101 Flawless High Fade Made For You

Fades are happening and why shouldn’t they be as almost all of our great hairdos looks even better with a fade. A high fade, however, is generally for a hairstyle where an only top portion of your head matters. Will all our modifications and add-ons we are sure to say that these fade are trending now. Celebrities and athletes love an up fade in their head as it looks stylish and disciplined together.

High Fade haircuts have different modifications, and you should combine them well to obtain a perfect hairdo. Here we have some of our best versions and changes of high fade.

Angled Fade with a comb-over

high fade

When we talk about a fade, many people think that it is linear and short. Well, that is a general case but who says you can’t modify them according to a new fashion. Here, we have an angled version of a fade, and it’s complementing our model’s beard well.

Rough Faux with Medium Beard

A rough hairdo is trendy and relaxed. In a faux one has to use hair creams so that their hair doesn’t fall in lateral sides. Well, that is a  solution, and if you let your strands free, you will end up having a rough faux like above.

High Fade Undercut

An undercut and fade combination is ruling our fashion world. With different beard variations too these style combinations work well. You will love to have an undercut with a fade if you have a medium sized hair. With varying shades of highlights too, these fades look good.

Angled Spike-Over Fade

A spike over hairdo is an incomplete version of Comb-over Pompadour. People love spiky hair as they are trending and they need at least a medium length hair to achieve that. However, you can have these stylish hairdos as above even in your short strand lengths.

Lobe Piercing with a Rough Faux

Our model here has an ear piercing, and it made his face look dashing. One can also choose from different variations of fade for better results here. Eyebrow slits are other good options as an add-on to your up Fade. A faux top is a bold hairdo, and it looks better if you add piercings in it. Our model here has an ear piercing, and it made his face look bet. One can also choose from different variations of fade for better results here. Eyebrow slits are other good options as an add-on to your up Fade.

Coral Top Pompadour with Fade

In a coral top pompadour, you technically style your first tip hair. Add a clean-shaven face with it, and these hairdos are upright and moving. Our model here also has some brown shades of highlights in his hair to work along with his coral pompadour.

High Fade Short Top

Our hairdo here is most popular amongst military personnel due to its disciplined and clean look. For a casual person, you will love a short high fade and a right beard to go along with it. These hairdos look complete if you add a touch of good beard to compliment your high quick Fade.

Side Comb Over with a Bald fade

A Bald fade is clean, and it pairs up well with a lateral pompadour. Similarly, you can give your ornaments and neck tattoos proper exposure if you have a high bald fade. Here, our model also has an earring to work along with a high bald fade.

Rough short Fade

A short hair is a little tedious to keep because of its concise nature. Well, now you can change your problem into a stylish appearance by using a rough top high short fade. You can also use faux or everyday styles alongside rough grooming to give your forehead a good exposure.

High fade short Hair

Most people have to keep their hair short as a rule or as in their code of conduct of their organization while some of them adore it that way. In both cases, you must control your hair length in a way that it doesn’t look constant. So, many people choose to have an upward fade in this case, and they love it.

Faux and Wavy Comb Over

When you have a comb-over in your top portion, you will have two different way to style them. You can either use a faux as our model. This model will give you a clean and thin top finish. Another way is using a thick comb-over which will look like a bulk. We can call it a slide over pompadour and our model has it in the second picture. Our models have a taper and bald fade variation with their respective styles.

High Fade Black Hair

Black hair is naturally good and requires less amount of work to style. One can use a simple fade and beard alongside their black hair, and their finishing look is excellent.

Thin Highlighted Weave Comb-over

A wave may be natural or in some case professionally styled too. Our basic science here to put a layup of strands in different forms to get a weave and point. Our design might not be ideal hairdo if you have very short or long hair. Similarly, a significant advantage here is that one can combine a weave with both clean-shaven as well as a hairy face.

Short High Fade Haircut Black

These combinations of short and black hair go back from a long time complementing each other. Many people don’t usually color or highlight their short hair if they have a short hair length and it looks better that way too.

Thick Beard And Mohawk Fade

A thick beard gets along with any variety of fade. Here our model has a mohawk fade and a thick beard to get along with it. A mohawk fade is merely a fade which leaves tail strands turning into a mohawk. Similarly, our model also has a bald version of fade to compliment his mohawk.

Curler with a High Taper Fade

A curly hair is somewhat more difficult to style and still more people artificially curl their hair as our result is astonishing. As we all know that a taper fade is a compatible haircut, your least concern will be it pairing up with your curler. Our models here have two different types of curler here- a long and short one. With both of them, a high taper fade compliments their curlers well.

Caesar Haircut with a mild-grown Beard

A caesar haircut has a short top and finishing it with a linear forehead portion. We can compare our forehead portion as a barcode style too. A mild beard looks exceptionally well with our model’s Caesar haircut.

Angled Top with a Backward Pompadour

If you want innovative and unique short strands in your top, then we provide you with our angled top version of fade. You can have designer patterns and sharp angular geometrics in your head here. Our model here has a goatee styled beard to get along with his angled top.

Sparse Step fade with a lining

A lining seems a bit more to chew, but once you see a finished look as above, you can hardly say no to this. Similarly, a trend of wearing a piercing with linings have made this hairdo look even more lethal. One can also add shades to their clothing for their lining exposure here.

Black, Shiny Pompadour

A black and shiny hair nature mostly means that your hair is getting all its necessary nutrients. Similarly, a pompadour here can be a game changer giving you a complete and fashionable hairdo. Our model also has a clean shaven face to get along with his shiny black pompadour fade haircut.

Swift Curls with a slight highlighting

Swift curlers are typical in people with long and curly hair. In this form of hair nature, people have long hair which starts to curl through the top. Our model keeps a medium trimmed beard which combines well with his appearance and items of clothing.

Short Pointed Top and Bald Fade

Short hair looks more beautiful with pointed variations than with any other forms. Our model has a skin fade with a bright white ear piercing to compliment his short pointed top.

High Fade Black man

Well not to oppose or offend anyone but skin colour matters while styling one’s hair. For example, a hairdo might glorify a fairer skin complexion and at the same time can make you look like a joker if you have black skin. Thinking practically, one must also consider this factor during their hair styling. A high skin haircut works beautifully with a dark skin complexion well as seen in the picture above.

Flip over and a Full pompadour

Pompadour might be your most comfortable and full proof way of looking great as well as keeping it simple. As a global hairdo, Pompadour is ruling our star world as many actors, celebrities and perform like to choose it when they are at home. Some of our basic variations include a flip over, lateral and rear-combed Pompadour. We have all these variations above. Our model also has a bold nose piercing to glorify his full pompadour haircut here.

Front Wavy Laydown with Hair Highlights

Our hairdo here looks like an inside look of a chestnut. Our model here has a lay down which is possible in a dozen different variations. Here he has a grouping front lay down with some golden brown highlights in it.

Rough Top Faux

A rough top hairdo with a faux combination is new stuff in our fashion market. People all over this world want to have a crazy way to express themselves. Well, not too crazy but still a useful and attractive way to gain someone’s care is wearing a rough top faux hairdo. Similarly, you can also have different add-ons like piercings and linings in your hairstyle.

Organized Faux with a Zero Fade

An organized hair is somewhat like a counterpart to a rough top variation of hairdo. You can get a gentleman look anytime and anywhere with this hairdo.

Shrub Curly Hair

A shrub Curl is a small and thick version of a curly hair. Most people love curly hair and also like to style then short. One can add a French beard to work along with a shrub cut too.

Partial Hair Highlight and Long Globe

A partial hair highlight is trending in the fashion world as it is simple and stylish. You can choose small strand groups of your hair and color those part, and that will give you a crisp and fresh look. People love experimenting with different partial hair highlights, and they look excellent if you have a long hair length. Our model here has a silverish yellow hair highlight to go with his haircut.

Shiny High Fade haircut with Line

Our model here is wearing a classic fade with a clean-shaven mustache. He has an angular dressing in his top which works along pretty well with his Latino beard. Similarly, he has an ear top to complete up and finish his complete gothic appearance.

Crew Cut- Plain and Simple

People in military and services have to wear their hair short as a compulsion. If you love or even have to keep your hair short, then a crew cut hairdo is just for you. Sharp and clean, a crew is trending and quick too if you are a busy person.

Linear Pompadour with a Beard

A Long pompadour is possible through hair straighteners. One can use hair creams for short shiny and straight hair too. Our model here has a thick beard which pairs up well with his long and linear pompadour.

High Fade Undercut With Lines and piercings

A basic hairdo might look bland and too plain for you. In this case, you might love to add some spices to your hairdo and try to convert them into completely different transformations. Here we have two different types of add-ons to your hairdo that you can pair up well. We can have linings and sometimes even patterns to work along well with a pompadour or faux or even a burst hair styling forms. Anyway, you will find it completely matching as they will give you an intense and stylish finishing look.

Long and Short Globe Hairdo

A glove is merely a circular portion of hair that remains after a haircut in the top part of your hair. These hairdos came into action in the late nineteenth century and fired up our fashion world of that time. Since then it has been inspiring people and been a signature hairdo for many celebrities and people.

Ivy League Haircut With a Neck Tattoo

In an ivy league haircut, you keep your strands straight towards your forehead and short. In a mass having the same hair, Ivy league hairdo looks organized and clean. These are also your reasons behind many people using these hairdos in educational institutes and offices. Here our Model also has a Buddha tattoo in his neck pairing up with his long and thick beard.

English Mustache and a Short Combed Hair

A thing that is so cool about English mustache is that they are globally renowned and stylish. Many people adore English mustache and either a clean shaven or a good thick beard with it. Our model here has a short combed hairdo in his top portion of his head that makes him The Gentleman.

Burst spiky top

A burst is possible only with a thick hair nature. Here, you let your hair grow long and use your long strands to make a spike like an appearance. With suits and party dressing a spiky top works along well.

Short Curler with Linings

Our model here has a short curly hair to his scalp and a side-lining to get along with it.

Long Flip-over Pompadour

A Flip-Over is your most common way of completing a Pompadour. We have already discussed a top Flip-over which is popular amongst shorthair owners whereas our hairdo here is more adored by people with a long or a medium strand length.

Short and Shiny Comb-over

Shine in your hair makes you more attractive and sexy. You can experiment your hair with hair oils and sometimes shine providing hair creams too to achieve a nice shine. Here, our model has a short top which looks appealing with a shine. He also has a hair color highlight to make his hair look elegant.

Lay Down Pomp with Medium Beard

Here, our model has a unique yet stylish way of wearing his hair. We have a forehead Lay-down here which looks alluring with a medium beard. A clean short haircut to his scalp has made his strand balanced and prevented the overflow of facial hair in his body.

Silver Highlighted Pointed Top

We have a faux haircut here with selected strands with a silver form of highlighting. These old punk styles look overwhelming and stylish with different ways of beards.  Our model here, however, has a clean-shaven face and it pairs pretty well with it too.

Buzz Cut With Side Lock

A buzz cut is one of the most popular short hairstyles. In this hairdo, we keep our hair very short and cut it evenly all over our head. Similarly, our model here also has a buzz cut which goes well with angled temple strands as well as his beard.

Lateral Pompadour with a separator lining

A separator lining works in a part of scalps which lies between your long and short strands. Here, our model has a separator lining which angles with his tip part of forehead hair.

Golden Brown hair highlighting.

A golden brown color represents royalty and specialness. When people have to choose their best show off of hair color, they prefer a golden brown shading. These highlighted shades work consistently with any skin tone. Anyone with a short, long or medium hair length can own this hairdo. Talking about add-ons, we can add piercings, lining patterns and neck ornaments all are upgraded to the next level with golden brown hair color.

Flip-over and Faux


Faux and a flip-over both are different versions of a comb-over hairdo. If you have a short hairstyle, you can have both of these haircuts. Similar is the case if you own a medium length of hair. But if you own long strands, then you can’t have a faux as it’s challenging to obtain spikes. Also, your flip-over turns into a pompadour haircut if it is too long.

Waved Pompadour

A waved pompadour is a medium raised pompadour haircut. Our model here has a short trimmed beard which compliments a waved pompadour hairdo.

Short hair and a Long Beard combination

There is a basic formula if you are looking to keep a beard and look cool at the same time. A long beard and short hair combo are trending in our fashion world. With a long beard to you have a catalog of beard version to try. We here have a goatee, french beard and a bushy afro beard to go with your short haircuts.

Top Skin Comb-over

Eyebrow slits and grooming are essential add-ons in modern hair styling. Anyone can achieve that killer personality and looks with these components in their head. Here our model has a Top skin comb-over to work with his fair skin. Our models medium sparse beard combines well with his top skin pompadour comb-over.

Fade hairdo has been a boon to the starters of styling. People love to try different hairdos and choose their best one. We just did the same thing for you. You can picture yourself in our models’ position and match your appearance and components with them. Your personality and appearance matter no matter what other people say and these hairdos are your ideal partners. Our models here are common people like you and they have upgraded their looks and personality to a next level with the assistance of a high fade in their heads.

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