78 Hippie Quotes You Must Have A Glance At!

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Hippie quotes are the quotes for the people and by the people who do not care about society. They are the ones who live their lives on their conditions. They are someone who does not follow the rules but create their own. Hippie people are happy kind of people and the way they think many a time put ordinary people into amazement. Having a hippie person around is always amazing because you get to see the side of the world you have never been to. You start seeing the world from their vision.

Hippie people are imaginative. They’ll take you on a beautiful adventure, just give your hands and follow them along! Check out 78 hippie quotes we have brought for you this time:

Learn a new way to think

hippie quotes

Hippie quotes about learning a new way to think and see the world:

Change the way of your thinking before you want to change your way of living.

Make a wish

Changes are not easy, nor can they be achieved in a single step. Make an initiative, give it a try and do it!

Great escape from everything

Hippie quotes take you on an adventure with ups and downs. This quote carries a lot of meaning for two individuals who would run far away from the world. Hand in hand they’ll travel places and lay down under the blanket of stars speaking their hearts out.

A fly after a fall

Don’t you worry about failing! Everything has two aspects- if you can fall and hurt yourself, you can fly and conquer the world as well, and that is how you will succeed. Be positive!

Enjoy yourself

The world will never understand if you are different from them. For those who can’t even understand the lyrics, can’t even hear the music, people dancing around them are next level lunatics.

Bring the change

Mahatma Gandhi led the world on the path of non-violence. With your small acts, you can generate significant impacts is what is meant here.

Happily Hippie

If someone calls you hippie, congrats! Because they are the only people who know how to be happy and jolly at each phase of life!

Life’s short

If you live like there’s no tomorrow, you live your life to the fullest. And since life is just one, why wasting it being sad? Be ‘hippie-ly happy’!

Be yourself

You aren’t beautiful if you don’t realize your inner beauty. Outer beauty fades, inner beauty is what stays! Accept the way you are and lead your life as a leader!

Put love in everything you do

Work is worship! No matter what you do, make sure you do it with the most dedication and love as if there’s no other way of doing it.

Love the shape you’re in!

This is a ‘love your body quotes.’ Your body isn’t any sculpture that can be destroyed; it’s like a thick forest with both needles and aromatic wildflowers that can bloom even in the toughest of the toughest situation. Your body is something that will come back to its own shape regardless of the devastation done to it. Love it and live with it!

Never ending peace

You never really know a person well unless you try to enter their comfort region. A hippie person is flying high in his own imaginations. A hippie is always ageless and never goes hopelessly. Viz never in any hurry, for them, age is just a number and life is an ocean of new hopes!

Care less

Hippies are carefree, and that is why they are always happy! Start caring less because you might hurt yourself with too much stress. The less you worry, the more you have reasons to be happy!

Love Life

Because you only get what you give. Dare you to hate your life; it will hate you back harder and vice versa.

Don’t be rude!

Makes sense! Stop being rude!

Enjoy wasting time

Sometimes you love doing things, and you feel like you wasted your time doing it. No! The time spent well is never the time wasted!

Best version of self!

Rather than copying someone, try to be the better version of yourself. If you are good today, don’t be a level down tomorrow. Make improvements each day and be the best you!

Peace is the way

What is a destination? Well, it is something you reach once, twice or maybe thrice. It’s small. But the journey, it is the path towards a destination that’s long. Don’t mistaken yourself by assuming peace a goal; it’s just a way!

Kind heart

Don’t to do things like you are doing a favor on someone, do it with compassion!

Live in our own

Exactly! Because there are millions of people with million different thoughts about you, you can’t change them all. So you should be least bothered by them and live your life your way!

Dance the worries out!

And you must dance like nobody is watching you!

Childhood is the best

As children are innocent beings and childhood is the phase you believe in everything quite easily, hence it was the most beautiful stage of everyone’s life.

Raise a hippie!

The world will be no more fun if hippies are no longer boosted! They fill color to the world!

Be happy!

It means nothing matters more than your happiness. If you’re not happy about what you have got then it’s totally meaningless.

Grow strong!

Likewise, every person should go through rough and tough in their life because no flower blooms without growing in the dirt and we people are unbloomed flowers. Some bloom earlier and some are late bloomers, yet precious!

Be your own army

Work alone like crazy and wonder like Alice from Alice in the wonderland!

Enjoy everything

Life is so vague one never knows what might happen the very next moment so enjoy and have fun because, in the end, everything will come to an end! So relish it before thing come to an end!


Every crazy wanderer’s dream it is- travel the whole world and explore the places never ever heard of before!

Heart- the inner compass

It doesn’t mean you have a compass fit inside your body but rather, it means that you pursue what your inner soul says! Taking suggestions is good but always follow your heart because there are very little chances when you’ll regret doing so.

Mold your life your way

Absolutely! Life is like a lump of clay, it’s up to you what shape do you mold it into! You are the own creator of your life, be a good one!

Good girl with bad habits

And I love being such kind of a good girl! It shows how naughty you are, how you want to enjoy your life, you do that as well but you don’t forget your limits. Everything you do, find the most amazing way of doing it even if it’s wrong in the eyes of some. I proudly say ‘ I’m a girl with lots of bad habits!’

Let it go!

As many a time, we hold a few things so tight that we don’t realize some crucial things kept just before us. So let go of things which carry no meaning, and you’ll find the real things that mean to you in the actual sense.

Wild and free

But all wild and free things aren’t good!

Change to see the change

Before you want to change something, make sure you already have that change in you! For instance, if you expect a person to be kind, you will have to be generous at the first place and if you aren’t then your will to see that change will make no sense.

Promises and peace

Because sunrises depict the beginning of everything and the sunsets symbolize the end of hardships, one wishes for a morning that will bring new hopes in life and an evening that will give relief.

work hard to show your worth

You can’t force people to give you love, respect, and value. All you can do is show them who are you through your hard works and display your beliefs and ethics and leave on them to know your worth.

Live for little things

Live for the little things in life; hundred little things make one big thing. Value them all because life is all about these small things that make life more viable.

She is bold

And you have no right to question a girl on her freedom!

Wild side

Have you been doing this lately? Okay, try another thing now! Go for the wild sides of your life and you’ll learn how actually life is!

Scatter positivity

Scatter positivity! Negativity spreads fast and vanishes fast but positivity takes time to radiate and hence it remains longer. Spread positivity and make people around you happily hippie just like you are!

Plant for tomorrow

You only sow seeds when you believe in tomorrow because the sown seeds will grow into plant someday and you’ll do that if and only if you have faith in the coming days.

See the world with your eyes open

When your mind is unconscious, there’s no use of keeping your eyes opened because your eyes can’t find percept things when your brain’s not working at all.

Find yourself by losing yourself

Sometimes you get stuck into something and get lost while other times you lose yourself to find yourself!

Keep calm and dream

Postpone your worries and anxiousness and calm down!

Brave spirits

Let the heart, mind, and soul walk along with heart being the kindest, mind being the boldest and soul being the bravest!

Kindness- a sweet poison

For those who do us badly, kindness is the sweetest revenge! Kill them in the sweetest way possible! And no matter how badly you are treated and how roughly you are dealt with, if you end up being kind to them your kindness will confuse them and will burn them from inside.

Life’s a beautiful journey

Life is long, the day it meets the destiny is the day it comes to an end hence life is a long road journey with curves, straights roads, potholes and speed breakers. Enjoy your ride!

Wils, Beautiful and free

The perception that a person can only be either wild, beautiful or free is wrong. Be ferocious, gentle and carefree according to what life brings to you!

Majestic Life

Doing the same things daily is repetitive and boring, stepping into something different is magical. Break the cage of repetition and step into the world full of a miracle!

Stay simple!

Sometimes walking barefoot brings you immense pleasure in your life, for instance walking on a beach or over the wet grass. If you never learned to be barefoot, you never learned how exactly to dress yourself up according to the situation. It also means to have simplicity yet high thinking as according to some wise men ‘simplicity is the best policy.’

Do magic with your heart

Your heart is a magic wand, use it right and you’ll create yourself all the happiness of the world. Believe yourself and you’ll do wonders! You can do anything if you have will to do it!

Mysteriously sexy

The level of attitude here is sky reaching high!

The path taken

Because you’ll learn to stand up only after a fall and only choosing wrong paths will give you further experiences to choose the right ones. Walk, fall down, get your face dirt all over, rise and walk again- these are the steps towards success in life!

Do what you love

Life’s uncertain, it’s here today but might not be there tomorrow so live your every day like it’s the last day of your life and you’ll have new experiences each day!

Keep war away!

Because fights and wars only bring destructions and demolition. It’s not good for children and no one.

Live with ease

We should learn to live our life like that of a lotus, it lives in muddy water but is still very attractive and beautiful. Similar should we be in our life, no matter how deep we are dug into misfortunes we must not lose our confidence and strength!

Rule the skies

Those who rule skies rule the world. Be the emperor, not his followers!

World needs you

You are never worthless, you always have something in you that other people need! No matter how useless you think of yourself, there’s always something good in you! And the world itself says, if you are helpless be the helping hand to some!

Don’t judge

Everyone’s story can’t be known because everyone has a different story. So just because you know someone from out doesn’t mean you know everything about the ‘inner them’. The ‘inner them’ is very deep and mysterious , you can understand it well only if you don’t make presumptions about someone and make effort to know them deeply before judging them.

Hippies are the best

Kids of this generation will never know how the world used to be without mobile phones. This quote is by far one of the best hippie quotes I have read. Growing up with the cellphones indeed is no fun, hippies are the best to grow old with because they’ll fill your life with colors, excitement, hopes and surprising ventures.

Love your mom

Because she’s the one who will be so hungry but would still offer you the last piece of cake saying she’s full, she’s the one who would estimate your fever just by looking at your face. Those who have mothers have the world! Love her!

Love being simple

Hippies value natural beauty more than expensive jewels! For those who love flowers, they aren’t lesser than any gold and diamond in the world. There are number of Hippie quotes about being simple which tells us that they believe in living simple but in joy!

You belong a special place

Because you are unique and you deserve to live your life on your own conditions. Fly free!

True happiness

Take interest in day to day life and as a result you’ll find your life interesting.

Travelling hippie quotes

From the pen of a wanderlust! I too am a very passionate traveler and if I were given an opportunity of travelling at no cost then I would have never been at the same place and hence nobody would have seen me for more than one time!

Bold and strong ‘she’

She’s is the girl who is strong, bold, and genuine. She might not be very beautiful, but yes, she’s not also sensitive to break apart that easily.

Everyone’s unique

If we all were same, we all would have been walking together in the journey called ‘life’.

Simple living, high thinking

This means, no matter how high you reach in your life, don’t forget where you initially came from. Keep your vision high but your feet stick to the ground. One must not forget humanity once he/she earns a lot of name and fame! Live simple but think high!

Hope you the best

A person with the purest heart can only wish this for someone else. They say, hover of misfortunes over someone’s life pass slow and that starts seeming like a never-ending curse while those of fortunes seem to pass fast and end quick.

Don’t let them affect you!

The greatest Dalai Lama asks us no to get affected by other people’s behavior! If they behave good to us, adapt that but if they behave rudely then simply ignore it and move ahead!


For I am a secular, I agree with it! Everyone’s God is the same with just different names!

Keep running

Time waits for no one so you must as well not wait and waste time.

Herb and Alcohol

Because alcohol serves your one sense i.e. the tongue and destroys all other senses. Very truly said by the great singer of all time, Bob Marley! Read more of the hippie quotes from him about love, life and happiness.

be your own master!

Be your own master! Don’t let anybody empower you and take over the control. Living under someone is worse than death. Life’s all yours, live it and rule it on your own. Don’t let anybody have the control!

Leave your mark

Leave your marks behind so that people know you, kill no one because that’s not legal! Hippie quotes aren’t just to be read but to be implemented in lives so leave behind your impression and hurt no one!

Be you

Like and Love is two contemporary terms with a slight difference. We like many and we are liked by many but we love only a few and are loved by only a few. So just for the sake of being liked by someone, one shouldn’t change themselves but rather should be the way they are as for the people who love them will accept them the way they are!

Life’s an adventure

Yes, life is for a lot many things yet to be done!

Be happy

So be happy and give your life it’s real meaning!


So here we came along 78 hippie quotes from legends of their times and few from anonymous hippies who lived their lives their ways and a few must be doing the same until now. Hope you loved all of these hippie quotes, see you guys in yet another exciting article!

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