155 Fabulous Faith Quotes That Inspires You

Faith is when you have complete trust in something or someone. Those who have faiths do great in their lives — this time we are back with 155 fabulous faith quotes with images. I have faith that by the end of this article you’ll come out to be a person with aspiration and dedication to do something great ahead in your life. Faith quotes must be read by everyone and not only by the ones who need inspiration so let’s give it a great start:

Faith Quotes On God

God will do things the way he finds them correct!

Don’t get disheartened by God treating you harsh for some while; he does everything for a reason. And always remember that God has better plans for you so live your life and have faith!

Transformations do not happen overnight if it’s taking time trust me God’s working upon to make you better than ever before!

For when God helps an individual walk by faith, it’s sure to reach the goals!

One thing that a person always needs to keep in mind: God has better plans for you, don’t worry too soon.

And there would come a time when you’ll get the fruit of your patience and faith. That would be the day when you’ll find things happening according to you, that would be the day you’ll realize that everything was worth waiting for and that you are exactly there at the place where you were meant to be! That would be the day you’ll worship God for everything he did for you!

This is the wish every person would ask for on the very first day of the week. Concentration deflects a lot and keeping track of a particular task is tough!

Have faith in him, and you’ll always find him deep inside your heart!

And it requires courage to trust completely something you are not particular about!

God is the hope when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; he will show you path when you get lost in darkness, he will make you stable at your weakest and will comfort you at your saddest. Be a devotee, have faith in him, and you’ll always find him standing with you!

God brings you extreme situations in life only for two reasons- either to save you from obstacles or to teach you to rise every time you fall so that the same mistake isn’t repeated twice. So have faith in God, trust him entirely because he won’t let injustice happen to you!

Instead of frightening of what would happen and how would you get out of problems, have faith in God and see how he takes you out of the worse conditions. Waiting for God’s way of doing things rather than wondering how to do it on your own is what is called Faith on God!


You might give up trusting him for a while, but he is always there for you. Get into troubles, and you’ll always find him standing by your side. Every wait would be worth it!

Just pray and leave the things up to him. Don’t try to fix things or play with them; God will open the doors at the right time because nothing happens before the destined time. Everything is scheduled to occur at the right time as per the God!


This is how carefree one gets when he has faith in God! God will provide you the comfort, just trust him and have faith!

We are all his child, he will love us the way we are, and he makes sure to bring the good in all of us.

Thank you, Lord, for another year of life!

It’s God decision and God’s way of putting us in front of the situations that we have to face anyhow. But it’s our faith in him that he won’t let bad happen to us!

God loves all his children, and he takes the responsibility of fixing every problem in their lives!

Faith is when you trust God even when things go opposite of what you expected, for trusting God and thanking him for all the fortunes in life is never a true faith!

Follow religious books, have faith in God, and you’ll find a solution to every problem.

Love God, and he will love you back. Have faith in God, and he will make your way possible.


Faith is not when you stop worshiping god just because you didn’t get what you wished for, it is in fact when you don’t get what you want, things go downhills, but you still thank the lord for everything he has given you till now.

Don’t get disappointed by what you didn’t get, prepare yourself for something better because everything happens for a reason and god drags you back because he will push you one step ahead the next time. Have patience and trust God!

Trusting someone without knowing anything about them is next to blind trust, and blind trust always is devastating. Similarly, it’s hard to have faith in God unless you don’t read about him, you won’t know him, and ultimately you’ll have no faith in him.

Because faith doesn’t only mean trusting him when he brings you happiness and prosperity, it also means to trust him and keep beliefs on him through your hard times.

Keep trusting him; he will provide you with all the strength to do all the things. So have faith in him!

faith quotes

God is the creator of everything. Those who trust God have some level of content that they have God’s back, and he won’t let anything wrong happen to them. It thus leads to the decrement of anguish and increment of assurance.



Faith is not about being unclear about expectations; it’s about the confidence and trust one has on God.

Keep your faith unshakable, and god will do his part for you!

Yes, he will do the right thing when the right time comes! DOn’t worry! Just have faith in him and have a little patience!

Hope, Miracle, And Faith Quotes

Hopes are the results of dreams. There’s no harm dreaming with your eyes open because hopes lead to faith and where there is faith there exist magic around.

Before you stop believing in God, lock in mind that he does everything for a reason. He can see your pain, tears, laughs, happiness, sorrow, hard work, and everything else and he will surely give you what you deserve when the right time comes.

Closing Thought

Human mind changing frequently is natural. One usually changes his mind when he doesn’t get what he desired for or when he is failing in his life. People change mind to overcome their pains and sorrows and to get in another direction. But nothing happens before the right time, those who have faith and wait for it get it and those who do not miss it. Hence faith is all about the art of patience!

Faith- The Navigator

Faith will show you the path you should walk.

Half of the world is built on trust and faith people have on each other. The world runs by complete trusts and bonds; sight is but a guide.

Everywhere With Faith Quotes

Faith quotes are abundantly many but what this particular faith quote means is that you must have complete confidence in yourself to reach the heights you have always wanted to. You just need to have enough patience!

Faiths Deeper Than Oceans

Least you have faith strong enough it would even pierce the deepest of the deepest complications! This quote implies that if you have strong faith, you can even stand the deepest depths!

Trustworthy Faith Quotes

Not all persons are trustworthy, only trust the ones who deserve to be trusted and are worth it! One must take a peek at someone’s character before completely believing them if one doesn’t do that then the consequences may be bigger than ever thought!

Trust- The Foundation Of All Relationships

No matter the type of relationship, they are all built on the foundation called trust. If you lack it, you have something massive missing from your relationship!

Everything Happens For A Reason!

What people usually say to mishaps is that everything happens for a reason and it’s so impatient waiting for the reason to know if it was worth waiting for. Waiting becomes harder there!

Let It Go

Your sacrifices don’t determine your strength as sacrificing something doesn’t require strength. It requires faith!

The First Step In Faith

To reach the peak, you’ll be required to climb the ladder of success. And the first step towards success is to trust that you can do it. It’s just the first step that matters and not anything else.

Because taking the first step is all that matters!

Patience- The Principle Of Faith

Because patience is the key to success in many aspects. So keep calm and have patience!

Faith- The Trust Without Reservation

If you think Faith is a belief without proof, then you are making a mistake somewhere. Faith is all about the trust without reservation. Nothing is preplanned when it comes to having faith in someone or something, it keeps growing with time and hence faith is trust without reservation.

Be sure

Having faith in someone isn’t as easy as it sounds. Faith stands on the foundation of patience but doesn’t mess things up only because of a single doubt. Be sure not to ruin everything that took you so long to build up!

Faith Quotes About Leap Of Faith

Taking that leap is all that matters!

Leap of Faith is the only option you have when you can’t think of anything else. It’s about taking a jump with firm trust and belief of landing successfully.

Because after you land, all you have is a relief!

Keep The Faith!

And sometimes you need to lessen your worries, thoughts, imaginations, and doubts and breathe all of them out and keep the faith that everything will happen at it’s best. Because not everything is in our hands every time and therefore we need to leave it upon the almighty.

Say No To Blind Faith!

To doubt is natural and the highest duty because trusting is a very complicated process that needs sensitivity to handle. Once the faith is shattered, it’s hard to rebuild it all over again. On the other hand, trusting blindly is a sin that can’t be forgiven. You can’t blame anyone after getting punched by the blind trust; it was your fault not others’.

Ask What You Want

Keep the courage of asking for what you want in life; nobody else would do that for you.

Have Faith Quotes!


You have hope; you can visualize how your future’s going to be. You have faith; you dare to accept it the way it will happen.

That is, no obstruction is too significant to be crossed over, and no challenge is too difficult to win if we have the faith!

Good things take time to come, and bad things seem to be staying longer, everything you’ve ever wanted would arrive at its own time. Just have faith!

Because all you can do during your hard times is wait, watch, and have patience until you see some way out!

The only three things you can do in your life are accepting what is presented before you the way it is, forget about what happened and doesn’t exist anymore and finally, have faith in what can be.

This diva of Bollywood is the beauty with brains! What wise words from Kareena! Life is vague; nothing happens as expected; be strong and have faith, you will have your ultimate goal in your hand someday for sure!

You can never change what has already happened, and you can only accept what’s happening, So, hope for what will happen and have faith!



One of the most celebrated Indian Authors of all time- Rabindranath Tagore says that Faith is the light that shows a path to the birds that fly with hopes of reaching to the right places even when there’s no sunrise.

Make your faith the bridge to overcome evil and welcome good!

Don’t panic with the mess, discomfort, and emptiness around you. Wait for the right time, and everything will be good!

Don’t show fear or any hesitation in the face of danger, have trust in beautiful things to come by is what is the meaning of faith.


Questions are endless; faith will be the path towards the solution to those problems.

That is what faith is all about! Complete trust! You can go miles ahead with just faith on, even if you don’t see any path.

And faith is all about completely trusting even if you do not see anything, and the reward of this trust would bring in front of you the thing you’d always wanted to see happen!

Lack Of Faith Quotes


Lack of faith and trust makes even small problems look bigger, believe in yourself and you can cleave through every trouble you face in life.

Great Faith Quotes

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People will call your self-faith your self-confidence. Have great faith in yourself even if you find it foolish because when nothing works, your self-faith would.

People will judge no matter what. Let them do whatever they want, you do your job and stand against all the odds!

Sometimes you got to try that as well!

Never Lose Faith Quotes

Jeffrey R. Holland, an American educator, and religious leader believe that there’s our almighty in heaven who watches all of us from there. Just don’t lose faith in him, he loves us more than we can ever expect. It’s the God Father always showering his blessings from heaven!


We all have little weirdness in ourselves, to find someone with the same level of weirdness is the next level weirdness. When that happens, two hearts become one soul, and that is when they call themselves in love.

Faith In Small Things

Such beautiful words by Mother Teresa! Keep your faith in small things because our strength lies in them and more trivial things add up later to become big things in life!

Things Will Work Out

Because those who keep trying never fail! Success might come later to you, but if you keep trying, keep moving, then you will have your goal just in front of you!

Single Hope

And hope is the only thing you can do when you have nothing else. A single thread of hope is enough to drag you from worse to better!

Faith Quotes On Keeping Faith

Never give up on hoping because sometimes it takes too long for things to happen and if you by chance lose the hope, you might miss the most amazing things to happen in your life! Hence keep the faith and keep going!

Exactly! Keep Faith; things will happen if they are destined. It will make things possible but not easy so you might as well have patience and tolerance to go through tough times!

Faith Quotes About Acceptance

It’s certainly harder for oneself to be accepted by others when they find themselves odd and different from them. Every individual’s unique and they have their way of living, never get bothered by people judging you or if they find it difficult to accept you the way you are! Be yourself and accept yourself the way you are because self-acceptance is above all the acceptance in the world.

Have Some Break

Too much tolerance might shatter you. If it gets too tough to keep doing things, you should kneel down and have rest for some while.

Dawn After Dark

For every darkness comes to an end and that is when there are rays of hope coming in!

Have Faith In Yourself!

Because self-faith will uplift you every time, you feel down!

Self-faith gives you the energy to stand any difficulty that comes along your way, and it is the thing that will boost you up to keep fighting unless you get what you had been searching for!

Follow Your Bliss

Follow your heart, and you will see open doors where there used to be barriers before!

Faith Quotes On Trust

You can’t establish a relationship where there’s no communication; you can’t create love where there’s no respect, and it’s meaningless to keep going when there’s no trust. Hence trust is the key to faith.

Faith Vs. Doubt

Faith creates opportunities in life. A doubt? Well, that creates a barrier in front of those opportunities. So it’s up to you to whether to have faith or doubt. Think and choose wisely!

Have faith for it makes every success easy and hence possible. Dare you have a little doubt, you will be the ultimate reason behind that possibility turning into impossibility!

Inner Peace

For people put in their whole life searching for the inner peace while it’s within the self! Faith will make you understand that circumstances can’t destroy your happiness as long as you have inner peace!

Be Yourself

Be the real you! For being yourself will give you the ultimate peace and happiness!

The Fruit Of Faith

And this fruit is always sweeter than you expect!

Roar Your Faith

Give doubts no chance to deviate you from what you believe in. Roar your faith harder enough to break down coming barriers.

Good Cheer

The stronger your faith, the brighter your future’s gonna be. So be a good cheer!

Faith Quotes

Faith is indeed very powerful!

Even though not every seed can’t bloom, faith is what sees it blossoming it into a beautiful flower. That is, faith sees good in everything!

Faith is keeping the trust that things will undoubtedly happen, don’t know how but they’ll happen for sure!

Never crush someone’s faith in something, it’s awful. If you can give him something better or motivate him to do things better, then do that without any hesitation but don’t be the reason behind someone’s losing faith!

With a vision and an act of courage, you can create opportunities while it takes faith and courage to prove yourself!

Faith is a desirable insight; it shows accurately what you want to see and believe in!

After all, faith is all about complete trust!

Just a casual slow walk through a mental asylum doesn’t prove faith.

Faith doesn’t mean all the things are going right; it means to be okay no matter what you go through and how do the things turn out to be.

Because according to one of the greatest poets and artists of his time, Rabindranath Tagore claims that the faith is the early hope one has while going from darkness to light. Like this one, you’ll get a lot many faith quotes by Rabindranath Tagore!

Faith is so strong that it shows light to a lost path even if everything’s surrounded by heavy gloom.

In the sense that the faith is the source that makes it possible to find a way even in the darkest of nights!

Because people do believe when there’s a reason to believe it, but faith is all about understanding and trusting completely even when there seems no reason to do so.

Don’t ever let your fear conquer your faith. Keep the faith and be strong!

So have faith and see miracles happening!

For only knowledge is never sufficient, faith is always required!

Faith Quotes About Faith, Love, And Hope

Of all these three, love is the most significant of all!

Be Someone’s Hope

Enlighten someone’s life. Be the light that will show them their path because by helping each other is how we grow together.

Believe In Yourself

No one can ever stop you as long as you believe in yourself. Those who believe in themselves rather than the ones who expect others to believe in them move ahead and lead.

New Day

every new day is a blessing of him, don’t make a mistake by taking it for granted!

Core Of Faith

Because everytime, not everything is the way you see it. Faith is just like an iceberg; one needs to immerse himself to the core of it!

Feed Your Mind

The mind is always under our control. It perceives what we feed it with. Feed good things, feed faith, love, hope, and truth!

Small Voice

Sometimes it’s smarter to listen to small inner voices that say this might work and I will try it because the creation of big things starts from smaller ones and the unheard small voices might sometimes prove to be best choices ever made!

Faith Quotes On Good Morning

To wish someone with this Goodmorning message early morning would surely brighten their day up!

Love And Faith Quotes

Faith makes all things possible but not easy whereas Love is that powerful tool that makes them comfortable!

Faith Without Action

Just keeping faith does not always work, you got to work for it as well!

Modern Faith Quotes

As wifi helps connect us to what we need, similar is the Faith. It helps us connect to our needs even though it’s complete;y invisible!

Pray Through It

Pray for what you want, pray over it again and again but most importantly, pray through it until you have it in your hands!

A Man With Dreams And A Woman With A Vision

It’s been said ‘behind every successful man, there’s a woman, and that is true to a great extent. A man with dreams and a woman with a vision are two great elements that when paired together bring prosperity in both of their lives. The woman’s perspective, her faith, and support will change what the man is living his life in. If the woman doesn’t challenge you a pushes you to reach the peak, then she’s no good for you. Men who want an ordinary life ask people not to expect from them, but those who dream of being extraordinary will need your support, love, and motivation.

Another Side Of Fear

Crossover and reach the other side of the fear, surprises await you there!


Pushing ourselves harder, rushing and finally achieving love don’t bring us love. Only love brings us love. Love is the ‘give and take’ deal everyone has to do in their lives.

For love is the bond that keeps people together and that togetherness is the biggest strength in the world!

Fear And Faith Quotes

The only similarity in Faith and Fear is that they both ask us to believe in something we cannot see and something which is not certain to happen the way we want!

Try choosing Faith over fear and know yourself how fun life can be!

For faith is always stronger than the fear!

Because faith always overpowers fear and if you live in fear then you’ll die every single second of your life. Live with faith, and you’ll relive your life every day.

So this is it with the faith quotes, Goodbye!

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