140 Pleasant Good Morning Quotes That Will Brighten Your Day

Good morning quotes and messages often make our day better! ‘A very warm good morning!’ -Words enough to bring a smile to your face when you wake up early in the morning. Isn’t it awesome knowing that there is someone who cares for you? Opening eyes in the morning and getting a ‘good morning’ wish from your loved ones is enough to give a great start to your day. It is indeed believed that the words spoken in the morning affect the whole day to a greater extent. So don’t you like being pampered this way? You do right! So be sure to brighten your loved ones’ day as well. Be the reason they smile for a while! Have a glance at the best 140 good morning quotes with images that we have brought your way:

Good Morning Quotes For Love

good morning quotes

Tell them you care for them. As mornings are the new beginnings, who knows if your words could encourage someone? For the love of your life never forget thanking them for their presence and being your everything in your nothing!

An Another Morning

Feel blessed for you are getting to see one more sunshine. Wash your soul every day in that bath of the earliest sun and go ahead to make your day more beautiful!

Every morning is a blank canvas, and you are the artist of your own life. It’s up to you how you make your life and what colors you fill it with!

And I thank God for letting me see and live one more day of life!

Both the good morning quotes in the pictures above mean the same. They mean, people will complain because it’s human nature to do so. People are unhappy and always striving for betterment and since there are people who don’t even get to wake up in the morning. So rather than being sad, be a little happy and thank God for adding one more day to your life! That is the least one can do!

God plans the future for us. It’s mysterious. Every day brings with it much more wonderful presents and surprises. Mornings are hence God’s gift to us!

Don’t forget to thank Lord for giving you a new life every day. This is indeed the first thing every person should do after opening their eyes. Enjoy and love what you have got!

Life’s a book and every morning is the beginning of the new story on a new page. Make each page of your life great.

For some people don’t even wake up after their nights of sleep! So be thankful for whatever you have got!

Your heart should be as stretched as a bird’s wing, long enough to capture good things and big enough to thank for smallest of the smallest things! And it’s after all all about a new day in life so you must not miss giving your heartfelt thanks to God!

Because being alive is incredible!

Self-motivation works the best when other motivations fail!

Don’t do things for getting praise from others, do it for yourself but it is at the same time very natural to need to get encouraged for good stuff you do. In that case, remember that many people miss the beautiful dawn while they still sleep. Your work may be the same as the gorgeous sun that people praise late!

Just saying won’t make things happen so you should listen to the things carefully and must do it!

Positive Good Morning Quotes

Positivity is so powerful. Have positive thought in the morning and make your day peaceful as you would want. Please see more of the positive good morning quotes below:

Surround yourself with positivity and radiate it!

Wake up every morning with the determination of doing something great, smile for no reason and be happy. Have positivity within you because being positive is your choice that will make your lifestyle better every coming day!

One never knows when it’s going to be the last day of their life so make every day a great day!

Thanking God for this a million times would be less!

Seeking for a good life from a long while? It had been there in front of you your whole life! Smile often, laugh your heart out, dream big and be thankful for what you have, and there you have a perfect life!

Start every day with a smile and positivity in you; your whole day will pass smoothly!

It’s up to you how you shape your life. Keep quality thoughts, think positive and live positively!

Opportunity Good morning quotes

So grab it when you get it for it’s not going to stay for too long!

Opportunities have been compared with sunrises here that’s because like the sun sets after every sunrise similarly every opportunity comes to an end after a while. So don’t wait too long for it, grab it when you get it!

Good Morning Quotes For The Better Half

A beautiful message a wife can send to her loving husband!

As long as you have your loved ones’ back, you can together fight against all the odds. So no matter what comes by, if you have them by your side, everything will be fine, and even if it’s not then it will undoubtedly end being fine!

Life is sorted if you wake up every morning in the arms of whom you love the most. Getting to see your love giving you an adorable smile as soon as you wake up is the best thing that can happen to you throughout the day!

For the person who loves you the most, you are the jewel of their life and the most beautiful dream of all the dreams they have had ever chased.

People who wake up to their loved ones are the luckiest!

Have Dreams


One of the inspirational good morning quotes I have always loved! People say follow your dreams but rather than chasing them forever just have them when it’s in front of you!

Success Quotes

Success is when you can measure how much you can do to see your dream changing into a reality rather than measuring how big your dreams can be!

You can’t achieve success without preparing for it and working hard. If you sit down hoping that things will come their way, then it’s highly specific to face failure. Be wise! Work hard and keep yourself prepared!

Good Morning Quotes For Friends

There are numerous good morning quotes for friends, wish them any way you want, and they’ll be pleased. Pick some of the good morning quotes for friends from below!

Tears are precious, don’t waste them crying upon someone who doesn’t deserve them. Words spoken are powerful, use them carefully, and a heart filled with love is much beautiful. But above all, friends are most wonderful!


Friends are the gems of life. How lucky they are who have friends like families! Friends are in fact our means of survival; it’s worse to imagine even a single day without them.

Good morning quotes and wishes like this one are better than breakfasts. Serve your dear ones with a cup of warm helloes, a plate of crispy and spicy wishes, a spoon of sweet smiles, and hope them great success in life!

Lesson From Mistakes

People make mistakes in their life, not because it’s fun doing so but because it’s mandatory to learn. More mistakes mean more experiences, and more experiences mean least chances of making mistakes again. People learn from their mistakes, and other people learn from their success. So don’t hesitate in making mistakes, do it, know it, learn from it and make the success out of it!

Life’s a long journey which you can’t travel alone, and that is why God made us meet with relatives that aren’t related by blood but by the heart to make our life’s journey wonderful! We people just don’t understand that simple thing and sometimes when we finally do, we start respecting everyone in our life!

Good Morning Texts

Mornings are the beginning of new days, spend it well because your mornings can depict how your whole day’s gonna be!

Bigger the heart, more gorgeous is the day. Welcome each day with your open arms! Start your days by reading or sending these beautiful morning quotes!

Text your near and dear ones this message and make their day!

May God permit these beautiful texts!

‘And may you have a charming day ahead!’ Add this line to make your text more catchy and admirable. You can add these words in any morning quotes or texts you send to add more charm to them!

‘Sending your way gift of peace and love!’

Well, there’s no point in being bothered by such a sweet text message!

A wonderful day ahead!

Morning Quotes On Everyday

A new day brings new hopes and expectations, you may meet some of them or none at all, and that is the reason why not every day is good, but there always is something good in every day. That something good might slip from your head, but it will somewhere get added to your content!

Simple yet sweet enough!

Adjust Your Focus

Adjust your focus on your goal and work with all the passion required. With such determination and enthusiasm, God himself won’t be able to keep you away from what you deserve. Just work hard and keep the focus on what you are craving for!

Because if you focus too much on stress, you might miss realizing how much you are blessed! Adjust your focus, bring it back from stress and see how smooth life would be!

Beautiful Heart Good Morning Quotes For Him

Because outer beauty does not stay longer, but the inner beauty does and hence you shouldn’t be running after a beautiful face but a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart!


Love is the foundation of everything we have in our life. If you have love in your heart, you have everything otherwise you’re the poorest person in the world.

Life’s A Mirror

Greatest comedian of all the time, Charlie Chaplin infers it accurately. Life’s a mirror, it will reflect what you show to it, but it will salute you when you make others happy!

Life’s like a mirror; it shows you back the things you show it. So if you smile at your life, it will smile back to you. Life will treat you the same way you treat your life.

Make It Count

Day once gone won’t come back. Things happened never come back again nor can they be changed, the memories of it is what remains behind so make everything you do in your daily life worth remembering!


There’s a connection between everything around us, from roads to sea everything meets its destiny.

The Law Of Nature

The law of nature is everything you do comes back to you at the end.


Collect smiles! Be the reason someone smiles today! The more the smiles, the better you will feel!

There are numerous reasons to smile about! Keep smiling!

The smile is the solution to every problem. Smile a bit; it will make you look attractive, smile a more it will change your mood and reduce some stress. Smile often because you’ll stay more healthy, young and positive!

Do something so that people will always remember you in their prayers and when they hear your name they smile. Life’s never qualified by branded outfits and your fluency in speaking; it is always measured by your good deeds!

Because smiling gives inner strength!

New Ending

Days went never return nor do the things we did; we can’t correct our mistakes by going to the past. The thing we can do is to give a new start and make an ending as we desire!

Pleasant Morning Quotes

Morning indeed is a wonderful blessing to everyone, no matter how the day ahead is going to be but morning always comes up with new hopes in life.

New Beginning

If yesterday was good, don’t sit content. Don’t satisfy yourself with less, keep the hunger of striving everything inside you alive. Who knows it’s just the beginning of your winning streak! Keep working!

Romantic Good Morning Quotes For Her

If she means the world to you, don’t hide it from her, let her know!

Silence Morning Quotes

Who says silence has nothing to yell? Just because silence has no voice doesn’t mean it has nothing to say!

Good morning quotes are indeed little boxes of sunshine that can brighten anyone’s day. To her who always brighten your day, send this to her way!

Today Is Blessing

Yesterday was history; it’s gone. You can’t do anything with your past. Tomorrow is a mystery, it’s undecidable and has got a lot of surprises with it. But today is the blessing you should be thankful for so rejoice in your today rather than tensioning yourself thinking about what’s gone and what’s yet to come.


For waking up to a morning with no goals is like waking up to a meaningless life. So make goals such that you don’t need to put alarms to wake up, set them such a way that your eyes will open on their own. Let your goals push you to frown from your bed!

Do Your Best

The time after you complete praying early in the morning is the best time when you can create your mindset strong! Make your mind sharp and do your best every day!


Don’t stop keeping hopes even in the worst situations; a miracle can happen any day anytime without an invitation.

Chase Success

Oversleeping in the morning is one of the biggest reasons behind failures. Either sleep a little more and fail or jump off the bed and start working to go far in your vision. The choice is completely yours!

For it doesn’t even take seconds for the world to turn upside down and not being conscious is a serious threat!

Love And Laughter

You don’t need to take medicines to stay healthy. A healthy person is the one who has peace of mind, peace of soul and has peace in his heart. And this peace comes only from laughter and love. So laugh a little more and love to the fullest!


Faith is the trust that acts as a lamp to show you path when you are lost. You won’t see the whole staircase all at once, but you’ll see the next stage to step up on to so that you are safe when you land your feet on to it!


And the ones who show off with their high degrees and certificates are fools. The real education is not in scoring marks and achieving higher grades and degrees, but it lies in your attitude. How you behave, how you speak, whether or not you respect others, etc.


Every best thing you’ll ever find in your life is free. Friendship, love, loyalty, laughter, and everything is around you. Don’t disrespect them for they are free; you will get it only if you value it and treasure them all your life.

Morning Quotes On Beautiful Day

A happy good morning wish from a jolly person!


Money has been considered as the worst discovery here because it separates people from their people at the same it has been referred to as the most trusted tool. That’s because people’s nature can only be tested when you need financial help from them. They either help you out or stay greedy and show you their true colors.

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Show some gratitude, welcome each day with a huge smile, a love in the heart, and good thoughts in mind, and you’ll meet with wonders at each phase of your life!


Bring colors to someone’s dull life!

God’s Love

If you wake up today and find yourself totally okay, then don’t forget thanking God for it’s his greatest blessing that you could see yet another beautiful day of life. It’s God’s way of loving his children!


Who knows what might happen? Just be positive towards life, and you’ll get the best possibility of all!

Early Morning Quotes

The dark dawn with a sun shining does feel like gold in the mouth of the sky. It’s a mesmerizing scene!!

Do It Today!

For tomorrow is future so it can only be determined by what you do today and not by what you will do tomorrow. If you want your tomorrow to be fruitful, work for it in the present. Postponing things will only lag you behind and will keep you away from your goals.

Start It Fresh!

Start your day fresh and not with the leftover broken parts from yesterday. Yesterday won’t return to you for sure but keep sticking with portions of it will undoubtedly destroy your today and ruin your beautiful future. So let go of the past!

Good Morning Quotes For Someone Special

Because you rule his mind!

Waking up becomes much more fun when you know that the first thing you’ll see as soon as you open your eyes is the person you love the most.

Keep warmth in your words, words are compelling!

Because life’s a journey, you can’t travel alone on!

Don’t know how long two souls can walk together, life’s not sure but makes your love for the special one certain, at least for the rest of the time when they are yours.

To someone who stays in your heart and mind 24/7.

To the person very special and close to heart, sending good morning quotes is not just to wish a good morning but to let you know that you are the first thing that comes to mind every time and every morning.  Words enough to melt someone’s heart!

A morning wish to the coffeeholic person!

Let them know how you are blissful to have them in your life!

Coffee Morning Quotes


Coffee is the best thing for coffee lovers in the early morning with sunrays breaking through the dawn!

Cheers to the coffeeholic! It’s indeed a great way to start the day with a cup of coffee. Sending a virtual cup of coffee is a super sweet way of extending your feelings to them!

Really very sweet!

New Day

With the beginning of the new day, you are given opportunities you can use well to achieve your objectives. You can waste it as well; it’s up to you. But remember that a day missed won’t come back again, just another new day would be there, but till then it would be too late to look back and fix things up.


Even if you can’t do things, your self-motivation will make the path possible.

Hold your mornings tight in your arms and grab the new day. Make it all yours!

A prayer that I wish God permits!

Have a fresh morning and a marvelous day ahead!

Every morning is God’s gift! Treasure them!

Early Morning Walk

Not only does it freshens your mood but it keeps you physically fit. So go on early morning walks and breathe out all the thoughts. There won’t be any chance of you returning home the way you had left it; you’ll return with more charm and a lot of smart stuff in your head!

Keep smiling!


When a new life is born, it enters this beautiful world with a cry, and when that life leaves the world, it makes others cry. In between these two cries is a long journey called life. Since it’s long, spend it with all the emotions, but of all, fill it with the maximum of happiness and peals of laughter.

Be Pleasant

Make your mind stable up to 10 a.m. and rest of the day will pass by smoothly on its own!

Amazing Day Quotes

Hope you have an incredibly fantastic day!

Do Good

Squirrels bury nuts and forget where they hide it, and those nuts grow accidentally into trees someday. In fact, most of the trees are planted unknowingly by them. A person should be like a squirrel, forget the great deeds you have done and the result of it will grow someday.

Difficult Roads And Beautiful Destinations

Because it’s only after hard works that you reach your goal.

Beautiful Life

Every day is a blessing by God and is a beautiful new beginning.

Not everyone you meet is genuine; some people come in your life to fill colors into it while some come to give you lifelong lessons!

Pleasant Good Morning Quotes And Poems

Great rhyme it is! I am singing with all the tone!

Good morning poem for not so early birds!

First Thing In The Morning

The first ever thing you can do in the early morning is to face yourself in the mirror, talk to self and make up the mind to do wonders. Make your paths more cheerful and have a super day!

Wake Up Early

Life’s no joke to take lightly. Don’t snooze your alarms saying ‘just five more minutes’, those 5 minutes you wasted sleeping when added might become crucial hours of your life you spent dreaming. So wake up early, get your things done and don’t leave any scope of complaints from anyone.

Pain To Strength

It’s all about time. Time heals every wound, the pain you are suffering from now will become your greatest strength someday. Don’t rush and never give up!

Do Good

You get what you give!

A New Dawn

To dream requires nothing but to do it involves strength, hard work, back up plans and the ability to face challenges. Shine out and rise above all!

The Purpose Of Life

The purpose of life is to live in whatever circumstances come to you, taste it, experience it and rush out for newer and richer challenges and experiences!

Good Relation

Where there’s no proper communication, there are thousands of misunderstandings challenging to solve. Hence a good relationship can be established only if you have a good conversation with the other person. Speak politely and blossom your relationships!

Wake Up With No Regrets

Yesterday’s gone, keep the urge to achieve something today on! Don’t hold regrets in your life, just move on and work better!

Move On

Life gives you at least a chance to move on and leave behind your regrets, bad past and burdens of it!

Positive Morning Quotes

Spread the positive vibes!

Think positive because positivity in life shows you the other half of life. Once you keep positive vibes inside you, you’ll find beauty in beast and good in evil, and that is when life becomes a grand celebration to celebrate!

Be Happy!

People who find happiness in nothing find more joy when they have everything. So lead your life by being happy!

Funny Good Morning Quotes

Also, see 27 funny good morning quotes you can send your close ones:

And this article on good morning quotes come to an end. Hope to bring you, people, more the next time!

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