105 Gel Nails Making your Stunning to Look Gorgeous

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If you want your fingertips to look glaring, all that you need are heavenly elegant and trendy gel nail designs. The gel nail art is absolutely long-lasting with a variety of patterns and designs. You can completely transform your nails to completely steal the show.

1. If you want to grab a dazzling feminine look, you can load your nails with amazing white and tea pink colored gel along with beads and crystals. They will look amazing for your day at work and even for some evening party.

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2. Who said that plain nail gel colors look boring? They rather look graceful and elegant. The best part about them is that you need not put extra effort and time to prepare your fingertips for some party.

3. Sparkling glitter gel with a light tone base looks extraordinarily clean and attractive to eyes. If you want your nails to look truly spectacular, go for this glitter glow option. It will work wonders for you.

4. If you want to get this amazing look for your fingertips, just put a little gel paint at the base and glitter gel in ombre fashion. Honestly, your nails will look like it is raining from the heaven.

5. These gorgeous looks rely on different polka dot and line design by using simple plain nail gels. You can add variety to these designs with the use of sparkling crystals.

6. Your nails can like daydream with little effort. The nude pink with a blend of contrasting dull golden glitter gel on alternating nails, give your nails heavenly look. It is simple and surprisingly effortless to do.

7. You can mesmerize people around you by flaunting your gel nail art. The amazing snow colored, white and light pink colored gel nail art with glitter would look perfect for the evening parties in winter.

8. Blend red gel glitter with the back plain base will give your nails a magnificent and bold look. No matter what occasion you are going to attend, your fingertips will look extraordinarily glamorous with this design. 

9. The sheer serenity of glowing pink with plain black and glam of glitter will turn out to be so magnificent that you thank yourself for all the time and effort you gave it. You will stun people right at the moment they will look at your nails.

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10. Mesmerizing black with the pouring golden glitter from the nail tops will leave everyone around you in shock. Your nails will look dramatic and royal at the same time.

11. Add life to your nails with a combination of black and light purple colored nail gel. Put a simple base of glittery purple shaded gel and fil the tips with black to finish the amazing look of your nail art.

12. This design is an evergreen concept of designing nails with singled colored green anil gel at the base and then spread the drops f plain black without any symmetry. This lovely nail design is simple but look pretty.

13. To give your nails a  chic look, try out the timeless plain tea pink gel shade along with different eye designs on it. This trendy look will give you an amazing vibe of being creative and cool.

14. A cleverly done nail glitter art that is best suitable for occasions like prom and even at your wedding. This design makes sure that your nails do not look over designs, shimmered and shiny.

15. This is a lovely choice if you are short of time to get ready for work or a party. Try out dull pink and black combination on alternate nails. You can add design to one or two to make them look more interesting.

16. This dramatic gel nail art will complement your dress with a unique twist of bluish grey color designing at the tips. The excellently contrasted tips with the black base will make your nails prominent.

17. This nail art design follows the traditional idea of plain nail color with the stamping of glitter at the end. You can flaunt your nails with a little boost of full glitter on your ring finger nail.

18. If you want to give your nails an utterly cute and simple look, then grab a transparent nail gel and put the golden shimmer at the base of your nails. Your nails will look simple and classic at the same time.

19. A combination of black and white with transparent glitter go beyond the description of elegance and prettiness. This charismatic glittery look will keep things minimal for you.

20. This creative nail art is simple but give you an executive look. You can wear it for work or for any occasion you are preparing for. So, try it and enjoy a happy day.

21. Add the sheer beauty to single nail art color by combining it with the designing of same colored glitter on your index finger. Add one or two crystals to finish off the complete look.

 22. A royal blue plain nail color will give you the real royal feeling of you add white and silver glitter design to your ring finger. This lavishly coated nail will compliment your other plain fingernails.

23. For any event, this design will give you a completely classic overall attire. Those flowers with crystals look truly elegant and pretty with plan black and transparent colored base.

24. The glam and shine of this simple design will look super graceful. Your nails painted with royal blue plain nail gel with ring finger designed with crystals will give a magnificent look for any occasion you are going to attend.

25. This is a fresh and most beloved nail art that will attract the attention of everyone around you. The working on it and time required is more than any design, but the results are extraordinary.

26. This super graceful look with some shine and shimmer will finish off your overall look in minutes. It is simple to put on your nails the simple deep carrot color with golden glitter on the ring finger.

27. The contrasting dark blue and light blue color in a zigzag pattern will complement your plain colored dress on prom, wedding occasion or even when you are simply going to the office for work.

28. Deep red gel nail art with a combination of black is something that looks extraordinarily magnificent. You can rightly demonstrate this design by creatively designing your middle finger with crystals on it.

29. Beginning from the base of the nails and then advancing to the top and fading the light pink nail gel. This a very basic design but it will give life to your nails.

30. The swirling flower pattern on middle or ring finger with plain showy pink color on other nails will give your hands a very bold look. It will keep things minimal but at the same time make them versatile.

31. If you want to get the title of the stunning lady of the night, you just need to put acrylic nail gel with some crystals on it in a specific pattern that you like.

31. Give your nails the glamorous look that you want with this amazing nail art design. Blend orange, pink and red at the base with some image in black at the top. You can attract anyone with your nails around you.

32. If you do not find it easy to put similar nail art design on every nail, then this design is perfect for you. You can simply use different designs on every nail and complete your nail look with plain nail color on one nail.

33. Sometimes, simpler designs stand out more than the designs that you make with so much effort. Simply put on plain pink on your nails with middle and ring finger just designed with some images.

34. This gorgeous nail art is achievable with simple and little time-consuming efforts. Put on a white base with glittery crystals at the top just on your ring figure.

35. No women on earth could hate French manicure. You can simply follow that to give trendy perspective to your nails with simple transparent base and white tips.

36. With your adorable fingers, you can win the title of the stunning lady of the show. Put on plain pink at the base with crystals of the same shade at the base.

37. With the aqua and sea green shade blend, you can give your nails a stunning look for the party you are going to attend. Add some glitter at the tip of each finger and on the ring finger out some crystals.

38. This is great for those women who like simple plain nail colors with bold shades. Black is going to look very dramatic and stunning if you are planning a winter evening party.

39. Sometimes, you want to use multiple components on your nails than leaving them simple. Such dramatic nail designs will look stunning and attractive but cost you a lot of time.

40. If you feel like keeping your nail look simple but trendy at the same time, this design is for you. Just give a base of simple pink color and silver glitter at the tip and crystals at its base.

41. This design blends nude white and brown shade with golden glittery color to give your nails a very elegant look. Try this out for your prom parties, it will attract the attention of everyone.

42. If you want to look professional and at the same time give a touch of your personal style, then this design is best for your use. Just put in plain nail paint with some designs on top of it.

43. Sparkle the pink glitter on your nails with simple plain ink nail color base. You can wear this amazing nail design at any party or even at your workplace.

44. Give your nails an ultra pleasing look with this simple design. After a french manicure, put on golden glitter at the tips and beads at the base of glitter layer.

45. Design your nails with nude black and white shade along with silver glitter. It is a simple design that is effective for even females with short nails.

46. This design is known as the heaven’s nail art and loved by every woman going to the office for work.

47. If you want to experiment with your nails, try out this design with plain daydream color and little design on one nail.

48. This simple design is much more impact than any other design that is overloaded with colors and components.

49. The nude pink shade can be used as the perfect foundation of your nails with white tips and crystals at the center.

50. This spectacular design could be made simply in 5 minutes. If you are office going and need an instant solution for your nails, then this is the best option for you.

51. This posh nail art is perfect for your evening parties. It will take the least time to complete your look.

52. The pretty tea pink and grey nudes along with glitter on ring finger will mesmerize the people around you and give you a stunning look.

53. To get the stunning chic look, flower look is the timeless option that you can use to finish your look.

54. Black and white is an all-time favorite mail look of females, especially those whoa re office going.

55. A plain transparent base with glittery figure tips will look magnificent even from distance.

56. The pink nude with a combination of grey gel nail color on the ring finger will give you simple look. To add flair to it, you can put glitter on one of the nails.

57. This nail art is simple but bold enough to add a dramatic look to your overall personality for office as well for some evening party.

58. A multi-colored rainbow like nail gel art with criss-cross black nail color pattern will help you stand out in the crowd at any event you want to go.

59. A sweet teenager looking design will take a few minutes to complete your look. Just mix and match colors according to the dress you want to wear.

60. Dark gold, deep red and white combination is killer if you are going for some fancy party. It will even make your dress standout from other with its reflection.

61. This dazzling nail art will give your real feminine look. You will look elegant as well as professional.

62. This polka dots design with multiple colors and the white plain base is something that is extremely simple and attractive to wear for office.

63. A very simple, yet sparkling design will complete your look. Plain pink with transparent crystals in your ring finger will make your overall look stunning.

64. This is a very lovely choice if you want to give your nails a simple office look.

65. This ultra feminine design will add glamour to your nails. Simply put on showy pink with rig nail designed with black color.

66. A glittery look will compliment your simple office and party looks if you want to stand out among all people.

67. A plain multi-colored nail art sparkles your professional simple look. These nude colors will compliments anyy dress color you wear.

68. Sparkle your ring finger with glitter gel and decorate other fingers simply with nude shades of grey and white. Your simple yet elegant look is complete.

69. A glitter glossy deep red color with nude dull pink shade will make your ook stand out among all other at any event you attend.

70. Simple white nail art with golden and white needs is the only look you need on your wedding day.

71. Put a lot of components on your fingers with simple mix and match of breeds, nude pink, and white shades to complete your glamorous look on different occasions.

72. A simple royal blue shade complimented by dark pink at the fingertips will take your style to the next level. Try this out for glamorous parties.

73. A crystal look of your fingertips with nude dull pink at the base will make you stand out among the whole crowd at any party.

74. A combination of plain pink nail color with glitter shade and zebra design on alternate fingertips is the only thing you need on your birthday parties.

75. The Aqua look of your nails will mesmerize everyone around you. It is so refreshing that no one could resist its beauty.

76. A simple combination of white and nude brown shade along with glitter design w

77. A simple base of natural pink with white nail tips and a little bit of designing is enough to complete your look for an office day.

78. Royal blue nail art with glittery tips is all that you need for your party night on Friday.

79. Blck looks very dramatic and royal at the same time. If you want that look, then add some glitter to the tips with black gel base and you are ready to mesmerize people around you.

80. Blood red color with the white combination is simply something that will take your overall look to the next level.

81. If you want to look simple, glamorous and cute at the same tie, then this nail art design is the best option for you.

82. Simple white gel on your nails with designing of black and glitter on one or two nails look very trendy and elegant.

83. Blck is the king of all nail gel colors. You can simply use it with golden and silver glitter in any design form to make your overall look stand out from others.

84. This nail art is specifically for your feet in which your simple white nude base and aqua glitter on the tips will give you amazing look.

85. This trendy look requires little effort of mix and match of best colors according to your dress.

86. This is a minimal look but still a fully packed punch for your overall look. Apply simple plain pink gel and shimmer or glitter on alternate mails to complete your fingernail look.

87. A simple trendy look in which you can simply combine two colors to make any pattern or design. You can put additional components to enhance your design, such as put some crystal or beeds on it.

88. A golden glittery look with a combination of pink and white looks trendy and glamorous. You can put these colors on your nails to complete your party look.

89. Simple glittery fingertips with the transparent base will give you a very glamorous yet simple look for any occasion.

90. Red is the gel nail color that gives a through feminine look to your hands. You can even use golden glitter on your ring finger to enhance the overall look.

91. Blck looks very elegant, but if you ass some silver glitter design to it, it looks glamrous also.

92. Your simple nude shade will stand out if you add glitter of the same tone to a single nail.

93. A transparent base on the nails with aqua colored nail color at the edges and crystals at the base will enhance your overall look on evening parties.

94. Dark purple color along with one light tinned purple or pink shade is all that you need to complete your party look.

95. White nail color at the tips with blended pink at the base is the simplest and elegant look you can have for your office.

96. Simple plain nude colors on your nails are all that you need is to commplete your office look.

97. Blck looks graceful and dramatic. You can add a few crystals on the edges will give your fingertips a fantastic finishing.

98. Blend black with the glitter shine of shimmer at the edges will give a stunning look to your hands.

99. Dar nude purple with the same shade of glitter gel on one of the fingertip is enough to complete your evening party look for winters.

100. Dark blue colored nail tips along with the floral pattern and transparent able are the simplest yet stylish look you can get on your working day.

101. Nude pink and yellow combination with sprinkled shimmer gives a magnificent look to your hands for any occasion you want to attend.

102. You can steal the show with the simple use of royal blue, black and silver combination of nail gel on your fingertips.

103. Nude pink on one of your nail with glittery silver on rest of fingertips gives an overall glamorous look even if you are wearing a simple dress.

104. Nude pink or blue with glittery shimmer at the base or overall nail gives an exquisite look to your hands for every event you want to attend.

105. Use of nude pink and white with silver glitter option is the best way you can present your overall look.

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