97 Great Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

If you have medium length hair and are looking for some fresh styles, then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of ways to style your hair and you are going to have fun trying them all out. Whether you have thin hair or thick hair, you can find a style that you will love. There are styles with bangs and some without.

Having medium length hair is a universal style because it’s very popular. We have a ton of cool styles that you are sure to love. We have ponytails, braids, bobs and shags.

Check out 97 Great Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair:

Thin Styles:

If you have thin hair, there are certain styles that won’t look as great as thick hair and vice versa.

Thick Styles:

Thick hairstyles will often give you more volume than thin hairstyles.

  1. Bangs and Waves

Bangs will completely change your look and it might be just the change that you are looking for.


medium hairstyles

2. Wavy Looks

This is a gorgeous style that you can wear anywhere.

3. Sexy Styles

This sexy look is being showcased by this actress and it’s definitely a style that you will want to copy.

4. Shaggy Styles

This shaggy style is almost a hippie look. It’s a natural look that Sarah Jessica Park is pulling off magically.

5. Straight Styles

Another sexy style that Mila Kunis is pulling off to a tee. It’s a simple look to create and on that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

6. Gorgeous Styles

A great example of a hairstyle with thick hair, you can see that it has a lot of body to it.

7. Messy Styles


The longer style is shaggy and messy. It’s a little longer than the one on the right.


This look is much shorter and a little more polished. Both looks are very casual styles.

8. Simple Styles

Dakota Johnson is looking fresh and clean with this casual style.

9. Flirty Styles

A fun style that is flirty and cute. It’s not overdone, it’s casual and pretty.

10. Straight Looks

This simple style is poker straight and has bangs.

11. Curly Styles

Another simple style similar to the one before except that the bottom has bouncy curls.

12. Rounded Styles

This polished look has the layers styled inward. They are rounded out in a unique way.

13. Messy Looks

This model has a  simple look that is a popular one right now.

14. Pretty Updos

We see the same style again, but this time it’s up in an updo.

15. Bombshell Styles

A classic look like this is popular for a reason. It’s sexy and great for any event.

16. Bold Curls

There is a lot of thick hair here and it looks amazing in curls.

17. Stylish Looks

A very simple straight style that you can wear anywhere.

18. Pretty Styles

Selena Gomez is totally rocking this simple style. She turned a casual look into a sexy one.

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19. Simple Bangs

Another casual style that looks amazing in bangs.

20. Wavy Styles

This look is shorter than some of the others and it really stands out with the waves.

21. Simple and Short

Another medium length style that is fresh and fun.

22. Feathered Styles

A great style like this has a heavy bang that falls just above the eyed. The hair is thick and feathered away from the face.

23. Curly Looks

A sweet style that has bold and fresh curls.

24. Side Bang

We have a different bang here and this one is styled off to the side.

25. Messy and Stylish

This looks like a style that a sexy model would have. It’s gorgeous and messy but very stylish.

26. Simple and Stylish

This simple look is very popular because it’s stylish and easy to put together.

27. Celebrity Styles

A simple look that Beyonce is totally rocking out. Mimic this style and you will be one popular girl.

28. Simple Waves

A casual look that is wavy and pretty.

29. Soft Styles

A gorgeous style like this is exactly what you need if you want a sexy and fun look.

30. Layered Looks

A simple straight style that has some choppy layers.

31. Classy Styles

Selena Gomez has a shorter style here and it’s more polished and classy.

32. Casual Styling

Why wouldn’t you want to try this style out? It’s simple and yet will provide you with a beautiful style. 

33. Pretty Waves

Sarah Jessica Parker looks beautiful with this wavy style.

34. Sweet Looks

This gorgeous actress looks sweet in this simple look that is styled off to the side.

35. Bouncy Waves

This style is a little longer than most, but we do love the pretty waves.

36. Bold Looks

A cool look that has some cool layers and a bold shade of red running through it.

37. Tight Curls

A style that has tight curls and a bold shade of brown.

38. Gorgeous Looks

A casual look like this would only take you a few minutes to put together in the morning.

39. Choppy Styles

The layers here are pretty obvious and we love the fact that the different shades really make the layers stand out.

40. Bold Layers

Layers can really change the way that your hairstyle looks because it can frame the face.

41. Gorgeous Curls

A shocking shade of red is made bolder with these amazing curls.

42. Cascading Curls

A style like this is sure to turn heads at your next party.

43. Choppy Layering

Another stunning style that is sexy because of the choppy layers. It’s a little longer than most, a bit longer than a medium length style.

44. Thick Hairstyles

You can tell that this is a style with thick hair because it has so much natural volume. The layers and waves create even more volume.

45. Creative Waves

The waves in this style really make it stand out but so does the purple highlights. They add dimension to the overall style.

46. Flowing Locks

Another longer style that has long layers. They start to fall below the chin.

47. Flowing Curls

This style is sexy and elegant and it’s all thanks to the beautiful waves that are part of the style.

48. Sweet Styles

A sexy style like this is sure to blow away the crowd at your next party. Try it out and see how many compliments you get.

49. Flighty Styles

There are a lot of layers in this medium length hairstyles and they are styled in a flighty way.

50.  Celebrity Styling

You are sure to feel like a rock star just like Miley Cyrus with this choppy and messy look.

51. Various Looks

We can see the style from various angles here. At the side, we can see that the layers are of many different lengths and the layers are flipped back. It’s a beautiful look that is sexy and elegant.

52. Simply Stylish

This is a style that you could wear daily because it’s a simple look.

53. Elegant Look

This is a sexy look that is elegant. This look could be worn to the office or an elegant party, it’s very versatile.

54. Choppy Bangs

Layers frame the face and the bangs are choppy. It’s an edgy and cool look that you should definitely try out.

55. Sweet Styling

This is a cute look that you can use as an everyday style.

56. Sweet Looks

Another great look that is a classic and popular one.

57. Multiple Looks

We have four different styles here and they are all great examples of styles that you can have with medium length hair.

58. Pretty and Curly

A gorgeous look like this would be perfect for your next party.

59. Classic Styles

This is a classic look that is polished and well put together. It’s a straight one that has the hair styled off to the side.

60. Polished and Casual

A simple look that is polished with every hair in place.

61. Sexy Looks

We can’t help but love a style that is as messy and sexy as this one is.

62. Flirty Layers

This is another great medium length hairstyle that has fun and flirty layers throughout the style.

63. Fresh Looks

If you are looking for a fresh new look, then you can’t go wrong with copying Kristen Bell’s style.

64. Polished Styles

If you need a corporate and classy look, then this is the one for you. This is the kind of style that demands respect.

65. Celebrity Updos

Jennifer Garner is showing off a messy and gorgeous updo at a red carpet event.

66. Sexy Locks

If you need a bombshell style, then you are sure to love this sexy look. This look is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

67. Fun and Stylish

A casual look that was flirty and had a side bang.

68. Flirty and Bold

Hilary Duff has had this medium length style for a long time. She has a long bang that is styled off to the side.

69. Sexy and Bold

This bold style is a very popular look right now. The style is sexy and one of a kind.

70. Short Looks

If you are looking for something a little shorter than you might like this simple look. 

71. Gorgeous Updos

A great look that you could wear to a wedding or a formal event.

72. Classy and Bold

This short style is not a polished one, but it is very classy. You could use this style in a professional environment or out with your friends.

73. Rounded Styles

A great look like this is special because it’s styled around the face.

74. Pretty Styles

A unique look that has flowing waves and choppy bangs.

75. Straight Styling

The hair is styled in a deep part and the layers are poker straight.

76. Messy Waves

Another cool look that is styled off to the side with a deep part.

77. Pretty Simple

This look is pretty simple and casual. Try it out for yourself.

78. Sweet and Stylish Looks

A great look that will have you smiling every time that you look in the mirror.

79. Youthful Looks

This look is sure to make you feel even more youthful than you already do.

80. Classy and Stylish

A great look like this has the layers styled outward.

81. Casual Celebrity Styles

A medium length style that is simple enough that you can wear it anywhere. Emma Roberts looks great in this straight and casual look.

82. Smart Styles

You will feel smart and look smart with this classically simple look.

83. Angled Bob

Angled bobs are very popular looks and this one is edgy than most. The angle with this look is sharp and bold.

84. Straight and Classic

Reese Witherspoon is making sexy look really easy with this straight hairstyle.

85. Soft Styles

This style is a great example of a hairstyle with thin hair. You won’t get as much body if you happen to have thin hair. You have to work for the volume that you desire.

86. Softer Looks

Another great look that is classic and popular.

87. Wavy and Short

This short style is definitely a cute one. Just add a few waves and you will have a cute style that you can’t get enough of.

88. Deep Bangs

Taylor Swift looks amazing in this layered look. The bangs are deep and they almost cover the eyes.

89. Long Layers

There are layers here, but they don’t start until well below the chin.

90. Sexy Lengths

A great look that has some great layers that are super sexy.

91. Bold and Layered

A great style like this is one of a kind because it is fresh and has long layers.

92. Awesome Waves

We love this style that is classically beautiful.

93. Cascading Layers

These layers are straightened and are cascading down the back.

94. Flipped Styles

A great hairstyle that is straight and has the body flipped out dramatically.

95. Shiny Styles

We see this layered look from the side and from the back. It’s a great look that would be a low-maintenance style to have.

96. Choppy New Styles

Another great style that has choppy layers throughout the whole look.

97. Shaggy Styling

Another great style that Taylor Swift sported where it was more shaggy. The bangs are choppy and longer around the face.

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