Top 90 Jealousy Quotes You Must Read Before Hurting Yourself !

Jealousy Quotes! Well, it’s so natural to get jealous when someone or something you love is going away from you. Isn’t it? Yes! We understand your emotions and feelings very well, and that is the reason why we thought of bringing you people something different this time, i.e., the Jealousy Quotes.

Read the 90 Jealousy Quotes with images down below before you hurt yourself. Make yourself feel comfortable after that!

Jealous People

jealousy quotes

The people who often get jealous are troublesome to other people, but nobody knows the suffering they go through!

Quotes About Jealousy And Envy

Love doesn’t exist at the place where there are envy and jealousy so make sure you leave them behind. Drop every negativity you have in your mind no matter how difficult that is to do!

Envy indeed is a weapon that kills the weapon holder and not the one in front of it!

Because dragging someone a level below from where they were isn’t a big deal. People can’t enjoy to see you a level up than them, and they’ll try all possible ways to break you down which undoubtedly aren’t tremendous efforts!

Never do the jealousy, never hate anyone, and never do the insecure stuff because it will trouble you later and you’ll be the only person suffering from it. Instead, be the well-wisher, wish good for others, do what you enjoy and be happy!

Don’t be envious! Having it is like doubting your self-worth. Every individual is unique, and you never know if you have something in you that nobody else has! You are unique and precious. Love yourself the way you are!

Respect your haters because each time you face their envy, you’ll realize that you are better than them!

Make an enemy of jealousy and envy because it will help you deal with things easily!

Jealousy Quotes About Love

So what do you choose? To be in a healthy condition or a diseased state? It’s so immature to think that more love means more jealousy. No that’s wrong, where there’s love there’s jealousy but too much of it is insecurity, and that might make you lose your partner forever!

Exactly! A million dollar truth everybody needs to accept! If you love a person and care for them, then learn how to trust them rather than being jealous all the time for no reason. Being jealous doesn’t show your love to that person, it shows your immature mind and insecurities. So give up torturing yourself and learn to trust!

Use your jealousy wisely!

Quotes About Jealous Females

You’ll find tons of jealousy quotes about women if you search. Women are considered to be the most jealous creatures alive, never content, always comparing themselves with other females, and getting hurt at the end. That’s really bad. Like no two flowers can be the same. Similarly, no two women can ever be like each other. It’s a wise thing to accept yourself the way you are! Always remember, every woman is unique and has her own worth!

It’s your life, live it your way. Don’t live it to please others! Be happy and be who you want to be!

And their little dramas lead to make you behave the way they deserve it, and that’s how they end up hating you! Don’t be bothered about such people!

The Best Thing About Future

The future won’t come back once it’s gone. So do productive things and make it count!

Jealousy Quotes in Relationships

So don’t let your emotions get over your relations! Be sensible, think twice before you do anything, and keep yourself calm. Too much jealousy will give you unwanted stress and hence lousy health!

There are times when things don’t go according to us. We hurt people with or without the intent of doing so, our words are poisonous to them, we cause wounds to ourselves and the people around us, and we cloud our lives. It’s a bit of great advice to have patience and wait for the right time to come so that words can be spoken openly and right actions can be taken!

No offense but it’s the truth that women get more jealous than men do! A girlfriend who gets jealous when you pay more attention to someone else is the most faithful girlfriend because if she won’t be jealous, that means she doesn’t care and she is committed to someone else!

A little bit of jealousy is very much required in a relationship because it is just another way of telling people how much you love them and how badly you don’t want them to be taken away by others. But as we know, too much of anything is never good and hence too much of jealousy isn’t good as well; it just increases complications in a relationship!

Cute Jealousy Quotes

Don’t give yourself too much stress thinking about what others do to you. You are precious, and people drag only those who have an extra spark in them. So keep in mind, you have that spark in you!


It’s always cute and good knowing that there’s someone who is always afraid of losing you so a little bit of jealousy is good in a relationship. And where there’s not even a little jealousy in a relationship, there’s no love!

You know why do people get jealous of you? That’s because you are better than them and since they are envious so know that you are always in their mind! And even if they talk shit about you, don’t forget you are getting the most attention from them. Their focus might not cheer you but isn’t that remarkable being in someone’s mind 24/7 and they trying their hard to be like you?

Jealousy Quotes For Him

And that’s one sort of cute jealousy quotes for the guy you love the most. Love’s so beautiful, and it’s even more attractive when you get jealous of smaller other things he pays attention to when you are around him!

Don’t Worry About The Haters!

Don’t give such people a damn! They are just weak people who can’t accept the truth you speak!

By Intent Or Accident

A human trait- we love too hard too soon, and when it comes to hatred we do that too hard as well! I believe, no person has ever not hurt other people intently, or by mistake, we all do that, it’s human nature. We are always striving for betterment, we never know what it is to be more human but I think, learning to forget things that hurt us and forgiving others and ourselves is what makes us more human! We do make horrible mistakes and learn from them. This is life, and this is how we learn it, love it and live with it!

Quotes About Jealous People And Haters

The people who hate you and are jealous of you will never be happy for you. But don’t bother yourself with such thoughts. I mean how can you expect people to be happy for you who aren’t satisfied for themselves?

If you can’t motivate someone and be there while they are making success, then you have got no right to pull them behind. Doing such things won’t push you higher either!

Know Your Circle!

Not everybody who hangs around you and laughs with you is your friend. Just because they say, they are always there for you no matter what doesn’t mean they’ll stand with you and just because they say they got your back doesn’t mean they will never stab you. Real situations and hard times tell you who your genuine friends are. So know your circle and chose your friends wisely!

Unhappy And Unsatisfied

Those who create dramas are the ones who are very unhappy and unsatisfied in their lives! They do so just to get noticed by other people.

Don’t Judge Me!

You have no right judging people by your own perceptions, your jealousy or anything else. People don’t live their lives to please you; they live their lives for themselves!

Jealousy Kills!

Jealousy is harmful; it is like an acid that kills you from inside and eats up all the goodness and positivity in you if any left. Suspicion poisons your emotions and makes you incapable of taking the right decisions in life!

Never Respond To Rudeness!

Never respond to any kind of rudeness you come along because when people are rude, they show what they actually are not who you are. So don’t take any sort of rudeness personally, ignore and be silent!

Never Better

Not everyone who wants to see you do good would want you to be better than them, and that’s natural because there are only a few people who don’t get jealous of you when you make more success than them, and those people are known are family!


And it’s a human tendency to find flaws in anything and everything they come along!

Envy- An Overwhelming Emotion

Never trust a person who wants to have the things or the success you have. Not even your friends! Jealousy is an overpowering emotion; you never know when it enters a person!

Don’t Waste Time!

Don’t waste your time being jealous; not everyone is the same. Sometimes you’re better than them and sometimes a little lesser than them! Know your worth and be happy for yourself!

Quotes About Success And Jealousy

And few people when you make success see nothing but feel jealous! To them, your success and happiness don’t digest easily!

Men are Wretched

And this very quote shows how terrible men are!

Insecurities And Jealousy Quotes

There are high chances that when a person hates you, it’s not you who bother them but they themselves! It’s all about themselves, their fears, their jealousy, their boredom, and on the top of all their insecurities!

Jealousy is being insecure about the things you fear to lose. A prominent and a self-confident person is never jealous of anyone in anything!

Surround With Positivity

Get your surrounding as well as yourself into a positive state in the sense that always have loving and caring people around you and not the ones who are always jealous and envious about one thing or the other.

Funny Jealousy Quotes

That’s a hell of an amusement to think of getting jealous of self!

Jealousy- A Good Indication!

Think the other way round now. Isn’t jealousy a good indication? I mean why would people be jealous of you if you aren’t better than them? Nobody gets jealous of losers. So congrats if someone’s jealous of you, you are already a winner in their eyes!

Special Place In Heart For Those Who Care

Always notice the people who are happy in your happiness and sad in your sadness. For those who stand by you in your good and bad times are the ones who deserve special places in your heart! Treasure them, those kind of people are hard to come by!

Genuine Friends

Real friends are never jealous of each other. They go through ups and downs together and celebrate each other’s victory together at the end of the day!

And real friends never tell you how much they love you but will be ready to surrender you their whole life if needed!

Sarcastic Jealousy Quotes

To someone who hates me- Sorry dear, I have no time hating you, I am too busy loving those who love me! Cheers! Get a life!


Those who say they hate you observe every moment of yours. People usually hate others because they can’t be like them and they throw bad things at them because they are farther to reach!

And the ones who hate you will say negative about you when all they really know about you is nothing at all! It’s so sad that such people exist!

Analysis Of Jealousy

Analyzing a Jealousy!


Compassion is the tender emotion that helps overcome things like hatred, jealousy, and over attachment. It helps a person to return to the stable mental state. Compassion doesn’t only mean being kind; preferably, it means to do something good without expecting anything in return. 

People think deeply to know what’s going on in your life; they are curious creatures. When they think they know, they try to put things they think they know together, and finally, when they know it they will start hating you!

Don’t Destroy Yourself!

And not only America but any nation in the world can’t be destroyed from outside. If the nation stumbles and people lose their freedoms, that’s when people kill themselves!

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Jealousy Quotes By Famous People

When we have uneasy jealousy in our habit, anyone can dig in our talents by others if they are weak and those who admire such people keep the process going on! Doubting honesty in our soul, we meet their claims!

Signs of the social climbers who are always in the running race of comparing themselves with others. I feel that such people are the unhappiest souls in the world!

A girls’ demand to be heard before marrying a man!

In fact, no girl would love marriage to be like a chain that holds two individuals like a knot does. Both partners should be free, they must be able to express and share what’s in their respective minds, and there must be equality among both. One has no right to force another person to change his/ her views or ideas just because they aren’t like others!

Because the words that are once spoken can’t be taken back so be wise before you talk about something! Please stop gossiping. Gossiping is the result of jealousy and hatred, it not only hurts the person who speaks but also the one who listens. Gossip is cruel and thus should be stopped!

Don’t keep regrets!

Don’t torture yourself, my poor friend!

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. If you are hurt, remember that it was a person who hurt you and not the love. So don’t stop believing in love and its compliment, i.e., Hope!


Don’t look at your competitors with jealousy and hatred but rather with respect. Learn from their success, don’t try to copy them but instead try finding the opportunities that might have been missed by them mistakenly. Stand apart from the crowd and do the things you are willing to do!

Experiences teach a person everything. The blend of all the emotions is essential for life, and they can be the motivators in our life if used wisely!

It’s among one of the Little Giant Of Aberdeen Country Quotes by Tiffany Baker.

Those who don’t desire for glory don’t crave it for a reason. Glory brings name and fame, and fame brings jealousy that is very dangerous!

As Osho says, jealousy and hate are the opposite sides of love. So if a woman happens to fall into this trap, then all the beauty of love will die. She is left with hurt and poison in her hands, and with that poison, she will poison herself and everybody around her!

Never Hate Your Haters!

Never hate the people who hate you or are jealous of you because they are the people who think that you are better than them. So why hating them? Be happy about it instead!

My Four Moods!

When you realize you are too old to play and do dirty dramas called jealousy, you have the mood of ignoring it; you are serious in your life so you have no time for it and you find it a silly child’s play to play it!

Best Revenge!

Live a good life because it’s the sweetest and the best revenge you can take from your haters. Once they accept that they can’t ruin your happiness and their actions do not bother you, they’ll start losing hopes and focus on themselves!

Haters And Doubters

Haters will hate you, doubters will doubt you, and non-believers will not believe you, and then there will be you proving all of them wrong!

Another Stranger

And that happens only when the ones who were close to you once start keeping jealousy from you! But that seriously is very sad knowing that the ones who once were very close are now just some other strangers!

Negative People

Those who speak to you only when they have something negative to say or point out weaknesses in you are the ones who hate you and it’s very easy to recognize such type of people!

To those who have been painful and negative to me- Thanks a ton! You are the type of person I would never love to be!

Love- The Gift!

Love is eternal and is the most beautiful thing our Eart gave us! Learn to love without conditions, without jealousy or insecurities, without anger, and without pettiness and then will you know it’s true worth!

Hope you found these jealousy quotes useful enough! So the next time you even have a feeling of jealousy, go through these jealousy quotes and make yourself feel better!

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