101 Fashionable Crimped Hair Ideas For 2019

Hair crimping is the way of making your straight hair appear wavy or curly like a saw-tooth. Crimped hair has zigzag fashion and it has been in the fashion lately. If you need the ideas and styles for your crimped hair then in this article, we have 80 new ideas for you so that you can look fashionable at any time. In this article, you will see the crimped hairstyle of 80’s been redefined. There are a bunch of crimped hairstyles with bangs, crimped weave hairstyles, crimped hairstyle for African American and much more. We have all the things that you need to look amazing in this hairstyle.

You can have this kind of hair by treating your hair with the help of crimping irons which means you need to treat your hair with heat. With the help of curler or straightener, you can achieve it. But if you do not wish to apply heat on your hair and risk it from damaging then there is a natural way to achieve this kind of hair as well. You need to braid your hair in multiple strands, especially at night and go to sleep. Next day, undo the braids and you will have the hair that you desired. You can also leave the braids for a couple of hours and then you can undo the braids. The result will be satisfying. It gives volume to your hair making your hair look bold and beautiful. Now, brace yourself as you will see the most amazing crimped hair ideas.

Blonde Crimped Hairstyle

Try out this sexy, easy and comfortable crimped hairstyle if you have a blonde hair. Make a high pouf as she has made and let your awesomely styled hair open. You can try this style for parties where you will look edgy and sophisticated.

Subtle Crimps In Long Blonde Hair

The long and straight hair has subtle crimps as shown above. Subtle crimps also look good. You do not need to have a hair with heavy crimps, subtle crimps can also look fantastic if you know how to carry it out well.

Crimped Hairstyle For Black Hair

If you have a long and straight black hair and you wish to have crimped hair, this is the example of how you can style your hair. As I have mentioned above, you can either use the irons to get this kind of hair or achieve it by braiding your hair. Using heat would make the waves in your hair last for a long time, it can be done in a permanent way whereas braids give you temporary effects.

Asymmetrical Crimps

This hairstyle has crimps at some parts of the hair. The hair is blonde. She has arched bangs and some sections of bangs on the left side have crimps. The crimps on the hair are asymmetrical and that is what makes this hairstyle unique and beautiful.

Blonde Subtle

Her hair looks great in blonde. If you want to try crimped hairstyle on your blonde hair, I would suggest you should go for it.

Ashy Strips And Braids

This hairstyle has many features and three different tones: pink, ash, and silver colors. This hairstyle has crimps in hair which has ashy strips as shown above.  The upper half section of the hair is braided which adds a unique feature to the hairstyle. You can try out this hairstyle for any kinds of events; be it for the casual wears or for the wedding looks.

Two-Tailed Style

This hairstyle has two tails which are blonde. The hair at the tails has more curls as compared to the hair at the crown. If you want to get this hairstyle, follow the following steps:

  • Do the side partition of your hair as shown in the picture above.
  • Then, part your hair into two sections.
  • Make a low two ponytails.

Model Style

This is a model style with an eye makeup that matches the crimped hairstyle. She has straight hair up to the jawline and from then the hair is crimped. The right side of the has yellow highlights and the left side of the hair has a pink color.

 Beautiful Britney Spear’s Style

Britney Spears is looking fantastic in this cool hair with crimps. With the asymmetrical crimps and the black strips on the blonde hair, she is giving us major hair goals.

Ponytail Styles

You can pull up your hair and make a loose ponytail as she has made. Adding colorful threaded highlights to your ponytail will make your hairstyle more attractive.

Orangish-Red Crimped High Ponytail For Warm Skin Tone

This style is for the ones who have a warm skin tone. Create a puff and make a high ponytail. The hair has huge volume and has long bangs. The orangish-red color looks perfect on you if you have a warm skin tone.

Bridal Style

This is a bridal hairstyle. The hair has large curls. Do the middle partition of your large curly hair and flaunt your curly hair.

Blunt Bangs With Crimped Sections

This hairstyle has a mixture of straight hair and crimps. The bangs are blunt. The section of hair other than bangs are then crimped up to a certain length and again left straight. This hairstyle would give you a new and fresh look.

Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is looking stunning in her crimped hair. If you want to get this amazing hairstyle, then follow the given steps:

  • First of all, make a waterfall braid.
  • Then, crimp the part of hair which gives waterfall effect to the braid using irons.
  • You are ready to rock and roll.

Make Curls Using Flat Irons

Here, a procedure to get curls using flat irons is shown. Separate your hair into two parts. Make a roll of your hair as shown above and then iron it. You will get beautiful curls as a result.

Add Hair Accessories

Give slight crimps to your hair. She has a beautiful black hair which has slight crimps. The hair is gathered to make a high bun as shown above. There are many hair accessories used in this hairstyle. This hairstyle is for the Mongolian face: Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

Simple Styles

This is a simple and sweet style where you do the middle partition of your crimped hair.

Brown Highlights In Black Curly Hair

The hair is crimped so as to make your hair curly. The hair at the roots has massive curls. The ends of the hair are highlighted with brown color. The hair is side-parted which is giving hood to the beautiful curls of the hair.

Bold & Beautiful

The way her hair has a blend of blonde and dark color is beautiful. The crimps in her hair are the result of the crimping machine. She has picked a very unique and sophisticated hairstyle that adds beauty to her overall look. Put an amazing makeup like her and a matching beautiful dress. Beautiful!

Crimps In Red Hair

Crimp all your red hair from the certain length above the roots to the ends. This makes your hair look voluminous. Her makeup is perfect. She is looking awesome.

Braided Crown

She has braided a flowery crown on her hair. The crimps on the braid provide a nice effect to the hair. She has a long and beautiful blonde crimped hair. Her makeup is also amazing. The main attractive feature about this hairstyle has to be those braided crown on her head.

Retro Style

This is for the retro style for portrait photography. Do the middle partition of your hair and give a sensuous pose like her. You will have an amazing photo, make a large sized photo and frame it in your living room.

Mermaid Hairstyle

She is looking hot and happening in that mermaid dress and the hairstyle. You can also replicate this style. Crimp your blonde hair. Do the middle partition of your hair and put on a beautiful hair accessory as she has to replicate the mermaid looks. Put on a mermaid dress, do beautiful makeup, get into the water and be photo ready.

Styles For Frizzy Hair

If you have frizzy hair then, worry not. We have got a perfect style for you. Crimp your frizzy hair. It will give a good volume to it. Braid your hair at the front and then make a high ponytail. With that high ponytail and the voluminous frizzy crimped hair, you are sure to steal the show. Put on a good makeup and a beautiful dress.

Tyra Banks Crimped Hairstyle

This is how a  celebrity wears a crimped hairstyle. Tyra Banks has shown how can the crimped hairstyle be worn perfectly. The dress that she is wearing and the hairstyle compliment each other making her look beautiful.

Short Hair Style

You can make your short hair more fashionable with this hairstyle. Do the french braids on the top section of your hair and crimp the ends of your hair. This will give a fashionable touch to your short hair making you look stylish and gorgeous.

Touch Of Lavender

She has long and beautiful hair. There are many things done to the hair. The gray hair has lavender highlights. Some sections of the hair are crimped. She has taken the top section of the hair and braided a fishtail as shown above. She looks stunning, isn’t it?

Crimped Hairstyle For Casual Wears

She has two tones of hair- white and blonde. Crimp your long and beautiful hair as she has. The braids at the top section of her hair beautify her hairstyle. Put on a nice sunglass and beat the heat with this amazing style of yours.

Smokey Hot Style

She is looking absolutely beautiful in her long crimped hair with those smokey eyes and subtle makeup. Wear some beads in your neck to add elegance to her style.

Stage Look For Singers

If you are planning to go out for a karaoke night and bring out the rockstar in you then, it would be the perfect hairstyle for you. Crimp the middle section of your hair. Keep a side-swept bang. Now, you are ready to rock the stage.

Crimped Hair For African American

This is the crimped hairstyle for African American. She has beautiful black long crimped hair. The hair is voluminous. With that nude makeup and the hairstyle, she looks phenomenal.

Another Model Look

This is another hairstyle worn by models. But why only for models? You would also look great in this hairstyle if you know how to carry it well. Crimp the roots of your hair and frizz up the hair to give a large volume to your hair. Put on a light makeup for this hairstyle.

Elegant Style

This season, go for a complete makeover. Start your life afresh, color your hair wine red. Give slight crimps to your hair. Pick up an elegant hairdo as she has. The elegant updo of her hair is what that catches our eyes at first slight.

Knots In Braids

She has two tones of hair- brown and blonde. The hair is crimped especially the sections of hair at the knotted braid. You can style your hair like this for any casual parties or for an everyday look.

Crimped Pixie Look

The pixie look is perfect for summer. If you want to spice up your pixie look, then you can crimp your pixie. Crimping your pixie adds style to your look.

Classic Crimped Hairstyle

This is a classic crimped hairstyle. Crimp your black hair from roots to the ends. Part your hair middle ways and put on a classical makeup to match your classic hairstyle.

Red Style

You can style your crimped hair into a ponytail with braids. She has a long and beautiful red hair. Zigzag part your hair into three sections. Make three french braids out of those three sections. You need to stop halfway and pull all the hair to make a beautiful ponytail as shown above. This hairstyle would be an ideal hairstyle for sports events.

Tucked French Fishtail Braid

This is another elegant way of styling your crimped hair. Make a french fishtail braid and then tuck the end of your braid to make an elegant hairdo. Keep the braid loose. Three views of this style are given above to make it easy for you to replicate this hairstyle.

Colorful Crimps

This crimped hairstyle has colorful sections. The different shades of hair color, i.e., blue, red, purple, pink is applied to the short crimped hair. As a result, the hair appears to have colorful crimps. If you have short hair, then give this look a try. It will be worth it.

French Braids With Bubble Braids

This is one of the creative hairstyles which the girls with long hair can carry out. She has done two braids: French braids at the end at the bubble braids at the top. Make a bubble braid as shown above. Create a pouf to signify bubble. Accompany the bubble braid with french braid at the end. Apart from looking creative, this hairstyle makes you look sophisticated.

Modern Touch

You can give a modern touch to the traditional crimped hairstyle. This is usually for the photoshoot of models. You can modernize the classic crimped style and create a new and sexy style as she has.

Inverted Side Braids

The crimped effect on the braids adds beauty to your hairstyle. Make a side braid as she has. This hairstyle would be ideal for the wedding events.

Hot & Sexy Styles

If you want to add crimps to your long and curly hair then, this is how you would look. And she is looking beautiful, isn’t it? You can also crimp your long and curly hair and look magical in the stylish hairstyle like hers. If you want to do a sexy photoshoot of yourself, root for this look.

Two-sided Fishtail Braids

Do the middle partition of your hair and separate your hair into two parts. Then, make two-sided loose fishtail braids as shown. The fishtail braids look magical and she is looking gorgeous in this hairstyle. The crimped effect gives a substantial effect to the braids. This hairstyle is easy and simple to carry out. So, ladies, go for this hairstyle to look magically beautiful.

Bubble Ponytail

You should experiment with your crimped hair as much as you can. This is a ponytail which provides a bubble effect. The bubble ponytail is looking perfect on this little girl. The back view and side view of this hairstyle are provided so that you can have the exact same hairstyle. This hairstyle looks good, especially on little girls.

Red & Black Styles

The blend of red and black color is looking amazing on her. This is an ombre hair with black hair at the roots and red color at rest section of hair. There are pink strips made in the crimped hair. You should definitely try this look.

Beautiful Princess Style

She has a beautiful crimped hairstyle. She has made crimps in her beautiful curly hair and has picked a very simple yet elegant hairstyle. This hairstyle gives a princess like feel to you.

Two Crown Braids

The color of the hair is vibrant and the hairdo is adorable. You must make two crown braids as she has if you want to look this adorable and elegant.

Messy Dutch Braid In Crimped Hair

To style her blonde crimped hair, she has made a messy and bulky dutch braid. This hairstyle would be appropriate for summer season where you have to beat the heat and you can’t resist the hair in your face in a sweaty environment.

Side Braid & A Braided Low Bun

She has cobalt and sapphire blue highlights in her hair. Braid a side french braid and make a low bun with the braids as shown above. This hairstyle is amazing to look at. You would look great at wedding events with this hairstyle.

Black Strips In Arctic Blue Crimped Hair

She has an arctic blue crimped hair. Some section of the hair has black strips to give the hairstyle a unique touch. This hairstyle is exotic.

Rainbow Fishtail Crown For You

If you want to try something extraordinary with your crimped hair, then here is the hairstyle you should not miss. She has beautiful rainbow colored hair with all the colors such as purple, blue, red, pink, green, yellow and gray. Braid fishtail crown in your head with your colorful hair. This hairstyle would make you look vibrant. If you want to stand out in a crowd and willing to try new hairstyles and hair color, this hairstyle is solely made for you.

Low Ponytail

Her hair has asymmetrical crimps. She has done a simple hairdo. If you want a simple hairstyle then, secure all your hair into a low ponytail.

Multitoned Braided & Twisted Updo

Braid all your hair in sections and sleep. Overnight, you will get beautiful crimps in your hair when you unbraid your braids. Now, as you have got crimps, you can do the braided and twisted updo to create an amazing hairstyle as shown above. She has multitoned hair with blonde, purple, red, blue, sea blue, frost colors.

Extremely Long Black Crimped Curls

She has very long black hair which has curls and crimps.

Crimp At Runway

She has crimps at the runway of her sexy, sleek and straight ponytail. This style is simple yet fashionable. So, if you opt for those styles then, don’t miss this one.

Cute Hairstyle

This is a sweet and cute hairstyle. She has blunt bangs but rest of her hair is crimped. A small part of her hair has a pink highlight and it is looking fantastic on her. If you are looking for something cute and sweet, try out this style.

Subtle Crimps

The subtle crimps are giving her hair a large volume. With the blonde hair with subtle crimps and the subtle makeup, she is looking terrific.

Use Butterfly Hair Clips

The color combination of different shades of pink and blue color in her hair is giving a visual treat to our eyes. You can use butterfly hair clips as she has to beautify your hairstyle.

Two Side Ponytail

She has made beautiful crimps in her straight hair. You can flaunt the crimps by doing an amazing hairdo as she has.

Banana Yellow Hair

Her hair color is looking amazing. Add a small braid at the front section of your hair. Do a smokey eye makeup to add beautiful texture to your overall look.

Wavy Crimps In Short Bob

This is a red carpet look. You can add crimps in your short bob hair. Put on an amazing makeup and neck jewelry to enhance the beauty of your style.

Straight, Sleek Roots With Crimped Ends

This style looks classy and standard. The hair from roots to a certain length is straight and sleek. From there onwards, the hair has slight crimps. Secure your hair to make a low ponytail. The hair at the ponytail has massive crimps. The overall style looks amazing.

Crimped Bangs

This style has crimps made in a horizontal fashion. There are two rows of crimps in hair with a certain gap between each other. The blonde hair with the crimp looks fabulous.

Crimped Ponytail

This hairstyle has straight hair with a crimped ponytail. If you want this hairstyle, the easiest way would be to make a ponytail out of your straight hair and attach a crimped ponytail wig to your hair.

Curly & Crimped Hairstyle

The hair in this hairstyle has crimped and curly hair. Leave some section of your curly hair as it is and crimp the remaining section of your hair.

Simple Contemporary Style

The hair has crimps towards the end of the hair. The hair is straight at the top. Do the middle partition of your hair and flaunt your partially crimped hairstyle.

Red Carpet Styles

If you are attending any event and you have to go to stage probably for receiving awards or giving a speech, then you need to look your best. The crimped hairstyle can also make you look your best. Do the hairstyle like hers and wear a beautiful tight dress and heels. You will look the best of yourself.

Stripped & Highlighted Crimps

Here, she has some parts of her hair crimped and the crimped sections of hair have highlights in stripped fashion. The stripped crimped hair is looking like a hair band.

Crimps In Salmon Pink Hair

This hair has a beautiful salmon pink color.  Make a very high pouf at the front like hers. Put on a graceful makeup. Amazing! You will look soothing and glorious.

One-Sided Noodle Like Hair

This hairstyle is of diverse nature with a straight and sleek hair at one side and he noddle shaped hair at the other side. The hair has a beautiful blonde color. The combination of curls and straight hair at the two different sides is looking fantastic.

Adorable Crimped Hairstyle

This crimped hairstyle looks adorable and if you wanna look adorable with this hairstyle, you better pick a beautiful gown with this hairstyle.

Loose & Messy Bun With Crimped Sections

Certain sections of hair are crimped and the hair is secured at one place to make a loose and messy bun.

Princess Style

If you want to look like a princess in a wedding event or even if you are the bride, this hairstyle would surely make you look marvelous.

Colorful Crimps

She has a short hair which has colorful crimps. The hair has pink, gray and green highlights. If you want to give a colorful twist to your short hair then crimp it and add colors.

Therefore, these are the 80 crimped hairstyles that are in trend right now. Do not hesitate to try new hairstyles.

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