133 Awesome Happy Birthday Wishes And Quotes

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Happy birthday wishes are so trending these days. People today lack how to express their feelings for someone they love, so here we are with 133  birthday wishes and quotes for you this time with images.

Being a kid, everyone has expected for presents on their birthdays. Haven’t you done the same? Of course, you must have and to be honest I too would expect for chocolates, presents, and new clothes. Birthdays are in fact about receiving gifts and surprises; it’s about dancing, enjoying, cutting cakes, eating chocolates and candies and doing loads of fun with the hope to celebrate it better the next year. Though wishing just a ‘happy birthday’ is enough, but here we have brought you birthday wishes and quotes that are certainly going to help you a lot. Don’t hesitate to pick some ideas. Let’s start:

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Congrats on having completed one more fantastic year of your life!

You can use this message to congratulate anyone on their birthday for adding one more year to their life. It’s just another way of wishing a happy birthday reminding them that they still have a whole more year to be excellent.

First Ever Birthday Wishes

The first birthday is the most special birthday in anyone’s life. No one other than our parents would be the happiest persons on this day. But isn’t it weird how we don’t even remember how our first ever happy birthday was, but still a single thought of it gives us immense pleasure and happiness?

Make a person’s first ever birthday more special by sending them this particular message. They’ll treasure your words for all their life. Trust me!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

How much you love your boyfriend can be tested with just the words you use for him. It’s always a great idea assuring him that you’ll be by his side, no matter how tough the situation gets. Just an ‘I love you,’ and virtual hugs and kisses would do their roles best.You can also send massages by sending sms.

Humble Happy Birthday Wishes

This type of happy birthday wish is most suitable for your elders. It is the sweetest gesture by wishing them good luck and healthy life ahead. You can as well use this for a long distance friend or a person you’ve just known. For a person you’ve known lately, wishing extra would be sticky so this would be perfect.

Age Is Just A Number!

For those who are being conscious of their age, dear, age is just a number! It’s not a very big deal as long as you have a sharp mind.

A splendid way of telling them to adore their aging.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes On Your Day

People say- when medicines don’t work, blessings do! Well, they are right! Wish your loved ones the best, and your words will act as blessings to them!

Stars And Moons On Your Birthday

Your consent a lot many times tell very much about you. For a happy kind of person, I would suggest wishing your friend with this lovely birthday quote!

A Birthday Wish To A Beautiful Friend

Well, there’s nothing like the right time to wish a happy birthday, no matter which time of the day you choose to wish your friend, it’s always very joyous for them. But if you’re bored of sending the same old good morning messages, then this one is appropriate- wishing happy birthday is giving them a sweet compliment and at the same time hoping for a brilliant day ahead!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Her

People usually don’t remember what you say on other days but what you say on their birthday is long remembered by them. If you are a guy, who has a female friend but you don’t want to sound flirty then drop her this memo.

18th Birthday

18th birthday is the second most precious birthday after the first birthday. Once you step into your 18th year, you become legal to do all the funs you’ve been watching your elder siblings doing. With this age comes more responsibilities, burdens, and maturity.

If any of your friends are turning 18, then it’s a moment to be enjoyed. Sending this message is the smartest way of asking them for an outstanding party!

Funny Birthday Quote

If you happen to search for happy birthday wishes to a friend, trust me you won’t find better than this. It’s the blend of both kindness and humor.

Live Long

If I ever receive this kind of message on my birthday, I won’t be happier. It’s amusing and at the same time very sweet. You may add it to your ‘happy birthday wishes to a friend’ list!

Beautiful Years In A Woman’s Life

This message has a deep meaning. What I can infer from this is that a woman has a sacrificing nature and she lives many years of her life in just one year. So if you are looking for happy birthday wishes for mom, then this is suitable. Don’t forget to capture her smile after reading it.

Happy Birthday Wishes To A Best Friend

A best friend is someone in front of whom you can be you; you don’t have to act fake! This is an honest wish you can give your best friend on their special day. Even though they are gonna receive hundreds of happy birthday wishes, yours could be the best among them all!

Old Is Awesome

It’s hard to find a friend with the same name as that of yours, but it’s even harder to find a friend with the same birthday. I haven’t seen any but if you have, then congrats, you seriously are fortunate! It’s a pure savage birthday wish, P.S. getting awesome together!

Just Keep Calm!

Life these days are so hectic, people are so busy every time. ‘Keep calm’ is the new way of dealing with the problems. Put this on your Instagram or facebook story, and your friend will love your cool way of wishing him/her.

Freedom And Happiness

Everyone likes the feel of being free and flying. A descent memo you can text on your friend’s happy birthday!

Growing Age

These days it has become the prior need to have a positive attitude towards life. The person who motivates others is greater than the ones who drag another behind. Be the reason your friend makes a success. Words are powerful! Motivate the ones you care for!

Happy Birthday Dear Wife!

A husband can never thank his wife enough for making his life more beautiful than ever before. For a husband who is seeking for birthday wishes for his wife, mister, here we have an antique piece for you! It’s romantic, poetic and majestic!

Love Of My Life And Wishes For Lover

And then some people don’t know how to express their feelings. Don’t worry; we are here for you. Here is a sweet birthday wish for the love of your life, tell them how much you love them.

Candy Sweet Wishes

Simple yet a sweet one. Happy Birthday!

Healthy Life Ahead!

Wish them a healthy life doing sms.

Magical Birthday

The thought of being separated by distance is painful, but the internet has made the world look so small. Isn’t it? Send them your love and blessings from miles away!

Birthday Balloons

A sweet message you can send to your kind and lovely friend. Don’t forget taking the birthday balloons along!

Enjoy Little Things

No matter what life brings you but a message as this from the one nearer and dearer to you will surely brighten up your day.

Life’s A Book

It wishes someone have a great future ahead, to forget the sad past and treasure only the right moments, and live in the present. Life is indeed a book that has chapters of life in subsequent.

April Happy Birthday Wishes

It’s perfect for the people who are born in the fourth month, i.e., April.

Bring Happiness

Don’t add the ages you’ve lived, count the years that are coming by and bring happiness to your life!

God’s Plan

God plans our destiny, we, of course, don’t know what might happen the very next but we can at least pray for God’s blessings on us!

Presents Every Day

Every day brings new presents in the form of opportunities, the ones you receive on other days are your un-birthday gifts except for that single day when you get birthday gifts- is what meant by this birthday message here.

Best Friend Happy Birthday Wishes

Find yourself 45 best friend birthday quotes and more here!

Dreams Come True

How do you cheer your little ones up? They love cartoon characters so don’t miss the chance of getting them their favorite cartoon character birthday cake.

Life’s A Celebration

Life becomes much easier if you live with a positive attitude no matter what comes to you! Indeed a beautiful birthday wish to encourage someone telling them that they are going well and they do have your back!

Have A Successful Year!

To a friend who is neither too close not too new, I would have sent this birthday wish!

A New Dream

Birthdays add up more to your age, but they add up one more year to live as well. It’s never too late to start doing something, and you are never too old to dream about it.

Happy Journey!

One must have thought out of the “Earth” (not “box”) to come out with the concept of Earth revolving around the Sun with that of someone’s birthday. But it does make a good sense, Earth takes 365 days to revolve around the sun and so does our birthday appear after 365 days! We just live around facts that go by unnoticed!

Count Friends & Smiles

Of all the achievements I have ever made, my friends are the best ones!

Life has no meaning without friends in it, hence count your friends rather than counting your age and being sad about getting older. Life’s a long journey, measure it with happiness and smiles!


Through hugs can we hear each other’s heartbeat more closely. It’s like you can listen to and feel the person’s heartbeat you are hugging and all you get in return is the warmth that cures toughest and roughest situations. When we go through sadness, heartbreak, happiness, or any other emotion hugs are there for making you feel better and trust me, getting hugs from the ones you love is the best thing ever. And so are the kisses! Forehead kiss means you care and admire the person, cheek kiss means you like them, and lip kiss means you love them.

To someone miles away from me, I would choose to send these healing virtual hugs and kisses. What would you?

See you next year!

Hope you have the next beautiful 365 days of your life so that I can wish you with more love and care the next time!

Love’s Born-day

Sending greeting cards is decidedly less seen in this world where everything goes online. If you are thinking of reviving your old memories with someone you love then you must send them a greeting card with a cute message in it and finally a bouquet!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

Brothers, no matter elder or younger are always annoying, but we love them anyhow. I am sure, and birthday is the only day in the whole 365 days when you show some value and respect to them; however eternal love and bonding is deep inside the heart. Give your brother this happy birthday card on his special day and make it more worthwhile.

Happy Birthday Wishes For A Colleague!

And to the coworker, you always loved the company of, happy birthday dear colleague!

Warm Wishes

Let your birthday wishes be warm as the ray of sun on winters, sweet as the honey and pink as the color of roses.

Have A Beautiful Birthday!

All that a birthday person wishes for is the birthday wishes from wellwishers coming true.

Happy Birthday Wishes For A Sister

A person who has no sisters know their real worth! If you have a dull life, then your sister will add colors on to it. A sister is an elf sent from heaven,  a personal therapist, a mother, a caretaker and what not. So to such a marvelous person in the universe, wish a happy birthday. We have a birthday wish to a sister quote above; you might like it!

Siblings Like Best Friends

Best memories from childhood are made with siblings! A brother is like a father- strict and guarding, he is like a kid who needs extra pampering at times, he is the person who loves you the most but would never show, he is like a friend who would listen to your stories and would always give right suggestions and your first ever best friend since birth! And to such amazing brothers, let us make them feel special and make their day eventful.

Stay Fab!

Being real is the best policy, so be the person you are!

Treasure Memories

Yeah, you just add more other ages still to walk through!

Happy Birthday, Daughter!

Daughters are the angels made in heaven. For a daughter who is smart, sensible, mature, supportive and frank, don’t miss a chance to tell her what she has brought into your life. Tell her how much you love her and how blessed you feel blessed to have her.

As a parent, I would have chosen something like the above quote to wish my daughter a happy birthday!

Long Life Wishes

Live Long Life!

Celebrate Life!

A message from a friend who doesn’t speak up much but loves you a lot!

A Dreamer

To attain utmost delight, chase your dreams, keep chasing them until you’re grabbing them within your hand.

Happy Birthday Wishes To The Most Fantastic Mother!

‘God couldn’t be everywhere, and hence he made mothers!’ To someone who loves everyone unconditionally, someone who sacrifices her dreams and desires for the sake of others, and the one who is the foundation of every family- many many happy returns of the day mom!

Brother Be My Superhero

I as a sister would have sent this same message to my brother on his birthday! A brother-sister relation is like that of a ‘Tom and Jerry’- they can’t live without each other nor can they resist fighting when being together.

Happy Life Ahead!

May God permits these beautiful words! Amen!

Fill Your Life With Love

An early morning text as such on a birthday is splendid! Fill your every day with only the things you love and ignore the rest!

Birthday Wishes From Angels

Designing the birthday card as if you are sending your birthday friend a birthday cake, a present, flowers, and balloons via little angels is way too adorable!

First-Month Birthday Wishes

To someone who has a birthday on the very first month of a new year!

Older And Bolder

And somewhere bolder!

Blow Them


Blow the candles and make a quick wish!


Let’s meet for a dinner date may be?

Float With Love!

Float all around!

 Unconditional Love

And it is the greatest gift you can receive!

Keep Smiling!

Are you not finding yourself better ideas for a birthday wish? Paste our very own Mickey Mouse, he is cute and will do the necessary part you missed.

Thanks For Being There!

When you want to thank a person for their presence and support, there’s no fixed day or date to do so. You may do that any day you wish, but if you choose their birthday as the right day, then you are brilliant. Who doesn’t love compliments? Everybody does! And especially when it’s your birthday. You are on the seventh sky!

For The Dad In Heaven

To a fantastic dad who is always around watching from heaven, we have special message-your kids love you. Even when you aren’t around, they still feel you, because, even if you are miles away, you are always in their thoughts, prayers and within their soul!

Grow Young

And growing older is too much fun!

A Birthday Wish To Me

Al.l we do at 0:00 on our birthdays is a whisper ‘happy birthday to me!’ and this way we are the first ever wishers every year!

Early Morning Birthday Wish

Send this memo with roses early morning!

Blessed World

Yes! And that’s the level of swag I want to see in me and my friends viz we aren’t enjoying the world as much as the world is enjoying having us!

More To Know!

Cause no matter how long you’ve been familiar to someone or something, you are always new to the sides of them you have never explored before!

Keep The Child Inside You Alive!

Growing older is not in our hands, but keeping the child inside us alive is!

No Gifts, Just Wishes

Yes, it indeed is true! Heartfelt messages are priceless in compared to expensive gifts and surprises!

Don’t Worry!

So will be the one wishing you this!

Happy Birthday, Boss!

When you get a cool dude boss!


On your 19th birthday sweetheart!

Wonderful Birthday!

Many many happy returns of the day!

A True Friend

Exactly! A true friend doesn’t rely on facebook notifications to remind them of your birthday! A friend will wish you even if it’s not your birthday according to what you have updated on social sites, but a true friend will wish you only on your birthday! Without being mistaken!

Fortune Wishes

And blow the candles hard!

Birthday Cake

Not a very big cake but a small and cute cupcake would work too. Don’t forget placing a candle on it!

Live A Hundred Lives In A Year

So live it to the fullest and see how many lives you lived in a year!

Birthdays Gone Won’t Come Back

Your birthdays won’t come back again. We only live once and a particular birthday comes only once so why not experiencing whatever comes by?

Save Me Some Cake!

wishes could be a birthday message from a distant friend reminding the birthday person that they’ll party hard after getting together!

Best Best friends


And best friends would remember your birthday but would act as they don’t! Such types of people are rare and are the best among the best.

Birthday Wish To A Special Friend

A birthday wish to a close friend!

Happy Birthday Wishes To Your Boss

It’s a very formal way in which a person can wish his boss a happy birthday with a bouquet.

Happy Birthday, Love!

Everything looks good when you’re in love, the world seems happier, rain dances on leaves, the wind blows slowly, and everything happens in a slow-mo.

Is it your better half’s birthday today? Relax, here we have a message that we recommend you should send him.

Have A Blast!

Wish you all the success in life! Stay blessed!

Happy Returns Of The Day

To the most special person ever!

The World Enjoys You!

Oh yeah!

Happy Happy

Have a blast!

Boss Be The Best!

To the most favorite boss in the world- happy birthday big boss!

Dear Friend

Cherish them all!

Birthday wishes for a friend!

Sweetheart’s Day

Trying something new this year on your special one’s birthday, send your love through a mailbox wrapping it in an envelope!

Dear Daughter!

Dear daughter, you’re always beautiful!

The Most Powerful Love

Love is that powerful! It’s a weapon which if mishandled might give you severe pains!

The Meaning Of Friendship

Know the new definition of FRIENDSHIP with us!

Sending Smiles

Sending them smiles so that they don’t miss to smile!

Joyful Birthday

Olaf is the best example of a friend. Glad to see you with this message Mr. Olaf!

You Are Special

Without being aware of, you are always on someone’s mind.


Rarest of the rare people get to celebrate their 100th birthday! Legends they are whole live for centuries!

Bloom Like A Flower

More bright especially today because it’s your day, your happy birthday!

Capture The Good Moments

That is, life does give you a second chance not to repeat the same mistake twice! Acquire the goods, make good out of the bads and try again in case you fail!

Dear, Happy Birthday

See we have already prepared it for you, just insert the birthday person’s name there!

Delay Wish

We might sometimes forget wishing our friends on their anniversary, but it’s better to wish late than not wishing at all. So, a happy belated birthday!

Presents For You

Because you love your friend and their happiness means a lot to you, here we have a quote for you to send your friend. Show that you care!

Opposites Attract

Even though you have a person with the opposite nature as that of yours, make sure your differences do not affect the bond you people share!

Nice Niece

Why always wishing people of your age in the bubbliest way? Wish your friend like niece the happiest birthday uniquely this year! We have more happy birthday wishes for nieces, look at them as well!


This day has come back to your life, celebrate it’s happening with bliss and joy!

Two Hearts, One Soul

Two bodies become one soul when you fall in love. Falling in love is a very miraculous feel in life. And to the guy who has given you that absolute pleasure, why not thanking him back with an adorable birthday wish this date?

Age Is A State Of Mind!

Mr. Abhishek Bachchan like his granddad has got the skills of playing with the words, and we admire him! Just as he means, life is all about collecting love and blessings along with the happy birthday wishes!

Have A Sweet Birthday!

A slice of cake brings sweetness to life! Make someone’s happy birthday a ‘sweet, happy birthday.’

An Irish Blessing

How people wish they were Irish! Irish people when say something mean it from the depth of their heart. Here we are with an incredible Irish quote, hope you like it! Read more of the Irish happy birthday wishes!

Take My Heart

Loving someone wholeheartedly is very rare. Hence to the person who has your whole heart, get back to them with your heartfelt happy birthday wishes on their special day!

Praise Your Life

Therefore cherish each day in your life!

God Bless You!

A generous wish to you dear friend!

Endless Love

‘Needless to say, but my love for you is eternal!’ Show some love while sending this.

Happy Bornday Babe

A  happy birthday wish to a boyfriend! Tell them you love them! Of all the happy birthday wishes for boyfriend, I find it simplest and the sweetest one!

Soul Mates

From a husband who held your hands for a reason, with the promise to be with you on life’s roller coaster ride- happy birthday dear wife! If one message isn’t enough, send her more happy birthday wishes with love!

Fulfill Your Wishes

And many more on your bucket list awaits you!


Wish you the best!

Don’t Stress

A happy birthday wish from a jolly friend! Friends are meant to insult you in the sweetest way possible, so here it goes! Have a good day!

Happy Birthday Wishes For The Best Sister

To the super girl in the family, let her know her worth! Wish her the best on her born day!

Happy born day sister! The world is lacking something without you!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Bestie

Best friends are the jewels of our life, let them know they mean to you!

Let’s party like you are not going to celebrate this moment ever again!

Life’s A Gift

Do the justice! Live amazing!

Discover The Reason

The day you finally discover the motive behind your existence is the day when you realize you’re leaning towards the right path!

Turn Mature

With maturity, the excitement of birthdays reduces a bit because there come more duties and responsibilities!

Have Good Health

Blow the candles and make a wish!

Stay Blessed!

Wish someone have an awesome day every day!

Enjoy Every Moment!

To god, I wish to spill over happiness in your life because the mess is the new beautiful!

I Adore You!

‘How can I make my boyfriend’s birthday more special?’ is the most frequently asked question by a loving girlfriend. Well, girls here is a sample for you. He won’t be left unimpressed. Have a great time with your love!