125 Charming I Love You Quotes Anybody Would Fall For!

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‘I Love You’- the best three magical words people call it. Love is indeed the most beautiful feeling in the world that takes people’s minds to places. Love is the magic that heals every wound and has the power of changing hearts and minds. I Love You Quotes have been considered one of the top searches in the list. And since we care about you and to reduce that burden from your fingertips we have gathered 125 I Love You Quotes for you. I am sure you are going to say these quotes to the love of your life!

So without any further delay, let’s begin!

Prove Your Love!

i love you quotes

Love is not when you can say, I Love You every time. It’s how much you mean it and how much you put efforts to prove it right!

Cute I Love You Quotes

That’s now one of the most treasured I Love You quotes anyone can ever receive!

When no matter what you want, only them in your life! Well, it’s seen commonly that when you love a person genuinely then, no matter what time and situations put you into, you never give up on them. You don’t want to give up on them nor do you cheat them either. You feel like you aren’t gonna get anyone better than them because for you, they are the best.

Falling in love is unexpected, and it’s even more adorable when you finally admit that loving that person was the best-unplanned plan you ever made!

Always follow your heart because it will never let you down! And even if it will, you will at least have no regrets that you didn’t listen to it!

And their togetherness is what makes the world a heavenly paradise!

That’s really adorable now!

Forever and ever!

A perfect way of proposing the love of your life!

Love sees no age, no color, no race, no time, nothing, it just happens, and when it really does then that’s the most beautiful thing in the world!

I love you for all the memories, love and dreams!

Yes, and to imagine a day without that particular person in life is very difficult or say next to impossible. The one we love or the one who loves us make themselves our bad habit, that lousy habit without which life is so incomplete!

And when you finally get the perfect person in your life, it becomes so natural to have the insecurities and a fear of losing them!

If I forgot to mention then here, it goes: ‘I am lucky to be in love with you and to have you in my life!’

An instinct you get when you meet someone for the first time, and you perfectly know that they are gonna be in your life till the end!

Isn’t that really cute now? We usually don’t let people keep our things and are worried when they get stolen, but in case of a heart, it’s okay if it gets taken by the perfect person! You let them keep it forever with all the love and pamper required!

No hurts just hearts and love!

Cutest three things you can get to see from the person you have always admired!

It’s one of the cutest and the most romantic I love you quotes I have come across by far. Isn’t it amazing how two people are so in love that they get ready to sacrifice even their lives for each other? It really is fascinating how love can make people selfless!

Hellos are always pleasant and goodbyes are always hard. To be someone’s favorite hello and the hardest goodbye is very meaningful!

Because she’s a shy kind of person and calling you an idiot is her way of expressing love to you. So if she smiles at you and calls you an idiot, dude you are the lucky man of hers!

I love that too. So from now onwards say ‘Tu me manques’ instead of ‘I miss you’!

And to be loved in ways you have never been loved before is marvelous!

Yeah, and when people say ‘I Love You,’ they are not only saying it, but they feel it, and they mean it!

Mood swings are very common and to be mad at times is natural. So no matter what they say and what they do when they are off than usual, remember that they love you and anyone’s temper can turn bad. Be patient with them, try to cool them down because they really think of you and miss you no matter what!

That’s being so generous!

So now, do I understand why do people say Love is blind!

And it brings the happiness you can never buy with money! ‘I love you’ is the most precious thing ever, the joy it brings is just priceless!

When they are your heartbeat and your life saviors!

Thank you!

And you are amazing the way you are!

And that is what strengthens the bond of love. So love every day and be loved!

It’s always less to say ‘I Love you’ to someone no matter how many times we say it!

Please do read it and send your reply in the humblest way possible! Thanks!

Exactly! And as I have been saying, be who you are!

Aww… that’s so so adorable now!

Another one from cutest I love you quotes!

That’s a grand gesture you can make when you thank the people you have in your life when you feel privileged to have them, and you understand their worth!

Love is after all compelling and can solve any problem in the world!

So no matter if they are with you or not, keep in mind that they are always around you. If not around you, then they are within you, inside your heart!

And that’s the best promise you can make to anyone! Trust me!

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Endless love!

To the gentleman who knows how to treat his woman, right!

Don’t keep regrets, just go for it and say ‘I love you’ as much as you want!

And that’s an adorable way of confessing your love to your bae!

Thanks for your company is something you can add here!

And when you are finally in love, everything around you seems to be magnificent. You hear the melody in the chirping of birds, a soothing touch in the flow of wind and everything around you seems to be better than dreams, and that is when you find it harder to fall asleep!

People say to other people that when they fall in love, they go blind and everything for them is fair in it. That’s the typical case! Now see here, falling in love is common but rising in love is precious, being blind in love is normal too but to walk hand in hand with eyes open is what the real love is all about! It’s about choosing the same person in a hundred lifetimes and in any version of reality! That is what is more precious in love!

Because they say fall for the inner beauty, outer beauty fades, but the inner beauty always stays. And it’s icing over the cake when the person you fall for is not only good by heart but good by looks as well!

And some people come in life to teach us the true meaning of love!

Why I Love You

Well, one doesn’t need reasons to love someone but when they really ask you reasons for liking them, don’t hesitate to tell them that you notice the smallest things about them! Tell them that you’ll always love them no matter what!

Being awesome can be a reason why you love someone!

Romantic I Love You Quotes

Those who love you always make their time for you no matter how busy they are. They respect your decision, they know the smallest of the smallest things about you, and above all, they are the ones you can keep talking to for hours about nothing at all. It’s more like emotions come out in the form of words when you are around them, isn’t love amazing?

Because the ones we love the most are always on our mind, we think about them in the early morning, we think about them at noon, we think about them while going to bed, in short, we always think about them and only them!

When you profoundly and genuinely love someone, they become your whole world. You don’t care what they mean to other people, all you really care about is them, and you start believing that your small happy world resides in them!

And yes that is really adorable when you catch someone looking at you with admiration! It’s even excellent when your eyes meet theirs or when you stare at someone, and they look at you back, and both of you end up smiling and blushing all the way!

Saying that you love someone very often won’t strengthen your relationship but not giving up on it will. Even after that if you feel your three magical words can brighten up someone’s day, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong in saying them daily!

Indeed! And when you love someone, you are always afraid to lose them!

It’s never enough to thank the person who comes to your life, makes you smile and makes your life worth living. But thanking is the cutest gesture a lover can show to his/her partner!

That is why we call our partners our better halves. They complete us, make us smile through the hardest of the days, give us reason to live when we can’t find any and make everything better! Our better halves teach us what love actually is, it’s only after meeting them that we understand the true essence of love!

To be the person you are when you are with someone is always the most essential thing in a relationship. One must indeed be with the ones around whom they don’t have to act differently, around whom they can be what they are!

I Love You Quotes For Her

There are a lot many Bob Marley Quotes that you might have come across. Here he shares his idea about love as well. He is indeed true. If the girl you admire is fantastic, she certainly won’t be easy, and if she’s easy, she won’t be unusual. Giving up on someone who is worth your love tells that you aren’t worthy enough. The bitter truth of life is someone someday is inevitably gonna hurt you. So all you can do is pick up the ones worth suffering for!

Love At First Sight

Mothers, of course, are everyone’s love at first sight, read the below ‘I love you quotes for mother’ and pick anyone to bring her a smile on her face:

How often do you say those magical three words ‘I Love You’ to your mom? Be the sensible kid every mother would ever ask for. If you know her pain and sacrifices, let her know that you know and respect her for being selfless and comforting the whole family when she herself was going through the troubles!

Even I believe in Love at first sight! Every mom in the world is best, and they are the figure of love, sacrifice, and strength. To every child in this world, their mother is always their first love!


Never hesitate to thank the person who inspires you to be who you are, who loves you the way you are, the one who never laughs when you cry, and the one who is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on! Thank them a million times; even that would be less! Be thankful!

Good Night

A sweet, good night text to send your love before going to bed!

Short I Love You Quotes

All that Frida Kahlo wants to convey here is that when two persons are in love with each other, they love their counter partner more than they love themselves!

Soul Mate

Ever wondered what does ‘soul mate’ actually mean? Well, soul mates are those who share their hearts and soul. A soul mate is someone who loves you like nobody else, supports you in every situation, and are there whenever you need them. They don’t guarantee ‘forever,’ but they make sure that as long as they are with you, they’ll give you memories that will last forever!

You Are

You are all that a person would ask for in a perfect partner!

Ridiculously Happy

That might sound kinda weird- ‘ridiculously happy.’ How’s that even possible some might say, well that’s possible when you are in love, when you find every little thing about them cute and when you laugh even in their silliest jokes! That is when you become ridiculously happy!

Dreams Come True

Yes! And the people whose dream of meeting their crush or the loved one comes true they start believing in the fact that dreams do come true and that is when they begin to dream even more!

Unexpected Love

To fall in love is never ever in our hands, love always happens unexpectedly and unknowingly, but to be in that love is entirely in our hands, and if you plan to be in it, be in it!


Forever I love you quotes are the most promising and the most adorable ones. I have always loved reading them and so will you is what I believe. Now, what this particular quote refers to is no matter what happens, true lovers never leave each other, and they are their love is forever and ever!


And you are the definition of perfection, my love! The person who genuinely loves you will love you the way you are, you are perfect in your most imperfect form. So never try to change yourself, be who you are!

10 Things

Ten things people want but won’t ever ask for!

Funny I Love You Quotes

That’s a funny way of confessing your love to the person you really admire!

Haha, that’s funny! I can relate to it. I mean, when you are so in love with someone, you look at them, you smile, look down at your phone, keep walking and bang into some pole! Ouch, that hurts, but that’s cute at the same time! Lucky are those who are the reasons behind such accidents!

So with the hope that you become someone’s reason for such cute and adorable accidents, we end up our I Love You Quotes here. And since Valentine’s week has already commenced, so why not pick up some of the quotes from here?

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