115 Ideal Cover Up Tattoos Better Than Before

Cover up tattoos are a cool way to change your Tats and printings in a place with another. Now and then people want to get rid of their old Tats, and they believe that they can get one better. For this reason, you have two options. You can either go into a long and costly process of Laser therapy or cover them up with another one. Here, we give you some of our unique and creative way of covering your tattoo efficiently and effectively.

Complete Modification

cover up tattoos

If you have a light colored or line only tattoos, then one of our suitable solutions is completely modifying them. Our tats above we can have a complete makeover with our printings and go from light to dark and colorful. By our above method, you can entirely get rid of your old Tattoo.

Adding Meaning and Complications

While most of us get our symbols for a lifetime, some people might get fed up with their old one. In this scenario, you can add meanings with colors, shading and additional components to your Tats. Here our model has a nightlife tatt in place of a simple word tattoo.

Buried Under Wings

Bird tattoos are also popular covering Tatts as they are in various forms and styles. However full body covering seems illogical and difficult with these forms of symbols.

Cute to Bold, A devil or Tiger

Here our tattoo of the devil is covered by wise use of a Tiger face tatt. By doing these comfortable and practical steps, you can include a small tatt.

Complete dark shade covering

Here, our model’s cellular tattoo is in a dark shade covering. It is among some of our primitive methods to Cover an ink. It may look simple, but it is straightforward and bold.

Complete Rear covering

Back tatts usually cover a lot of space. Many people love to have a complete work of art reaching one shoulder blade to another. in such cases it is ideal to cover your whole rear with some additional Tatts. Adding backgrounds and components to your tattoo is an excellent way of hiding it.

Cover up Tattoos in Forearm

Our forearm is the favorite place for people to romanticize and devote their tattoos. A person’s forearm is said to be one of the most meaningful and severe places to have a symbol, name or other forms of arts. Footballers and other athletes mostly use their tatts in their forearm for great exposure.

Your tattoo can be short and small or even of a decent size and in both cases your arm will have a pleasing look. Arm tattoos are some of the most covered up symbols as people change their fashion, appearance, and feelings towards their old tattoos after a particular time. You can innovate and experiment with your tattoos for outstanding results as we show above.

Cover up tattoos in arm

Most people have a favorite spot to have their tattoo, and that is their arms. Even if you are not built and have tiny arms, you can have a bold look with an arm tatt. These variations of symbols and paintings mostly consist of bright color use for better visibility.

Arm Tatts are also easy to cover as we always have plenty of extra space to work here. You can use 3D tattoos which are burning our fashion world now. Similarly changing and upgrading to new ink is also popular with an arm Tatt. Your curve surface of hand gives you an upper side of Tatts coming up to life.

Masking a Tatt

In a masked tatt cover, you change your looks of symbols by completely overriding it. It might be anything that is big enough to cover your overall tattoo space. In our pictures here we have two types of covers. There is a real mask in our first cover while there is a wheelbase in our second one.

Wolf and a Dierwolf

Some people only like to change their tattoo style but not their meaning and definition. Here in our Tats, we are clear that he/she loves a wolf, so he upgraded his pure lining wolf into a full-fledged dire wolf.

Illuminati to flowers

Our owner here has a covered up Illuminati organization logo with a flower tattoo. Edges and corners of our tatt owners previous symbols are clean and completely overshadowed by his colorful flower tattoo.

Line Pattern Tatt Cover Technique

This form and technique are only possible for unicolor tattoos. It means that you will have to cover your whole tatt and symbols over previous symbols of Tatts same color. You can mark patterns as skulls in our example with linings.

Mens Cover up tattoos

Studies have verified that an act of putting ink in their skin is more prone early to a guy than it is to female. A personality of people changes when they grow from a young to adult, and so does their selection of tatt components. Many teenagers for showing their dedication to something or someone carves their name or symbols in their body parts.

After some time they want to change their tattoo, and they struggle in those process too. Boys and Mens love a bold and plain symbol, and most of them want to cover something stupid in their past. Animal and Predator species mostly show up in their cover-up tatts, and it suits them nicely too.

Cover up Tattoo Ideas

Ideas can come from anywhere, and your artist is only partially responsible for innovation and concepts of a better tattoo. You can inspire from symbols in other body parts or from nature and its components. If you have a solid, bright idea and you want to cover up your old inks, then you can go ahead.

Another way is from the internet. Here we have a collection that we selected after many types of research. Hence, you can choose one from here. 3D tattoo ideas are popular and even being a delicate art to master someone can have a next-level art-form in their skin with these. Therefore, prepare well before having a cover-up tattoo in your skin.

Adding Meaning in Cover

You can add meaning to your dull and simple Tatt. Most of your amateur tats come out of blue so you can’t add significant meaning to them. Well, you can change that story by adding vital components and modifications to it.

Upgrading to cool

If you are new to the ink art world, you can influence different factors and don’t get what you wanted. In a cover-up, you can have cooler versions of these tats.

Panther out of a Bush

Because I’m Batman

In both these tats, we have significant use of dark color, and it matches our finishing symbols and art very nicely. And who wouldn’t want a black Panther and our favorite Batman as a cover Tattoo?

Birds as Cover-up body Tattoos

Bird Tats are a favorite genre of selection of ink arts. Birds from small sizes to big ones can modify any tatt. Similarly, one can also play with different colorings and shading pattern providing more beauty to it. Here, we have three various forms of covering Bird Tats. Our first cover Tatt has a huge eagle head on it while our second one has a whole eagle. Similarly, our third tattoo has a phoenix in his cover-up arm tatt.

Cover up tattoos before and after

A tattoo can change into two distinct forms after you do your cover-up actions. Your first choice will be to change your symbols and ink fusion techniques completely. This process results in a new type of appearance with new components. Upgrading your tatts with multiple changes in shading and adding elements.

If you work with these ink shading, your tattoo will have a more lively and 3D look to it. With added components, your tattoo will look elegant and more meaningful. Either way, you can partially or completely erase and cover up your previous symbols and arts. Our result, however, may depend upon size, color, and parts of installation of these Tatts. So, plenty of research is essential for beneficial outcomes.

Polynesian Tattoos as cover art

Polynesian tattoos extend from a person’s chest to his shoulder blade and sometimes ending up to his forearm. Covering a tatt that spreads in this vast region is not a joke. A smart way, however, is to include one Polynesian tatt with another as we can see above.

A touch of Shading and 3D

3D tatts look great and are an accurate display of showing dedications to ink. These symbols and paintings in one’s skin might seem easy but is a long process. Shading techniques are one to master if he or she wants to learn the art of 3D tattooing.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Tatts never fail to impress. If you have a small (Comparatively) or even a  medium-size ink art to cover, then you can take different animal forms and embedded into your Tats. Here, we have tatts displaying only heads of an elephant and a dire wolf.

Plane to Complex decoration Cover

Some of you tattoo might take little effort and get along well with your skin complexion while others might need extra attention, time and dedication. We have a very complex and beautiful cover-tattoos here which works well with our owner’s skin too.

Complete ink back cover

Here we have a bold ink covering in our complete back Tatt. It is complicated, but our artist tried his best in this case.

Tattoos Raising You to another level.

If you have a multiple decade old tattoos, then you had a few choices then. Now you can choose different Tatt forms and upgrade yourself to the next level. Similarly, with various scientific inventions, you can make your Tatt more lifelike and realistic as we can see above.

Glove and Navigational Components covering the whole arm

A smart and thoughtful option to use if you have to cover your arm completely is by using glove and clock components in them. It may take a long time, but you won’t complain about your results here.

Color Covering of an Ink Tatt

Colors are beautiful, but sometimes they can overpower your Tatt. Therefore, you must check your skin compatibility with colors before using them in Cover up Tattoos.

Tiny Ink Covering

Tiny components while making a symbol are delicate, and it becomes more complicated when we try to cover it. Here a date tatt of our model gets covered with a ring tatt. Sometimes things might get complex, and your artist has to take the correct decision.

Color contrast increasing

Increasing the color contrast is an option you should choose if you have fair skin. It is more likely to cover your tattoo completely this way, and one can easily have his next one. Here our model has fair skin, and he has a faded tattoo which he turns into a heart-shaped cover. We can see that our models new tattoo looks expressive and elegant in its latest version.

Dark Pattern Tattooing

Dark pattern tattooing is simple and easy for your Tatt artist too. We can innovate creative ways for your tatt exposure and not making them look lame. We have some ideas about Dark pattern tatts here. In our first cover, we have a whole dark Tatt with designs from linings.

Our second symbol is, however, a version of a raised tatt version so covering it half visible is your only option. Similar is your fish scale tatt condition with a pragmatic illumination approach of covering artist towards it. Similarly, we have a spill up cover in our third picture and a band cover following it.

Dark Bird tats

A bird which is black identifies a change of chapter in our model’s life. Similarly, our bird has an elongated feather to cover any remaining previous paintings. Our foot-Tatt looks complete with a three sixty degrees look from all its angles.

Face Tats- Human and animals

Making face tatts is one of the most difficult technique to master for all tattoo artists. With heavy components like eyes and shadings, we can understand their reason behind our above statement. Similarly, face tatts either of a person, baby or animals holds a significant meaning to itself. It is also a way of sending someone a message that they still have a fighting spirit left in them. Here, we have a back palm tatt of a baby and a lion head replacing a similar Previous tattoo as an upgrade here.

Anchor to your Heart

Anchor tattoos look cool and can be used as an additional component in most f our tatts. Here, we have an anchor piercing a lifelike heart. We can also use multiple swords forming an anchor like structure as we have here. Similarly, we have covered our flower tatt here with a heart-piercing.

Use of Larger same components

Extending your area of tattoo base is also a standard way of getting rid of your old tatt and upgrading it with a better new one. Here, we have a cross which has veins of feathers surrounding it. As a finishing touch, we have a big feather tatt covering this whole symbol.

Similarly, we have changed a big round skull as an armor of the same size and pattern in our second picture. Very few things can go wrong if you have unchanged comp[onents in your new tatt.

Covering Name Tattoos

When it comes to covering or changing name tattoos we have to consider your tatt size. Most of these tatts mean that they are moving on from their past. One of our most common name tatt changers had them when they are drunk or as a challenge. So, here we have some ideas to cover up your name tattoo. We can also use colorings for excellent contrast and exposure to your Tatt as in your second one.

A Golden Touch

A tatt finishing plays an essential role in getting your whole painting in the intended direction. Here we have a golden Simba as a finishing touch to a complete a masterpiece.

A Muscular Cover

A muscular arm gives your artist an ample space to work. Similarly, it is easy to expose in summer clothes too. We can’t deny that An arm tatt is also some of the most popular types of tatt there is today. It is only reasonable to say that we have to cover most of these tatts too. Here, we have few ideas which might work to cover your muscular arm tatt including structures, birds and skull components.

Bringing All together

When you use different colors, components and additional paintings in Cover up tattoos you have to make sure that they all come along together. Here we have two separately made tattoos connected with a single cove up tatt. Similarly, we have three colors working out well.

A gentle touch of love

Changing your tatt components can change your whole art meaning too. For example, we have three Cover up tattoos here in which our new symbol has completely turned the meaning of the old one. From a panther with a red rose to a name covered by a flower and most beautiful of it is a grenade turning into a beautiful bird as we hide it.

Dark and Bold

You can darken your tatts and make some completely new cover up tattoos. Similarly, mixing up your colors will result in the same thing.

Mandala Cover

Adding up designs is a smart way to make your tattoo beautiful. These designs can be from a range of simple to completely complex. One of such complicated way is using Mandala designs as above.

Adding elegance

You can play with different colors to make your cover up tattoos more visible and elegant. Here we have tried flowers and a change of colors for that purpose, and our result is beautiful as expected.

Cover up Tattoos on Wrist

Wrist tattoos are more popular with our ladies than with males. It gets good exposure and is feasible with most of our selection of clothing. We have a significant problem with a wrist tatt, and that is more people get this one in their teenage. After growing up, some people may stick with it, and others change or erase them. One has to be extra careful with covering up their wrist tatt as it gives only a limited space to work and innovates. You can take some of our ideas if you want to cover up your wrist tattoo.

Shadow shading for better display

A shadow in the cover Up tattoos will signify that your tattoo took a respectable time of the artist to complete. Shadows are diminishing inks in Tatts and work well in case of different 3D tatts too. Here, we have a flower and Leo shadow in our two tatts.

Female cover up tattoos

Womens love to have a tattoo in a group. That means a group is going out and having similar tatts. Ladies change their mind fast and lose interests in something as per studies, so their tattoos don’t last for that long time too. Arms, wrists, ankle, and navel portions are some of the most tattooed parts in the womens body.

One must be careful while covering up and changing these tattoos as there is limited space to work. However, there is a wide range of female symbols that one can select from flower to bird tatts. Vibrant inks come to life when all these components merge to give a complete art and womens love it too. Here, we have multiple successful efforts covering the Tatts of these ladies.

Cover Up Tattoo Pictures

Getting rid of some tattoos might be a complicated process for you as sometimes they are too connected to your heart and is also difficult to give up on it. But one must be positive and think even better. Your next tattoo must be an elevated form of you and push you forward when needed. So, don’t make a similar mistake like your first time and take some insights into cover-up tattoos from us.

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