120 New Year Quotes To Start Your New Year With!

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I believe there’s no person who doesn’t receive new year quotes and greetings on the new year. Well, we people have the habit of celebrating little things in life, that is what makes us alive and happy. And it’s, after all, a whole new year waiting with lots of surprises ahead so why wouldn’t we celebrate it? Of course, we will, and to the fullest!

‘Happy New Year!’- The simplest and the sweetest way of wishing someone a great year ahead. But how about making it a bit extraordinary? I mean wishes would be so dull if you give and receive the same old happy new year quotes! So here we have brought you an amazing 120 new year quotes that you can send to your loved ones on the auspicious occasion of the new year! Let’s get going!

A New Beginning!

New beginnings require some level of excitement and thrill because new chances and opportunities are coming on your way. Gladly receive the new beginnings in life!

new year quotes

Life’s a book, and we are the writers of it. It’s up to us what stories we write on to the pages of life. It’s a perfect message to send on a new year eve greeting people a prosperous new year. It indeed makes sense calling the first day of a new year the first page of a 365 paged book! Make sure to start with a good story!

A new beginning of life is waiting for you! This is the beginning of anything and everything you want! Grab opportunities and make the new year completely yours!

Any new beginning falsifies with the end of the past and not from its abandonment!

To write a story on the book of life is up to us;  do that honor by setting goals!

Trust on the magic of new beginnings, forget about what hurt you in the past, take with you only the good memories and prepare yourself for yet another exciting journey of life!

Inspirational New Year Quotes

A single step taken is a step closer towards the achievement. Life’s a journey of a thousand miles and that journey must begin with a single first step!

Life’s moderntoo short to care about what people think, who cares and who doesn’t. Let no regrets remain inside you, love those who love you unconditionally, forget about the ones who don’t care, and everything in life would go buttery smooth! Also remember, everything in life happens for a reason, may be good may be bad, but it would be worth it!

Short New Year Quotes

That’s obvious after all!

Move the next chapter in life, don’t stay in the same episode!

It’s tit for tat. What you bring to life is what life brings to you and vice versa!

Wish you a prosperous year ahead!

Write that down! Every day is the best day, make the best out of everyday and make each day count!

Because happiness and celebrations double up when we are together, so let’s gather around and welcome the new hopes and opportunities in the form of New year. Let us pray for good health and surprises in the coming years!

Welcoming the new things in life, we have never been before to!

Yes, and we passed it this year as well!

Be a wise person, learn from your mistakes, don’t just ignore them!

Leave behind the old year and get ready for the new one coming your way!

Fight against your bad habits, keep the good ones and let each new year find a better man in you!

To the old people hope for their long life and treasurable memories and the young, good health and pleasure!

Positive New Year Quotes

Adjust your focus and look for the only things that matter the most! Slow yourself down if that you think you can do well doing so!

Because whom you surround yourself with affects your attitude, behavior, thinking, and personality to a great extent so be around the people who give you positive vibes and with whom life seems to be happier!

Yeah, there’s nothing you can’t do if you have strong dedication and determination to do it. Forget unnecessary things, just believe that no matter what it’s gonna work out. Be positive and it definitely will!

Are you done with the last year? Don’t worry, a 365 paged book with lots of adventure in it is still waiting for you ahead. Make the upcoming year more adventurous, get going out, be around positive energy, connect with people, explore new things and grow!

We all are perfect in our own ways, we all are our kind of beautiful, we are humans and are unique from each other, that is what makes us what we are- says the American singer Beyonce! She is absolutely correct, and we all should be as confident as her!

Have good intentions, pray God to help you guide the path you are walking on. If you are on the way of doing something great to yourself and the people around you then God surely will help you with lighting your way!

Because everything in life happens for a reason and if life has brought you till here, it certainly would take you further and where ever we are in the life right now is where we were always meant to be in!

Every new year is a book with 365 blank pages in it, we are to put words by ourselves, that book is known as the opportunity, and it’s very first chapter is New Year’s Day!

New Year Famous Quotes

Learn from your experiences, live in the present and hope for tomorrow!

Because new year brings with it new chances and hopes and hence it is every man’s birthday, i.e. they born again into the new world with challenges, opportunities and so forth!

As dreaming in addition to our actions is essential to accomplish great things. Similarly, it is equally crucial to have faith and belief in the plans we make!

Yes indeed! We can’t go back to what already has gone and start things all over again, but we can at least start working from now so that the ending goes as we have always wanted it to go!

If you keep looking at your past and can’t get rid of it then you’ll surely realize the future is going out of your hands at some point in life. So let go of what has already happened, live in the moment and look forward to the future!

New Year Quotes To Friends

Tell them you love them, tell them what place in your life they hold, tell them they mean! Happy New Year Friends!

Stretch your hand out in friendship and not only when you need help. Be there with your mates need you, and they’ll be there when you need them because a friend in need is a friend indeed!

New Year Quotes And Poems

The words above rhyme so well and so do they mean very much beautiful!

And you are here for a reason!

New Year Quotes To Friends

Wish your mates a happy new year, ask them to start it fresh and with all the excitement and to include their family in your greetings is a very gentle movement of yours!

New Year’s Resolution

Because life’s so vague and so are the emotions and you always run to know yourself better! So this year take a resolution to understand yourself better, discover what you love and do exactly what makes you happy!

We all take resolutions on the new year with the hope to complete it and be content about that at the end of the year. So this year let us all take resolutions to be there in each other’s hard times, be each others helping hand and show the world that humanity still exists!

To take a resolution to never take any resolution is also a resolution!

Build yourself this strong character!

Go towards the new year with resolutions and self-promises to find the hidden opportunities in each day!

A Funny new year quote you can see here, people with a good sense of humor can come out with new year quotes like this. It indeed makes sense, doesn’t it? People say never quit, don’t give up so why stopping all the bad habits you have? Well, jokes apart, if you really have some bad habits then work upon them before they turn out to be your rivals!

Most people think that resolutions are made to be broken, no! There still are people of their words, they mean what they say and accomplish all the resolutions they take. Even you can make a new years resolution and work hard to achieve it, trust me, and you will be the happiest person on the Earth upon its accomplishment! Just make sure not to give up, not now, not later and never ever!

This is my resolution for this year as well! No matter what always keep going!

Dates that come once repeat themselves as anniversaries, but we can’t create the same scenario as before, all we can really do is remember their one year of happening and so on! Dates reflect the resolutions we once took on the same day a year or two before, and they show us how much we have achieved in a year!

Yes indeed! Your happiness and success all lie in you! Make a promise to yourself today to keep happy, and be satisfied, and your joy and you shall overcome all the difficulties!

This Year

This year and every upcoming new year, live in the moments, be thankful, connect with people, focus on your goals, be generous, choose to be happy and everything will fall for you!


Welcome the new year and celebrate its arrival with utmost joy!

New Year Greetings

Keep longing for aspirations, hopes, and promises!

May God permit these precious words!

Cheers to new year with a bottle of champagne and a rock at the party!

Move ahead and forget the past because what’s gone will never come back so don’t spoil your present and future thinking about your history!

Make a fresh new beginning and keep pushing yourself!

May you achieve great heights in success and prosperity in life!

So keep on thinking, dreaming and wondering because possibilities are endless and nothing is impossible!

In this new year, keep only the things that give you delight and leave behind the things that bother you!

Yes, it’s our choice to write our own stories. You want to repeat the same old story or a new verse depends entirely on you!

Let’s get the things right which we couldn’t before!

Because to start is what matters the most!

Yes, sad reality but resolutions are kept only for a week or so and then the usual days begin!

If things are not perfect, take them and make them perfect!


May your new year be filled with joy and colors!

An adorable picture with such a sweet message!

God will guide you just have faith in him!

Because by teaching people we can grow together!

May you get surrounded with positive people around you!

May God bless you!

Hopefully, things will definitely change in the new year!

Stay blessed and happy!

I hope the same!

May all your dreams come true and you achieve great success in life!

A new year is always a fresh start so make your way to your goals!

This year, unfold the new pages and start a new chapter in your life!

As a new year brings with it everything new!

May you prosper more in life!

Don’t look back on yesterday that is full of failure and regrets, instead look ahead for God’s way and forget the sins you confessed! Start your new year freshly!

To the partner who has always been a support and motivation, a very happy new year!


Cheers to one more year bringing with it more happiness and enjoyments!

A New Year wish to someone at the midnight!

A very happy and pleasant new year to you!

Wish you get more from the coming year, more blessings, more thrill, more excitement, and long lasting memories!

Keep the strength to bright your tomorrow and factors like where you stand and how do you do it do not matter at all!

May all the evils stay away from you this year and may you be showered with all the fortunes and blessings!

Amen! Wish the same to you and your family too!

New Years Greetings all around!

And a wonderful year ahead!

Be the dreamer, be the achiever and if needed dream with your eyes open but never stop dreaming. If you stop dreaming, you’ll stop achieving things in life! All the best for a whole new year coming to you!

See more of the similar new year quotes and greetings down below:


Welcome The New Opportunities!

Release the things from the past that has some negative attachments with it. Prepare yourself to welcome new opportunities, changes, challenges, and new adventures solely, i.e, by heart, brain, and soul!


Always be enthusiastic about the future, anyone can be if they give it a try! Never forget that the moments you are living in now are going to be exciting histories for the coming generations!

This Year

And yes, this year’s gonna be totally different from the rest. It will be stronger, kinder, braver, unstoppable and more fierce than ever before!

New Year Quotes 2017

To someone who is pretty, whose smile is adorable and has a kind heart, a happy new year!

A spanish new year quote for you!


It’s really disheartening when the person we do good to turns out to be bad! And yeah even I would regret doing good things to the wrong person but what wonders me is the thought that you will lose nothing but they will lose someone who really cared and loved them. So cheer up!

Exactly what I meant above, never regret just chill and love the ones who love you back!

New Year Quotes And Wishes

On the very first day of the new year, wish you a joyful year ahead!


According to Lord Buddha, there are only two mistakes that a person can make along the path to truth: not going all the way once he has started walking on it, and secondly, not starting at the first place!

Funny New Year Quotes

Haha, that’s funny. Who in this 21st century doesn’t know how to use smartphones?


Exactly! There’s no harm in dreaming whatever you want, but dreams turn into reality only if we are bold enough to run after them!

Use Wisely

Use your things they are meant for, if you don’t use them then they become useless!

Greatest results

Common sense is equally important as hard work in order to attain the greatest results in life!

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New Year Quotes 2015

A 2015 new year wish!

A Year’s End

Yes! A year’s end is going on with all the lessons you have learnt to all the days coming in front of you and not just any end or a beginning!

New Year Quotes To A Teacher

To the most wonderful teacher ever, thank you so much for always being student’s back without thinking twice and a happy new year!

New Year Quotes To Parents

To the greatest mom and day in the world, happy new year and thank you so much for always being there!

We’re Different Every Year!

Yes, we are a little different every year, time teaches us everything, and we adapt ourselves as per the demand!

Never Give Up!

Never give up, your time will surely come!

Keep Going

Just keep going and you’ll reach right there where you were supposed to be!

Optimist and Pessimist

An optimistic person is the one who expects positivity to come out, he is a dreamer, and he looks forward to seeing the new year coming in. On the other hand is a pessimist who always expects a bad outcome and he is always waiting for the old year to leave as he thinks it had been a bad year for him! Be the optimist!

The Leap Of Faith

To take a leap of faith requires you to believe in yourself and God entirely. Start the upcoming year with a leap of faith believing it would flourish you and your life!

New Year Quotes For Someone Special

This quote goes absolutely right for the person who has made your life better and worth living! Tell them they matter, make them feel the way they make you feel!

New Year

Yes, this is going to be my new year. Just not by the changing dates but by the changes in me and my life- a sign of courage much needed in people nowadays!

Write a beautiful story for yourself with the pen in your hand. Also, add beautiful colors to it!

Yes, love yourself a bit more when needed, there’s no harm in it!

Don’t just wish, don’t just hope, work for it and make things happen!

A new year is a time to forget the past and celebrate a new beginning waiting for you!

Let go of the dead old year, it has already gone and thinking about it makes no sense. The new year had already taken possession of the coming twelve months, hope for the best!

And that is how he wins! Be the tiger of your own life, spring into the new year and conquer!

Another Voice

Last year’s word belongs to last year’s language, and they have already been spoken but the next year’s words await another voice to be accompanied by!


To make an attempt is to try and you can’t succeed unless you try. This very question here is the question that people must ask themselves!

New Year Quotes 2018

2018 indeed had been an inspiring year for me, I hope the same for you too!

This fascinating new year quote is from 2018. As 2018 has already passed and we have entered into 2019, I hope everything that this greeting card said happened to you in your past year!

Life’s In Our Hands

Our life is in our hand, it is what we make it, it always has been, and it always will be!

Regrets And Rejoice

For everything you have ever achieved, you have lost something and for everything that you have ever lost you have gained something. Likewise, there’s always something good in evil and vice versa, so it’s up to you how you look at your life. You’ll either rejoice or regret. The choice is completely yours!


So guys, even if we are about to complete the first month of the new year 2019, we still have time to send this awesome new year quotes to your near and dear ones. Please do pick up your favorites and transfer the wishes!

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