Firey Ombre

We’re not saying this Firey Ombre is kind of rare color, but we’re also not saying it’s usual and rather dull. If you’re looking for an ombre coloring style that gives every look of your definition, this is the one.

Caramel Light Diamond

Caramel and Light Diamond are different shades of the same color family. And typically, completely different shades of the same family tend to make for a gorgeous look. And so do these two. Mixing and adding subtle highlights of both the colors to the ombre gives you an even more modern look.

Tinted Green Diamond Ombre

The Tinted green is not green; it’s merely one of the brunette shades that look kind of like a green. But, it works well with a light color like a bright diamond to achieve a not-so-basic influential hairstyle.

Triple Ombre

A triple ombre is typically the subtle transition between three shades of the same family of color. This one is a subtle transitioned color between shades of brunette. Each different shade helps complement and bring out the other two colors.

Brunette Ombre with Waves

Waves have always been a versatile and easy to style hair look. Beach waves on brunette ombre help subtly bring out both the colors.

Sunset Bob

A Sunset Ombre is a color mixed with shaded blondes and brunette, and yet, it doesn’t fail to impress. Any way you style it, it looks natural and refreshing.

Blue Ombre

Shaded Blue Ombre hair is one of those colors that lets you channel your inner wild party-girl and your softie side, both together. The complementing shades of blue styled with light beach waves can never go wrong.

Natural Roots

Adding transitioned color similar to your natural shade works for a great natural hair look. Letting your natural roots stay, subtly presents your ombre.

Streaky Highlights

Any color or shade of color you add on streaks, look elegant on themselves. But, adding thin stripes to your natural hair in an ombre technique works well as a go-to hairstyle.

Natural Brunette

Rocking brunette hair all on its own is usually tricky. But you can undoubtedly, style it with a lighter shade of color with ombre for a modern and trendy look.

Pixie Ombre

Whatever one’s style, there’s no denying that they can rock a pixie cut. A pixie cut, on its own, is a rebellious style, and it looks even better with naturally rooted ombre style.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights are one of those styles that have been around for quite a while and still trendy. Ombre hair with caramel highlights lets your hair off with a refreshing look.

Long Side Swept Bangs

Long side swept bangs are just a different take on the “Karen” hair look, but they look good. An ombre style on it lets it compliment both the involved hair colors.

Ash Blonde Ombre

Ash-blonde is one of those colors that are in trend right now. Ash-Blonde and brown ombre is simple but also a great look as ombre.

Heavy Diamond Ombre

The Kardashians, especially Khloe, were the ones who brought ombre hair into the trend. And this heavy diamond blonde ombre works best as a classy and sophisticated look.

Blonded Streaks

Ombre matched with streaks of highlights is a fresh, and a go-to hair look on itself. Blonded ombre streaks to hair work excellent for a sweater weather vibe.

Messy Pixie Cut

If simple ombre on pixie hair is too simple for you, you should undoubtedly go for this messy pixie haircut with an ombre.

Black-Brown Ombre

Both black and brown are two of the most natural-looking hair colors of all time. A clean, transitioned look between them looks comfortable and easy to style.

Rihanna Bob Ombre

Rihanna inspired Bob hair look has been on everyone’s minds for quite some time now. And this Rihanna inspired bob cut styled with ombre look helps you achieve a model boss look.

Gelled Short Hair

Short hair on anyone of any gender looks marvelous. And yours will surely look even better when you paint it in an ombre style with some natural-looking colors. Adding a gelled look to it makes you look like a model ready to walk the runway.


Auburn Blonde Ombre


Auburn is one of those hair colors worn by numerous women on television, and so it blonde hair. A subtle transitioned mix of these two not-so-basic primary colors is sure to rock every look and style you try on.

Shoulder Length Straight Hair

Shoulder length hair on its own is a style that flatters every face shape and is also easily maintainable. Adding some perfect matched ombre colors to it merely is *chef’s kiss*.

Scar-Jo Pixie

Who else knows how to rock a pixie haircut better than our very own Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson or Scar-Jo. Scar-Jo worked multiple pixie hairstyles and colors while promoting her Marvel’s Avengers movie. And boy, weren’t we all awestruck. So this Scar-Jo inspired pixie cut is the way to go fun and casual hair look for any backdrop.

Punk Mix

If you’re a rebellious good girl like Saorise Ronan in the movie Lady Bird, this look is the thing you should go for. This Saorise inspired punk mix girl look, which also gives off soft-girl energy.

Silver Black

A silver, black ombre pixie hair look is one of those simple winter looks. It makes you look clean and put-together at all times. It’s low maintenance, so you’re sure not to be stressed trying to style it.

Brown Highlights

Brown ombre is a primary but fashionable hairstyle. You can also add some tiny streaks of brown highlights (of the same shade or even different) for a style that stands out on itself.

Ginger Blonde

Ginger Blonde is a refreshing color. It is a shade of the basics of Blonde, yet it doesn’t let you down. An ombre mix of ginger blonde and any other shade of Blonde or even brown can never fail you.

Pastel Ginger Pink

Pastels aren’t only the hype of the 80s. Pastels are now today’s current trend (thanks to Tiktok). A Ginger-Pastel ombre is something that mixes both the primary and teenage trending hair colors, creating a unique, fun look.

Casual Ombre

As of its name, a casual ombre is, in fact, a “casual” ombre hair. It’s a style that started the whole trend for the entire ombre look. It typically includes the primary hair colors to create a basic look.

Ombre with Heavy Waves

Styling your ombre is not only about the hair color but also about how you style it. And when it comes to styling hair, you can’t go wrong with some heavy curls or waves. Heavy curls on ombre hair help flatter both the hair colors included.

Funky Emo

A funky emo hair look typically includes some of the eye-catching fun colors like hot pink or purple. That bright semi-pastel colored ombre hair is a look you should opt for if you’re forever young by heart. It’s exciting, and it never gets boring.

Natural Rooted Ash Blonde

If you’re into underlying trends, you will not regret going for this natural rooted ash-blonde ombre look. This style blends in well with any setting from formal to even getting ready for a date.

Grey Hair with Blonde Highlights

Grey and Blonde are colors from different color families but are of similar shades. And to your surprise, they work fabulously together. An ombre of grey and Blonde gives texture to your hair and even adds more volume to it.

Covered Silver

Covered silver ombre hair is the style where the darker shade of color hides under the lighter one. This style of ombre adds a hint of surprise and excitement to your hair and the entire look.

Opposite Shades

If you’ve been reading all along, by now, you should know how good opposite hair colors work together. So I don’t need to explain how this opposite-colored ombre works to put out your entire look.


This Single-Braided ombre hair color is exactly what it looks like. It’s a single light braid substituting you scalp and boy, isn’t it a fabulous style. The single braid on your scalp helps add definition to your hair and also helps complement your shaded hair colors.

Natural Mix

A natural mix of ombre subtly transfers your natural hair color (with much more density) to another neutral hair color like black and brown. This style of ombre looks calm and easy-going.

Heavy Covered Blonde Curls

The heavy blonde curls in this hairstyle help add more volume and beautiful textures to your hair. The heavy curls on a covered ombre help the colors look even more well-defined.

Shaded Bangs

Bangs are a few of the classics that have been around for quite a few years now.  And yet, they deny going out of style. And even when styled on ombre hair, they bring in something to the entire look. If you’re styling bangs on your ombre hair, you should change up the ombre style and darken the bangs and lighten the rest of the heavy for this exciting look.

Soft Light Waves

If you think you’re born into the wrong generation and would be better off living off the 50s lifestyle, this ombre hairstyle must be your go-to. This blonde ombre on short hair with light waves is one of those hair looks those Hollywood beauties used to rock in cinema and the television.

Covered Light-Bright

Under Covered ombre looks are one of my most favorites. The blonde and sea green in the above style is something way out of the box. The mix of those different shades of colors lets your hair look lively and with more texture.

Carrot Ombre

Carrot blonde is one of the few kinds of rare blonde colors (in the sense that you don’t see many women donning them). But when you know the right ways to style it, it doesn’t seem to be so rare to work. A carrot blonde- black ombre lets your channel you inner tiger look (literally).

Pastel Red-Pink

If you still don’t know, let me tell you something. Pastels are the things we’re working with, in 2020. And if you’re searching for the perfect look for you with pastels, try this pastel red-pink ombre Pink and red are two colors that flatter the other color on their own. They’re bright, fun, and vibrant.

Khloe K Classic

Khloe Kardashian has been donning beautiful brunette-blonde ombre hair for quite some time now. And if you like keeping up with a Kardashian, this Khloe K classic ombre is the look you should go for.

Classic Blonde Brunette

If you like working with your natural brunette hair but want to add something refreshing and extra to it, try this classic blone and brown ombre style. It’s easy to style and work with.

Pixie Under Painted Ombre

Pixie and Ombre are the two classic styles much of Hollywood likes to work out together. This Pixie under painted ombre you’ve seen J-Law rocking gives you more of the masc femme look most of us want to try.

Chocolate & Coffee Brunette

Chocolate Brown and Coffee Brown are two dusty yet matte hair colors that work fantastically well together. Styling these colors together in ombre (especially in a Pixie haircut) makes your hair and your entire look breathable.

Blonde Pastels

Most pastels let your hair look glossier and shinier than you ever wanted it. And so do light shades of Blonde. But when these two fabulous colors are worked together, an abomination (a good one) is created. This style is something you should not leave behind.

Short Bob B&W Ombre

A B&W ombre is a look many of us have living in our heads rent-free. And when styled in a short bob haircut, it looks well-put and classy as it is. And as a plus, it’s low maintenance as well.

Silver Over-Highlights

Silver Over-Highlights is a pretty sophisticated female hair look that will probably make you look like Ruby Rose. And who does not want to look like Batwoman saving Gotham and all?

Blonde Rose-Gold

Rose Gold is the color of the season. From mobile phones to nail paint, there’s no industry this color hasn’t dominated. So, why miss out on ombres? A blonde and rose gold ombre is a literal god sent for you soft-aesthetic women.

Light Highlights

If you’ve been this far, you already know how well different shades of colors work together for an ombre style. This light highlighted ombre on dark hair is the one for you if you like to seem keen, confident, and mysterious.

Matte Black-Silver Hair

There’s no denying that an ombre of black and grey is something we’d go lengths to achieve.  And for THIS matte look, there’s no hurdle I won’t jump. Cause to put it into plain words, this style as a whole, is beauty.


Ombre highlights are an even more fun part of the look itself. It’s bubbly, fun, and even somewhat exotic.

Burgundy- Chocolate Brown

If you think Ombre is too trendy for you and would instead stick to the early 2000s hair looks, maybe opt for these burgundy chocolate brown open ends. This is a look that has been around for quite some time now but won’t go out time soon

Classy Maroon Red

Maroon Red is undoubtedly one of the classiest colors of all time. A naturally rooted maroon red ombre is the next go-to look for your hair if you like to seem rather uptight and put-together.


Autumn Ombre is what it has been named. I mean, look at this beautiful ombre with its’s ginger, peach blonde, and brunette mix. This elegant fall look goes best with your basic everyday outfits and styles.

Shaded Pink

Pinks are slowly becoming one of the primary hair colors you can move towards. Even if you think that Pink hair is too rebellious for you and want to try out a somewhat conservative style, you try this shaded pink and brown ombre. The pink adds some excitement to your hair while the brown helps tone it down a notch.

Purple Combo

Not going to lie, this purple combo mix ombre is my favorite ombre look among all these styles. It’s everything you look for and want in a hairstyle. It’s fun, enjoyable and is easy to style.

Sleek Green

Green and Black ombre are one of the most chosen for ombre styles by many. It looks rebellious, yet it’s pretty classy and straightforward.

Violet Hair with Grey Ends

Every shade of purple works great as a look for any form for hair, and so does this violet ombre hair with grey ends. This style may look kind of typical at first, but when you know the right ways to style it, you’re sure to make some heads turn.

Natural Flowy

Ombre looks great on short and medium lengthened hair, but it looks even better on long hair. Styling your long hair in ombre lets you don a modern hippie look.

Sea Green Ombre

We don’t see many people opting for Sea green options while styling their hair. But just because we don’t see something enough doesn’t mean it’s not good—this Sea green and natural black ombre a style that you could surely make a statement with.

With Bangs

Whatever the hairstyle or hair color, a look is never complete without some bangs. Add some bangs to your ombre hair to create a basic yet refreshing look.

Purplish Grey Ombre

Purplish Grey ombre is a beautiful ombre look you could go with.  This whole transition brings out your aesthetic as a whole.

Wavy Lob

Lob hair is the perfect hair length for everyone. It’s one of those features that bring out your overall features on itself. A lob mixed with an ombre looks even better.

Maroon Highlighted Ombre

Maroon highlights in an ombre style perfect for women of all ages (typically for middle-aged women). This style brings out your facial features making you look young yet mature.

Silver Hair with Pink Ends

Black Chyna may be kind of infamous, but there’s no denying that she does rock some pretty great styles. And you can look as this silver hair with pink ends as a reference. This hair look is the perfect midpoint between the soft-girl and chic aesthetic.

Black-Grey Straight Hair

Black and Grey mixed hairstyles are few of those styles that have been living rent-free in many of our heads. This black-grey transitioned ombre on straight is a pretty versatile way to style your hair. It doesn’t need to be managed time and again. And, it lets you work your classy, formal look.

Beeline Honey Highlighted Ombre

Beeline honey is a beautiful color, to put into simple terms. An ombre on its own is a pretty fashionable style. You can make it look even better by adding some highlights of similar shades to your hair color (like this beeline honey to dark blonde shades).

Naturally Rooted Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is one of those classics which look good on and help flatter every type of skin tone.  You can style your blonde hair color by leaving out your natural roots free and style it as ombre. This naturally rooted blonde hair is an excellent look for you to compliment your skin and even your natural roots.

A-line Bob Ombre

A-line bob is a look that has a large fanbase, which has been growing over the years. The A-line bob, on itself, is versatile and sophisticated, and when styled in Ombre, it’s sure to make your entire look pop off.

Platinum Silver with Violet Ombre Highlights

Platinum Silver is a fashionably rebellious color. It’s sleek and works well in any style and aesthetic. As a color involved in an ombre style, it goes well with all shades of colors. For reference, this platinum silver with violet ombre highlight is a perfect emo-girl hairstyle with at least some boundaries.

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