65 Fabulous Crew Cut Hairstyle That You Want In 2021

A crew cut is a typical side blunt hairstyle with a fade in the bottom of one’s head. A crew cut shows style as well as confidence in an efficient way. We can style these hairdos in different variations to get us closer to perfection. Similarly, we can also use numerous different add-ons to stand out in the crowd.

Here we got you 65 of our best crew hairdo you would love to try going to 2019.

Classic Crew Cut 2017

crew cut

Here we have a classic crew with a short, thick beard. We have a slight lateral comb-over in our side which gets along well with the model’s thick moustache too.

Short Crew cut with a clean shave

A short variation of Crew is mostly famous in military sectors. However, one can also try these slight variations to get a calm and composed look. Here a clean shave of our model has compliments well with a short crew hair.

Top Pointed Crew with Skin fade

We have a short top point crew here. It is not necessary for someone to own a short hair, but as we can see here, our hair certainly looks better this way. Similarly, one can also experiment with several variations of beard cuts to get along with a pointed crew.

Golden Coloured Crew

One can have a golden hair colour for a composed and beautiful finishing to his hair. Hair colour is lovely to look at and is certainly eye appealing to the people surrounding us.

Mid Backward Wavy With Bald Fade

A Mid wavy hairdo is for those people owning wavy hair. When it comes to having a wavy hair people either like them long or short. A crew is for those people who adore their hair short and want a stylish, clean finish. A wavy squad looks astonishing with a sparse beard.

Mid Crew With A Thick Beard

A combination of short hair going well with a thicker version of one’s beard is no surprise at all. When we talk about trending styles, this combination always makes to the top of our list. With both former and informal items of clothing, this crew with beard works well too.

Mid Shiny Top

Shiny hair means healthy hair. It says that our hair is getting all those required nutrients. One can also get shiny hair by using hair oil or hair creams. Similarly, a bright top goes well with sparse or finely trimmed beard.

Pointed Top Crew

Here we have our ‘Hangover’ star Bradley Cooper with a top pointed crew. Although he wore a longer version of hair in most of his films, Bradley used a pointed crew while playing a sophisticated role of a lawyer in his movies. His short top goes very well with Cooper’s short trimmed beard.

Mid-Top crew with Silver Highlight

A silver hair colour might be somewhat extreme to some people, but it goes well with fair skin tone. One can use different types of colouring in his hair to get that desired look. Here we have top highlights with clean shaved and sparsely trimmed beard. Similarly, one can also use ear piercings to get along with a medium-high silver highlighted crew hairdo.

Crew cut with a Pompadour Mohawk

The combination of two of our best hairstyles, A Mohawk and a pompadour gives us that perfect look to go in 2019. These hairdos are perfect for people having a round face. Trending and gorgeous is all one will say after wearing this hairdo.

Bottleneck Top with Skin Fade

A bottleneck is linear and constant lined in our forehead region. The length of one’s hair is also uniform all over our head. Similarly, we have a fade in our bottom section so that we have a distinctive look. Mild beard goes well with a bottleneck hairdo.

Channing Tatum with Short

The ‘Step up’ movie star has a numerous movie hits and its no secret that his style and good looks are behind all those successes along with his versatile acting abilities. Channing used a short crew in his latest movie ‘Logan Lucky’ too. And a sparse french beard acts like cherry to the top in his overall looks.  You will certainly love to go to 2019 looking like Channing Matthew Tatum, don’t you?

Short Swirl top with a clean shave

Many people have a natural swirl hair, and they can find them extremely uneasy to style. Well, that’s not a problem if you get a crew cut hair. Most people like to keep their hair short if they have swirls and it’s better that way too. A clean-shaven face looks better with quick swirls top.

Short Taper Fade with a crew

Taper fade hairdo has a specific advantage to other types of fades as it gives you a lot of thickness to work for linings. Similarly, one can also use crew cut in his top so that overall volume of hair remains managed. Here, we have a short, thick beard to get along with our haircut.

Swirl Pointed Top with Bushy Fade

In these type of hairdos, one can have a normal of bushy fade to his side so that a long face seems to be a little wider. We can combine a fuzzy fade with a thick beard or in a clean-shaven face too.

Golden Brown colouring

The golden brown colour is amongst the most commonly chosen hair colour. It might be because of these colours unique characteristics of being not too dark and not too light. You can easily merge a golden brown haircut with squad cut and look awesome.

Brad Pitt- Taper Fade with Silver Pointed Top

Along with his acting abilities Brad is also known and followed for his style and personality. Pitt’s hairstyle is amongst one of those factors for which people adore him. Although for many years he kept his hair long, he chose a short point crew once he decided to wear them quick. His latest hairstyle is a top pointed taper fade with a silver highlight in his top.

Pompadour with Taper Fade

A pompadour haircut or known merely as pomp is a distinctive way of styling one’s hair. In this style, one has a short comb-over to his top followed with short rear hair. Taper fade combines well with pompadour too as we can see above. Similarly, a French cut or a goatee is also a right beard style to go with taper fade pompadour.

Rough Top with a Fade

A rough top can look a little messy, but it seems stylish too. One can highlight the tip part of short hair to have a point to concentrate their power of face. It’s better to keep sharp to balance the volume of hair in one’s head. A clean short beard compliments well with our crew haircut.

Horizontal comb-over with a low bald fade

Lateral comb over is also known as side comb over is for an extended version of squad haircut. We can have a dozen of hair highlight and beard styles combination to compliment this hairdo. Similarly, one can also have different piercings to go with a lateral comb-over.

The Science behind fade and pointed pomp Crew

How to ask for a crew cut? Above we have a perfect science for completing a crew haircut. We have step by step algorithm here. A simple low bald fade means we have our freedom to use neck tattoos as well as ear piercings here.

While using a razor or machine our hair is in a gradual rise or as shown here is in four step mode before finding a long top hair. Similarly to our top, we can have a ton of different variables to work for a better result. We can have pointed pomp or a concise one. We can also have a slight comb over as all of these top hairdos looks excellent.

Wavy Front styled mid-crew

Front wavy is a simple front comb-over. We can have two variations here. Either we can have a lay down wavy or a pointed foremost part one. Either way, you will get a great finishing look. We can use hair highlights to compliment front wavy. Here, we have a silver top and a golden brown hair. With both these hairdos, we have a sparse cut beard alongside them.

Side Dove with a Bald Fade

A dove is also known as a semi-mohawk or a half wing haircut too. Here we have a low mohawk running to only half part of one’s head. Both long and short top piece looks fantastic with this haircut. Similarly, an eyebrow slit and a clean-shaven face go well with a dove.

Side Box Cut with a taper Fade.

A box cut taper fade looks like a rectangle or somewhat square like looking fade. We can have a star or linings carved in our box fade part. We can have both a long and short version of hair here. This latter is the one our model is wearing right here. We can also have a short trimmed beard and moustache to compliment this hairdo.

Long Top Taper Fade with Piercings

Piercings look both beautiful and bold. We can use different types of facial and ear piercings alongside an excellent looking hair colour. We can also have eyebrow slits and a piercing to that same part too for better results here. Similarly, one can also use different variations of moustache to compliment with this haircut.

Top Mushroom With Bald Fade

A mushroom cut is a Round and regular top haircut. These hair variations give you a disciplined and composed look. Military faculties are using this hairstyle as its clean and straightforward too. A mushroom haircut goes well with every kind of skin tones as well as different items of clothing also.

Ivy league crew Hairdo

Ivy league haircut is known best as a look to give you a smart and disciplined transformation. Our hair looks almost constant in length in this art of styling. A clean and short beard is a perfect match for this hairstyle. Ivy league hairstyle goes well with regular items of clothing. Many offices around the world adore these haircuts as a systematic and standard final look appears here.

Top Pointed Taper Fade

A Top pointed taper fade is that hairdo which artists and actors pull off to give their character a sophisticated look. It is simple but enough to give any person a bold look. A sparse and managed beard works as a finishing touch to our fade here.

Lateral pomp bald fade

Lateral pomp is similar to side comb over. But here we have a short length of our hair to the side part. Its quick and gives us a composed look that is also eye appealing to see. Chin beard also looks excellent, and we can even pull a goatee sometimes.

High Skin Fade with a top swirl

Swirls can be very difficult to deal with sometimes similarly if you love to keep short hair then its similar to being a curse. A quick remedy here is to wear a crew hairdo. By using these variations to style one’s hair, you can turn swords into beauty. We can also experiment our bottom part of our hair with fades and mohawks for a complete look.

Long Comb-over Crew

People might have a misconception that a crew is only a summer haircut and it is impossible to wear for long hair. Well, it is not true as with proper hair to skin volume ratio maintained we could make these beauties go along all year long. With a long beard, our results might look better, but it has an excellent impact for short or even clean-shaven beard too. A disadvantage, however, is that we cant use linings in long hair, but it won’t matter as you will look better than ever.

Mid Fade with short Top Hair

A Mid fade is a perfect hair in our bottom part of your head to go with as we have the freedom to add variations of all kind here. You can use linings and piercings too to enhance your style whereas we have plenty of space to implement them. Once you have a mid fade your next is to wear your hair short. In this way, you can avoid confusion during styling and get a smart look too.

Top Swrill Lining with Zero fade

One way to deal with top swirls is to take its base and cut it to the skin. Then you can draw a lining to some extent. Sometimes you can pull these linings to your rear head. Temple section linings look even more beautiful as one can use highlights there too. Here our model has a medium cut French beard to compliment his hair.

Pompadour and bald fade

Pompadour falls under that category of hairstyle which is easy to achieve. This easiness is a primary reason that most of the people choose this style over others. It also has two variations when it comes to combing rear hairs. We can either brush them forward or backwards. Both these variations are in the pictures shown above. One can either have a sparse or medium trimmed beard to compliment a pompadour bald fade.

Top Lateral Comb-Over with skin fade

A top lateral comb-over is slightly different from other kinds of comb-over hairstyles because it’s somewhat shorter in length. One can achieve a  top comb-over which is lateral by using hair oils and creams. A skin fade looks better with high oblique forms of hairdos. Similarly, one can also have different piercings and neck tattoos to compliment this hair form. We can also consider a goatee or simple moustache to get along with a top skin fade lateral comb over hairstyle.

Bradley Cooper With Golden Brown Crew

Here we have our ‘Hangover’ star Bradley Cooper with a top pointed crew. Although he wore a longer version of hair in most of his films, Bradley used a sharp ivy league crew cut while playing a sophisticated role of a lawyer in his movies. His short top goes very well with Cooper’s short trimmed beard.

Crew Undercut

An undercut is distinctive from other forms of haircuts as we have only a single side of head cut completely while the next hand is an Undercut. We can have a lining in our separating portion in ones head for better partition. As long as one doesn’t use a zero fade, we can highlight our coatings too. This hairdo goes well with every kind of skin tones too. An undercut looks clean and simple but also stylish at the same time.

Let in comb-over with golden brown hair colour.

Let in hairdo is an art of managing hair in which our centre part of a head is covered by hair around it. Having said that it is not compulsory to be the centre as a net-like structure is our final result. From a straight look, it might look similar to pomp but its a bit complex than a pompadour. Here our model has a golden brown hair with a cleanly trimmed beard to compliment let in comb-over haircut.

Top Faux Military Crew Cut

We can differentiate a faux from other different kinds of pointy hair because of its unique look. A faux generally has a mounted look which is uniform from its both side. People used to use faux exclusively with a mohawk, but nowadays one can have a faux with a crew cut too. For extra style, one can also use highlights in its pointed parts.

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Flat top with fade and crew

We can easily distinguish flat top hairstyles from others. As said in the hairstyles name it’s flat to our top so that it will have a uniform length. A flat top looks clean and managed. We have a combination of a crew cut and flat top here. They compliment each other pretty well.

Comb-over with mid fade

This combination of mid fade and a comb over works surprisingly well. We have a slightly raised top which denotes that our hair volume is thick here. We can also add different piercings and beard styles to compliment this hairdo.

Robert Downey Jr with a short crew cut

Robert John Downey Jr also known as Tony Stark is an American actor famous for his acting abilities in different Marvel movies. He is a versatile actor, and it’s vital for him to have a haircut that eases his characters. One of such hairstyle Robert has stuck too is a crew cut lengths itself. He can have a simple to sophisticated look from this hairstyle such as the compatibility of a crew cut.

Linings and piercings

Linings and piercings add life to any hairstyles. Piercings can be extreme for some people while for others it’s a way to express themselves. Similarly, linings are trendy and give a complex haircut a finishing look. Here our model has a nose piercing and a sidelining in his mid fade too.

Top Sway Crew cut with a thick beard.

Sway hairdo is different from other crew haircuts as we can leave our long front part freely here. Similarly, one can also highlight the long parts for further enhancement of style. Here our model has a long thick beard to complement his sway bald fade crew cut.

So in this era of trends in styling sector, one can get left behind if he is not updated enough. Your first impression towards somebody or someone is mostly through good hair. Amongst different type of hair styling variations, it might be a little difficult decision for one to choose that perfect one which fits him the best.

You have two options to select from here, either you can choose a wrong hairdo, or you can Choose a crew cut as from this article you can quickly get that crew cut can never get wrong even with different types of variations or modifications. A crew cut goes well with both formal and informal dressings. Similarly, one can look confident and straightforward as your hairstyle will never let you down when it matters the most. So play safe and enjoy being stylish and smart at the same time by choosing crew haircut as your 2019 haircut.

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