147 Compelling Hope Quotes That Will Empower You

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Hope quotes! Well, there’s always a point in life when you want to give up, and in such a case, I believe you should go through the hope quotes. Hope, it is the spark that will empower you, it will give you the courage of living your life all over again. Hope in its most straightforward word can be understood as an expectation or simply some desire. In this series of quotes, we have come with 147 hope quotes with images this time!

Love Hope Quotes

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Where there is Love, there’s hope! Every day can’t be the same; life is like a roller coaster of which you take a daily ride. There are some days when you hurt someone or get hurt by someone. In that case, always remember that your loved one will be back to you if the love between you two is genuine! True love will come back to you no matter what, this is the hope that everyone should have in their life!

Because it’s natural to have thoughts like this when nothing goes your way! If anything happens as such, always remember that a new morning would come in life that would sweep away all the troubles and will leave only the happiness behind! Hence never lose hope!

Hope Quotes About Dreams And Imagination

You will find hope within every person who dares to dream and turn it into a reality! Extend your imagination and dream more!

Hope Quotes On Love

Hope is all about expectations. When you love someone, it’s natural that your hopes from them increase. For one is liberal to keep as many hopes as they want, its fulfillment depends on how hard you work to get it!

High Hopes Quotes

It’s instinctive to get hurt when you keep too many hopes on someone or when you expect a lot from them. Increase your hopes, and you’ll add more disappointments in your life! Hence keep the minimum hope because when things happen out of expectations, then the feeling you get is the most priceless thing in the world.


If today you decide about lowering your pace, keep calm! Smile, take the joy of what you are going through and start all over again when you feel right to do so!

The Truth About Everything

In this book of Brianna Wiest, she shares about her own life experiences and truths of life. It’s indeed a book I have been waiting to go through once!

Strong Hope Quotes

Fear frightens you while Hope gives you the strength to face your fears and overcome them!

Smile- The Symbol Of Hope And Strength!

Well, it’s been said time and again not to judge anyone by their outer appearance because what’s hidden inside them is a great mystery only they know. Now, if a person always smiles, then we can’t infer that their life is sorted and they have no problems in it. People say, those who smile every time are the most influential beings, a smile is the symbol of hope and strength that always yells at complications- ‘come on, I am ready to fight back!’.

Positive Hope Quotes

Because only doing the right thing always doesn’t work out. One needs to have positivity in them that no matter what, they’ll overcome every situation and make a success out of it!

Plans I Have For You

When we have good plans for our closer ones!

Lost Hope, Lost Everything

According to this quote, if a person loses hope, he loses everything. And when you think you are in the worst situations of your life where you don’t see a way out, there’s always a ray of hope!

Hope Quotes On Failure

Well, we all know what strength hope gives us when we go through failure in our life. It is indeed a rope we can hold on to when falling from the mountain of your life!

Hope Is Life!

Hope is all about life and life is all about hopes! Where there is no hope, there’s no life and vice versa!

Through The Difficulties

Great things come out of difficulties. For a Rose also grows in between thorns and blooms into a miraculous flower!

From Hope To Hope

The human mind indeed flies from one state to another. The original flight of it is believed to take place from hope to hope rather than pleasure to pleasure because a human’s life is like an adventure that always doesn’t necessarily goes through the same stage!

Tomorrow- A New Hope!

Yesterday was a history that can’t be changed but tomorrow is always a mystery with lots of hope in it! A new day in the life is, in fact, a chance of making up what happened yesterday!

Hope Quotes By Famous Personnel

Helen Keller, blind and deaf from her early childhood was a famous author we still read books of! She was the first blind-deaf person to graduate in Arts, I have read one of her best writings by far- ‘The story of my life’ in which she has depicted the struggles she went through. It was only because of hope she had that led her to be the person we know her as today, and hence she said the words above, and this quote is considered as one of the best hope quotes by famous authors ever!

Hopes are infinite, but failures and disappointments are not. To hope costs nothing and hence we must never lose the endless number of hopes we keep either from ourselves or from others!

Jack Layton, a Canadian politician, says that his political career has been defined by hope and optimism and he continues to be hopeful and optimistic about his land, Canada. He also adds that the youngsters have always been his source of inspiration!

Because hope is that single thing that won’t let a person give up and those who never give up always come out to be the great men!

Hope For Tomorrow

Learn from your experiences, live in the present and hope for tomorrow!

Never Give Up Hope Quotes 

Life’s hard, it can be harder and may turn the hardest at some point. But one should never give up on hope!


Always remember what you had to leave behind to get the success you have today! One can’t move on holding everything; they need to give up on something to get better and ultimately the best!

Never Let Go Of Hope

Never let go of hope. You’ll get what is yours. One day when you’ll have everything, you’ll look back and laugh at the times you have gone through.

Caterpillars To Butterfly

When you find yourself in darkness and isolation and can’t find any way out of it, don’t worry and always remember that even butterflies have to go through the same dark and loneliness to transform from caterpillars. So whenever you find yourself bounded in a gloom, keep in mind that you are going through the transformation!

Hope Quotes On Prayers

Humans can do whatever comes by. But there are times when0 they can’t really do anything and go beyond them, and that is the time when prayers begin. Prayer means the existence of hope somewhere!

Ray Of Hope

Hope is the light or the ray of light that shows you the path when you are lost in the darkness!

Losing Hope Quotes

For the most influential person I have ever known, I would dedicate this quote! We all know a person who struggles a lot with the hope of getting the best, we all know a person who is always striving behind things that at certain times seem like they don’t exist at all. For such people in our life, let us tell them that they are doing absolutely great and they will be loved back for all the love they’ve ever given!

Hope For The Best

As already said, to hope costs nothing so why expecting any lesser? Hope for the best. To get it or not is entirely a different thing! One never knows what would happen, so prepare for the worst and expect nothing because expectations hurt!

Hope Quotes Bible

Those who trust the lord and wait for him to shower his magic always get their strengths renewed. They learn to fly, fail and never faint!

Be Strong!

Stay strong no matter what you are going through! Things might not go according to you but always remember if bad things are happening to you, there will come morning with all the goodness in it, for the weather also changes after a while.

Life’s Way Of Working Out

Okay! It’s kind of funny when you are so broke, you give up on everything, and you have no faith in life, but then suddenly something happens, and your life is totally changed! That’s the time one will be left with mixed emotions!

Life’s Your Responsibility

To grab someone’s attention- dearie! No one would save you from the troubles you put yourself into, you yourself have to work out, similarly, life is completely yours and hence you are the one responsible for it!

Keep Hopes!

It’s certain! If you do not hope then you will never get to see things that exist beyond your hopes. Hope is the bridge that separates you from what you can’t have versus what you can have, it’s up to you whether you keep hope and cross over the bridge or stay as it is!

Hope Quotes On God

Have faith in God and you’ll get the answers you expected the least to come from him!

We are his children, he’s always watching upon us and he will someday solve all our problems because he is silently hearing us from above!

Quote On Hope, Faith, And Miracle

Hope and faith are two interrelated terms. If you hope, you’ll have trust and if you trust, miracles will happen!

Keep Believing!

Keep believing! Hope is always there, even when you are at the lowest point of your life!

Because to believe is to have everything that once seemed impossible. Belief is the strongest weapon ever that helps a person fight until the victory is conquered!

A Little Hope

For all of us require a hope that our sufferings would come to an end and things we are going through would undoubtedly change!

Quotes About Hope For The Future

Never let your hurts shape your future. It’s been said, a person achieves success only after getting hurt. That’s undoubtedly true, but a future shaped on the basis of hurts is not so satisfying. That success is to show those who have hurt you and not for your content. So let your hopes shape your future instead!

Hope For A Treasure

Because hope brings the unexpected!

Faith, Hope, And Love

Love is the greatest of all the three withstands viz. Faith, Hope, and Love!

Be Faithful!

Small things add up to become greater things. So be faithful in little things because our happiness and strengths all lie in it.

Hope Quotes

Hope is not only about expecting about events to occur but it’s also the source that shows the burden we have at your backs similarly like the sun which shows shadows as we move towards it.

Beautiful words! Hope is, in fact, an eternal and an internal feeling!

FEAR Meaning

FEAR has been given two full forms. According to these, a person can either forget everything and run or face everything and rise. The one who always runs away from responsibilities end a mysterious end and to ignore everything is a huge task. On the other hand, the one who faces everything no matter what comes in front always rise. It’s up to us which form of FEAR we adopt in our life! The choice is all ours!

Blooming of a flower is as well a result of hope hence it has been said here that the hope thrives wherever flower does!

Life’s uncertain, we don’t even know if we’ll able to see the sunrise of the next day, but we still put on alarms before going to bed. Do you know why? That’s because of the hope we have; the hope of being alive and living the upcoming days of life!

Like masterpieces take long for their formation from the zero levels, similar is the hope. It forms from the ashes of burnt dreams!

To hope is not to dream but to expect for a path towards making that dream a reality!

A lit lamp gives light, but it can turn off anytime anywhere and anyhow. In fact, a blow is enough to turn it off. The lamp lit if can overcome all the circumstances and can still manage to light up lights up for a long. Similar is the case with hope, it requires patience, and nobody really knows if a small thing can turn it down!

Hope is something that holds the soul securely!

Never ever talk about failures, always have hope, belief, faith, and the victory will all be yours!

Good friends

Friends are the essential parts of our life. We all have a lot of friends but very few good friends. Good friends are the ones who care for us and love us extra. Good friends help us in finding the good and bad in us that we sometimes forget or lose- our smile, our hopes, and our courage!

Life With Hope

Hope alone is enough to live a life but that’s not important here. What’s more important is knowing that living a life without hope is not worth it and is utterly meaningless.

Be Gentle

Never be harsh on yourself! You are doing the best you can, disappointments are natural but rather than blaming self it’s far way better to acknowledge self and never give up being gentle. Show some love to yourself!

Carry It The Right Way!

We all have responsibilities and burdens on our shoulder; it’s never the weight of it shatters us, but it depends on the way we carry them. In other words, even the biggest of the biggest problems can be solved efficiently in snaps of a finger only if you consider your problems small and take them lightly with less or no stress at all!


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