75 Protective Feed In Braids Styles To Try Today

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If you are looking for a fresh style, something that is not only cool but can help to protect your hair, then look no further than the feed in braid style.

Braids have been around for a long time, they are a popular style that is never going to go out of style. Braids are considered to be an art form and you can create them in many different ways. How could you not love these styles? They are so creative. The great thing about these styles is that you can keep them in for months at a time. It’s a low-maintenance style that you can create in casual styles as well as formal looks.

Feed in braids are just an illusion. It’s not your real hair that you are using. You are essentially feeding in braids to your hair and creating a whole new style. It will give you the look of thicker more natural hair by using fake hair.

There is a special technique that feeds fake hair into your natural hair to create these amazing braids. It’s also meant to protect your natural hair because it reduces tension along the hairline.

Check out these 74 Protective Feed In Braids Styles To Try Today:

1. Sleek Style

This gorgeous style is sleek and unique. We love how it’s all pulled back away from her face.

feed in braids

2. Long Styles

You can see here how sleek the style is because it’s away from her face. But the style is long and casual.

3. Thin Styles

this elegant style is amazing because of all the thin braids. They are styled in many different ways.

4. Beautiful Stars

A great style that has stars designed in the scalp. It’s sure to be a style that gets you plenty of compliments.

5. Long and Lean

These types of styles are great because you can wear them anywhere. Whether it’s for work or play, you can wear this cool style.

6. Tiny Braids

These tiny braids are awesome for a lot of reasons. As you can see here, they create a very unique style.

7. Blonde Designs

This is a great opportunity for you to have blonde hair. You just get blonde extensions and feed them into your natural hair.

8. Creative Designs

A unique look like this has golden accessories that really make the whole look stand out.

9. Brown Designs

A cool look that has an awesome style and cool colors.

10. Darker Looks

You can’t go wrong an edgy style like this one. It has braids and a shaved side all in one.

Tips for Maintaining Feed In Braids:

Choose Your Stylist Wisely

Choosing the right stylist is the best thing that you can do for your hairstyle. If your stylist doesn’t know what she is doing, then you could end up with something wrong with your new look. You need to make sure that your stylist has experience with feed-in braids. You need to also know how the stylist uses their hands. Some stylists have painful hands and they will, in turn, create braids that ate very tight. If they are too tight, then you can pull your hair out right from the root and that wouldn’t be good.

11. Tight Styles

This elegant look would be perfect for a night out on the town or your next wedding.

12. Different Sizes

These side styles are much smaller than the braid on top. It creates a very unique look.

13. Unique Designs

When you use different braid sizes, you create a complex and unique style. These looks are stunning and it’s because it’s almost like a work of art.

14. Stunning Blue

You can add a splash of blue to your style to create another unique look. Again we see the small braids blend in with much larger braids to create a style as gorgeous as this one.

15. Swirling Styles

This is a unique style has braids from either side and the two blends together to create one braid.

16. High Bun

A thin braided style that is pulled up into a big braid.

17. Tiny Buns

We only see feed-in braids against the scalp with this style because she has chosen to leave the rest of her hairstyle loose. It’s a gorgeous style that you can rock out at your next party.

18. High Ponytail

These high styles are gorgeous and it’s the best time to get a ponytail working.

19. Simple Buns

A simple low bun that is full of wonderful braids.

20. Elegant Looks

The style is pulled away from the face in an elegant way. You could wear this to the office or out on the town.

Tips: Washing Your Hair

You might think that washing your hair is okay but it’s actually best if you don’t wash it often at all. The more you wash your hair the faster it will spoil. You may feel the need to wash it at some point and when you do you should wear a net cap before shampooing. You are going to wet the hair through the net. Always use a mild shampoo. Use a small amount in the palm of your hand and then press it all over your head, pressing the shampoo in as much as possible. By using mild shampoos, you don’t run the risk of stripping your hair of the oils. This is a great way of cleaning your scalp. You can just let the shampoo sit there for a few minutes before rinsing and that will give you the clean that you need. Make sure you use cool water. Make sure that all the soap is rinsed off.

21. Twisted Braids

Here we have some pretty awesome braids that are moving in various different ways.

22. One Twisted Braid

One large braid circles the hair in a unique way, it’s a gorgeous style that stays on the head while the rest of it is left loose.

23. White Braids

We love this contrasting style. The black and the white together is magnificent. Really blow everyone’s mind with a stunning look like this. Add some gold accessories and you have completed a very glamorous hairstyle.

24. High Blonde

We have pigtails and buns all in the same look. It’s a gorgeous style that you are sure to love.

25. Simple Looks

A simple and elegant style that you can wear anywhere.

26. Unique Looks

A simple and casual look that you can have for every day.

27. Before and After

You can see the before and after with this hairstyle and the purple is a very cool look.

28. Sideways Style

This sexy look is created from the hair being pulled all the way over to one side. Try this look out for yourself.

29. Bold Colors

These very round buns are unique and we love the purple and blue colors throughout.

30. Thick Buns

These are very large buns and it takes a lot of braids to create buns of this side.

Tips: Conditioning Your Hair

Conditioning is important because it will help to prevent breakage with your braids. It’s important to condition on a regular basis. A great conditioner would be a leave-in or rinse-off conditioner. A great tip for the conditioner use is to dilute it so that you can get it in between the hair easier. It’s also easier to rinse off if it’s diluted. If you don’t dilute the conditioner, it can lead to a heavy built up especially if you use a thick conditioner. The residue will also dry white which won’t be good for your look at all. You don’t want your look to be untidy. If it’s leave in conditioner you can do it a few times a week. Another thing that you can do to protect your hair from a bad smell or damage is to use braid sheen in small amounts.

31. Sweet Looks

We can’t help but love a style that is sleek like this. We also like the fact that there are multiple colors.

32. High Styles

This gorgeous high ponytail is the result of a few thick braids brought together.

Also See:

33. Cool Braids

Another great ponytail style made from feed-in braids.

34. Diamond Designs

This is another great style that is unique because of the shape of the braids. This would be an amazing style to try out at your next event.

35. Simply Pretty

If you want a casual and low-maintenance style, then you can’t go wrong with a look like this one.

36. Middle Part

This middle part is unique because the part is a braid. It’s a unique way of showcasing your special style.

37. Zig Zag Designs

These unique styles have large braids that go well together with the zig zag scalp designs. It’s a stunning design that you will love to show off wherever you go.

38. Straight Back Style

A simple look that goes straight back from the face.

39. Glamorous Styles

This is a great look that is loose and free. It’s a simple yet sexy style that you can wear anywhere.

40. Pretty Sweet

We see many different braids that are all falling back.

Tips: Moisturizing Your Hair

While you shouldn’t be shampooing your hair a lot, one thing that you should be doing is moisturizing your hair. You should do it on a regular basis. You can get moisturizers in the form of a spray sheen. When it comes to braids, it is best to avoid oil-based moisturizers. If you use oil, it’s only going to sit on top of the hair and make it look oily. If you use natural oil-based moisturizers it will prevent dryness and dandruff. The moisturizers that have jojoba or olive oil in it are the best to use. Don’t use too much, just an adequate amount. You want to minimize itching the scalp as much as possible.

41. Bold and Bun Styled

We love these bun styles because they are great for work and play.

42. Thin Looks

This elegant styles have some really pretty golden rings in the middle part. This creates a classy look and one that you will want to show off as much as possible.

43. Side Looks

This cool look has a swirling style that goes off to the side. Try it out and just wait for all the compliments that are going to come in.

44. Circle Style

We love this simple style because it is unique and pretty.

45. Natural Styles

If you want a more natural look then go with your own natural hair as she did in this photo.

46. Hot Pink

If you really want to draw some attention, then try using these amazing pink feed in braids. It’s definitely the kind of look that is sure to draw the eye.

47. Ribbon Designs

This is an interesting style and one that is created with the use of swede ribbons.

48. Swirling Bun

If you want a great look at your next event, then this is the one for you.

49. Sweet Bun Styles

This lovely style has some unique circular buns that are gorgeous. People will love seeing this style when you show up at the next party.

50. Thin Braiding

A great braided style that has very thin braids pulled into a ponytail.

51. Cool Designing

You will love this style because it is simple and well put together. This is the kind of casual style that you can wear anywhere.

Tips: Get A Satin Pillow

You don’t want to ruin your braids when you are sleeping so the best thing that you can do for your hair is to sleep on a satin pillow. By using a satin pillow, you are protecting your hair’s moisture level. Believe it or not, but by using this type of pillow, you are preventing your hair from being stripped of moisture. Regular, cotton pillows will soak up the moisture from your hair leaving it damage. The kind of damage involved will be thinning of the hair or split ends. You also have the choice of using a cap but it’s important to make sure that your cap is comfortable so that you don’t get headaches. By wrapping your head before you go to bed, you prevent breakage or frizz happening with your style.

Another tip: If you are dealing with harsh weather conditions it is always best to protect your braids by wearing a scarf or hat. It will protect your hair from sunny weather, wind or rain.

52. Glamorous Ponytail

Another stunning ponytail style that you are going to love.

53. Goddess Designs

You will feel like a goddess at your next event with a hairstyle like this one. There is so much to love about this style and you will likely steal the show.

54. Stunning Swirls

This gorgeous style is created with swirling braids.

55. Gorgeous Elements

Another simple style that you should try out this year.

56. Unique Designing

These four pictures show off a very unique scalp design. It’s a great look that you are sure to love.

57. Bold Designs

A bun or a ponytail is a great way to keep the braids out of your face.

58. Cool Braiding

Another great example of how you can use differently sized braids together.

59. High Designing

This is a very high ponytail style. It’s the kind of style that is sure to draw the eye.

60. Mini Braids

The style is created with many different styles of braids. There are very tiny, mini braids that are going to be super tight. We have to imagine that these tiny braids aren’t easy to do.

61. Cool and Pretty

This cool style is one of a kind, try it out and see how much you love it.

62. Casual and Cool

Another casual style that you can wear anywhere. If you are looking for a low-maintenance style, then this is the one for you.

63. Gorgeous and Cool

This is another gorgeous style that will have heads turning wherever you go. We also have added color to the style as well.

64. Red Looks

We have another red look that is bold and edgy.

65. Thick Designs

If you love buns, then you are sure to love this one because it is made from thick braids.

66. Unusual Designs

This style is almost alien-like, something you would expect to see in a sci-fi movie.

67. Cool and Twisted

This is another scalp design that has the braids practically moving around. These styles are sure to get you a lot of compliments.

68. Zig Zag Styling

The scalp design here is truly one of a kind. We love how it zigzags from one end to another.

69. Fun Looks

A wonderful style that is also very casual.

70. Bold White

These white braids are sure to draw the eye.

71. Stunning Designs

This gorgeous look is creative and yet still casual.

72. Big and Little

Wow, what a stunning look. This one won’t be easily forgotten.

73. Large Designs

It’s a very simple look created form two large braids.

74. Bold and Red

Red is always a great color choice and it looks good with the natural hair here as well.

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