105 Beautiful French Braid That Will Make You Look Like A Princess

Is your hair dirty? Are you late for your work? Did you get a haircut that you are not comfortable of showing off for some time or any hair problems that makes you tie your hair instead of letting it down? Don’t worry! You have a life saviour here. Get yourself a more comfortable and always on trend French Braid to solve your hair mentioned above problems. The French Braids originated in North Africa, and later it was adopted in France.

French Braid Step By Step

The braiding steps include bringing of the hair from the sides to the middle interchanging which is described below on steps.

  • Pick three strands of hair as shown in the figure.
  • Cross the left one over the middle interchanging the positions.
  • Cross the right one over the middle (i.e. interchanged left).
  • Repeat the process by adding hair from each side until the end of your hair


Some of the best French Braid hair-do are below in the galleries.

Side French Braid Pony

french braid

The Side French Braid are just regular braid where you start braiding from the front and end at the back. It looks like a half-crown.

Middle Portion French Braid

To create this, you partition your hair into three sections vertically. We take the middle portion and do a french braid. The rest of them are braided regularly from the neck, and again all of them are considered as three strands and done the usual twist.

Top French Braid Bun

Create this beautiful bun by taking thin strands of hair at the top and french braid it and put the whole hair into a Bun.


Loose Side-Braid Ponytail

The Loose Side-Braid is developed by creating a French side braid and then pulling off the added hair a little for the loose effect.

Layered French Braid

If you are going for an event or a formal party, you should get this neat Layered French Braid to look elegant. Pair it up with the outfit that flaunts your back.

Two-side Loose Braid

Winters are all about getting cosy and comfortable. The Two-side Loose is right for your head as well as for the warmth as it will be easy for you to wear beanies.

Long French Braid

French Braid can be formed on any kind of hair irrespective of their length since it adds hair from the side instead of just doing a regular braid from the nape of your neck.


Ponytail One-side strand French Braid

If you are tired of doing the regular ponytail for your sports day and want to add spice to it, you should surely mix up the French Braid with the ponytail.

Standard French Braid

The Standard French Braid has a tight lock of hair that creates this woven pattern — pull-off some hair on the side of your hair for some style.

Low Back Crown Braid

Do you have an upcoming wedding event to attend? The Low Back Crown French Braid can give you a gentle and natural look. The contrast of copper to the brown hair looks magical.


Waterfall Braid

The black roots pass through the braids and turn into the copper blonde giving the vibes of the flowing streams. The hairstyle is suitable for the wavy textured hair.

Two-side French Braid

The Two-side Braids have been the go-to school hairstyles since ever, but people now pair it up with jeans and skirts and look cute.

Blonde French Braid

As already explained above the two-side braids are one of the go-to school hairstyles as it can be easily created and are adorable.

Spiral all over Crown

The Spiral Crown starts from the top, moves into circles and ends on the bottom. It imitates a rosebud and vibes about a soft person.

Side-Braid Wavy Ponytail

A thick Side-Braid is suitable for a dense hair, and the wavy ponytail with it shows off the denseness in your hair.


Double Side-braid Low Braided Bun

If you want more sophistication with the bun then, you should surely go for this Double Side-Braid Low Braided Bun.

French to Fishtail Braid

Mix up different patterns of the twisting technique with this Side-Braid that is transferred to a fish-tail from the nape of the neck.

Love Braid

If you have a dinner date with your partner, showcase your strong feeling towards him/her with this cheesy yet sweet Love Braids.

Messy Braid

The Messy Braids proves the quote “The messier, the better”. The pulled-off braids are good for a workaholic as its better than just pulling off the regular bun and ponytail.


Middle-parted Half-up Braid

The step by step work done to make a Middle parted Half-up Braid is shown above. It is a quick way to turn you ready for an event.

Criss-cross Braid

If your child is bored of you making her the regular two sides french braid, you can make it more interesting to her with this Criss-Cross French Braid.

Two-side French to Single Ponytail

If you have a hangout with your friends after your school and don’t have much time for your hair then, you can wear a Two-side French Braid into a Single ponytail.


Back Vertical Opposite Braid

The regular Ballet Bun can be exhausting sometimes; you can give your bun beautiful makeover with this Back Vertical Opposite Braids.

Creative Braid

If you are obsessed with creativity, then you are going to love making this Creative Braids.

Blonde Top Braid Ponytail

If your child is having a school event then this Blonde Top Braid Ponytail is perfect for her function.


Corner Two-side Braid

Get yourself a sporty look with this Corner Two-side Braid. Wear a comfortable T-shirt to gain the appearance.

Woven Braid

The Woven Braid is a bunch of hair strands overlapped over each other which is a 5-strand French Braid.

Double Crown Wrap

Make it your day with this gorgeous Double Crown Wrap on your wedding day. Pull off some strands at the front to compliment the look.

Double Braid Waterfall Side Pony

The Double Braid Waterfall Side-pony can be a hair-do for an up-coming fare that is casual as well as charismatic.

Grey Slanted Braid

Grey is the trendy colour this year. Everyone wants to have grey hair, and the Slanted-Braid is making it perfect for a casual day off with friends.

Wavy Side Fishtail

Waves are the best texture of hair to go with the braids, and the pulled-off hair does miracles with the layers.

Layered Messy French Braid

Angelina Jolie rocked the brunette Messy Layered French Braid with the red net outfit which is a fascinating look for the Red Carpet.

Side-Braid Bob

The Bob is too short for it to braid normally so the french braiding technique can help to wrap the whole hair up. For a stylish look, you can have this Side-Braid with Bob.

Blonde highlighted Braid

The pattern created by the Blonde highlighted Braid is due to the contrasting dark and blonde colour.

3 Cross French Braid

If you are a passionate hairstylist that doesn’t care about time unless the work turns out good then, you surely should this time-occupying yet worth-it 3 Cross French Braid.

Platinum Half-up Braid

The Platinum and Braids remind me of Khaleesi from Game Of Thrones so the look will vibe about a bold and fierce person.

Boxer Braid

Boxer Braids are easy to create as shown above. The boxers get all the hair out of their face so that it won’t disturb them from getting on their target.

Half-up One-side French Braid

The Half-up One-side French Braid is developed by starting at the corner and by adding hair only from one side.


Black Braid Pigtails

If you want a sassy and alluring hair-do with a braid, the Black Braid Pigtails can be the one. Don’t forget to wear black on black outfits and smokey makeover.

Opposite Vertical Braided Bun

If you do not want a big chunky Bun, you can braid your hair till the end from the opposite and then put it into a bun.

Top Curve Braid Bun

Is the summer hear already? Wear this Top Curve Braid Bun for the beach day that is comfortable as well as good-looking.

Braid to Curls

French Braids are the best way to get curls without damaging your hair with heating rods. If you are tired of irons, get yourself braids.

Wavy Ponytail Braid

Is your child bragging about her best friends cool mother? Create this effortless Wavy Ponytail Braid to make your child happy.

Two-way Braid Ponytail

Partition your hair into two horizontally and then braid the top and low parts towards each other from opposite and put it together into a ponytail.

S Waterfall Braid

If you want people to compliment you for your effort, the S Waterfall Braid can be a way to go for your upcoming event.

Thick Braids

The thickness and smoothness of hair categorise healthy hair. If you have a massive chunk when you braid your hair, you surely have one.

Bang Braid

Bang Braid is like One-side French Braid where you braid your bangs at the adding front hair from only the front side.

French Braid Vs Dutch Braid

The difference between the French Braid and Dutch Braid is that the three separated strands of hair are braided over each other in French and under each other in a dutch braid.

Long Two-side Brunette Braid

Long hair is hard to maintain, so making a Two-side braid is an elegant as well as a great way to keep them on the place.

Side Braid Low Wrap

Another look you can pull off in your wedding is this Side-Braid Low Wrap that will make you look like an angel. The ear-piece is complimenting the appearance.

Braid with Scarf

You can add scarf as an extension to your hair to glam up the Braid to give a vibe of a cool person.

 Top-Braid Bun

Top-Braid Bun is one of the right methods to keep your hair out of your face.


Lob Crown

The crown to your Lob can be enchanting as it gives a vibe of an innocent and kind heart. If you have a wrong impression among some people, get yourself a Lob to look sweet.

Half-up Top-braid Wrap

If you are uncomfortable with baby hair on the front of your hair, the Half-up Braid can be your way to go.

Slanted Bow Braid

The bow adds more chick flavour to your already feminine braid. Slanted Bow Braid can be your hair-do when you need an extra on you.

Also See:

Black Opposite Braid Bun

If you are a ballerina, this puffy bun done with the opposite braid can be mesmerizing.


Two-side Braid to Low Bun

Turn heads and fill yourself with a positive attitude with this Two-side Braid to Bun.


Grey Half-up Braid

Do a half-up french braid, again do the fishtail braid horizontally with the left hair from half-up and bring them together.


Menorah Candle Braid

French Braid the waterfall braid which will create the structure of the Menorah Candle to look majestic.

Crossed S French Braid

The hair looks all mixed up and sophisticated, but it is just the crossover of the two S French Braid that we have discussed above.

Full Crown

If you are a nature sweetheart then, you will be happy to create a crown with the french braid with the addition of some natures crown.

French Braid Low Bun

The old grey hair has lived up with the regular French Braid and Bun. They add hairpin on the bun to keep it on the place and for some jewellery.


Blonde Top-Braid Knot

The Blonde Top-Braid Knot is perfect for a rave party. Wear a patterned loose see-through outfit for the crazy vibe.


French Braid Twisted Half Up

The ways to complete the French Braid Twisted Half Up is shown step by step above. The clean braid with the messy wrap gives a cool hairstyle.

Loop Waterfall Braid

The blonde coming out from the mixed dark rooted and blonde highlights through Loop Waterfall Braid look like a cleaning process of a flowing river.


Short Hair French Braid

Regularly braiding with short hair won’t be possible from the nape of the neck but french braid solves the short-hair problem and brings all the hair together.


Mermaid Braid

The blue twists into a fishtail braid and then to waves looks like just the way a mermaid will braid her marine hair.


Two thin Side-braid French Braid

Add spice to your regular french braid with the two thin side bang-braid. You will still cover-up the look even if you wear your comfortable sweatshirt.

Wrapped Bang Braid

The braided hair is not seen on the nape of the neck rather it is woven inside in Wrapped Bang Braid

Large French Braid


The Large french Braid impersonates a fish having huge body and a thin tail.


Y Braid

The Y Braid is created by braiding the sides and then making a single twist with the side-braids.


Half-up Flower Bun

French Braid the half hair from different side partitioning it to the end and then circle it up to create a bun to look like a flower-child.

Caramel Two-side Braid

If you are into caramel and chocolates, the Caramel Two-side Braid are just the way to showcase your love for them.

Middle French Braid Low Tie

If you have a thin hair then, middle french braid into a low tied ponytail can help you to cover up the over shown scalp when full french braided. The central french twist also goes along with the thick hair.

Head Crown Pony

As a child, almost all of us wanted a crown, and the idea of putting your hair as a crown solved it.

Bubbled Tie

One way to style the regular french braid is creating bubbles with hair with the help of rubber bands.


Curvy Braid

If you have a naughty child that pulls off their hair, this tight Curvy Braid can help to keep them on a place.

Platinum Pigtail

The pigtails are mostly seen in the fashion shows to showcase every inch of the design of the outfit.

Opposite Vertical Braid Up-do Balayage

If your hair colouring technique is balayage then putting your hair into a bun can give you different look from back and front.

Half-up Pigtail

You can simply twist some hair at the sides, bring them together and braid them to get the Half-up Pigtail.

Princess Braid

The time-consuming hair-do is luxurious with jewels and looks like a braid for a princess at their weddings.

One-side Braid

The One-side Braid are popular for the romantic appearance they provide us. Showcase your makeup skills and pair up with some jewels to complete the look.

Intertwined French Braid

The adding of hair in the Intertwined French Braid is different than french braid. The addition of hair is from leftover strands of hair at the top.

Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid is similar to French, but instead of braiding the strands over, we braid them under each other. It is bulkier.

Opposite Vertical Bow

Make your Bun delightful by adding a bow to it. If you don’t have one create a bow with the bun

Top Two-side French Braid Bun

The Top Two-side French Braid Bun is better for the thick head and haired people.

Half-up Multi-braid

The Half-up Multi-braid and the long hair reminds me of the princesses that haunt with their bows and arrows looking bold and charismatic.

Half-up Fishtail Pony

The Fishtail gives a neat look to the plait with the thin strands and is a casual daily hairstyle.

Zig-Zag Two-side Braid with Curly pony

The Zig-Zag Partitioned Braids and the curly lumps of hair are for you if you want a Barbie makeover.


Braids not only are for fashion but also has various advantages for our hair. It helps in hair growth and protects our hair from damage. Now that you know the benefits of having braids, you will want to get yourself a braid through the steps I mentioned above. If you are still confused with the process, you can find tutorials on YouTube for creating a perfect twist. When you succeed to make a regular french braid, you can try out the above styles that uses the french braid. I will be happy to hear about your progress if you inform me. Remember, hair styling is important but taking care of your hair before that is much more essential. ‘The outer beauty won’t last for long if you are dead inside’ We can relate the phrase to our locks. So, take care of your hair, eat a balanced and healthy diet, moisturise your hair and clean it properly. If you have more innovative ideas to add to this list, I will be more than happy to take your recommendations. Stay healthy and Stay stylish.

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