50 Cool Disconnected Undercut Hair Looks Of The Season!

The disconnected undercut is quite common and loved short hairstyles among both men and women. These sorts of disconnected hair look always make the person wearing them stand out.  For days you’re not feeling like dressing up and putting too much effort into your outfit and looks, you can walk out with the undercut you have. The good part is that these hairstyles aren’t set for any particular place or setting. Therefore you can wear these cuts any day anywhere.

Now, if you’re thinking, “What even is a disconnected undercut?” we got you! A disconnected undercut is a simple but noticeable transition of long hair to a contrasting short hair length. The upper part of the head is covered with long hair, and the lowering side parts are cut short. If you’re confused between a disconnected and a connected undercut, a connected undercut has an uninterrupted clean transition from long hair to short hair. On the other hand, the transition from long to short hair is made evident with a heavily noticeable change and sometimes even a slit to the side.

This disconnected undercut is a pretty cool hairstyle, but you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. Please pull up a few reference pictures, go to your favorite salon, and have them do it for you. While this style does look simple to achieve, not everyone with kitchen scissors can perfect it. Rather than to feel low about your long hair being cut for no good, work your way up to a salon and walk out with a fabulous undercut. Here are a few ideas and options for you if you’re set on getting a disconnected undercut.

disconnected undercut

Diagonal Side Sweep

A diagonal side swept undercut the best way for you to flaunt your gorgeous hair. The defined side sweep presents a clear separation between the undercut and the longer part of the hair, making it appear well-groomed.

Gelled Messy Undercut

Messy is the new sophisticated, especially when it comes to hairstyles. This gelled, messy undercut is a look for normal days and office hours. It’s pretty basic and will make you look put-together and comfortably casual at the same time.

Slit Disconnected Casual Undercut

The visible disconnection is actually what these sorts of disconnected hair looks are all about. They make the style appear pretty subtle and also highlight the hair stand out as a whole. Casual or professional, this hairstyle goes with every backdrop.

Sleek Poof with Angled Hairline

Poofy hair looks work best to add some volume to the hair. A sleek back-swept poofed hair is one of the best ways to present your disconnected undercuts. An angled hairline with this look will help accentuate the faded undercut and make the poof look defined.

Streaked Long Hair Disconnected Undercut

It’s always the right idea to play with colors while styling your hair. Hairstyles may look the same on some people, but adding a hint of few colors will surely make you stand out. Adding a few light blonde streaks to the longer part of the cut will add textures to the look and appear voluminous and rich.

Natural Short Undercut

Undercuts on comparatively short hair length as such always look groomed. They’re easy to wear, style, and pretty low-maintenance. If you don’t like to put too much time and effort into styling your hair but also like to seem put-together, you will love this natural short undercut.

Dark Caramel Undercut

Caramel-brown hair colors are probably one of the most worn hair colors on both men and women. This color helps the hair stand out and look much different than any other hair color, whether dark brown, blonde or black. While this may be one of the most worn colors, this color surely isn’t too “basic.” For a more fresh and modern touch to your undercut, go with this color.

Casual Short Hair with Messy Beard

Styling your hair isn’t *only* about how you wear your hair. The make-up and facial features also play major roles in making or breaking a look. If you’re a casual person with a hectic schedule and don’t have enough time to style yourself every day, you should go for this look. The short hair length and the short shaven beard is a look that will always have you ready to go with no extra time and styling.

Ombre Swept Back Disconnected Undercut

The Ombre hair coloring technique has become one of the coolest trendiest hair styling trends in the industry. There’s just something about the subtle transition from dark hair color to a light one that matches the energy of the subtly transitioning hair length in an undercut. The ombre will make the different lengths of hair of the undercut blend in easily, creating a casual and subtle look. With a plain leather jacket to style with this hair, you’ll be turning heads.

Light Wavy Perm

Light wavy perms on men and short hair have been getting quite some hype right now. Thanks to many influencers and many male celebrities, this hair look has gained all the recognition as it should. The soft perm waves are the best way to style the longer part of the hair. It will make your hair appear flowy and comfortable. You won’t need to worry about styling it every other day.

Clear Cut Tawny Brown Hair

If you like your hair looks and styles to appear more defined, then you should have a look at this clear-cut tawny brown hair. This look includes a noticeable half slit from the hairline, which clearly disconnects the hair’s undercut and flow. The tawny brown shade complements the skin tone the slit shows off and balances the entire look.

Defined Layered Dark Blonde Hair

Layers can never make a hair look go wrong. Any style, long, short, or however, layers always work the best. Since these undercut looks require shorter hair lengths than usual, you may be worried about how your hair may appear. Well, with these layers, your hair will look all defined and voluminous. Could you even want anything more from a style?

Dark Shadow Undercut

If you want your disconnected undercut to appear more simple and not all that extravagant, you would like this hair look. This “dark shadow” undercut involves a fading shave look transitioning from heavy long hair to a comparatively short length. If you aren’t quite sure about how you could style this look, you can gel the hair back for a bold look.

Low Side Swept Disconnected Undercut

If you feel like you are very “low-key,” you will surely like this “low-key” hair look. This low side-swept disconnected undercut is pretty simple and basic to style, but that doesn’t make it not boring not to wear it out. The side-sweep will make your facial features stand out and complement your jawline as well.

Long Dense Disconnected Undercut

Everyone loves heavy and flowy hair. But not everyone can have dense, flowy, and voluminous hair for themselves. Well, if you’re one of those people, and are looking for a hair look that will help to make your hair appear more dense and voluminous, then you should peek a glance at this dense disconnected undercut. This look doesn’t require much effort, but it sure does do a lot. Just changing up your hair color shades a tone bit dark will help you achieve this look.

Dark Side Parts with Long Blonde Hair

Black and blonde are two very usual hair shades, but they’re not seen as much as they do individually as they should together. Because two opposite shades of color contrasting together create a look that people can’t take their eyes away from. Take this very hair look for an example. The long blonde part of the hair is complemented by the dark side parts and the dark roost, while the blonde also complements the dark shades making the entire look pop off.

Natural Brunette Undercut

Natural-looking hair looks never fail to impress. What does one want from a hairstyle when they decide to get one? That this look will make the look entirely different, that it will blend it subtly with one’s entire personality and make your look handsome. Well, then this very style is something you’d like. This natural brunette undercut look fulfills all the requirements that one looks for in a hairstyle.

Royal Cedar Parted Undercut

Simple looks are the most extravagant looks you can wear. If you think you are someone that resonates with the statement, then you’ll surely want to take a glance at this very look. This royal cedar parted undercut a pretty simple style to achieve and wear, but it looks so simple and classy with no to minimal effort. Who wouldn’t like that?

Brunette Perms

Blonde and brunettes are the best hair shades for you to wear. Long hair, short hair, or straight and wavy, the brunette is a classic shade that complements every hair look. If you’re into classic and sophisticated hairstyles, then you can style your undercut with these brunette perms. The highlighted colors on the perm and the perm itself are two classic hair looks that you can’t ever go wrong with.

Side Waved Long Hair

If you’re anything like us, you’ve always wished you could have been a part of all those cool animated kids’ cartoons and movies. Those were the thoughts that used to be raised most of the time due to how attractive the characters used to be. One of the most common hairstyles those attractive characters would wear would be this very side wave undercut. This look seems a bit fancy to you at first, but it suits well for any setting.

Puffed-Up Undercut

Puffed-up hair looks on shot hair look very stylish. Especially on undercuts, the hair’s puffy part will focus on the actual undercut part and make it stand out. And if that’s not what you want to do with your super-cool undercut, then what even do you want to do? You can’t go wrong with a pair of simple and plain earrings to top off with this “macho” haircut.

Undercut with Blonde Perm

Blonde is obviously one of the most widely worn hair colors. Why shouldn’t it even be? The shade looks great with any skin tone, and even better, it helps to accentuate the skin tones. Blonde perm on undercut is a pretty simple style, but we do not see any people wearing it. So it’s about time that we respect this gorgeous look and stir up things a bit.

Overgrown Disconnected Undercut

Growing your hair out can be a lot of trouble. Styling them at the same time is not something ideal. If you don’t want to take any unnecessary stress, you should get this hair look. This is one of the simplest and classic short hair looks. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, and don’t need any extra styling.

Light and Dark Mix

Adding on contrasting colors and lengths always makes a style stand out. There’s just something about these sorts of contrasting looks that look so cool and stylish. Mixing dark and light shades to the contrasting undercut look will help to enhance the hair lengths better. The style will look even more fresh and casual than usual—these types of look work perfect for beach days and day-offs.

Chocolate Messy Undercut

Chocolate brown is a pretty rich and royal color. It always amps up any simple and plain cut, and that’s the great thing about it. This shade of brown is not as widely worn like any other brown or brunette shades, so you don’t need to worry about looking basic with his color with your cut. The chocolate brown shade will help your undercut appear groomed, perfectly styled, and put-together at all times.

Angled Undercut with Angled Beard

As we’ve mentioned earlier, styling your hair requires more than styling just your hair. It’s also about how you accentuate your facial features and work your facial hair with the hairstyle. Matching your beard and mustache with your haircut will make you look clean and put-together. The angled undercut and the angled beard also help flaunt your other features with the clean-shaven ends.

Highlighted Long Undercut

This gorgeous look requires longer hair than any other undercut looks we’ve seen here. This contrasting look works best when the undercut is faded to look almost completely shaven. That’s what makes this look so different and kind of better than the other looks on here. The flowy long hair will make you look fancy and elegant, but you can wear this style every day in any setting.

Subtle Disconnected Undercut

If you’re loving each of these undercuts till now but would rather go with something a bit more subtle and not so obvious, take a look at this look. This look is a kind of “growing out” sort of style that still does make your hair look well-groomed but also wild and casual at the same time.

Everyday Professional Undercut

If you’re not one to go all fancy with your looks and styles and want to play it safe with this new hair look you’re trying to opt for, then this look is exactly what you’ll like. This everyday professional undercut is a pretty basic disconnected undercut look that works for any place and setting—no need to worry about breaking any dress code with this chic style.

Viking-Inspired Wavy Disconnected Undercut

All those old-timey TV dramas probably have most of us in love with all those cool looks and styles from those times. If you are a part of that group of people who like to change up their looks a lot and aren’t afraid of going with something uncommon and bold, then you should go for this Viking-inspired wavy disconnected undercut. It’s different, unusual, but absolutely gorgeous.

Heavy Side Sweep with Light Streaks

Contrasting colors on hairs do absolute wonder. Even some simple styling techniques with a few colors will make on look completely different. Just like this heavy side sweep with light highlights look. The light streaks on the swept part will add some texture and density to the hair. The light streaks are so subtle that this style can surely be worn in workspaces as well.

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Light-Peanut Short Perm Undercut

Light shades such as toffee blondes and even this light-peanut blonde make your hair appear thin (for good) and flowy. Dark hair on undercuts is a style that has been worn by many so that you can opt for a lighter look as such for a unique way of style.

Short Disconnected Undercut

If you aren’t a fan of long and flowy hair and would rather stick with shorter cuts, then this is a style made for you. This is a free-er and casual take on the buzz cut. The seemingly short length of the longer part of the undercut makes you look comfortable and fresh. The balance between the shaven part and the longer part will make you look well-groomed and put-together.

Classic 2000s Messy Undercut

The 2000s were a good time for people to try and play with different looks. Both males and females got to work with different styles. But if there’s a look that stuck with us all this time, then it’s this messy undercut. This look is basic and classic. It’s super cool and will make you look fresh and less mature.

Elegant Back-Sweep Undercut

Sleek and swept undercut always manage to make people look so royal. There’s something about this gelled pulled back look that makes people turn their heads. The sleek sweep helps the longer part of the hair blend even well with the cut’s faded shaven part.

Layered Ginger Disconnected Undercut

Ginger is truly an underrated hair color, especially on males. We don’t really see many males or females in short ginger hair if you think about it. Maybe it’s about time that we change that. This layered ginger disconnected undercut is a simple look to achieve, but it’s also unique since many people are not worn.

Balayage Undercut

Styling male hair isn’t only about the hair’s length; it also includes the colors and how you play with them. If you don’t want to change your hair color and completely change your appearance, you can try this simple balayage undercut. The balayage technique will make your hair look modern and casual.

Sleek Side-Swept Pump

If you’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be a prince, this simple hair look will help look the deal. The simple side swept pump is just one of the many ways you can set your disconnected undercuts. This sleek side-swept pump is a sophisticated look that would look absolutely beautiful with some simple professional wear. And just because it looks good with professional wear doesn’t mean that it can’t be worn out for any other type of setting.

Faux Mohawk

Mohawks were once a hairstyle donned by quite some people at a time. Now they’re not all that much of a craze because- well, you know, fashion trends change. But, if you missed out on getting mohawks at the time of trend, you can achieve a subtle and less “crazy” mohawk with this faux mohawk undercut. It is more simple and a look for daily wear.

Semi-Bowl Undercut

If you’re not one to stick with the basic trends and are in love with disconnected hair looks, you’ll like this semi-bowl undercut. This disconnected haircut doesn’t look like the other disconnected undercuts, but it isn’t a complicated style. The longer part of the cut is let down for a more fresh and soft look.


According to us, these disconnected undercut looks are the best thing to happen in the men’s and short hairstyles industry. From a-list celebrities to our very own favorite influencers, everyone who could inspire us to get ourselves different looks has given their seal of approval for this hair look. And who would know better to rock a look than people who have spent a lot of hours around styles and fashion look?

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