110 (Wedding Inspired) Half Up Half Down Hairstyles 

Not everyone can rock all kinds of styles. And heck! Not all hairstyles look good on everyone. And even the ones that should be able to make anyone wearing them look good, at best, are difficult to pull off and style. Like, when did styling one’s hair become so stressful and all about the drama? Don’t you feel like throwing away all your styling “essentials” because of all the stressful events you go through? And are just wishing upon a style that’s easy and looks good on you any day of the year? Well, sister, we (with our half up half down hairstyles) got your back.

Half up half down hairstyles are a universal style because anyone who wears it, without a doubt, rocks it. No, seriously! Whatever your hair length or color, you want it, you get it. These styles have been working out for quite a while now. Like seriously, over hundreds of years. As of records, women in the 1400s started donning these styles left and right. Although they’ve been around for centuries, they don’t seem to go out of style anytime soon.

Like its name, half up half down styles are simply half of your hair put up into different styles and presented elegantly. No matter your hair quality, no matter if its long-short, curly or straight, these 105 styles we’ve gone through are life saviors.

Knotted Half Up Half Down Pony

half up half down hairstyles

This knotted half ponytail is one of my favorites among the numerous half up half down hairstyles. The knots are very simple to put on and still manage to look sophisticated.

Half Bow with Heavy Curls

A half bow with heavy curls is one of those classic prom half up half down hairstyles. It looks a bit dramatic, but a little drama never hurt anyone. This hairdo looks better when styled with a heavy ball gown or a satin dress.

Messy Half Updos

Messy half up half down hairstyles are my personal favorites. These types of hairstyles help make your hair seem volumized with added textures.

Ladder Braid Clip

Don’t these ladder braided styles give off a summery-walking over a bridge in a meadow vibe. No? Just me, then. But there’s no denying that this style is a perfect look for formal events and ceremonies. The tightened braid makes it look like your hair is being held by a hairclip, but fancier.

Half Tucked-In Curls

This half tucked-in curl is a newer take on the messy half updo. Mini twists in this style are tucked in to appear like a wavy ladder-like style.

Side Braided Crown

Half braided never fail to amaze me with their versatility. They work as if they’re only made to style half up half down hairstyles. Just take this side braided crown as an example. This style is the perfect look for you if you’re into the medieval royal princess look.

 Fishtail Top Bun

A Fishtail braided bun is a somewhat exotic hairstyle. It helps your overall hair and your style look put-together.

Laced Half Braid

Lacey/ Laced half braided pulled back hair, is a mouthful to explain. But, as a mouthful, it is, it’s also a pretty simple to do half-up hairstyle, and it’s beautiful.

Twisted Halfknot

Does this twisted half knot with heavy curls seem somewhat familiar to you? Well, it’s definitely because you’ve grown up watching tv moms wearing this particular style left and right. This style makes you, as a whole, look more mature and sophisticated.

Multiple Half Up Half Down Twists

Messy hair looks are one of the few styles that surely won’t go out of trend. I mean, look at how fun and jolly this messy half up half down with twists look. If you’re all about that “librarian” aesthetic, this is the hairstyle for you.

Messy Top Bun

A top-half bun is a style that undoubtedly makes your facial features pop-off. This style makes your hair looked snatched back and on sleek, also flattering your jawline.

Overhead Twist

This overhead twisted crown is something you’d wear picking flowers through the forest in floral dresses. It’s a go-to style for all the cottage core people.

Half Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids work magic while showing off your entire hair textures. Even when put up half, fishtail braids work wonder. It gives off a casual yet classy kind of a look.

Swept Low Curls

Swept tucked in half-pony are one of the low effort and comfortable half up half down hairstyles. You should add in some low light waves for a more subtle look.

Puffed Hair with Bangs

This puffed-up hair with bangs is a classic 70s female hairstyle. You can don this vintage style with some super dramatic winged eyeliner and some stylish drabby clothes.

Messy Clipped Hair

If you’ve been done the honor of being chosen as somebody’s bridesmaid but, you’re still in dilemma if you could pull off a bridesmaid look? Well worry no more, this messy half clipped hair is one of the classic bridesmaid hair looks which looks gorgeous with any dress you decide to wear.

Thin Waves Half Pony

Half up ha;f down hairstyles and light waves is a combo you’re probably a fan of. If not, this thin waved half-pony will probably change your mind. This is the hairstyle you’re wearing to the next beach wedding you get invited to.

Side Feather Braid

Half side braids have always been one of those pretty hairstyles, just like this feathery side braid tucked into a sleek half-up style with deep heavy curls.

Half Updo with Hairclip

If you’re looking forward to your low-key wedding and want to watch the same, go for this half-up styled with a dramatic hairclip. Brides have worn this style for a long time. It’s one of those stylish classics.

Half Twisted Knot

If you’re into some classic librarian or teacher looks, this twisted half knot is the thing you should opt for. This style is quick to do and low maintenance.

Twisted In Curls

Twisted in curls is an easy to style quick hairstyle that makes you seem well-put. It’s simple and sophisticated.

Mini Braided Low Pony

A mini braided ponytail works well for you if you’re an athletic person. Apart from the sharp looks, it’s maintainable and keeps your hair off your face, which makes itself a comfortable style to work.

Massive Side Braid

A massive side dutch braided half-pony is easy to work out and helps you rock the angelic cottage care style. It’s one of those styles that looks wonderful in low flowy dresses and gowns.

Loose French Side Braid

This loose french side braided half-pony is undoubtedly something you’d see the primary character wear. And you, queen, aren’t any less. This style lets you showcase your entire personality.

Chunky Bow with Waves

Chunky Bow with long waves is an easy to do super dramatic faux bow style. It seems like you’ve put much thought and time into your whole persona and yet looks effortless.

Cute Curled Waterfall Braid

Half waterfall braids are one of the prettiest hairstyles you could wear out. These are one of those styles that go well with any color shade of hair. Light or dark, this style with some added curls add more definition to your hair.

Easy Casual Swept Puff

A casually swept puff is something you’ve undoubtedly seen any receptionist don. And it has probably made you question how they’re pulling off such an effortless style so well. Well, it’s no secret. As easy this style is, it’s even more straightforward to look fabulous in.

Floral Heavy Low Curls

Half put up heavy low curls is a classic from the wedding bride’s hair looks. Those heavy curls at the end add volume to your hair and make it seem more fluffed. It looks better when topped off with a floral accessory.

Overturn Braid for Balayage

Most half up half down hairstyles let you show off your hair colors and those textures. And so does this overhead half braid. Even with colored hair, it does magic flaunting the colors.

Lacy Dandelion

Styling your wedding day hair isn’t only about the hairstyle itself, but also about what you style them off with at the end. And nothing looks better on braided half-up hair than pretty-looking mini weed flowers.

Casual Triple-Stranded Half Braid

Braids, when styled, casually make statements to different levels. So don’t be shy and make a statement with this casually braided triple-stranded half-braid while looking fantabulous.

Half Low Braid

Half plaits are a simple and easy looking hairstyles. Make this your everyday sweater weather hairstyle for this fall.

Heavy Laced Open Hair

I guess by now you know when we’re talking about laced hairstyles, we aren’t talking about the fabric thing. What we’re calling lace, is the mini braids which appear lacey. Anyway, these “laces” you put on your hair securely make your hair seem lively and breathing.

Mini Twisted Band

Twisted half up half down hairstyles help your look, whether casual or formal, look effortlessly well-put and somehow also traditionally “conservative.”

Bonded Puff

Puff styles are all the hype, but they’re also heavy and unsecured. Well, you can fix the only issue by binding the puff with a thick braid over the head.

Secure Loose Braids

If you’re tired with all those awfully tight styles but also want your style to be secure, try this secure loose braids style. The loose braids are comfortable while when tied at the end, they’re also secure.

Braided Hald-Top Bun

If you’re all over social media (like me). You’ve probably seen many influencers work this style. And you know a thing is in trend when your feed is filled with different influencers trying out the same forms.

Low Hung Fishtail

This low hung fishtail plait is a traditional hair look. For your next extended family wedding or picnic, get ready with this low hung fishtail.

Messy Half Pony

Suppose you’re carefree and want to style yourself the same even on your wedding day. You can work with this messy half-pony. You can style it off with minimalist hair jewelry.

Side Half Braid

Side half-braided pony is a style you should assign your beautiful bridesmaids to wear. Not only will they all be coordinated, but they’ll all be looking fabulous together, also making you stand out.

High Half Pony

When you work with a high pony, you know you haven’t gone wrong anywhere. Top pony half up half down hairstyles help flatter and flaunt your jaw structure and your cheekbones.

Tiara Twists

Tiara, like hairstyles what has always made me feel like a Queen of my own. And this twisted tiara style is one of my basics and favorites that I recommend.

Wedding Half Up Half Down Hair

Now, this look is one of those half up half down hairstyles that probably inspired this article on its entirety. This half multi-braided curled updo should be topped with a jewel accessory for a more wedding-y look.

Laced Heavy Side Pony

This laces stout side pony is something you’ve probably seen your highschool English teacher rock. And as of my experience, whatever English teachers do and work with is pretty cool.

Floral Ladder

The combo of floral accessory and stylish mini braids is what works marvelously with wedding looks. These types of styles are cute, pretty, and cottage core.

Casual Twists

Most half up half down hairstyles are about how well they look, even when styles casually, just like these randomly twisted semi buns, which are very comfortable.

Waterfall Half Braid

This waterfall braided half-up style is one of those styles middle-schooled girls would wear to school regularly. It was probably because they knew how good they looked with it, and you should go for it too.

Ladder Fishtail

Laddered and fishtail braids are my personal favorite braided style for half up half down hairstyles. These types of forms are elegant and heck, they’ll suit anybody.

Caressed TopBun

A caressed top bun is a wedding look worn by many ladies, even today. This style helps add volume to your hair and also makes it look voluptuous.

Spiral Twists

These spiral twists are one of the half up half down hairstyles that are literally out of the ordinary. These styles are undoubtedly the styles your personal Star Wars characters would wear.

Casual Lace

Laced half up half down hairstyles are few of those styles that work with both formal, casual and wedding aesthetics. And the great thing is, they’re pretty simple to style.

Single Braided Bun

Single braids bun is a comfortable and easy-to-do one of the half up half down hairstyles. Heck, it’s even an impromptu style, that you can’t style even when you’re just uncomfortable.

Parted TopBun

These parted top braids and top buns are few of those marvelous Tumblr and Pinterest inspired hairstyles. And as of what I know, Tumblr and Pinterest are all about the aesthetics. And nothing works the styles better than the aesthetics you put on.

90s Side Sweep

What great times were the 90s? The whole decade was an aesthetic on itself. And so were the outfits and hairstyles, like this side swept half updo. This was one of the classic bride’s hairstyles at that time. And as of what we’ve heard, the 90s hairstyles are making a comeback.

High Bangs

Growing out bangs is a great deal of work for everybody. And not everyone can pull it off well. And if you’re one of those who can’t stand to deal with it, put your bangs into a high pony, for a put-together style.

Baguette Top Braids

Now, this is something we’d like to go over the top for. This twisted baguette knots make your updo seem more well-groomed and make your hair appear to be more voluptuous.

Double Twists Bubble Braid

Bubble braids, without question, are a fabulous look for your hair. This is one of those styles that make you stand out among anybody else, even in a large mass.

Crowned Mini Fishtail

The greatest thing about mini braided crown is that they make an entire outfit go off. These kinds of styles add some definitions to your hair and make them look well-groomed.

Mini Triple Braids

Mini triple braids are precisely what they’ve been named. This mini braids styled from the crown of your hair can be secured into a top bun with waves for a casual and refreshing look.

Messy Strands

Messy hairstyles are something that never makes you look dull and bland. When you take this half up half down for an example, the messy strands are what make the look.

Sleek Inward Pinned

Pinned and tucked in hairstyles are few of those effortless hairstyles that look so sophisticated and chic, just like this sleek inward pinned updo. It’s easy to do, and when you do, don’t forget to set it off with hair setting spray.

70s Low Half Pony

The 70s may not have been a good time politically, but as for the fashion, it’s something we all look up to to date. And so is this 70s l0w half pony. This style looks better with any alt styled clothes, and better, even wedding gowns.

Massive Waterfall Braids

This large waterfall braid is one of those pretty-looking styles you’ve seen many ladies rock. And you’d too because this style looks good on everyone and in every manner. This style adds a few textures to your hair while making them stand out.

Nicole Kidman Half Pony

Nicole Kidman had undoubtedly been many of our heartthrobs for decades now. If you’re into styling yourself like her, try this low curled half pony. This style is one of the classics we’ve seen Nicole Kidman pull off quite a few times.

Numbered Half Braid

If you want your hair to seem effortless while also not putting any effort, this numbered plait is the style you should go for. The numbered braids add some definition to your hair, also making it stand out.

Lob Hair Band

Whatever your hair length, you don’t need to worry about these half up half down hairstyles suiting you. Because they’ll surely do, take this lob braided hairband look.

Heavy Feathers Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Since we’re on the topic of wedding-inspired look, we can’t miss this heavy feather braided style. This look all on its own is elegant, and you can make it look even better with some floral accessories.

Twisted Faux Clip

If you’re not looking to an overly exaggerated hair for your wedding, you should try this subtle half up half down style. It appears to be effortless while also making you in your dress, magical.

Rachel Green Half Bun

We’ve all seen Friends and tried to style ourselves like those classic characters, like Rachel Green. If you’re still into doing that, you should go for this half twisted bun, which is a hot take on Rachel Green semi-classic braided bun.

Single Plait with Front Open Strands

This single plait with four open strands might seem like a basic style, and it is. But just because something is “basic,” it doesn’t mean it’s bland or dull. This “basic” hairstyle works out with any outfit you decide to put on.

Windmill Braid

Braids and half up half down hairstyles are some styles that work wonderfully with each other. If you’re forever a child at heart and like to style like it, this style is the one for you. It’s never gone out of fashion and is refreshing.

Chunky Twists

This chunky twists style is the style you’ve probably seen many brides rock in their days. And you should too. Because honey, this look speaks gorgeous on all levels. Whatever wedding dress you’ve chosen, this style will blend perfectly with it.

Braided Side Bun Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

I can tell that you’d be lying if you said you never had a Tumblr phase. So if you want to reminiscent your past self’s classic styles, better start with this double braided half pony. This style has been fashionable and around for quite some time now.

Braided Low Curls

Braided low curls are one of those low effort pretty looking hairstyles. It’s easy to style, pull off, and is something that looks good in any style of clothing.

Popped Off Twists

Twisted half up styles all on their own are marvelous, and when you add some dramatic heavy curls, it’s everything you look for in a hairstyle and more. This gorgeous style is something we’ve probably seen the iconic Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gilles) rule in.

Braid Clipped Puff

Half puffed styles are something I can personally vouch for because I’ve been rocking those styles forever. This style is a good one to help you keep your hair off your hair while also looking fashionable.

Braided Beach Wedding Curls

Weddings are mostly about the bride, groom, and the vows they set. But, hey even the bridesmaid have much responsibility to hold, one of them is looking good themselves while making the bride stand out. And this braided beach wedding curls is a style that’ll help you take and complete that responsibility. It makes you look good while also being not-so-dramatic.

Drab Medieval Puff

As for hairstyles and styles, it’s all about how you want to express yourself. So, you can work as dramatic or as subtle you want while styling our hair if you’re more into theatrical ways of style and want to look the same on your special day. You should go with this drab medieval puffed style. You can even style it with hair jewelry or any accessory to make it stand out.

Fishtail Laced Straight Hair

Half up half down hairstyles work wonders on all hair types, but they look fantabulous on straight hair, just like this fishtail laced half up half down style, which looks well-assembled and effortless at the same time.

Half Low Knot

If you’re not much a person who likes to put in efforts into their style but still want a great look, you should go for this low half knot. This style doesn’t take much effort and also looks pretty and chic.

Knotted Crown Braid

A knotted crown is a low maintenance style that is also secure, meaning you won’t have to worry about redoing it or falling off. And talking about how it looks, I won’t be exaggerating if I say it is plain gorgeous.

Put-Together 80s Mom Bob

Half up half down hairstyles aren’t only for basic long and curled hair types. It looks marvelous on short styles as well, like this 80s mom bob style. You’d probably be hiding something if you said you don’t remember seeing at least one Tv mom from the 80s rocking this style. This put-together 80s mom bob style is maintainable and straightforward.

Prom Half Twist

Prom and homecoming are two of the events young teenagers look forward to. They get to style themselves and rock some stunning looks. If you’ve tried all the basic prom hairstyles you knew, better go for this prom half twist. This style is one of the prom industry classics.

Half Rose Bun

A bit of pizzazz, even in hairstyles, can never go wrong. Better, they’ll look something straight out of a medieval drama. Just like this, half rose bun. This is the style you should work into your close family only wedding; you’ve been planning.

Chunky Curls

Curls are one of the most versatile hair looks one can go with. Even with a simple half-pony, it does wonder. You can style your plain half updo with chunky end curls for a classy 50s hair look.

Paper Rose Side Twist

If you’re looking for a style for your wedding, this paper rose side twisted updo is the one you should go for. Because a little drama never hurt a bride, you should try this hairstyle for you because the only person who’s allowed to look fabulously dramatic on your special day is you.

Side Half Braid

Side half dutch braid is a style that makes your hair pop off. This style helps flatter your hair and your entire look as well.

Overhead Ladder

Laddered half plaits are one of the prettiest styles you can try. Just look at this lovely overhead ladder plait. It looks even better with some long waves.

 Clipped Pony

Now that we’ve gone through a large number of dramatic half up half down hairstyles, it’s about time we work with a chic and clean one like this side clipped half pony. You can sweep some sections of your to side and secure it with a stylish vintage bow or a clip. And Voila! You’re ready to shine.

Goddess Mini Braided Half Plait

Half up half down hairstyles, all on their own, give you a goddess-like look. And so does this beautiful mini braided goddess half plait. The quadruple waterfall braids which have been transitioned into a single fusilli plait may be a bit dramatic, but they’re also super gorgeous.

Half up half down hairstyles are pretty versatile. They’re one of the few forms that can be worn on a casual basis, for formal events, a party and even (mostly) wedding ceremonies.

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