101 Inspirational Nature Quotes With Images

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How often do you think is it important to go through Nature quotes? Well, that depends and differs from person to person. Even though you don’t go through nature quotes it’s very important that you love your surrounding and try your best not to harm it! You must have heard people saying that our second mother is the mother nature which we not only grow with but spend our whole life with! That indeed is true! Nature has been a part of us since the day one of our life, even before we came to our senses. Nature loves us more than we can ever love it. It gives us more than we could expect for and asks for nothing in return. Really, one has perfectly named it the ‘mother nature ‘!

And this time we have 101 beautiful nature quotes and let me tell you all that we eagerly had been waiting to come up with these nature quotes from a long. So let’s begin:

Best Nature Quotes

Nature wears the color of life, it has all the colors that a person might need in his life. Literally, nature is unexpected and a true jewel to be treasured and preserved before it’s too late!

Because everything around us is a part of nature and hence we’ll find beauty in everything if we truly love nature!

A mind is the most chaotic thing; it is always unstable thinking randomly about a number of factors. Most of the time it’s our own thoughts in mind that eat us up from within and to forget about those hectics and find the inner us, it’s better to go deep into the woods, open to nature, to find ourselves!

Because nature’s the best therapist one can have!

nature quotes

One can never be unsatisfied after his time in solitude with nature. Nature can heal mind and soul than any drug man could take and hence most of the people prefer going to places open to nature to attain peace!

Adopt nature’s pace, patience it is! Everything happens in time so be patient and wait for it to happen!

As nature freshens not only the mind but the soul as well! And it’s considered a healthy job to go on a walk with nature, not only you get to learn many things but you receive more than you have sought!

Nature will nourish your mind, body, and soul. Spend some time with it, go on quiet walks if needed!

With nature’s company, you can discover the whole world!

Life is indeed the best gift that a person has received, to show the gratitude one must learn to love his life and several other living beings around him, let it be animals, birds or the trees in nature!

Because we have a lot to learn from nature!

Nature is peaceful, and in its peace, you’ll find the true bliss i.e, happiness!

Nature’s bliss and peace can be found in every part of it, just go for the seek!

And you can’t find a beautiful place better than nature to lose yourself solely!

Yes, sometimes it’s the best decision to cut off from the regular life and spend some quality time with nature. Trust me nobody can give you a better company than nature!

For we have never seen God and since nature has been nurturing us from the very day we opened our eyes, hence nature is the God we people should believe in!

Idea Of Happiness

Well, everybody has their own idea of happiness, and for Leo Tolstoy, his idea of happiness is to be useful to people whom it is easy to do good, rest, read books, be open to nature and love the surrounding!

Good Morning Quotes

As every morning is a new opportunity to do better hence renew your mind with pure thoughts every morning and have a marvelous day ahead!

Life is too short to worry about things. Time went never come back, you can’t rewind or replay things that have already happened. So be stressfree and enjoy every moment that comes by!


Almost everything in life can be related to nature, let it be life itself. Talking about love, it’s like a wind that passes by you, it’s something you can’t see but feel!

Inspirational Nature Quotes And Sayings

Those who think seriously about the beauty of nature find the strength to endure everything that comes in life. There’s something infinitely healing in the melody of nature that never let people give up, it gives the assurance of dawn after the dark and spring after the winter!

Everything in the biodiversity is priceless, and we should treasure even the pieces of it while we learn to use it and finally understand its worth!

Mother Nature Quotes

That’s the saddest reality of today! We, humans, are destroying nature and we are more harmful than any creature in the world!

Even though nature has no mouth to express how and what it feels, there’s a way everything in it speaks. It’s just that we are way too impatient to hear their stories!

Because man for nature is a destroyer! Arrangement by the hands of a man causes nature destructions and devastations and the human spirit needs places that are still untouched by mankind!

Green Nature Quotes

Love Nature and it will love you back!

Because nature has no attitude but peace, beauty, and quietude that you can find the rest of spirit in!

As nature is as well a family!

The Rule Of Nature

Everything present in nature is selfless. They don’t live for themselves, flowers don’t spread the fragrance for themselves, rivers don’t drink their own water and so on. They live for us and that is the rule of Nature- to live for others! Can you follow this rule?

Be You

Don’t waste your time being sad, life is too short to worry about small things! Be happy, be free, do whatever you like and most importantly be the person you are!

Beautiful Things

Because their beauty attracts others automatically! So is the case with nature, everything in it will draw your attention towards it!

Quotes About Nature And Life

Yes, they keep you humble! Success can sometimes fill you with pride, in such a situation it’s very important for you to fail because failure teaches you a lesson to be gentle no matter how successful you get in life!

You are never truly alone, you still echo within someone’s heart, thoughts and words! You are never alone!

God always gives generously to all without finding fault in anyone!

Best Nature Quotes

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Positive  Quotes

Life will be less if you go on to search yourself, so rather than finding yourself try to create yourself!

Exactly, you only lose what you are most attached to!

That’s true and don’t let yourself lose!

Changes are needed and so change yourself as per the demand but don’t try to change the nature and hamper it!

It’s now a very hard job to find an unarranged nature. Humans have manipulated almost everything!

Because they know that they’ll have them back! New they are going to be!

Funny Nature Quotes

As she also needs to chill sometimes!

Positive Thought

Have positivity in you and your life will get changed!


Yes, indeed true! God will never see at how much goodness you have in you but with how much of it you do the things is what he looks at!

A Little Flower

Because it’s too mainstream just to live! Have the sunshine in you and shine bright, have the freedom to enjoy your life and be the flower which will fill your life with fragrance!


To determine how the day is going to be and making it the way we want it to be is the biggest art ever known!

Don’t Wait!

Don’t wait for everything to get right, work for it and make things right because if you keep waiting, then you shall never begin!

Short Nature Quotes

To believe that nature has no voice, it feels no pain and doesn’t scream is totally a wrong belief. Nature isn’t mute it’s just the people who are deaf and can’t hear their coming end!

Everything about nature is magical and wonderful, and it’s the nature we entirely depend upon!

Nature has our heart and home is where the heart is hence nature is home rather than just a place to visit. Nature is, in fact, home to millions of organisms!

And not to hurry and have patience is the rule of nature! Nature never hurries, sometimes it waits for ages for a transformation to happen and yet it accomplishes everything it wants. We should learn this principle of nature from nature and it’s amazing knowing that we have a lot to learn from nature itself!

Nature is beautiful, and no words can describe it with all the justice!

And yet the best therapist in the world!

Because it cures and heals every pain in the world!

Nature is after all that makes the world incomprehensibly beautiful and worth living in! 

And nature loves your presence as much as you love its presence! Wind plays with your hair, and the earth is delighted to feel your bare feet!

Nature will never disappoint you! Study it, love it, enjoy it and stay close to it and it will in back stay closer and kinder to you!

Nature Quotes And Images

Be happy and enjoy every moment in life because these moments won’t come back and they are what make our life!

Getting lost in the right direction is not getting lost in the first place, it’s about finding the better you!

So be simple and cause no harm to nature! If you can’t contribute anything to it at least, you can stay simple, that is the least anyone can do!

The idea of something going wasted needs no defense for it but it needs more defenders to defend it!


And it is an expensive affair!

Opportunity For Growth

Don’t get nervous with the challenges that come your way, face them with all the strengths you have because every challenge you face brings with it an opportunity for your growth! Be positive and stay strong!

Human Nature

It’s a human tendency not to believe in things we have not seen happening. We believe only when something has already happened. That’s not stupidity or any weakness but human nature that is being passed on from generation to generation!

Nature Is Love!

The one who loves nature as much as he loves himself is the greatest person on the Earth. For such a person, everything in nature is a part of his life. He can relate everything he has with nature like mountains could be his bones, ocean his heart, and the sounds of the Earth music of his soul!

Nature is the true love!

A person who genuinely loves nature and is very much attached to it can only hear the mountains calling him! We very often use this phrase when we are up for a new adventure in life! And when you hear that voice you know that you must be going for it!

The poetry of Earth is endless, and it will keep going for millions of centuries coming ahead!

Even though people betray nature every time causing her problems and destruction, she never betrays those who love her!

And to sit and have refreshing hours in nature is a huge relief after a long tiring day!

They say heaven is a myth; Earth is real!

I pray here, I feel myself safe, and it is all that I want to spend the rest of my life with!

In the forest you can be as wild as you can, you can become one of it’s kind and make your heart pure and gentle as it is!

Yeah, it is in fact hard not to pause for a while and appreciate the beauty nature has!

When you are on the way to explore nature, stop every then and now, stop and enjoy, take deep breaths, relax and feel all the delights of the world!

Plant Trust And Faith

Planting seeds result in trees that give us fruits, similarly planting seeds of faith and love bears great fruits in the form of healthy relations!

Trees And Nature

Trees are an essential part of nature, they are the Earth’s effort to listen to words spoken from heaven! Not only are they important in nature but they are important in our lives as well. What do not they do for us? They provide us shelter, save us from floods, give us fruits, and what not! So it’s our duty to pay they back by planting as many trees as we can!


The beauty of the carvings can’t be seen if you shield the canyons from windstorms. Hence, no matter what disaster comes by, face it and overcome it!

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Feel the Magic

Magic is all around us, it’s in the breeze, in the air, in the trees and bushes. Calm yourself, surround yourself with nature, feel the magic and let it do the rest!

Life And Death

We humans born into this nature and we die we get into it! We are inseparable from nature and in understanding this we can find true joy, peace, and pleasure!


We are blessed with seasons like winter, spring, rainy season and summer. This quote goes well for those who are summer lovers!

Living On Earth

We the humans are living on the Earth as if we have another planet to go. How sad it is knowing that we are treating our planet to the worst not realizing that we don’t have another Earth to live on! Become aware, save nature, save Earth!

It’s again another sad truth of living on Earth! Insects are in fact nourishing the soil and contributing more to nature. But we humans are just destroying it for our own purpose and our sake!

Two Mistakes

The path to truth can have only two possible mistakes- one, not going all the way until the end and the next is not starting at first!

Path Over The Mountains

Although the paths may not be seen from the valley but they are there over the mountains.

Beautiful World

Exactly, you can never get bored when everything around you is beautiful! This beauty of nature is what keeps us engrossed with it and hence one can’t have enough time to get bored in this world of beauty and charm!

Nature- The Teacher

Nature is the teacher that will guide you a path when you find yourself lost in between of nowhere. Nature teaches you a lot, and it has a number of things to learn from!


Yes, we must go on adventures and find where we truly belong!

Just to live is indeed an awfully big adventure. To make it spicier you need to try everything in life and enjoy little things that will give real big happiness later!

Nature Quotes And Notes


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Natural Beauty

To the person, I love the most, no beauty in the world can be as beautiful as you and no sunshine is brighter than the shine you bring to my life!

Earth’s Music

Try listening to the Earth’s melody and don’t act deaf!

And with this, we come to an end of this article on Nature Quotes. Nature is our mother and being its children we must love her back the same way she loves us! Save nature, save Earth!

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