89 Funky Jumbo Box Braids You Will Love

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If you are looking for a cool look that is also a protective style for your hair, then you should try out jumbo box braids. These braids are thick and large and they really stand out. The best part though is that they can be kept in for months, so it offers you a style that you don’t have to worry about for months. It has certain characterizations about the box braids like the parting pattern and just the size of the braids. They are great for the summer months because they keep your hair out of the way and you can hit the beach or the patio bars without having to style your hair. If you’re someone that likes low-maintenance styles, then this is the one for you. We have a ton of different styles for you to look at!

Check out these 89 Funky Jumbo Box Braids You Will Love:

1. Stylish Ponytail

A style like this is elegant and pretty. You could wear this to work or out on a date.

jumbo box braids

2. Fun Styles

This is a cute style and one that you can wear anywhere.

3. High Style

A great style that has a bun on top with some loose braids down the back. It’s a more casual style.

4. Cool Colors

You can achieve color pretty easy in braids just by adding colored hair extensions. You don’t have to dye your hair or damage it in any way.

5. Long Styles

These braids are pretty simple to create and they are all over the place.

6. Pretty Styles

Another fun style that you are sure to love.

7. Pretty Colors

This is a great time to try out some fun colors because you don’t have to dye your hair. You can try out these colors and have fun with the style.

8. Sexy Looks

This is a sexy look that you can rock out at any party. It’s a fun look that will fit most situations.

9. Loose Braids

A nice style that is parted on the side in a sexy way. You can wear your braids loose and it makes a great style.

10. Cool Looks

Another example of the partial style that is loose and pretty.

11. White Styles

We have a short style here that is really unique. The style has some white braids as well.

We think that getting braids should be done in a salon so that you know that the job will be done right. But if you choose to do it at home, we can give you a few tips. There are a few things that you will need at home to accomplish this.

How to braid your hair at home:

You Will Need:


Wide-toothed comb

Hair Elastics

Boiling hot water

Rattail comb

Hair extensions

Sectioning clips

Edge wax

12. Cool Accessories

Another cool style that is short and sweet. A great style that has some gold accessories through this.

13. High Bun

A great look that has a ton of braids in it. The bun is high on top of the head and you could easily wear this style to a fancy event or a wedding.

14. Trendy Look

An awesome look that is trendy and chic. The hat really completes the whole look.

15. Side Styles

This is an elegant style that is one of a kind. The hair is all pulled off to the side in a classy way. This would be a great look for a fancy event.

16. Sexy Styling

Another loose look that is very sexy.  This is a style that you can wear to your next party.

17. Partial Styles

A stylish look that has small braids that are brought into big braids.

18. Glamorous Styles

Another amazing style that is elegant and beautiful. This would be a great style for your next event.

19. Long and Beautiful

This is a gorgeous style that is long and elegant.

20. Braided Bangs

It’s a loose style that has some braids pulled back in a semi-partial style.

21. Scalp Designs

This amazing style that has a star design in the scalp. There are lots of designs that you can get in your scalp.

22. High Styles

A high style that is truly one of a kind. It’s a cool party look.

23. Round Buns

This elegant bun is rather large and it sits proudly on top of her head. This is a style that would be great for an event.

So how to accomplish a jumbo box braid style?

Here’s what to do:

Take care of yourself. Make sure the day before you do a hot oil treatment, wash and condition your hair so that it’s in the best condition that it can be before you start braiding it.

Use the wide-toothed comb to get out all tangles and knots.

Section the hair away from the top of the head. You will want to leave the hair loose that is about 3 inches above the nape of your neck.

Using the tail end of the rattail comb, you want to create a square-shaped part about 3”x3” in size.

Use the edge wax to smooth down the edges of the part and then tie the hair back with an elastic.

Repeat the last two steps in order to divide your hair and form the foundation for your braids.

Pick up a section of the hair extensions and fold it in half to form a U upside down.

Place either side of the U on the other side of the section of your natural hair.

Continue to re-divide extensions into three sections and continue to add your natural hair into the sections.

Continue to braid these 3 sections all the way until the end.

You are going to secure the end by burning them with a lighter for about 3-5 seconds.

Repeat the last three steps as you create your box braids.

You are going to want to dunk the ends of the braids into boiling water to fuse them together and make sure that they are fully secure.

24. Large Styles

A great style that has some pretty big braids. It’s a large style that has some maximum volume.

25. Thrilling Styles

Brandy here is a huge fan of box braids and she looks amazing with them. This would be a cool everyday look to try out.

26. The Process

This long style is glamorous and gorgeous and as you can see you can buy the braids in any length or style that you want. You just feed them into your natural hair.

27. Short Looks

It’s a medium length style that is loose and free.

28. Fun Buns

A fun style that has some high buns on top. It’s a double bun style and one taht you are sure to love.

29. Deep Part

Having a deep part in your hair will always give you more volume.

30. Simple Styles

A great look that has simple braids in a simple style.

31. Bold Styles

These styles are bold and beautiful. It’s a stunning style because there are so many braids that it creates a style that is voluminous.

32. Spinning Buns

There are a lot of braids here and when you pile them up high, they are bound to create a bun that is quite large like this one.

33. Pretty Looks

A simple style that is a partial look that is unique and pretty.

34. Golden Braids

This braided style has a few golden braids in it which makes it stand out more.

35. Casual Styles

This casual style can be worn as an everyday look. You can wear it anywhere. If you like low-maintenance styles, then this is the one for you.

36. Redhead Styles

This sexy style has a bright red coloring that you are sure to love no matter what.


37. Star Designs

These large braids look amazing and they are certainly a unique look.

38. Glamorous Updos

This is sure to be a look that would turn heads wherever you go. It’s the perfect updo for a fancy event.

39. Braiding Hair

We can see the style being braided here and it’s not as hard as you would think it would be.

40. Golden Locks

A look that is styled off to the side with a stunning golden coloring. This is a great style that will really brighten up your style.

41. Middle Part

These gorgeous locks are bright and wonderful. The middle part here creates a very dramatic look. This style is also very long. If you want a dramatic look, then try out very long braids.

42. Pretty Braids

Another simple look that is great for casual styling.

43. Bold and Pretty

A great look that is one of a kind and truly wonderful.

44. Pretty Buns

Braids can get in your face just like your regular hair can. If you are looking for ways to keep your hair off your face when it’s hot, then a bun would be a great way to do that.

45. Cool Looks

Another long style is one of a kind.

46. Beach Hair

This would be a great look to wear to the beach.

47. Goddess Styles

If you want to feel like a goddess, then this is a great way to do it. We love this gorgeous style.

48. High Designs

Another gorgeous example of a style that is simple and easy to put together.

49. Gorgeous Styles

A gorgeous look that is high on top and pulled back into a ponytail. It’s a style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

50. Loose and Long

A great loose look that you can wear to the next party you go to.

51. Sweet Styles

A stunning style that is glamorous and cool. You could wear this style to an event or for a day of running errands.

52. Brown Styles

This brown coloring really warms up her whole look. Try it out and see how you like it.

53. Dark and Light

We have box braids in two different shades and you can see the difference it makes in an overall look. What color do you prefer?

54. Pretty Accessories

A simple and pretty look that is created with the use of fun accessories.

55. Blue Designs

This is a very dramatic style. If you are looking for something a little edgier, then you can’t go wrong with this look. we have bright blue braids that are pulled up high on the head. Some hair is left down but the sides of her head are shaved right down to the skin.

56. Glamourous Updos

This is another great updo that would be perfect for your next fancy event.

57. Sporty Styles

If you are looking for a style that you can basically wear anywhere, then this is the one for you.

58. Children’s Styles

Box braids are just as great for kids as they are for adults. You can try them out for yourself.

59. Goldie Locks

Another great golden style that you are sure to love. We love the fact that the gold coloring is just on one side and not the other.

60. Goddess Designs

You are sure to become the most popular person at the party with a hairstyle like this one. It’s beautiful.

61. Unique Styles

A great style like this has plenty of twists to give you a look that is truly unique.

62. Bold Buns

This is a bold bun. It’s quite large and there are a lot of braids pulled together to create a unique look.

63. Pretty Looks

If you need a style for your next wedding, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

64. Purple Designs

Another great opportunity here to try out some amazing color. This style is sure to brighten up your day.

65. Red Buns

A stunning style that combines big and bold buns with a bright red color.

66. Fashionable Looks

A cool style like this could be worn anywhere that you want.

67. Messy Styles

If you are a fan of the messy styles, then that can still be achieved with braids. This is basically a messy bun but with a box braid style.

68. Shorter Styles

Who says you can’t have braids with short hair. It’s a bold look that is sure to get plenty of compliments.

69. Elegant Style

A pretty style like this is one of a kind. It’s a look that is elegant and classy. It’s a special style that you can wear to a lot of events.

70. Pretty New Styles

These styles could be used for many different occasions. It’s a beautiful look that is sure to make you feel like a million bucks.

71. Multi-Colored Shades

A wonderful style that has a bunch of different colors. The different colors create a style that is multi-dimensional.

72. Long and Luxurious

If you want a luxurious style you can’t go wrong with long hair. It’s a simple look with a round bun. Try it out and see how you like it.

73. Sexy New Styles

A fresh new look is all you need to bring in the New Year. Try this style on for size and you won’t regret it.

74. Gorgeous Looks

Another loose style that you can wear to your holiday parties.

75. Pretty Simple

If you like to keep things simple, then you are sure to love this style.

76. Pretty Braids

Another loose look that is easy to achieve and easy to manage. You will love this easy style.

77. Shaved Sides

This gorgeous style is braided and beautiful. If you want an edgy look all you have to do is shave the sides of your head. The shaved sides and the braids together create a look that is truly badass.

78. Side Part

Another great style that is simple and casual. You could wear this style anywhere.

79. Pretty Shades

You are sure to love this style because of the gorgeous shade. When it comes ot color choices, this one is a winner.

80. Cute Designs

These styles are great for kids because you can keep them in for months and not have to worry about it. It will save you styling your child’s hair for months. What more could you ask for?

81. Thick Braids

There aren’t as many braids here because they are thicker and larger. We love the splash of purple involved here as well.

82. Cool Purples

A sweet shade of purple is all you need to put a smile on your face.

83. Star Styling

The design on the scalp is in a star pattern. It’s beautiful and one of a kind.

84. Bold and Brash

Another great look that has black and red together. We love these edgy cool styles.

85. Gorgeous Designing

This is a stunning look that has thick braids and some cool accessories.

86. Threaded Design

The threads are weaved into the braids to create this cool style. It’s a great way to bring some color into your style.

87. Cool Vibes

You can’t go wrong with a cool style like this one. It’s gorgeous in every possible way.

88. Sweet Colors

How could you not love a style as colorful as this one? It’s magnificent.

89. Bolder Looks

A simple look that is created out of a couple of braids.

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