75 Sophisticated Micro Braids To Try This Spring

Micro braids are one of the most prominent hairstyles right now. There are probably very few talented and powerful women from the Hollywood fraternity who has not worn braids, at least in one style. And when we say ladies from Hollywood, we’re talking about those marvelous women who you and we stan. From Beyonce, Tia Tamera to Zoe Kravitz, all these strong women have unhesitantly brought and rocked these braided or micro braided hairstyles into the runway, sophisticated events, and red carpets.

These braids are simply a hotter take on the classic braids and trending box braids. These types of styles have been around for quite a few centuries now. Women from the Black community started wearing braids in the early times as protective styles for their magnificent hair. And to date, these braided styles are seen and worn as a great protective hairstyle to prevent the hair from unwanted particles and even sun damage. Apart from that, these braids are pretty stylish to wear, and as we like to say, low maintenance. And who does not like looking stylish without putting in any effort?

These micro braids aren’t any more different than those beautiful box braids you’ve been wearing. Just like the box braids, these micro braids, too, last for over two to three months. So you already have a beautiful go-to style for any event you’re invited to next. But, if you like adding some more jazz to your already fabulous micro braids, you’re in luck.


Heavy Long Micro Braids

micro braids

Straight long hair is one of the most prominent hair looks of all time. For over several decades, these styles have not failed to serve a look. These straight hair styled in any possible styles help you achieve a naturally sophisticated look. In comparison, straight long hair look has been around for decades, but these beautiful heavy long micro braids were a primary 90s hair look for, especially black women. While the 90s outfits and the style were top-notch all on their own, these long micro braids weren’t anywhere far off. And these long micro braids are pretty much relative hairstyle today as well. This chic style works amazingly with both casual and formal backdrops. So don’t worry about any events coming up next time you walk to the salon for beautiful micro braided extensions.

Cornrowed Knotted High Pony

Cornrows are of our personal favorites among countless other braided hairstyles. While not many hairstyles let you have the comfort while in them and look fabulously stylish in them, this beautiful cornrowed high knotted pony does that without any hesitance. The cornrows that the styles start with come off as a godsend when it comes to keep the hair off your face. And a knotted pony all on its own helps you put up a fashion statement even without any words. And as always, these high ponies are still better off topped off with swift edges like in the picture above.

Colored Sew-In Braids

In today’s fear of pollution, unwanted particles all over, and heat damage, it’s hectic and stressful to grow out your hair. And come on, I guess we can all agree that growing out your hair even during non-hectic times is too much. However many products and natural pastes you apply, sometimes your hair just won’t grow. And this is when sew-ins come in. One of the best things about sew-in braids is that whatever way you want to jazz it up, it never looks fake and wannabe. And the other plus is when you don’t want your hair to go through unnecessary chemicals while coloring, sew-ins work wonders. It’s the most natural-looking alternative to braided hairstyles you could go for.

Mini Braids with Open Curls

Similar to straight long braided hair, curls, too, has been a prominent hair look for quite some time now. The fantastic thing about curls is however you style them; you’re sure to rock a look. While handling curly hair might be a pain for some who don’t quite have the hang of their hair. But when you know how to style them, you’ll feel blessed to have had such a versatile, pretty natural hair. Braids and curls are two complimenting hair looks. When putting together, they create a look you will probably want to wear all the time after, just like these mini braids with loose curls. This style gives you an exotic look, Maybe even making you look like our favorite Moana.

Micro Braided Messy Bun with Straight Ends

Everybody loves braids, and everybody loves messy buns. Probably because of how easy to style and ready to go, these two types of styles are.  Just like this micro braided messy bun with straight ends. The micro braids help flatter your overall look or style while the straight ended messy bun gives you a chill and casual touch. This hairstyle looks better when it is styled with drabby looking clothes or a pair so sweats. You should wear this style for your next sleepover with the girls or a hiking day off.

Twisted Micro Braids

Twisted braids have always been heartfelt to us. Since we’re all about that vintage and the 90s jazz, this style is something we’d love to get our hands on. Mini twists, as such, have never been out of fashion and probably won’t be anytime soon either. This style has been one of the classics you’ve probably seen your mom or even grandma rocking from those old polaroids. This style makes your entire aesthetic look super fashionable when you wear it with angelic cottage core inspired dresses.

Black Braids with Highlights

Black colored hair is one of those hair colors that make others become submissive or even overlooked. It’s one of those overpowering colors, but dang, if it isn’t stylish. Although it might be kind of typical or worn by anyone, with the right style, you can make yourself go off. Take this, highlighted mini braids. While it is kind of difficult to have black hair color stand out on its own, mini braids help your hair to look precisely so. And so do the lighter colored highlights do while also being complemented by the black color itself.

Dark Braids with Pastel Streaks

Just like the black color, other dark shaded colors, too, are somewhat difficult to make stand out. And just like with black hair shades, styling these dark shaded hair colors with other pastel or bright-colored highlights lets you show off and bring out your natural shaded brown hair as such. Add some mini pastel-shaded pink or purple to compliment your natural brown braids.

Pretzel Bun Mini Braids

Braids have a pretty versatile style of updos for quite some time now. These marvelous creations can be styled in both small and big ways. Take this pretzel bun with mini braids. While the name “pretzel” might push you the wrong way about the style being weird or something, we assure you, it’s not. It’s quite the opposite; the mini braids secured into a chunky braided bun make your hair look more well-put and make your overall style look formal.

Chic Long Mini Braids

One would be hiding something if they said they don’t like looking chic or styling themselves as such. However hard you try to deny, these trendy long mini braids are sure to change your mind. This is a new take on the basic long mini braids. If you don’t have long hair, don’t worry; style yours with some braided extensions. Better top off your fabulous long braids with a stunning dark color-complementing hat and maybe even work with some bold, classy make-up with dark red lip shade.

Side Undershaved Micro Braids

Undershaved or half-shaved styles help you make a statement. Not literally, but a fashion statement, you get it! While the under shave on itself is a pretty powerful and bold style, the mini braids help flatter it even more. And it’s not only the braids doing so; the shave, too, helps bring out those stylish mini braids of yours. This style lets you play off your intense, motorcyclist woman look.

High Fishtail Plait

Braids on braids on braids. No, we’re didn’t have a stroke; we’re talking about how this particular style works. If you amazingly get tired of your sophisticated yet straightforward mini braids, try out this high fishtail plait. And you don’t even have to your salon for this look, unlike the mini braids.  Secure your beautiful braids into a high pony and then plait it into a loose fishtail braid and Voila! You’re all good to go.

Twisted Mom Bun

If you’re quite a one to be into mom looks and styles, you probably know why you like styling yourself as such. Because of how mature yet fashionable these types of styles are. Just like this twisted mom bun. While this style might seem rather sophisticated and high maintenance, it’s not. All you should do is add a twisted braid securing your mini braids into a bun. This particular mom updo is pretty easy to do and also makes it look as if you’ve put in quite some effort into your look.

Braids on Short Hair with Open Ends

Braids aren’t only for everybody else’s beautiful long hair. As we’ve already said, it’s a pretty versatile style. So, it looks equally gorgeous on all lengths of hair and yes, even your short or medium lengthened hair. If this style seems kind of bland or dull and you want to make yours look rather fun and add an illusion of making it long lengthened, let half your braids loose and open-ended.

Low-End Mini Braids

We all love our natural hair, don’t we? If you like showing off your beautiful natural but also want to flaunt, some locks go for this low-end mini braids. This style makes your hair seem natural while also making your hair stand out because of those mini braids. This style is easy to maintain and comfortable.

Messy Braided Bun with Bands

You can never go wrong with messy braids and messy buns. While these styles look comfortable and fun, they also seem pretty formal or “acceptable.”  And so is this, messy braided bun. The bun lets you wear a standard look, and the mini braids help make your hair look more voluminous. Style your mini braids with some colorful mini hairbands for a more carnival fun look.

Sectioned Mini Braids

Any red carpet look you see a Hollywood talent wear is sure to be a fabulous one. Just like these sectioned mini braids. These beautiful braids are something we can’t help but look at. These mini braids are one of those faux wet haired styles. And if Kim K has taught us something, it’s how gorgeous those types of styles are.

Overhead Turban

Yeah, we know you might think this style is rather dramatic. But that’s what styling your gorgeous locks is all about, though. These overhead turban buns work well with any backdrop, and yes, it’s even a good one for office wear!

Micro Braids with Slight Puff

Loose braids may even be somewhat uncomfortable for you to work if you’re much on the field. So this puffed long micro braids is an excellent style for you to stay stylish and maintain your comfort look.

Box Braided Mini Braids

Box braids are one of those totally IN fashion trends from the hair industry. And why shouldn’t they be? They’re super fashionable, and yes! Even when styles with some mini braids.

Sleek Twisted Single Plait

This sleek, twisted single plait with micro braids is a comprehensive teacher look. And teacher inspired styles as such are pretty versatile, comfortable, and don’t seem to go out of style anytime soon.

Mini Sectioned Braids

This mini sectioned braids look is another fun take on the classic box braids. And box braids in their habitat are stunning. And so is this mini sectioned braids. The sections divided your braids make them look put-together.

Micro Braids with Open Braids

Micro braids with opened braids (or coiled curls), to say the least, is a magnificent hairstyle. Those micro braids make your hair look sleekly pulled back, and the heavy coils make it look voluminous and adds more texture.

Long Loose Braids

Zoe Kravitz is one of the most fashionable stars from Hollywood when it comes to styling her hair. And these parted long micro braids are one of her classic looks. And if Zoe has taught us something about styling our hair with these braids, is that these styles look fabulous with whatever outfit we put on.

End Curved Braids

These end curved braids look like a fantabulous style straight out of a period drama. And all these period dramas we’ve watched, we can surely tell what types look good or not, and this style, without question, looks stunning. So wear this to the next office party or any other big event you’re invited to.

Accessorized Mini Braids

Accessories on braids are a deadly combo. Deadly, in the sense of how beautiful they look. Just take the picture above. Style your stylish braids with some stylish beads for a fun aunt look.

Mini Braided Roots


However many jokes we make about the 2000s, there’s no denying how pretty some styles were back then, just like these mini braided roots. These mini braided roots go great for a beach day.

Multi-Colored Mini Braids

Styling your braids isn’t all the jazz only about the braids. The colors help you define your style as well. And what other colors go as good together with other than shades of black and brown?

Black and Grey Braids

Grey hair is one of the most prominent hair colors right now. And whatever way you style grey colored hair, it doesn’t fail to impress. You can match it with black color with braids to make the entire look pop.

Half Pulled Back Mini Braids

Half pulled back styles are the combo of comfortable and classy styles. These styles are effortless to do, but they look sophisticated as well.

Baguette Twisted Bun

By now, you should’ve understood how into sophisticated looking hairstyles we are. And my oh my! isn’t this twisted baguette bun stunning. We love this style because of how protective it is and also how powerful it makes the one wearing them look.

Picture Day Micro Braids

Everyone likes picture day, right? But how stressful is it to choose a style that you know you won’t hate looking at the picture later. Well then, this picture-perfect half micro braids is the solution to your stress. This style makes your entire class look effortless and fun.

Half Braided Straight Hair

Black shiny hair looks pretty in pictures, but it isn’t easy to make them stand out. But these half mini braids are here as our savior. The mini braids add textures to your hair, also making it stand out.

Braided Hair with Highlights


Highlights on black hair are something a lot of us “basic” girls have to call our own for a fabulous style. While black colored braids on their own might seem a bit basic, adding some highlights to them make them look modern.

Dark Brown Braids

Chocolate brown or dark brown is a rich hair color. Adding some mini braids to your straight brown hair makes it look more classy and chic.

Thin Sectioned Braids

If you’re all about that crazy Coachella lifestyle, maybe go for this thin sectioned braids. This style might seem a bit “crazy,” but they work well to flatter your facial features such as your nose and jawline.

Micro Cornrows

Cornrows are a form of everlasting braided styles. This style isn’t only fashionable; it helps to bring out your facial features as well.

Low Effort Half Up Half Down Braids

Half up half down hairstyles are one of those styles that work well for any type of event, and so are mini braids. So why not put those two styles into a single effortless style. This effortless half up half down mini braids is wedding day ready hairstyle.

Parted Multi Colors

Mid parted styles are our personal favorites. These types of techniques make the ones wearing them look mature and fun-wild at the same time. And when you add some colored braids to the simple style, you’re doing fashion gods proud.

Sleek Pony with Tiny Braids

High ponies are one of those classic chich hairstyles. You could jazz up such a basic yet classic style by adding some pretty mini braids and securing them into a sleek high pony.

Casually Formal Mini Braids

There aren’t many styles (that we know of) that are quite formal and party-casual at the same time. But this casually traditional mini braids is one of them. When you put on these braids, you’re out of worries to give about any next event you get invited to.

Underbraided Sleek Bun

Sleek buns and ponies are few of the classic formal styles. But if you like to add some styling into classic, you can work with this under invisible braided plaits.

Twisted Braids with Extensions


Highlighted twisted braids are one of those styles you’ve probably seen your mom or aunt rock. And then you don’t need to tell how fun and easy to maintain this style is.

Braided Space Buns

Space Buns are one of those classic Tumblr styles. And didn’t Tumblr bring out some stylish hairstyles like these? The next time you’re bored with your braids style into some high space buns.

Open Long Hair with Twists

Mini twists are a simple and hotter take on the mini braids. They’ aren’t much different, but the thing about these twists is that they let your hair look subtly invisible, making it look more textured.

Copper Shades Tiny Cornrows

Copper shaded colors work wonders on any type of hair, and especially with high waves. If you want to add some surprising textures, those colors and beautiful waves. Style them with some tiny cornrowed braids.

Sweep Micro Cornrows

Swept cornrows are those clean-looking classy braided styles. The next time you want to style them, put them up into a high pony and maybe even top it off with some hoops.

Braided Lob

Lob hair length is a great one. This length of hair works excellent when it comes to complementing your overall facial and bodily features. And the next time you want to shorten it, remember how beautiful your lob looks with some micro braids.

Braided Half Top Bun

Half top buns are one of those simple to do styles that are comfortable as well. So if you’re feeling low about yours being somewhat dull, put them up into a top half-bun.

Braids with Classy Curls

So that you know, you can never go wrong with styling your twists along with some heavy curls. This mini braids with classy curls will help you clear your mind out.

Long Sweep Mini Braids

Long swept pixie hairstyles are among those “Mom Classics” and man! Aren’t they pretty? Don’t let you or even your grandma and mama worry about a comfortable style they could wear to the next family barbeque happening because this long swept mini braid is the one.

Side Shaved Micro Twists

Side shaved braids are super stylish. Add some mini twists to your fashionable side shaved head for a more casual hairstyle. Style this hair look with some fancy chains and jewelry.

Braided Blonde Bun

We’ve come this long and haven’t even talked about one of the hair classics: blonde hair. Braids look lovely and bring out the textures in lighter colors as blonde itself. If you want to keep the look a bit subtle, leave some loose ends and secure it into a high bun.

Braids with Waves

Braids and waves are both pretty fabulous and effortless to rock styles. You can mix these two beautiful styles up together to create a single gorgeous hairstyle.

Braided Formal Top-Bun

Top buns usually bring out one’s facial features, and it is also a classic. Secure your mini braids into a sleek top bun for an effortlessly formal look.

Party-Ready Rooted Braids

If you’re a party girl and want a go-to style for at least the few next parties you attend? You got it right here.  This multi-colored rooted braids styled with some icy hoops work for a party-ready braids look.

Deep Rooted Medium Braids

These deep rotted medium lengthened braids let you attain a fun modern intern look. And the twists add a hint of invisibility to the hairstyle.

Heavy Braids with Heavy Curls


Micro braids with heavy curls are one of those simple styles that help to add A LOT to an entire look. Style your mini braids with some heavy curls to bring out their textures.

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