101 Delightful Marriage Quotes Of All The Time

Let us begin our article on delightful Marriage Quotes.

Marriage is the most beautiful and the most sacred relationship on Earth. It’s not only about the meeting of two souls and hearts. It is the union of two different families and their cultures, traditions, values, ethics, and what not. Marriage is the day we can never forget in our life, and its celebration is grand and so precious are its memories. So without further due let us begin reading these delightful marriage quotes:

Someone Specialmarriage quotes

Yes, there indeed are many people who call you by your name, but when you have a particular person in your life whom you love with all your heart then your name suddenly gets a new value, new meaning, and you love hearing it time and again in their voice. Am I not correct?

Marriage Quotes About Advice

It’s essential advice to all the couples out there, don’t let a single day go without having fun! No matter a love or an arranged marriage, make sure you love your partner’s company, make sure to do each other’s favorite things together, make dumb jokes, laugh, cuddle, and hug each other! But above all, don’t take love for granted!

Inspirational Marriage Quotes

Every problem has a solution, and every misunderstandings and fight will eventually come to an end. That might take a little longer sometimes but holding on to each other’s hand and stand face to face to the storm is what will strengthen your relationship. Don’t end any relationship just because it has complications and issues in it, work out together, fight against all the odds and always be there for each other no matter what!

Marriage is not any fairytale. It’s the love, romance, care, selflessness, patience, strength and surviving hard times together that makes it prosperous!

Yeah, so to keep your marriage overflowing with love and happiness make sure you admit your faults when you make mistakes and shut up even at times when you are right! Because relationships don’t work out if both the partners get over each other in anger, so compromises are needed to make! If the husband’s angry, the wife should remain silent and act sensibly rather than getting into the fight and vice versa!

A Wedding Wish

A wedding wish from both groom and bride, wedding, in fact, is a knot that’s been tied together. The figure that’s made while tieing the knot is that of lying eight that symbolizes infinity of love.

Strong Marriage Quotes

Which kind of marriage do you call a strong marriage? Well, according to me and this quote, a strong marriage is the one that consists of two strong people, husband, and wife who are rarely strong at the same time. They take their turns to be strong when the other one feels low and weak!

After all strong marriage is all about two strong people who would never give up on each other no matter what!

And no matter how busy you get in life, make sure to have cute dates weekly, make some space wherein you both can speak your heart out, have some wine and dance in the melody of love!

Marriage Quotes Funny

Well well!

Only a man can say these words!

That’s a piece of wise advice here!

Poor husband! Well, this quote makes sense! In every marriage there’s one person who is always right, that’s, of course, the wife and the other is the husband. No matter what he has to plead and be sorry for the mistakes, he never committed! This is the sweet-sour relationship of a husband and a wife!

Now, what this quote indicates is that an archeologist could be the best husband any woman can have! Surprised? Well, don’t be so. The logic behind this saying is accurate because Archeologists, as we know, have a keen interest in old things so they’ll have more interest in their wives as they grow older and older! Funny, isn’t it?

And that’s at times disastrous!

Okay, now this is really funny! We all have our own philosophies about a number of things and so about marriage, but it’s sad knowing that they vanish once we are into the wedding!

And yes, you have to nod your head and agree to whatever she says. You could be the boss outside, but she’s the boss of the house! Better watch that out and act smart!

She’s Not Nagging

She cares, she overthinks, and at times she loves you a bit extra. That’s her habit, and if you think this habit of hers is nagging then you should start worrying at the point when she no longer cares! Don’t take anyone’s love for granted! Be grateful to them and show some respect!

Short Marriage Quotes

Be perfect for each other, and your marriage will eventually be!

Well, there’s nothing as the perfect time to get married, but if you ask me, you shouldn’t get married before you know yourself completely! It’s too early to get into commitments when you’re struggling with yourself because with marriage comes a lot of responsibilities! If you won’t be able to carry those responsibilities, then that would be the only reason behind your marriages’ failure!

For living with anyone is not a big deal but when you can’t live without someone then you should get married to them!

True that!

Marriage is not about a day or two’s journey, a life-long journey it is! It stays alive on the foundation of love, commitment, respect, trust, patience, friendship, communication, and companionship!

Everything automatically becomes peaceful when your wife’s around you! She might be noisy sometimes and messy too but you are always incomplete without her! Mark my words!

It’s a special feeling when you can fall in love again and again with the same person whenever you see them!

So marry only if you feel comfortable, just don’t get married to get married! Life’s so long to spend it with someone you can’t talk to and be silent with when you feel the need to be!

Marriage is not a joke; it’s about getting into a relationship wherein you’ll get into a bond with a person whom you’ll spend the rest of your life! So if you happen to propose someone lately, make sure that they too are sincerely interested in you, and they love you the same way you do because that is what your children will follow.

Yes and this is one of the main reasons behind many successful marriages around the world! Love the same person in different ways and fall for the same person every time. Do as I said and I give you the guarantee of a successful and long-lasting marriage!


Well, yes! Two people suit each other if they have the same level of understanding!

Every new phase in life is a new journey that is supposed to get many challenges in between. Through those challenges and hard times, not only one is going to suffer but both and it is to be understood by two of them! Mutual understanding hence is very much needed in marriages!

Marriage is all about maintenance where you fix your things when they get defected rather than changing them!

The roots of marriage are deep, and everything in it is good with God’s blessings!


Rules for a Happy Marriage

These are top 10 rules you must follow to have a happy married life! Go thoroughly through each of them!

Indeed! Treasure every memory, forgive for the mistakes one commits and never give up on each other, that’s the secret of a beautiful and happy marriage!

Sacrifices In Marriage

And sometimes we stay in a relationship just for the sake of other people we love and really care about- this is what I got after reading this piece of article. In any kind of relationship, we need to make a lot of sacrifices. Talking mainly about this case they made it for their children so that they don’t lack the blessings and love of their parent! So lucky those children are!

Marriage Quotes For Spouse

Calm them down even if you become the reason behind her stress!

And give her all the delights she deserves!

Marriage is, after all, everything about togetherness!

Always try giving the best you can to your spouse. Don’t waste your time, love and effort on someone else! Give her what she deserves and not what is left after you have shared with everyone else!

Anger is the fire that destroys everything so if ever you are angry with your wife then act sensible, sit back, think for a while, and spend some quality time together. Yes, she’s a mess, she has burdens and responsibilities as much as you have hence try to give her comfort she needs!

Sacred marriage as one would call!

And the person who genuinely loves you will always choose you and accept with all your flaws!

Yeah, learn to respect her. Be the man she would look up for when she’s broken! Talking wrong about her won’t make her bad but will minimize her integrity, and your own character would be taken away!

The Art Of Marriage Quotes

There’s nothing called a good marriage; it must be created! In marriage, even little things mean a lot. You are never too old to hold your partner’s hand and have some romance. You’re never too late to confess how much you love and value them. A good marriage is where you can speak your heart out, appreciate each other, forgive the mistakes, clear the misunderstandings, and grow old together. It’s not only about marrying the right person but being the right partner!

Marriage Quotes About Less And More

Things you should do merely and often in your married life!

True Love

True love is about being unconditional; it’s about accepting and loving the person the way they are rather than trying to change them! True Love indeed should be free of any terms and conditional where you are comfortable being who you are!

True love isn’t just about two words; it’s more than that. It is indeed something that can’t be expressed in words but can only be felt with the heart! True Love’s all about holding hands and walk through all the difficulties in the world!

Marriage Quotes For Bride And Groom

A great marriage happens when two imperfect people get together and learn to live and enjoy with their differences because in the end it’s all about understanding and to be understood!

So must learn to give your consistent investment of time, love, forgiveness and commitment!

Leap Of Faith

Loving someone, in fact, is leaping a faith. You don’t know what would happen, but you hand over them your heart with the belief that it will be taken care of, that it will never be broken, and that you still will never regret making that leap for them!

Marriage Box

Many people think that marriage is a beautiful bond wherein one gets love, intimacy, romance, companionship, friendship, etc. But it’s an empty box at first. Love is in two people not in the marriage, and similarly, romance has to be created. Couples must understand and learn the art of filling the marriage box, put more into it so that you can take more out of it!

Marriage Quotes And Sayings

Very nicely said! Marriage can never be successful with a division; divisions are there only in divorces! So give everything you have and make it 100-100 rather than making it 50-50!

Marriage’s only a paper but make it more than that with love, respect, friendship, faith and whatever it requires!

Because every morning brings with it a new start, so you require to work on your marriage every day!

Spend your time planning about your marriage that’s bringing you new challenges every day and not only about one day’s celebration called the wedding day!

Adjust your focus to what needs your attention the most! DOn’t let anything tear you people apart, you gotta work together and solve all the problems together, and that’s how you’ll bloom in your relationship!

Everything you need for a good marriage!

And that is what happens when you find yourself the perfect match!

Marriage is a special feeling to live and enjoy! Enjoy thousands of small things in it, live it and love it endlessly!

Marriage is after all about mutual contribution!

Marriages need two people to balance the relationship when they know that it’s not going to be easy and stand still for very long!

It’s a fantastic feeling when you realize that you are going to learn about each other every day. Marriage is even more beautiful when you can pick up the right person for yourself with whom you can stand against all the odds!


Just because a marriage is good doesn’t mean it’s not hard and vice versa. Hence the will to work for a good wedding is what matters the most!

And they love each other being imperfect and never give up on each other no matter what!


Marriage needs three, husband, wife and oneness that can only be from God! Marriage is never enough for two people to meet, it requires much more!

It’s all his blessings!

Man Vs. Woman

Man and Woman are very different in what they think, yet they marry each other because that is what life is all about! A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband and a man on the other hand worries about the future only after getting a wife. A man’s responsibilities increase more after marriage because he has to look after a wife who trusts him the most.

Cute Marriage Quotes

Haha, that’s funny and cute at the same time! DOn’t worry man, you are no lesser than Christian Bale!

Because to spy on each other, be jealous and tease each other are the flavors that make marriages worth celebrating!

Usually, it’s the husband who forgets the anniversaries and the wife who remembers them all!

And to have such a relationship is the best thing that can ever happen to someone!


Heart’s not a toy to play with so never play with a person’s heart. It really hurts a lot when you make someone feel special this moment and nothing the next!


Well, to be honest, there seriously is no family in the world that’s perfect. There are fights, arguments, and whatnot. But at the end family is family, it’s always there when others leave you in between. Always remember, family loves you more than anybody else in the world!

Marriage Quotes In Islam

True love, in fact, is the one that even death can’t separate. Two souls that love each other solely unite even after death is what Islamic belief is!

Marriage Prayer



Well, it’s a perception that can differ from person to person!


Just don’t say it but mean it and prove it to the one you truly love!

To love someone with all the imperfections they have is the most significant things ever and that’s the pillar of every successful relationship in the world!

People Who Care

People who care make an effort to keep you in their lives no matter what. And sometimes one puts walls up not to keep people out but to see who really cares and tries to break them down!

Humble Sorries

So marry only if you can lean down to make things work right! Learn to say sorry even when you have not committed any mistake, for a successful marriage depends highly on your humble sorries!

You’re My Everything!

Your partner means you everything when you can find in him your friend, heart, love, and life!

And this is how our marriage quotes come to an end, thank you for your togetherness through it all!

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