70 Crochet Braids That You’re Sure To Rock All Year Long!

While not the same, Crochet braids are a style similar to that of box braids, which involve adding in weaves and extensions to the hair as well; like box braids, crochet braids are widely worn by women as a protective hairstyle that also helps them amp up their entire style. The braids get their name from the actual installation method of the extensions in which they are added onto natural hair with a crocheting hook or a latch hook. And yes, the hook in this context is also the same as the hook used while knitting and crocheting garments.

While many of these braids’ features may seem the same as box braids, the main difference falls under the ways both these braids are put in. While the false hair/ extensions are added onto the hair while the braids/ cornrows are being put on, the extensions and loose hair are looped in at first with a hook in crochet braids.


Now, if you’re thinking about why and how these braids are any better than box braids, there’s a simple answer. While they are easy and simple to install, they manage to look equally natural and beautiful at the same time. They may take about 4-6 hours on average to be put in out; after that, they’re pretty low-maintenance, and they last for about 1-2 months. And even if you’re worried about your hair routines and whether you can put up with them and maintenance, these braids are everything you could wish for. And yes, you can wash your hair and moisturize it. Basically, you can do whatever you want with those gorgeous braids.

You’re probably all sold on the idea of getting these braids. But if you’re confused about what styles there are and which of them would look good on you or suit your hair better, then here we have brought over 70 crochet braids that you can wear.

Heavy Coiled Bob

This heavy bob with coiled crochet braids is an easily achievable stylish look. This is a totally bold and chic style that goes well with any look. You can surely top this chic look with a simple smokey eye and a neutral matte lip color.

Half-Up Space Buns

Space Buns are one of the cutest hairstyles among people right now.  The cute buns alone make an entire hair look pop off. There’s definitely no reason for you not to work this beauty. For an added innocence to the look, you can work with a simple winged eyeliner.

Half-Up Coiled Curls

Half-up half-down styles all on their own help you look all chic and sophisticated. Coiled curls pulled half backup help frame your face better and flaunt the beautiful curls themselves. These coils will make you look fresh with a bubbly personality.

Long Maroon Braids with Open Ends

Maroon as hair color is something we can definitely vouch for. Maroon crochet braids make you look all fancy and elegant. They may be basic, but they’re also a classic. A chunky pair of hoops are the way to go with these braids.

Short Crochet Braids

Maintaining long braids and sew-ins are hard but can also be an eager desire and necessity. So a short crochet braids sew-in will do you just good. They are comfortable and easy to style. They will work well in any type of backdrop.

Mini Twists Bob

Everybody loves to see details in their style works. And these mini twists do require some effort and also look equally important and stand out. They can be worked into any form of style and aesthetic.

High Pony with Heavy Twists

High ponies are one of the classics of the hairstyling industry. Your heavy crochet twists will get justice in a simple high pony along with a well-put baddie look. A dark neutral lip color will complement the heavy braids.

Maroon Half Top-Bun

As we’ve said earlier, Maroon is likely the best color to work on your hair. Similarly, a half top-bun lets you get the put-together stylish look. While the color may be a bit basic for your taste, the curls are not.

Heavy Braids with Open Ends

Crochet braids with loose open ends help the braids look more natural and help them blend in easily. The open curls also add some definition to it. They also help ad some hint of refreshment.

High-Up Semi Cornrows

Semi-cornrows are a simple and sensible hairstyle. They’re spare you the heat and sweating troubles. The high-up loose hair adds a certain depth to your hair. It is an easy to wear comfortable hairstyle.

Medium Twisted Crochet Braids

There is nothing better than basic when it comes to styling yourself. These basic medium twisted crochet braids are a versatile look for any occasion. Casual day, date night, or daily office wear, these braids won’t fail to amaze you.

Bantu Knot Bob

Bantu knots are one of the coolest and boldest bun-inspired hair looks. These knots help your hair stay put in place and help look the loose hair look dense and volumized. They’re fun and also look put-together at all times.

Heavy Coils

Simple heavy coils crochet do so much for so less. These manage to stay put and look natural at all times. And they go well with any look. They manage to look elegant and are casually comfortable at the same time.

Accessorized Medium Length Twists

Accessorizing your hair does all the work in making it look fun and refreshing. These simple twists are highlighted with some simple accessorized beads. The beads will help your braids stand out even better.

Twisted Long Curls

Long curls are one of the chic-est hair looks. They are simple and are easy to style when they’re put in. They add definition to your hair and help highlight it. They require some work, but they will also be so worth it.

Chocolate-Black Bubbly Curls

Mixed colors on hair can never go wrong. With these bubbly curls, the colors themselves are highlighted, and the curls give depth to your facial features. They look great for both daily wear and special events.

Multi-Colored Cornrows

If you’re looking for something new and fun to do with your hair, go for it! And if that means changing your entire hair color (sewed-in), even better. Extravagant colors always let you achieve a cool and fun look.

Double Dark Long Crochet Braids

Brown is one of the most basic yet extra hair color. It looks good with any skin tone. With braids, the color highlights itself and vice versa. The few golden streaks will surely amp up your simple look.

Long Brown Crochet Twists with Beads

Long braided looks are surely one of the best hair decisions for a person. The braids complement your facial structure, and the accessories help them stand out. The chocolate brown is the perfect color to go for.

Heavy Violet Twists

Violet is a pretty strong and bold color. A violet crocheted braids look will help you make a strong and bold statement with your hair and hair only. Plus, these sort of vibrant colors is trending all over the internet and fashion industry right now.

Medium Caramel Curls

Caramel is one of the most widely worn hair colors which we will never get bored of.  These curls go well with the color, and the look they create is a basic-classic.

Half Pulled Back Twists

Pulled back hairstyles always make you look simple and sophisticated. They are easy to do and don’t put any attention away from your beautiful braids. They will also put more attention to your jaw structure and highlight it.

Multi-Colored Short Twists

These short twists are easy for you to maintain and need low maintenance. They help you look more fun and lively. If you’re feeling like adding something extra to the look, you can for a simple pair of hoops.

Highlighted Natural-Looking Waves

Highlights are always the right option if you’re into fun and modern hair looks. Highlighted curls will add density to your hair and make it stand out even better. The specific blonde and brunette mix of color is a classic.

Blunt Loose Curls

Loose curls are the coolest crochet styles you can go with. They are simple, they look natural, and they’re the most basic and versatile style you will ever find. From streetwear to elegant parties, these curls look gorgeous.

Natural Bold Brown Curls

Basic natural-looking sew-ins are the best decisions you can go with if you like simple stuff. This style is low maintenance and is pretty casual. On a day you’re not feeling like dressing up, these sew-ins will be a life savior for you.

Heavy Twists with Thin Ends

Thin ends on heavy braids help flaunt the braids a little better. The ends complement the braids and add some density to the hair.

Thin Crochet Box Braids

Box braids are the classic sew-in styles. They do take time, but they’re so worth the effort to how cool they manage to look. Adding in a few highlights to them will make them look even better and modern to your liking.

Highlighted Streaks

Highlights and colors to the hair are the two things you should definitely go for. They’re fun, exciting, and complement the entire look you own. The numbered blue chunks of twists will make you less mature and fresher.

Half Top Bun

Half top buns are simple styles that are made for comfort. Along with comfort, they manage to complement your facial structure and features. On a day you’re feeling low, this style will help you gain your confidence back.

Crochet Twists with Edges

Swift edges are probably all of our styling lovers’ favorites. They are a simple add-on to a look, but they manage to do so much.

Bulky Soft Curls

Bulky soft curls help you channel your inner soft-girl energy. They look exceptionally natural and look well-put at all times.

Royal Maroon Twists

Lob maroon twists are a royal and fancy look you could probably pull off. They’re bold, chic, and sophisticated.

Short Knot Swirls

Knot swirls are a casual day-to-day crochet braids style that helps you look fun, refreshing, yet mature at the same time. They work well in any setting.

Loose Natural Hair

Loose natural hair is obviously a classic. It is also pretty versatile. It goes well for any aesthetic you aim for. Although they’re crochet, they will manage to look subtle and natural.

Mixed Colors

Again, mixing up colors will never go worn with crochet braids. If you have the resources, you should not back away from a look waiting to be rocked. These red and black crochet curls are fun and good daily wear.

Long Box Braids with Bands

Long black box braids are a fan favorite as they should be. They suit any face shape and also complement the features. The beads, as always, add some pizzazz to the look. These braids go marvelously, not only with fancy wear but also with streetwear.

Multi-Colored Dreads with Open Ends

Dreads are one of those styles that always let you make a statement with your looks and looks only. While the dreads are simple, the open-ended curls help highlight them. A simple natural make-up look along with these dreads will make you look elegant.

Mom Bob

This soft bob is classic and mom-favorite. They work well for anyone and make them look mature and fun at the same time. A simple floral dress will subtly complement your hair look while also making you look jolly and mature.

Dense Loose Long Hair

Loose long hair is a basic look, and it is pretty easy and fun to wear. It goes marvelously with any style and background. You can put on a simple dress along with a bold red lip for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Toffee Highlights

Light brown and toffee highlights are a definite “yes” for any hair look. They’re both exquisite and casual. Pairing these two colors is the best decision you can make for your hair, and you’re sure to see the results when you go out in the sun looking like a goddess.

Early 2000s Mini Twists

The 2000s were definitely a style setting era we still love. These 2000s inspired mini twisted crochet braids to look like something out of a Hollywood movie, and you’re the main character. You can’t go wrong with some chunky jewelry with this hair look.

Sleek Thin Crochet Twists

Sleek, thin crochet twists require a bit more handling and maintenance, but they’re worth it. They make you look strong and bold. Laying out your natural edges will create a contrasting look that looks super fun.

Ombre Curls

Ombre hair looks are our all-time favorite. This coloring technique helps bring out any sort of hair type and hair look. Ombre will make your hair look modern and elegant, which will make it easy for you to wear. daily

Loose Bush Curls

These loose bush curls bun is definitely something we love to see. They are so cute and bubbly. You cannot go wrong with some minimalist accessories and simple dresses to style this hair look with.

Laid Down Curls

Too much hair volume can also be a problem. So a little lay-down won’t hurt you for it. These simple, laid down curls look simple and are easy to maintain. You don’t even need to worry about styling them any further because they look beautiful anyway.

Ombre Teal-Grey Long Curls

Teal and grey are not quite basic hair colors, but they’re getting much more he right now. So this is definitely the time for you to jump into trends for your beautiful crochet braids.

Black-Lavender Twists

As we’ve said, mixing up colors is always the right idea. Black and lavender are two opposite shades, but they always do magic on your hair. The lavender is not something that you will see everyone wearing, which is good for many.

Heavy Royal Waves

A bit of drama added to the basic never hurt anyone. Especially not while styling themselves. These heavy royal waves should be sure to grab everyone’s attention. If you’re always looking for a reason to go to fancy parties, this style will do.

Dutch Corn Rows

Cornrows are the basic crochet braids style, but they’re everything you’d wish for. They’re fun and elegant. They are surely one of the best styles for you to wear if the heat constantly stresses you.

Green Curls

Green is an extravagant color, but it’ll do so well. These green curls surely separate you from the basic crowd making you look all bold and sophisticated. But if you’re worried about the color, making you look childish, don’t worry; they also manage to blend in with your natural colors.

Crochet Twisted High Pony

Twisted high ponies are basic, but they are absolutely gorgeous. They’re simple and look super extra when topped off with some beads and accessories. On top of that, high ponytails are actually quite comfortable to wear.

Pastel Purple High Knots

Pastels are getting all the hype among the young-adults and teens right now. They are sure to make you rock alongside these super cool high knots. The pastel purple will make your hair stand out and turn many heads.

Mohawk Style Cornrowed Twists


If you’re all about the extra and pizzazz in a look, then this mohawk style cornrowed twists is something you should definitely go for. This is not one of those styles you’ll be seeing everyone wearing. But, they sure will wish that they can.

Thin Master Curls

These thin curls are all about the details. They help add definition and depth to your entire look and style. They are well-defined and obviously manage to look so as well. They’re both fun and casual.

Basic Long Box Braids

These basic long box braids aren’t the things you should look away from. As simple as they are, they are equally versatile and look put-together. For a simple classic hairstyle like this, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of jeans and tops.

Short Bob Box Braids

These short box braids are cute and easier to maintain and handle than the long ones. They look good on any face type and style. The length helps to give more attention to your jaw structure and facial feature, making them appear toned.

Emo Braids

Green and black are the best colors to serve a punk look, and they have been for some time now. These braids look super cool and make you look badass. If you love the emo Tiktok teens’ aesthetics, just like us, then you’ll surely like this look as well.

Blonde Crochet Braids

After this long article, we shouldn’t miss out on the best and basic hair color of all time to don crochet braids in.  Blonde is one of the most worn hair colors. These blonde braids look unique and suit any skin tone.

Pixie Short Curls

Pixie cuts are one of the most basic looks worn and like by many. These short curls on pixie hair are everything you wish for in a style and more. The mixed light and dark hair shades will help you and your hair stand out.

If you’re still suspicious as to whether you should get crochet braids put in or not, the simple answer is a definite “yes.” They are one of the best protective hairstyles trusted by people for quite a significant time. They do require some time and effort to be put in, but in the end, everything works out, and it all seems worth it. These braids help you try and work out different styles, colors, and patterns while not degrading the quality of your natural hair and curls at all. In some cases, the braids tend to last much longer than regular braids (if we’re talking about efficiency and effectiveness). Any style or color you get, they manage to stay put and look clean at all times. They will let you do your usual cleaning rituals with some basic shampoo-ing and conditioning as well.

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