150 Awesome Emo Hair That Makes You Look Funky

The term “emo” in emo hair originated from the emo music which dates back to 1980s. Emo music, where emo stands for emotional, is a genre of hardcore rock music. This genre of music boomed in the early 2000s. To look different than others, the band-members of Emo music maintained a unique hairstyle which later became famous as Emo hairstyle. This type of hairstyle has jagged and banged hair which covers the eyes. Emo hair, like emo music, expresses the inner self- your emotional sentiments lying deep inside you. Whether you are sad, happy, motivated or depressed, there is a hairstyle for you that best describes your mood.

If you are looking for the best emo hairstyles for girls, let me congratulate you on landing at the best article for this hairstyle. We are going to discuss the variety of emo hairstyles and different emo hair colors. We have got the perfect emo hairstyle lined up for you girls. Let’s discover a different kind of emo hairstyles and find the perfect one for you. Emo hairstyles are particularly famous among teens. This hairstyle is not only for musicians and artists but, if it suits you, it is for you as well.

Red, Orange and Purple Highlights

emo hair

This hairstyle has long side-parted bangs. This is a kind of pixie bob with a twist and styled into an emo hairstyle. The bangs have the red, orange and purple highlights. This is an edgy hairstyle giving you a funky look. You can always express your bold and hot personality with your hairstyle.

White-Frost Emo Hairstyle

This hairstyle has white-frost colored hair which is looking fantastic. It has arched bangs and a short layered cut hair. This emo hair is very soft and delicate yet; it gives you a stylish twist to your look.

Green Emo Hairstyle With Fiery Red Highlights

This hairstyle has green colored hair and heavy side-swept bangs. Adopting this look would give you an extraordinary style. There are true red highlights at the end of the hair with a slight touch of pink above the red highlights.

Side-Parted Emo Hairstyle

This hairstyle has long straight hair, cut in a layered fashion. The bangs are side-parted as shown. This style has an ombre hair with red, pink and black color applied in a perfect proportion.

Banana Color Hair With Admiral & Sapphire Blue Highlights

This is a sophisticated emo hairstyle. The hair is straight and short with a banana yellow color. It has admiral and sapphire blue highlights at the ends of the hair. The hair is side-parted as shown. The highlights of the hair and the eye shadow are of the same color combination, and she is looking gorgeous in this makeover.

Put Winter Caps

This hairstyle has blue highlighted bangs as shown. Purple highlights are also added in blue highlights. The rest of the hair is black. This style is primarily for the winter season. Add a blue cap matching your blue & purple highlighted bangs. You will look fantastic in this style.

Punky Emo Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a funky emo hairstyle. The hair is cut in saggy style. It has chopped bangs which are highlighted with the red color. Usually, teenagers enjoy this hairstyle. You can decorate your look by using the hair accessory as shown.

Daisy Hair Color

The daisy hair color is looking stunning in this hairstyle. This style has side-swept bangs. People often pierce nose and lips as shown above to appear punk.

Spiky White Emo Bob

She has a spiky emo hair which is white. The emo bob with the spikes is looking funky.

Cerulean Blue Emo Hairstyle

This hairstyle has cerulean blue hair color. The curls are looking amazing in this color. The straight bangs are side-swept, and from the midlength of the hair, it is curled.

Cobalt Blue With White Cap

She has paired her cobalt blue hair with a white cap as shown. The hair is long and wavy. If you love blue, then this hairstyle can be of your interest.

White And Blonde Emo Styles

Here are two hairstyles that you can pick from. One of the hairstyles has black hair with arched bangs while the other has blonde hair with side-swept bangs. You can even wear winter caps as shown to replicate the exact style.

Two Types

Here, two different styles are shown. The girl at the front has a simple emo hairstyle with side-swept bangs and beautiful honey-blonde color. On the other hand, the girl at the back has simple middle-parted hair.

Full Of Colors

This hairstyle has a bob hair with side-swept heavy bangs. The hair is full of colors- it has shades of green, blue, yellow, red and purple color. You can look as colorful as you want with this hairstyle.

Ruby Red Styles

The ruby red hair in this hairstyle is looking refreshing and bold. It has side-swept bangs, and the hair is up done into a high bun as shown. The bun gives a stylish twist to this look.

Add A Red Hairband

You can always add a fancy red hairband to your emo hair and look stylish and cool.

Blonde And Tortilla-Brown Styles

The hair is blonde, and the roots and the ends of the hair has tortilla-brown highlights. The long and wavy blonde hair is looking visually stunning in tortilla-brown hair.

Black & Buttermilk Color

This hairstyle has arched bangs, and the hair is cut into layers. The arched bangs are side-swept. Some section of the hair as shown is colored buttermilk, and the rest section of hair is black. The combination of black and buttermilk color is looking glamorous on her.

Simple Black Emo Hairstyle

This is an emo hairstyle with black hair and blunt bangs. The hair is short and easy to manage. This hairstyle is not too loud; it is simple, comfortable and beautiful.

Peanut Hairstyles

This emo hair has peanut color. The hair is short and has side-swept bangs.

Emo Pixie Bob Styles

This is a pixie bob with emo twists in it. The brown bob hair has beautiful side-swept bangs. This hairstyle would be great for summer. But, even in winter, you can make a stylish appearance by wearing a beautiful winter cap.

Buttermilk Hair

This hairstyle has buttermilk colored hair with heavy side-swept bangs. This one is for the ladies with thin and fine hair.

Sand-dollar Hair With Black Highlights

The hair in this style is short. The hair has beautiful sand dollar color, and the ends of the side-swept bangs have black highlights as shown above. This hairstyle is looking sophisticated and stylish.

Long, Jagged White Bangs

In this style, the bangs are long and jagged that covers the eye. The hair is white and has maintained side-swept long bangs. The bold hair band, as shown above, can aid in making you look funkier. We love the fact that her lip color is matching the hair band and the combination is looking hot.

Yellow-Blonde Color

The hair is this style has yellow-blonde color. The roots and the ends of the hair are black, and the other section of the hair is yellow-blonde.

Mix Of Sapphire Blue & Brown Color

This emo hairstyle has a mix of brown and sapphire blue color. The hair is side-parted to an extreme level. The hair at the roots have brown highlights, and the hair at the mid-length also have brown highlights.

Black Curly Emo Hairstyle With Red Highlights

The hair is long and curly. The main noticeable feature of this hairstyle is the red highlights as shown above. All the front section of fair are side-parted to give a funky twist to the hairstyle.

Purple And Blue Styles

The hair has a beautiful and bright color combination of purple and blue. The hair is voluminous, and the hair is side-parted. You can pick up this style and look cute and funky at the same time.

White, Brown And Black Styles

This hair has a white color. The hairs at the ends have the combination of brown and black highlights. The white color of hair with the hair accessory that she is wearing is looking gorgeous on her. Try this emo hairstyle to look classy and stylish. This style would be appropriate for any kinds of event or parties.

V-shaped Bangs With Two Tones Of Color

This emo hairstyle is unique, and at the same time, it is visually stunning. The bangs are cut in V-shape as shown above. The hair has two tones of color; the hair on the left side has purple colors, and the hair on the right side has blue colors. There are different shades of blue and purple hair on the right side and the left side of the hair respectively. The bangs have the cerulean blue color, and the hair has cobalt blue color. Everything about this hair is beautiful.

Colorful Bangs

The bangs on this hairstyle are the attractive feature. The bangs are colorful and have shades of red, purple, pink and blue colors. The rest section of hair has cobalt blue color.

Medium Choppy Layers Style

This hairstyle best suits the ones who have thin and fine hair. There are medium choppy layers along her shoulders. She has given slight curls to the edges of her longer layers of hair. The overall style is looking amazing with the bangs, choppy layers and the curls at the edges of the hair.

Rose Red Styles

Her hair has short emo style. The hair has rose-red color, and the color is the factor that is adding more glamor to this style.

Choppy Layers In Black Hair

This style contains long, straight black hair which has choppy layers as shown along her shoulders. The one thing that everyone will notice at first is that hair clip which looks like a spider. If you are cool enough to carry out these kinds of stuff, then this hairstyle is for you.

Blonde & Black

In this hairstyle, the hair has two colors: blonde and black. The hair from it’s root to the mid-length has blonde color, and from the mid-length, the hair has a black color, to the tips. The combination of black and blonde color is looking fantastic. This style would look great on you.

Hot Pink Style

Almost all section of the hair has hot pink color except for some layers of bangs which has black hair color. The hair has big and voluminous choppy layers along her shoulders. Her overall style resonates with the hot pink emo hairstyle, and she is looking like some hippie.

Different Shades Of Pink

She has used different shades of pink to color her hair. Most of the hair sections have the hot pink color; some parts are colored bubblegum pink while few sections have the salmon pink color. She has even used a cute hair clip to enhance the beauty of her hairstyle.

Curly Pink Emo Hair

This emo hair has a fuchsia-pink color. The hair is long and curly. She has maintained side-swept bangs and is looking gorgeous in this shade of pink hair. You can even wear a cute neck piece like her to add beauty to your style.

Emo Hair With Chopped Bangs

She has chopped bangs which have punch-pink highlights. The combination of black and pink color in her hair is looking fantastic.

Shades Of Blue & Yellow Color

This hairstyle has arched bangs. Her hair has two tones of soothing color: yellow and blue. The arched bangs have the highlights of yellow and blue color. The right side of hair has blue colors while the left side has a beautiful shade of yellow color. She is looking gorgeous with this hairstyle. The beautiful color combination of yellow and blue color is the notable attraction of this style.

Messy Choppy Layers

She has maintained a messy, choppy layered hair. The hair has side-swept bangs. You can add cute little hair pins like she has, to add cuteness to your hairstyle. Go out with this hairstyle and a funky shade in the summer to enjoy the breeze.

Classic Black & White

This hairstyle has a classic combination of black and white hair colors. You can always look classy with the shades of black and white in your hair.

Red Styles

In this red emo hair, the bangs are well kept and side-swept. On the other hand, the rest sections of hair are little messy. You can also use hair extensions if you have short hair to get this look.

Sandstone Emo Hair

She has a long and straight hair. The sandstone color is one of the attractive features of her hairstyle.

Carrot-Orange Color Style

She has a long, straight hair with side-swept bangs. The hair has carrot-orange color. The color of her hair is complimenting her face. Her haircut suits the shape of her face. The make-up matches the color of her hair, and this combination is looking damn sexy.

Blonde Emo Hair

She has long, straight blonde hair which is wavy at the edges. The side-swept bangs are complimenting her overall style.

Cerulean Blue Emo Hair

You can be a little extra with this hair color. Color your hair with cerulean blue color. If you like, you can add a flower crown like she has which is of indigo blue color. Undoubtedly, she is looking marvelous in this hairstyle.

Carrot Color Styles

The carrot color can also look good on you if you can carry it well as she has.

Blue & Purple Style

The hair is straight and has blunt bangs which are side-parted as shown. The blue and purple colors are combined and applied in hair, the combination of colors is looking fantastic.

Black Braids In Pink & Purple Choppy Layers

This hairstyle has vast differences in color contrast of hair. She has choppy layers of hair along her shoulders which is colored pink with purple highlights. The rest sections of hair have black color. To be able to do this hairstyle follow the following steps:

  • Take a segment of hair beneath your ear(left or right, whichever you like), and braid it.
  • Take the braid and use it like a crown or hair band as shown above and secure the braid with the hairpins beneath your another ear.

Thus, you will be looking unique with this hairstyle.

Modern Emo Styles

The details of the hairstyle are shown in the picture above. The hair is long but thin and fine. Different shades of pink, black, purple, red and white are used in a different ratio as shown above. You can give a modern touch to your hair with this hairstyle. She has used weaved ribbons to add more colors to the layers of hair.

More Blues

This is another blue emo hair which is short.

Flamingo Pink Styles

She has a flamingo pink colored pastel hair which is given a twist of emo hairstyle. You can look gentle and soothing yet, fresh and funky with this hairstyle.

Another Blue And Black Style

She also has two-toned hair, i.e., blue and black color. You can differ the ratio of black and blue color and look different and amazing every other day.

Colorful Spikes

The hair has choppy shoulder-length layers which have different shades of pink and orange color which are looking like spikes. The hair color in thsi style reflects a happy emotion.

Lemonade Pink Emo Hair

The hair has a lemonade pink hair color which is looking beautiful.

Stripped Emo Hair

She has cut the bangs in an angle making a straight line. The hair has strips of different colors: black, green, pink and purple. The layers of hair on both sides are of varying length. This style looks very stylish.

Lemon, Black & Blonde Color

She has three different shades of color. Lemon, Blonde and Black colors are applied in perfect proportion as shown above.

Wavy And Colorful Style

The hair has beautiful waves and the different shades of pink, blonde, burgundy, and black add more beauty to those waves of hair.

Emo Hair In Ponytail

In this emo hairstyle, a ponytail has been made. This style looks gorgeous and straightforward.

Ponytail In Blue & Black Hair

The hair has beautiful blue side-swept bangs. The hair from the shoulder is black which is pull together and secured to make a low ponytail. To add more colors to the hair, she has used colorful ribbons.

Voluminous Black Style

The hair is thick, long and curly. A large bulk of hair is brought to one side. The hair is cut into different layers, and the layers look significant in those curls.

Funky Style With Funky Curls

The few sections of bangs are black while the other parts of bangs are brown. She has long and beautiful curls which have blonde and brown highlights as shown. This style gives a funky touch to your look.

Teased Crown Emo Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the hair has side-swept bangs. Comb the section of hair above the bangs, backward and secure it with a bobby pin. It gives a crown like feel to the hair. The rest of the hair is left open. The blonde highlights add color to this hairstyle.

Candy Red Styles

This emo hairstyle looks gorgeous in red color. To get instant attention of people, I suggest you get this candy red color in your emo hair.

Dazzle In Blue

The overall style is cute; the cute little cap is making her appear more attractive. She looks like a cute puppy cat with that make-up. She has a blue emo hair with side-swept bangs.

Choppy layers

She has choppy layers which make her hair up to shoulder look voluminous and bulky. But, the rest section of the hair from shoulder to the ends of hair is thin.

Black Choppy Layers

This is another choppy layers emo hairstyle which is black.

Red Emo Hair With Pink Curls

As shown above, she has a curly red emo hair which has pink colors at the ends of the hair. The curls in pink color are looking great on the red hair. You can be as fiery as you want with this hairstyle.

Hot Pink Style

She has gorgeous curls, and the curls are made more noticeable with the pink highlights in different sections of hair as given above. This emo hairstyle is looking magnificent in the combination of hot pink and black color.

Blue Emo Hairstyle

The blue color that she has on her hair is looking marvelous. The hair is straight up to her shoulder, and the ends of the hair are curled.

Sky-Blue And White Spikes

The hair is cut in spikes. The hairs at the crown are cut shorter to give the spiky effect to the hair. The white hair has sky blue highlights in a perfect proportion as shown above.

The Wizard Style

This hairstyle is unique and sophisticated. She has green highlights in her beautiful white hair. The hair has choppy layers. A section of her hair has black strips in green color. The black hair clip that she has worn matches the black strips on her hair.

Colorful Style

She has a colorful hairstyle with hot pink, blush pink, blue and black color.

White Emo Hairstyle

She has a long and beautiful white emo hair. If you have white hair like her, you can style your hair like this. It is easy to style and to maintain.

Cherry Red Emo Hair

The cherry red color in this emo hair is looking beautiful. The cherry red color gives a vibrant and creamy texture to the hair. If you are a fan of red color, try this shade of red color to boost up the beauty of your emo hair.

Half White And Half Blue

In this emo hairstyle, the hair has the half blue and half white color.

Lime Green Highlights In Bangs

This style is for the ladies with short hair. She has brown emo hair, and the bangs have lime green highlights. The green lime highlights are looking refreshing.

Simple Black Emo Hairstyle

This is a simple black emo hairstyle. She has matched the eye-shadow with the hair. The bangs have brown highlights. You can always go for this hairstyle if you donot want to have loud hair colors.

Copper Red Bob Hair

This hairstyle includes copper red bob hair. This is an emo hairstyle in a bob form. The hair looks voluminous and beautiful.

Blue & Black Choppy Layers In Long Straight Hair

This is another hairstyle having the color combination of blue and black. The blue and black color always looks funky and stylish.

Cute Emo Hairstyle In Wine & Black Color

The wine and black color combination in this emo hairstyle look great. The hair band adds beauty to this hairstyle.

Cerulean Blue Combined With White

The hair looks soothing with the cerulean blue and white color combination. On the other hand, her make-up looks like she is going to Halloween themed party.

Fishtail Braid In Emo Hairstyle

This hairstyle has black emo hair. The emo hair is done into a beautiful fishtail braid as shown. The bangs are long and are side-swept. This style gives a classy twist to emo hair.

Arctic Blue Curly Hair With Straight Side-Swept Bangs

The arctic blue color is looking gorgeous in her hair. She has straight side-swept bangs, but the hair from her shoulder is curled to make those beautiful arctic blue curls. The indigo flower hair band adds beauty to this hairstyle. She looks no less than a Disney princess.

Arctic Blue Wavy Emo Hair

This is another arctic blue emo hairstyle. She has a long and wavy arctic blue hairstyle.

Cobalt Blue Hairstyle

The cobalt is one of the loved shades of blue color. She has a cobalt blue emo hair. Her hair is looking bright and attractive with this hair color.

Sandstone Emo Hairstyle

This shade of orange color is called sandstone. She is looking gorgeously beautiful with this shade of orange color. The bangs are curled as shown above to give an edgy look to your style.

Crimson Red Color

A crimson red color, when highlighted in black hair, looks fantastic as shown above. You can always wear a black cap to match your crimson red and black hair.

Sapphire Blue Style

The black hair has sapphire blue highlights as shown above, and the blue highlights are looking gorgeous.

Ocean Blue Styles

Deep ocean blue styles have been in trend for long now. You can look super stylish with this color in your emo hair. She has a nose piercing, and she is looking beautiful with that nose piercing and that ocean blue emo hair.

Two Tones- Lavender And Black

She has two tones of color in her hair. The bangs are side-parted, and as shown above, the left side of the hair has orchid color, and the right side has black color. The two tones of the hair: lavender and black are looking gorgeous.

Lovely Lemonade Pink

She has got a long and wavy emo hair. The bangs are side-parted. The hair has a lovely lemonade pink color. The hair band gives ‘ I look delicate, but I am dangerous as well’ vibe. You can carry out this hairstyle and look lovely.

Mint & Black Styles

In this hairstyle, the emo hair has a combination of mint and black color. The hair from the roots to a certain length has black color, and the rest section of the hair has the mint color which looks good on straight hair.

Blonde Emo Hairstyle

This is a bob hair which had side-swept bangs. The blonde color is looking splendid in her hair.

Browny Style

You can even try brown color in this emo hairstyle, and I assure you won’t regret coloring your hair brown if it suits your complexion.

Stripped Emo Hairstyle

This emo hairstyle has many strips: black strips in blonde hair. Some sections of bangs have a hot pink color. The rest section of hair is black. The hair looks bulky. She has used a big flower clip to add edginess to her hairstyle.

Simple Black Styles

This is a simple black emo hairstyle. You don’t need to do anything to get this hairstyle. Just give your hair an emo haircut, and your hair is ready to flaunt.

Green & Blue Styles

When in confusion, you can always try the combination of blue and green hair color as she has. Her hair from roots to a certain length has a blue color and from then to the ends of her hair has a green color.

Brown Highlights

The brown highlights in her medium curly hair are looking nice.

Blonde Hair With A Section Of Black Hair

This emo hairstyle has a blonde color hair. The bangs are side-swept, and from that side take a specific section of hair and color it black, or you can do the vice-versa.

Messy & Cute Style

She has a messy emo hair, but it is looking cute on her.

Eye-Covering Bangs

She has a short black hair with the side-swept bangs that cover the eyes as shown above.

Another Black Style

This is another black emo hairstyle. You can look beautiful in your natural black hair.

Emo Hairstyle With Arched Bangs

This emo hairstyle has arched bangs and has brown highlights.

Sweet Styles

This is a sweet and straightforward emo hairstyle. If you do not want to waste your time in doing your hair, then this hairstyle would be appropriate for you.

Pastel Emo Hair

This emo hairstyle has pastel hair. It has a beautiful blend of green, pink and brown colors. The hair looks soothing and beautiful.

Curly Style

This emo hairstyle consists of curly brown hair. The bangs are also curly and are side-parted.

Blonde Emo

This style is for the one who prefers to look punky. The hair is cut in layers to give a voluminous look.

Massive Chopped Layers

The hairs at the crown are cut into short layers as shown above. The bangs are side-parted, and the chopped layers at the other section of the hair add edginess to this hairstyle. The ends of the hair have pink highlights.

Pixie Bob Emo Hairstyle

This is a pixie bob which is given a twist of emo hairstyle. The bangs have ash blonde highlights. This style would be most appropriate for summer days.

Rose Pink Hairstyle

This is a rose pink hairstyle, and the color-rose pink is looking amazing on her.

Blue & White Highlights In Black Hair

She has beautiful long and wavy black hair. A particular section of the hair has blue and white highlights as shown above.

Arctic Blue, Purple And Pink Style

This hair has three different colors; arctic blue, purple and pink. The combination of the colors is looking fantastic on her. You can also try this combination of color on your hair and look colorful and vibrant.

Two Shades Of Pink

This emo hairstyle has two shades of pink namely flamingo and punch, and the combination of these two shades of pink is looking outstanding.

Cerulean Blue Style

In this emo hairstyle, the hair has a beautiful cerulean blue color which is the attractive feature of this hairstyle.

Cream Emo Hairstyle

This hairstyle has arched bangs and a bob hair. The hair has a cream color which is looking beautiful on this hairstyle.

Another Blue Style

This is another way of styling your hair. She has maintained a blue emo hairstyle.

Magenta Style

The magenta color in her long, wavy and voluminous hair is looking splendid. You can have this emo hairstyle, and you will look young and fresh.

Add A Hair Band In Copper Red Style

She has a copper red hair. To add more to her hairstyle, she has added a hair band as shown above.

Green, Blue & White Pastel Hair

She has green, blue and white pastel hair. The hair looks fantastic in this style. If you want to stand out in the crowd, then you should go for this style.

Black Curly Bob

The bangs are side-swept and straight. The rest section of the hair is curly. The hair is cut in layers especially at the crown of the head to give a bulkiness. This hairstyle looks impressive for the official look as well as for the casual look.

Bulky Style

She has significant and bulky hair. You can create that curls in your hair by merely braiding your hair while sleeping at night and when you open the braids in the morning, you will have amazing curls as shown above.

Two Tones For Two Sides

This hairstyle has two tones of color for two sides of hair which are lavender and black. The bangs are side-swept and have lavender color.

Violet Style With Asymmetrical Bangs

What differentiates this hairstyle from other hairstyle are the asymmetrical bangs and the violet color. If you want to stand out, then you should not miss this hairstyle.

Beautiful Blonde

This is another style for blonde hair. If you have blonde hair which is this extended and wavy then donot hesitate to try this hairstyle.

Bright Colors- Purple, Pink & Orange

She has a beautiful bob hair which has a combination of bright colors which are purple, pink and orange. The hair is looking colorful, shiny and beautiful.

Magenta Purple Highlights in Black Hair

She has a beautiful long curly hair which has magenta purple highlights in various proportion as shown above. The color combination is outstanding.

Salmon Pink Style

Salmon pink is a cute color. She is looking cute with this hair color and those side-swept bangs. The pink hair band adds more cuteness to her style.

Orange Highlights

She has short black bob hair. The orange highlight in her hair is the striking feature of her hairstyle. You can always add color to your black and white lifestyle with this hairstyle.

Beautiful Pastel Emo Hairstyle

This is a beautiful pastel emo hairstyle. The hair has a beautiful blend of pink, green, blue and purple. This hairstyle gives a gentle and soothing feel to you.

Strawberry Style

This hairstyle has a strawberry red hair color. are has a bulky and voluminous hair above her shoulder which leads to a relatively thin straight hair ends.

Cherry Red Style

The cherry red hair has beautiful blunt bangs. The hair is straight and is of medium length.

Red Highlights In Beautiful Black Bob

If you have a bob like hers, then you can give a new style to your bob hair by highlighting the specific section of front part of her hair red.

Pink & Purple Bangs

The bangs of this hairstyle have pink and purple highlights which are the significant feature of this hairstyle.

Two Shades Of Blue

She has used two shades of blue hair color namely sapphire and cobalt blue. You can also dazzle in blue if you like the blue color.

Two Tones- Blue & Blonde

The blunt bangs have both colors- blue and blonde whereas the left side hair is blue and the right side hair is blonde. You can be as unique as you want by experimenting with your hair color.

Blue Highlights In Black Hair

She has a long black hair which has blue highlights towards the end of the hair. The bangs are sided-swept and are straight wheres the hair at the ends are little wavy.

Black Hair With Banana Bangs

This hairstyle has blunt banana colored bangs & some long bangs, and the rest section of the hair is black. The black hair is done to a messy bun. This style looks sophisticated. If you want to grab the attention of people around you, this hairstyle is sure to help you.

All Blonde Style

This emo hairstyle has blonde color. She has straight hair and side-swept bangs.

Add Fancy Hair Accessories

This hairstyle has blonde, straight, and long hair with blunt bangs. The hair accessory which looks like a peacock feather has enhanced the beauty of her hairstyle.

Golden Highlights In White Hair

She has a long beautiful white hair. The white hair has shining golden highlights which is looking extremely gorgeous on her.

Gorgeous Black

Here, two emo hairstyles for the black hair are given. The first one is for straight hair and the second one is for wavy hair.

Hot Pink Hairstyle

This hairstyle has hot pink hair, and some section of the hair has black color. The color combination is looking amazing.

Blue And Purple Styles

The combination of purple and blue color is in trend for long as this color combination looks splendid on ladies. You can wear a cap like hers to look amazing in summer.

Orange & Pink Pastel Hair

This pastel hair has terrific shades of pink and orange color. You can always look fresh, young and beautiful with this pastel hair.

Ash Blonde Emo Hair Done Into Ponytail

This emo hairstyle has ash blonde hair which is done into a ponytail.

Thus, this is all about emo hairstyles. You can always express yourself with this hairstyle. If you are looking for some fun hairstyle, then emo hairstyle can be the one that you have been looking for.

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