100 Dazzling Examples of French Nail Tips

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If you love doing your nails, especially tips, then we have something special for you. Following, we are sharing a hundred ideas on how you can style your nail-tips. So, do follow and complete your look!

1. The black and white tips were not enough, she had to kill us with those bedazzling on the third finger.

french tip nails

2. We are going to start off our list with these tasteful black and white abstract nail tips! Aren’t they gorgeous? We are going to start off our list with these tasteful black and white abstract nail tips! Aren’t they gorgeous?

3. These nail tips have a subtle white layer accompanied by the sweat nude pink. You can spice it up by bedazzling the third finger.

4. Another subtle option, but this one is more vibrant thanks to the bright white tips and cute pint layer. Top it off with a sliced flower in the third finger.

5. Who says girls can do bowties? These French nails with the perfect pink combo is perfected with the black bow, don’t you agree?

6. Emo yet lively, if you support the goth or emo subculture, and you want to go out in spring, the rainbow nail tips will suffice.

7. Add some sparkle on your makeover with these glittery French nails. These nails are perfect to pair with a stunning nightgown and stilettoes.

8. Who said you can’t be vibrant while being elegant? Look at these nails, doesn’t the flowers melt your heart?

9. A dab of black add perfection to your look and this nail-do proves it. The crème with silver glitter and black tips is perfection itself.

10. You don’t need mad skills to do your nails! Look at these French tips, these are just a blush of pink and white tips, aren’t they mesmerizing?

11. Awe! Aren’t these cute? The pinkish/peach with black tips is worth to die for. Girls,  your special will definitely notice these

12. Hope these are not fake, anyhow they still look good, but not as dashing as the previous one.

13. This is how you bejewel your nails without overkilling it. Notice the tri-tone nail work with sweat bedazzling on top.

14. Another example of achieving professional grade nail work without going to the saloon. Its easier than it looks.

15. The stunning pink nails with animal print is killing it! Tell us, don’t you love the pink and white combo?

16. Who said little girls can’t do nail art? The polka dots and flowers in black are white are perfect for your little angel.

17. I am not sure whether they are trying to advertise the phone or her nails, because damn they look stunning! (Notice the white curve).

18. Yet another example of how a simple nail work with brilliant tri-tone can take your breath away. Simple (indeed) is better.

19. If you have any thoughts about becoming the modern Cleopatra, you might want to consider these nails. These are perfect to show your Excellency.

20. If Disney ever made a live-action version of “The Little Mermaid”, this is what Ariel’s nails would look like.

21. Speaking of The Little Mermaid, we can’t dismiss Ursula. Yeah, these nails aren’t top notch but definitely worth her consideration.

22. The White tips with Simple Top Coat is stunning. We commend the artist for added the arts because they take the whole thing to another level.

23. Alright, we are out of words. The white and crème nail work is stunning but that fade to mid-bottom is what caught our eye.

24. The blush crème nails and black tips scream “awesome”. We will commend the fact that the nail work matches her skin tone.

25. A beautiful fade with flowers on the middle finger (no offense). If you don’t like growing your nails, you might want to try this.

26. The ideal nail art for an Indian Bride. The golden nail tips will perfectly accompany your dress, especially if its red.

27. If you think you can’t pair blue and silver, then you are wrong. This nail art shows you how to accompany a simple top coat with silver lining and blue tips.

28. If you really want to show your nail art prowess, then this is for you. See how the lines are perfectly carved.

28. This is what you call an overkill. The base and tips were nice enough, but the girl wanted glitter herpes.

29. Simple is better and this nail art proves it. See the simple shiny coat is paired with classic white nail tips.

30. Another variation of the shiny top coat with white nail tips. It’s just not well-done. The tips are too thick for us.

31. Aren’t these cute? The colorful tips with polka dots melted our hearts. We commend her for topping off her look with the beads.

32. Talk about water marbles, these white tips with water marble purple tips and a dash of bead look brilliant. They are nicely paired with the pink base.

33. Talk about abstract art, these nails do an excellent job with all white base, the white cup and short tips, we really love the mesh of black nail paint in between.

34. The blue flower on thick white tips with pink base is just breathtaking. You don’t need to overkill to look pretty.

35. These nails are pure glam. The glitterati on thick tips are mesmerizing, and they look great with the nude shade.`

36. If you think little girls can’t make their nails pretty, then think again, these nails show you can do your little angles nail with just a dash of taste

37. The Pink base with bright white tips and white glitterati looks awesome. If you love your pint and want to put your cute on, this is it.

38. This gal really loves hare nails, you can see it with the fade of Purple and Green. They look great with the top coat base.

39. This is perhaps the best nail-tips we have seen so far. The dark grey tips with pink outlining and base are just fabulous!

40. The light pink nail with blue bedazzling look awesome. We really commend the choice of colors. She really nailed it.

41. The leafy effect is awesome. This is one of the best nail-dos we have seen so far, the crème color and white look great with leafy cuts.

42. It seems like her nail-do is incomplete but damn she looks fab. Keep it up Girl!

43. It looks like this girl really loves her nails. Look at the beads, her long French tips with nude nails look great.

44. This is yet another example of White and Pink paint. Simple is better!

45. This is yet another fine example of White and Pink nail do. She balanced her nailtips and color perfectly.

46. She just applied a top coat on her nails. The text on the third finger is icing on the cake She showed that smart use of texts and colors are everything you need.

47. These nails are really bold, the girl had the guts to sprinkle silver on her nails and she did an excellent job of pairing it with pink and black nails.

48. Who said you can’t go crazy and look fine. She got glitter, silver, white, and hearts, but she still looks classy due to enwrapping the whole thing with purple.

49. Silver glitter with bare nails and a top coat were always our favorite. Kudos for covering the whole third finger.

50. We have a thing for Pink and white nails, we admit. But you really have to commend her for sparkling innovation on the third finger.

51. This is yet another incarceration of pink and white. But the real highlight is the touch of blue, specifically the tip underline.

52. Less is more, and she proves it. We believe she has the best French tips we have seen ever. We really love her color combination.

53. The bright pink base and greenish blue tips will a bit sparkling are cute. The tips are thick but they look great with the combo.

54. The bright pink nail tips with nude base really look mesmerizing. These nail tips are perfect for a casual day.

55. The Bright Nail Tips and Crème Color looks great. She really nailed the nail do by pairing it with the silver rings.

56. Flowers and Ladies rule the world, and her floral nail tips are really out of the world. We don’t care whether she drew them herself or stick them on her nail but they really look great

57. A tasty combo of green and pink. She really did a great job even after bedazzling it. It really looks like she got inspired by a Grasshopper.

58. The purple and white nail do are an exception. Yes, they look fascinating but we think they copped Corrine’s galaxy, We don’t want any copyright war from thread banger.

59. The Pink base with White tips featuring a flower is a stunning look for your princess. You can help her out to impress her friends.

60. If Cleopatra was alive, this is what her nails would look like. The Golden accents with Navy blue are killing it.

61. Pink nails with white tips are among the most popular nail trends for millennia. But we are a fan of her sparkles and art on the third finger. Keep it up!

62. The White tips with blue underlines are mesmerizing. We really like the octopus sort of thing on her third finger.

63. We have got a professional here. Her nail tips are perfect, but she really did an outstanding job with the third finger. It really stands out along with the tri-tone nails.

64. We believe this is a bit of overkill, the pinks were nice enough with the flower in the third finger. We really detest the silver underlines.

65. Another great example of white and pink nails, this time we loved the rose floral print on the third finger. This really shines out.

66. If you think you can’t add life to a crème color, let this be an example. The colorful tips with different variations are a great choice for college.

67. These white tip nails with bare base look great, the flower on the third finger is a real winner.

68. Another example of simple nails that would kill with its awesome colors and tasteful combo.

69. The pink base with green and black tips looks great, if only it had neon.

70. The Polka Dots with Bow Tie are worth dying for. These are great for your little princess. 

71. Another incarnation of Pink and White nail wor, the feature on the third finger is worth noticing.

72. The Purple Tip with White Mid and Creme base looks awesome. We do want to highlight the patters on third finger, you should take note from it.

73. No, Mercedes Benz didn’t sponsor this nail art. The girl is just showing her creativity. 

74. If nails were made to kill, this is what they would have looked like!

75. The White-Tip and Pink base look great, especially with the decal. 

76. Both of these nails are an excellent choice to show your prowess over nail art. 

77. The White-tip, especially with the bejeweled bow, looks mesmerizing, a great pick for future brides.

78. Show your artistry by decorating your nail tips, these back tips with bedazzled cross is just too good. 

79. These nails with thick tips and tribal art on the third finger look great.

80. These simple nails show that abstract art can win hearts if done properly.

81. The nail do has a beautiful base with white tips. The artwork really nails this look.

82. This is a rather interesting take on pink and white takes, but she got a deeper color and did a great job with third finger.

83. Let’s admit, the nail tips are her main highlight. The doesn’t need anything else but the spirit of Christmas took the better of her!

84. The silver tips with nude base looks great. The combo looks awesome, but we really like the accessory on third finger.

85. The pin nails with silver tips look great already, you don’t need anything else

86. The light pink color with reddish tips are just fab, the bedazzling on tips and third fingers make it even better.

87. The pink base and off-white tips look great, silver underline and art make it even better.

88. We are in love with the dark purple shade, kudos for covering the third finger completely.

89. A nude color with black tips, it looks great and we definitely love the silver sprinkles.

90. We are really a fan of the pink and blue combo, the bow on the third finger is the cherry on top.

91. The all skin looks awesome, especially the accessories.

92. The white tips with silver beads underline look great. You can pair up them with any evening gown.

93. The simple and all white look is dominating all, especially the bow on the third finger.

94. A not so subtle example of pink tips and animal print, but it will work perfectly for little angels

95. Girls if you want to do your nails but don’t want to invest time in it, this is a great example. Just paint your tips in various colors. 96. Another great nail work for your little princess. The floral nail tips with leaves look fascinating. And we recommend these to any little angel out there.

97. A perfect incarnation of Crème and White combo. She made up for the short tips with the golden beads.


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