122 Life Quotes That Will Change Your Life

When one doesn’t know where his life’s leading him, that time Life Quotes are what help him in showing directions. Life’s a beautiful gift by God; every new day brings with it a new life, challenges, excitement, faith, hope, adventures and what not. But life’s so vague; one never knows what might happen the very next second. Life’s something that’s given to us only once and living it differently every time is an art that matters the most. One must and should live this blessing called life to the fullest and experience everything that comes on!

Enjoy  reading these 122 Life changing Life Quotes we have brought to you this time:

Life’s Failures

life quotes

And this happens most of the time because people lack what is called patience and faith! You never know how close you are to your goals so never give up no matter how long it took you to reach there. Have patience, and you’ll have what was always meant to be yours!


So if you ever face any obstacle, just remember that it’s nothing much but a step that will lead you to your destiny!

Life Quotes About Difficult Times

People often miss great opportunities just because they seem to be difficult. But dear, nothing comes easily! If it’s hard, keep in mind it’s meant to be worth it!

Be Fearless!


Be fearless in pursuing something that makes your heart beat faster and your soul more thrilling! Life is after all about adventures my dear!

Short Life Quotes

So don’t be stupid and don’t make your life harder for yourself!

You are limitless, always remember that!

So take every chance you come across and leave no opportunity to regret not making it afterward!

Winning is not always guaranteed, sometimes you win, and sometimes you fail and learn from it!

To earn money is no big deal neither it is a goal, but the goal is to live life according to you, on your own terms!

Live the life you love and love the life you are living!

Life’s an adventure so be ready with all the safety gears!

If you make changes, you’ll improve, but if you’ll change very often then it’s the way towards perfection!

When things don’t go right, go for other alternatives instead!

Focus on your focus towards life!

Yes! And it’s the bridge that connects you to your goals!

So if you are going through difficult roads, you surely are going to meet beautiful destinations ahead!

Just don’t go through life, don’t be content with the life just passing by, learn to grow with it instead!

One crucial thing that people of this generation need to know! People are being so addicted to the internet and are living in a virtual world. Make your real life presence more significant than the online presence!

And especially for the continuous dreamers! Dreamers are the ones who dare to dream the dreams that no one else ever has dreamt about, and that is why life never remains easy for them!


Breathe out your stress and anxiety. It’s life! Not every day is a good day and if a day turns out to be bad then don’t worry. Relax! It’s just a bad day, not a bad life!

Because things have more mysteries than what we see from the outer surface and behind every beautiful thing is some kind of pain that no one else but only you know about!

And speak the same to yourself daily! It really works!

Never search for happiness in the same place you lost it, you won’t find it! It’s just a wastage of time looking for happiness therein!

Inspiring Life Quotes

Use all of what God has given you!

Life happens when you are busy into other things. Life’s a surprise if I say it in few words!

So learn to be calm and happy even in the worse situations because that is how you’ll learn to live your life!

Yes, life indeed is about collecting the scars and reaching the peak of your life!

Just because life’s given only once doesn’t mean to rush towards things. As there’s no particular road to anything, take your steps slowly, things will go on succession. For the things that grow fast, wither rapidly and that which grows slowly withstands!

A life without challenges is a game without an opponent! It’s more interesting to face hurdles and challenges and overcome them, and that is what makes life meaningful. Problems are what make our lives worth living!

Never let your situations overpower you, take your own decisions and be the result of it!

You’ll ultimately reach your goal so be patient!

And strength is all about overcoming the things once you thought you could never do!

Live your life with a new level of excitement each time as if you have just started living it!

Don’t underestimate me!

Never underestimate anyone! You never know if they are smarter than you. Not every person tends to show off his strengths, maybe he speaks less but knows more, perhaps he notices more than anybody would ever realize, just maybes. And in between these maybes, don’t make any mistake by underestimating anyone!

True Life Quotes Sayings

Every single person makes mistakes, they are impatient at times and sometimes challenging to handle. And those who can’t be there with them in their hard times do not deserve them at their best!

Because only you have the key to your life, you have the control, and you are the one who can change it in a literal sense. Nobody else would do that for you nor can they do it even if they’ll try to! Hence you are the master of your own life!

As said earlier, you have the key to your life. !0% is what happens to you, and you can’t really do anything about it, but the rest is in your hands so be careful while handling your life!

Blessings And Lessons

Every person you meet in your lifetime, meet you for a purpose. Some might be blessings for you while others might just teach you life long lessons! Be careful when analyzing people!

The Best Of Everything

So true it is! God doesn’t divide his love and blessings among people with partiality. Everyone’s given the same love, happiness, and opportunities and the ones who make the best of everything and anything that’s given to them turn out to be the happiest persons! They don’t have the best but make everything best!


Be the reason that someone smiles today! Your smile is a potent weapon that can change the world, but the world’s cruel, there are also the people who take advantage of you. Hence never let the world change your smile.

Life Quotes On Struggle

And just sometimes all you need is a great fall so that you rise higher the next time!

My Life Quotes

Pray for the strength to overcome every difficulty you face in life!

Name, fame, stress, and worries are just random things in your life if you just want to be happy!

Don’t be upset if someone’s not happy with your decisions. It’s not your responsibility to please them; it’s their life, so they themselves are responsible for it. And the same goes for you too, it’s your life, make your decisions by yourself and be happy! Don’t care about other’s happiness, care about your own!

Well, that might not really be interesting knowing but this is how exactly I am. Always remember the people who forgive do so such that they can just move on and let go of the things that bother them. Forgiving doesn’t mean giving a second chance to let them hurt once again, but it means to move on with life!

Life in the language of literature is a book, we are the writers of our own books, and we are to create our personal stories! If you feel like someone’s trying to have control on you, then be alert! Don’t let them spoil your story, write it on your own, make mistakes and don’t apologize for the mistakes you will make because you’ll learn from your mistakes!

Know people around you because not everybody deserves to be in your circle!

And just because I smile doesn’t mean I have no problems!

Positive Life Quotes

Fight and overcome through the worst days in order to earn the best days of your life!

If you are doomed, don’t worry there will be rays of hope and you’ll come out of it for sure!

Don’t consider your life a problem; it’s a bottle filled with experiences that you need to take a sip of every drop!

A smile is a sword, and it can fight back all the troubles. Keep smiling, and there definitely would come a day when life will give up being harsh to you!

ctrl+shift+delete the negative people from your life. Surround yourself with positive people!

Keep the faith and be positive!

Never forget how blessed you are and don’t be negative when you have many things to be positive about!

The ones who are always trying to pull you down are already below you! Don’t be bothered by such people and surround yourself with positivity!

Stay strong! Life may be hard now, but it will never remain the same. It might be stormy now, but there would come a day when the rain will stop. Sun would certainly shine!

Cute Life Quotes

Life’s full of mess and so are you! You are unique and precious so love yourself even if you are one heck of a mess!

Life Quotes About Happiness

People often misunderstand happiness with achievements. Happiness is not when you get everything, but it is when you enjoy having what you have! Happiness is all about the inner peace and satisfaction, the one who lacks it can never be happy in the real sense!

Half of the problems in your life would vanish if you stopped comparing yourself to others. You are beautiful the way you are; you are unique! No two persons can ever be the same; you never know if you are better than the ones you are comparing yourself with! Comparisons are just evil thoughts people have in their minds that keep them unstable and unhappy!

Start caring less about the people and objects around you. Instead set your goals and keep working hard in order to lead and live a happy life!

8 Rules To A Better Life

Hacks to a better life! Try these eight life hacks to a better life, and you’ll surely have a better version of the life you are living now!

Inspirational Life Quotes

Keep yourself strong and be self-motivated because sometimes self-motivation is the only thing that is the milestone of your success!

That’s the sweetest revenge you can ever take!

You are unbreakable and as precious as a diamond! Nobody can break you, remember that!

Intelligent People

Weak people take revenge because they can’t live with so much hatred and backstabs. Strong people, on the other hand, forgive because forgiving is releasing the pain, but most importantly, intelligent people ignore because they know how stupid people and their actions can be. Intelligent people just don’t care about silly things and waste their precious time!

Dear Almighty!

Have faith in God, and he’ll never do injustice to you!

The Simple Life

Why so many complications? Keep things clear, have a simple and a sorted life!

Don’t Judge!

Never judge anyone’s thoughts and choices without trying to know them nicely!

Never judge a person by the phase of his life that you have just entered in!

Fact Of Life!

It needs a strong person to make compromises to make others happy, and it requires even a stronger person who will be pleased with everyone. To be happy with everyone is a tough job as it requires you to ignore many mistakes of theirs! If people are happy with you and you are happy with everyone, then I must tell you that you are a powerful person!

Season’s Of Life

Life is vague; if it’s good this moment, it can turn the very next. Good or bad, they are the seasons of life. It depends on you how you deal with these seasons!


As they say ‘karma is a bitch’! Your life will treat you the same way you will treat it!


Remember that you are limitless, there’s no limit in what you can achieve. It’s just the limitation on your thinking that drags you!

Love What You Do!

Love what you do, if you are not loving what you are doing, then you are definitely into the evil work. Don’t settle down until you find what makes you happy!


Yesterday had challenges in it that you already went through, tomorrow will have opportunities for you but in front of you is today when you are most required to choose the path to walk through!

Life Quotes Sayings

It never makes a sense to expect for a life with happiness but no pain because even rainbows don’t come out without a little rain!

7 Rules Of Life

Seven finger clicking easy life rules to be happy!

Reality Of Life

It’s a sad truth of life! When you give importance to people, they start taking you for granted and think that you are always available to them. But it’s really very sad how they don’t understand that you make yourself free for them every time!

Beautiful Life Quotes

People might not remember what you say, what you do but they’ll never forget how you make them feel. So make your loved ones feel special!

Be thankful for everything you have, travel places, enjoy what you love doing, stay humble and never stop learning!

Because doing so really makes the day bright! I always do that so I know it better!

A beautiful thing that both men and women should know!

And that is how you discover yourself and know yourself better!

Just because you are speaking every time doesn’t mean you make a sense. Sometimes meaningful silences are better than meaningless words!

Because even small steps matter but all you need to do is take the step at first!

Your thoughts are beautiful and powerful. Be positive and think positive!

Take action and move one more step closer to the success!

The Past

We are most anxious not about what will happen tomorrow but what we did yesterday!

Be ready to face the future with the lessons you learned in the past!

The Right Path

And you for sure face difficulty when you’re doing the right thing!

Because sometimes you need to walk alone on those paths. You need to fight against all the odds, and it’s rare to have back support in such situations and hence right paths aren’t always the easiest ones!

Life’s A Bitch

Life’s a bitch because it ain’t easy at all!


How you react tells very much about what would you be, a prisoner lost in the darkness of past thoughts or a pioneer who would conquer the future!

Life Quotes

It’s not always the life that troubles you but the people in it who do that!

Let It Go!

You don’t always need plans and motives, sometimes all you really need is trust. Just breathe, let go of it and see what happens!

Be Strong!

Ask what you want, stand for it even if it means standing alone and ask for help when you really need it!

Picture Of Perfection

We all have a picture of perfection in our mind, and it really screws us up when the things we get do not match with that of the things in our mind!

A Second Chance

Life gives everyone a second chance called tomorrow that offers opportunities to learn and improve!

Quotes About Love And Life

There’s a huge difference between like and love says, Buddha. When we like someone, we try keeping them near us, but when we love someone, we fear losing them and we pamper them daily!

To the love of your life!

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The 3 C’s In Life

The three C’s in life are Choice, Chance, and Change. If you really want to change anything in life, then you must make a choice and take the chance of doing it!

Don’t Trust

So never believe things too fast!

Accept The Apology!

And not everyone tends to apologize even they make big mistakes, so if you learn to accept the apology that never comes from the other side, then that is how you make your own life more comfortable! And it really needs a big heart to forgive someone for the sins they committed!

Talk To Each Other

Mutual understanding is very much needed in life. If you talk about each other rather than talking to each other, then the wrong things as well might get spread like fire. Don’t make your life so sophisticated, speak to each other, sort out things and you’ll see half of the problems disappearing from your life and the world as well!

Move On!

It’s sometimes imperative to let go of the things that no longer make any sense in life because you can’t step into another phase of your life if you keep sticking to the last one!


Insecurities are the biggest reasons why you fail! Don’t let your insecurities overpower you!

You Are Strong!

Your real strength comes out when life puts you in the circumstances where being strong is the only option you have, and that is how you discover how strong you are, and you never knew about it!

Yes, I am strong!

Be Yourself!

Be who you are! People don’t have to like you, and you don’t have to bother about it!

A Meaningful Life

Life’s not meaningful when you are highly educated when you are famous when you are perfect when you have name, money, and popularity instead it’s about being humble, real, strong, be able to share and change others lives.  This is only then that we could have a happy life!

Life Goes On

Life goes on no matter what you choose in life! So don’t be in the illusion that life will wait for you. No! It will go on and on!

Never Forget

Never forget the people who helped you in your hard times, the ones who left you in between and especially the ones who put you into the troubles!

Never Regret

Don’t regret not doing things but rather go on and do them. Life’s good and sometimes bad, it’s all about experiences! Don’t keep any regrets!


Always be grateful to the people who are always there for you no matter what!

Do Not Give Up!

You are allowed to cry, scream, and do everything you want but do not ever give up just because you can do anything!

Don’t Change!

Real people will love you the way you are and appreciate you for being who you are so don’t ever change yourself so that people like you! Be you!

The Ones To Let In!

The ones who are happy in your happiness and can see you going through the pain and be there with you are the type of people you need to let in in your life! They are the real jewels!

Trust Your Journey

Life’s a journey, trust it, raise your energy,  be positive and the rightmost people will come into your life by themselves!

So with this, this article on Life Quotes come to an end. Hope you guys found it fruitful!

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