30 Classic and Comfortable Dorothy Hamill (Wedge) Haircut

If you’re out of touch and don’t know who Dorothy Hamill is, we’re going to tell you. Dorothy Hamill is a renowned American figure skater who is also a gold medal recipient for figure skating in the Olympic Winter Games in the mid-1970s. And what is a Dorothy Hamill haircut, you may ask? Dorothy Hamill has managed to sport quite a few different haircuts throughout her career as a skater and after. She has donned some short bob, some pixie cuts, and some bangs, for each era ; she managed to give us the trendiest yet niche haircuts. But one of the looks that she always got back to became the ‘Dorothy Hamill Haircut”.

The Dorothy Hamill cut is a simple retro-inspired short bob haircut with some light layers. This style became popular because of Dorothy Hamill herself (hence the name) in the 1970s. While anyone can rock this cut, this style was more popular among women with sleek and fine straight hair. Many women still love this cut, also known as the “wedge” cut. While this is a cute style for anyone who’d want to wear it, mature women of age usually prefer to work with these haircuts. With eve little to no effort, these haircuts manage to look comfortable, refreshing, and well-managed. This cut helps the thin hair appear voluminous and thick hair appear more defined and is one of the most elegant short hairstyles.

If you’re not fond of carrying around long hair and want a look that is easy to wear, style, and comfortable, then you’re in the right place. We have listed a few perfect Dorothy Hamill (wedge) cuts to try this summer.

Framing Bob with Fringes

If you want to have a set of thin bangs or fringes with seemingly shorter hair, but don’t think it’s something that you can pull off, then you’re worrying about the wrong things. If you think you know how to mix and match your short bob with those fringes, you are all set to go. We’re guessing you’re looking for a reference for inspiration for this look we’re talking about. Well then, as you can see in the picture above, Dorothy Hamill has worn this same haircut.  She has added some framing strand of layers to her bangs around the face, which works pretty well with the thin and well-balanced fringes. The fringes will let your cover and conceal parts of your forehead, and the framing bob will help to accentuate your facial features.

Shaded Curly Bob

dorothy hamill haircut

If your hair is curly and you think this cut is only for fine, straight hair, you’re wrong. The best thing about this Dorothy Hamill haircut is that it’s versatile and goes well with any hair type. While it is a pretty basic hairstyle, we do not see many people wearing this style often (with curly hair). We all know it’s comparatively pretty difficult to maintain against fine, straight hair. So if you’re in search of a style that makes it easier for you to handle your curls and doesn’t require much or even any styling, then you should go for this shaded curly bob.

Sleek Pixie Dorothy Hamill Haircut

If you’re more into classic pixie haircuts, then you will surely love this look. This silver pixie haircut inspired by Dorothy Hamill is a pretty widely worn haircut and usually for more mature women. But there doesn’t seem to be a single reason everybody else can’t wear it either. The slightly volumized cut balances out with the light and thin fringes that go over the eyes. The perfect balance between the lengths helps to compliment your facial features. You won’t go wrong with a set of simple and colorful jewelry to style with this haircut.

Overgrown Wedge Hair

If you like short hairstyles and like your hair looks to appear flowier and comparatively longer, you can try out this overgrown wedge hair look. Compared to the other Dorothy Hamill haircuts, this haircut is more to the let loose and casual style. It’s easy to style, actually requires no further styling, and low-maintenance. The few subtle layers to the overgrown cut add some definition to the look, making it seem less informal, and a versatile hair look. The perfect shade of blonde and brunette mix goes well with any skin tone.

Pulled-Back Pixie Dorothy Hamill Haircut

If you’re trying to find a short haircut that makes you look more “feminine” to your comfort, then maybe you should opt for this Dorothy Hamill haircut. This looks isn’t much about the hair cut but actually about how the hair could be styled. Here Hamill’s classic pixie bob has been sleekly pulled to the back with an accessory, while the short side bangs are let loose. The light blonde highlights the comparatively dark hair balance the entire look, while the colors and length compliment the other for a put-together look.

Naturally-Rooted Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Here’s a quick style that you can wear on any usual day with little to no styling at all. Here the Dorothy Hamill haircut has been colored naturally dark at the roots and subtly at the ends. The roots are followed by an equally subtle and natural—shade of blonde, which obviously works for any skin tone. The most awesome thing about this style is that it’s pretty basic, but it is pretty versatile and goes with any setting plus, although you don’t have to ut in much effort to style it, this cut still manages to seem like it has had quite some effort and styling put into it.

Multi-Layered Dorothy Hamill Haircut

Layers may not seem like they are a lot, but they sure do quite a lot regarding changing an entire look. Take this multi-layered Dorothy Hamill haircut. For instance, this is a pretty basic bob cut, but the few layers make you look all brand new and different. The bangs are swept to the side, face-framing longer hair strands, and layered ends match up well to create an effortlessly well-managed hair look. You can top this chick style off with a simple set of basic earrings and some natural “no-makeup” makeup look.

Grown-Out Fringes with Light Streaks

We all surely know how difficult it is to grow out your bangs while styling them perfectly on every wear. You’re probably tired of having to look for and try out ways your fringes could be more comfortable to wear, so are we. So this hair look. This look here is the best way for you to put little to no effort into styling your short hair fringes and bob have been left to grow out in their natural way while the hair has been topped off with some light and naturally subtle streaks. If you’re more into the casual lifestyle, you will love this hairstyle.

Overgrown Bob

Bob haircuts have been one of the most widely worn hair looks for people of any age. For younger people, bob cuts work best to make them appear mature, and for older people, these cuts help them appear more refreshing. On top of that, they are really comfortable and easy to style for everyday wear. Here the bob cut has been left free to grow out, which has helped add some more textures to the hair while framing the face with the overgrown bangs. The mix of a few subtle blonde and brunette shades makes the look into something absolutely perfect.

Light Brown Mom Wedge Cut

This mom wedge is the perfect way for you to add some layers and volumize your hair a bit. Here the hair is grown out a bit, and the bangs are swept to a side for a sleek look. The hair at the cranium has been cut with some layers wh helps add some volume and definition to the hair—overgrown bangs to the side of the face help to flaunt the face structure. The perfect light brown with some added light blonde streaks really helps to put the look together. This style works with any facial structure and skin tone; rather, it helps accentuate them.

Classic 70s Soft Bob

Although the social times may not have been so good for everyone, the 70s gave us some gorgeous styles. This classic 70s soft bob is a cute style to die for. It’s so simple and achievable, yet we can’t get our eyes off of it. The bangs have been bumped inwards and to the side to create a subtle yet chic style. Simultaneously, the layers have also been bumped out and to the side for a classic 70s and 80s style. The cut as a whole helps to frame that helps to structure and accentuate your face and its features even more.

Thin Fringed Dorothy Hamill Haircut

The best styles are always the messy and effortless hair looks that work well with any backdrop type. Here Dorothy Hamill has her caramel blonde and light brown mix of hair cut into unusual layers. The fringes or bangs have been cut into layers and messily at the ends. The same fringe-like effect can be seen around the cranium with the layers that help the style seem more casual and fun. The layers at the ends help put the entire look together by balancing the other layers around the head. The layers work well together to create a volumized and textured hairstyle.

Framing Bumped Out Pixie

You may think that short haircuts may not look all formal and professional. But that’s not true; actually, these sorts of well-structured pixie cuts actually look more formal and chic. Take this framing pixie cut donned by Hamill for an example. Here her bangs have been let down to appear thinner than usual. The rest of the hair appears to be shorter than usual while the ends have been bumped out. These contrasting features help create the 2000s-inspired hairstyle while also paying a subtle homage to the 80s’ bumped hair looks. This hair look is the perfect style for you if you’re into retro vibes and aesthetics.

Long Bob with Layers

This long bob is not like the other wedge and pixie cuts under Dorothy Hamill haircuts. It’s comparatively longer than all the other hair look we’ve seen here. While this is a pretty famous style during the 80s, it has also become a staple of the 2010s. This style is a modernized take on the classic Dorothy Hamill haircuts. There are some fine thin layers on the fine, straight hair that creates a refreshing look to wear. These layers help the hair appear more textured and well-defined. You surely won’t go wrong with a set of basic white shirts or tank tops and jeans with this cool haircut.

Classic Bowl Cut

We commonly see young children with these sorts of classic bowl cuts. But, during the old decades, women were too used to wear these “page boy” hair looks that they looked absolutely perfect in. This style is more comfortable and cuter than any other short wedge haircuts. Here the set of short blunt bangs are framed with a set of layered longer strands of hair at the side. The swept short bob at the ends puts the entire look together by balancing the short layers of blunt cuts all over. This haircut usually looks even better with dark shades of black and brown.

Textured Long Pixie Cut

This textured long pixie cut was common above young adults and middle-aged women during the late 80s and the 90s. Not only Dorothy Hamill, but you may also remember Princess Diana don a similar haircut. And if there were a fashion and style icon during those times who’s look still have people go crazy for, then it’s Princess Diana. Here the bangs have been let to grow out and then swiftly swept to the side with a side partition. The longer strands of frames have been bumped towards the jawline. These layers have helped to accentuate the facial features. This sort of haircut works with any setting, but it looks gorgeous with formal dresses with a simple set of jewelry.

Cocoa Brown Semi-Shaggy Bob

This haircut look is one of our favorites. Here her bangs appear messier and have more texture than usual. These bangs or fringes are balanced out and continued around the face, which creates a well-managed look. This look is based on the classic shaggy-bob but much shorter. The cocoa brown shade is the perfect shade to top this cut off because it suits any undertone.

Multi-Colored Overgrown Dorothy Hamill Cut

Here Hamill has let her hair grow out longer than usual with a few layers. The overgrown length of hair has helped to frame her face even better. The bangs are swept to the sides with a mid partition since they have been grown out. She has added a few layers to the sides and the ends. These layers and ends appear more visible with the light-colored highlights. The perfect blend of dark brown, light brown, and natural grey hair makes the hair appear more natural, and Hamill appears more youthful. You can top off this style with a set of noticeable earrings like Hamill has done in the picture above.

Classic Casual/ Classy Look

Rocking a hair look isn’t only about styling the hair or the colors; it also involves the clothes and outfits. Here, Hamill can be seen donning a casual-formal set of outfits. While most Dorothy Hamill haircuts are usually for casual wear and comfort, the outfits she styles them with are more formal. But this red-carpet look is a different look from the other red-carpet looks she’s used to wearing. Here she wears a set of semi-formal pants and a casual jacket with some details with a pair of pointy heels. This look on itself goes well with the perfect style of comfortable-casual classy wedge cut.

Sleek Framed Short Bob

dorothy hamill haircut

If you’re all about the “non-nonsense” lifestyle and don’t like to spend any time styling your hair, then this is the perfect haircut for you. This look isn’t much about styling but comfort. Here the hair doesn’t have much length like a pixie cut. But, it also doesn’t have some layers that define the hair. This makes this style a one ready for everyday wear with no styling at all. Some comparatively subtle layers have been swept to the back for more casual and comfortable wear. These sorts of looks are the best to beat the heat during summers.

Messy Modern Undershaved Wedge Cut

If you like to stick to classic looks and styles but wouldn’t mind a hint of new trends and styles, go for this look. You may have seen seemingly older women of age wear this style and think this won’t suit anyone different. But the greatest thing about this style is that it suits everyone, from young ladies to mature women. This look consists of a subtle under shave, which is perfect for modern inspiration. The subtly messy and layered grey hair from the cranium covers the under shave. The sleek, subtle side bangs help the look appear more stylish.

Classic 80s Auburn Bobe

Dark shades like this auburn brown is a real power move. Just the shade works to create a rich and bold look that suits everyone and any skin tone. This classic auburn bob is kind of similar to Beth Harmon’s style in The Queen’s Gambit. Since the show had so much influence on people, this gorgeous hair look will likely have the same effect on people. This look is comparatively longer than the other bobs and wedge cuts we’ve listed here, and that’s what makes it so unique and charming. The length of the hair is perfect as it helps to accentuate your facial and jawline-based features.

Sleek Pixie Cut with Thin Layers

If you feel like all these other hair looks are comparatively longer than what you might like them to be much shorter, you should take a look at this sleek pixie cut with layers. This sleek pixie wedge cut is a style that looks modern and also mature at the same time. If you like to fall into today’s trends and styles but would also like to stay within your comfort zone while trying out these trends, you will love this hair look. The shade of icy blonde makes the look more refreshing and matches the current trends, while the comfort layers and the cut as a whole will make you appear more mature.

Modern Alternative Wedge Cut

We couldn’t be happier that alternative aesthetics, looks, and hairstyles have been brought back into trends right now. These sorts of trends always give people the chance to work with what they have and feel comfortable and like themselves. Most Dorothy Hamill haircuts usually seem super-chic and subtle, but these alternative wedge cuts add a bit of uniqueness to a look as a whole. This modern alternative wedge cut is the perfect short haircut that adheres to today’s trends and fashion. This style is super cool, comfortable, and chic.

Classic Mom Bob

There’s nothing that can top a classic mom bob haircut. They have been in the fashion and hairstyle industry for a few decades. At least they don’t seem like they will be going out of style anytime soon. This particular hair look came into a trend after many celebrities started wearing it once again during the early and mid-2010s. We can see a clear and distinct transition from the short hair length at the back to the longer ends at the front. These contrast in the lengths appear more defined and well-structured with the perfect change in shades. The black under shade really helps to highlight the layers over the cut.

The 80s Inspired Sleek-Poofy Cut

Whatever people may say, the 80s did bring us quite a few classy and super-chic hairstyles and inspirations for different other styles we have been wearing and loving to this date. This sleek-poofy Dorothy Hamill haircut is quite different from a bob haircut worn right now, and maybe that’s exactly what makes it so cool? The sleek framing length of the hair balances out the over-the-top layers with the poofy part at the back. The perfect balance between the contrasting styles helps create an elegant and charming look that works perfectly with casual days, especially with fancy parties and event days.

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