102 Terrific Cornrow Hairstyles You Should Definitely Go For

Cornrow hairstyles which are sported by African women have been in style for a long time now. Braids,  protective hairstyling can sometimes take hours to achieve. The cornrow hairstyles have been in trend from generation to generation. Many cornrow styles have been reinvented by giving a modern touch, and many styles are being carried originally. These hairstyles are influenced by African culture as African women are the ones who have been doing these hairstyles since ages. There are many ways to style your cornrow. You can do cornrow braids, cornrow ponytails, cornrow updo and many more. So, we present you the best cornrow hairstyles for the year 2019. Whether you are a school going girl, a college girl or a working woman, we have the best cornrow style for you in store.

Cornrow styles are not only good for sports events, but it has a different charm on other functions and events also. You will find many amazing and innovative way to style your cornrow. Be creative and be sassy with the hairstyles that we are going to discuss in this article.

Four French Braids

cornrow hairstyles

If you want to get this edgy hairstyle, separate your hair into four sections. Make a french braid out of all the four parts. This hairstyle would look best on the ladies with thick hair.

Cornrow Mohawk Style

No one will dare to mess with you when you have this hairstyle on. Style your cornrow with this Mohawk and see how you will intimidate people around you. This hairstyle may take some time to achieve but all the time you put in will be worth it when you get the results.

Cornrow With Ponytail

Braid your hair in small sections as shown above. Once you finish braiding all sections of your hair, make a high ponytail with your cornrows. This style is fresh and edgy giving your style a modern touch.

Cornrow At The Front Section Of Your Hair

She looks terrific with the cornrow at the front section of her hair. The other parts of her hair are left open. She looks fashionable. If you have this kind of shirt crimped hair with ringlets, I suggest you should go for this look.

High Cornrow Bun


Style your cornrow by making a high bun as shown above. This style is for ladies with long hair. The bun at the top of her head looks thick and rich.

Mohawk Style

The Mohawk style gives a “Don’t mess with me” vibe. You can always look stronger and fierce with the cornrow paired with a Mohawk.

Horizontal  & Vertival Cornrow

Her black hair is long and thick. Side-part your hair as shown above. At one side, make cornrows horizontally and another side, make cornrows vertically. Her hair looks lovely in this style, isn’t it?

Cornrow Paired With Dutch Braids

Make a cornrow on your hair as shown above and pair it with two Dutch braids. This hairstyle may take some time. First of all, leave the hair above your both ears and make cornrow out of the hair in between or you can do the vice-versa.

Blush Pink Cornrows

There are varieties of cornrow hairstyles you can try. This is one of those cornrow hairstyles that need hair extensions. To be able to get this hairstyle, you need to make cornrows and insert pink and black box extensions into them. Bring the box braids at one side so that you can flaunt the cornrows at another side.

Use Lots Of Beads

The beads are there to make this cornrow hairstyle stand out, but you know what’s more appealing about this hairstyle? It’s the singular cornrow that is running down the center of her head. The ring attached to that singular cornrow adds beauty to this style. You can always use hair extensions with beads attached to create this stunning princess-like look.

Two Styles

You can style your cornrows in two different ways as the two models have styled.

Six Braids

Split your hair into six sections to make six braids as the model has made. You can always use hair clips to decorate your cornrows. The cornrows appear beautiful and distinctive with this kind of hair accessories.

Bun Made Of Cornrows

Make cornrows as shown above and make a high bun. This hairstyle is comfortable and super appropriate for the blazing summer days.

Create Patterns

You can create patterns as shown above from your cornrows to make your hairstyle distinctive.

Five Styles With Thick Cornrows

Here, there are five ways to style your cornrows. These styles are for the ladies with thick hair. Even if you have thin hair, you can always add hair extensions while braiding cornrows to add volumes to your braids.

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Low Bun Made Of Cornrows

Make cornrows and make a low bun out of them. This would make you look glamorous.

Make Patterns Of Cornrows

As shown above, the model has cornrows made in patterns. Patterns give style to your cornrows.

Beautiful Black Cornrows

If you have long black hair, make cornrows. Cornrows will look beautiful in your beautiful black hair.

Bold Look

You can style your hair like this if you want to look bold and beautiful.

Thick Cornrows

Instead of making thin cornrows you can make thick cornrows. Thick cornrows also look lovely. As shown above, you can make patterns with your cornrows to give a significant impact to your look.

Cute Style

You can also braid a section of hair at the front section like side-parted bangs to add cuteness to your style. If you want to look cute but badass, this cornrow hairstyle is made for you.

Cornrows For Voluminous Hair

If you have a voluminous hair, then try this hairstyle. Look, the braids have perfect volume. Complete braiding all the sections of your hair and make a beautiful low bun like the model has made. A big earring would compliment this hairstyle.

Curved Cornrows Style

This is one of the curved cornrow hairstyles. You can give curves to your cornrows, and they can look amazing. Look, how the model has given curves to her cornrows. They are looking stunning, aren’t they?

Use Of Small Hair Clips

You can always use small hair clips around your cornrows as shown above. The hair clips add beauty to the cornrows.

Six Straight Cornrows

Split your hair into six segments and make six straight cornrows. This hairstyle is ideal for a sunny day. Wear classy shade with this hairstyle and t-shirt and jeans. You are good to go.

Golden Cornrows And Black Cornrows

There are two ways to style your cornrows as suggested by the picture above. You can either color your hair golden or keep it natural black. The golden cornrows style is looking fantastic. It’s bright and vibrant. But if you prefer the natural black color of your hair, you should go with the second style.

Curved Cornrow Hairstyles

Here, there are two curved cornrow hairstyles. You can create curves in various ways. The first hairstyle has thinly curved cornrows, and they are looking beautiful. The second model has straight cornrows mixed with curved cornrows, and the combination is looking fabulous. Pick up whichever style you like the most.

Simple Low Braid With Cornrows

This is one of the simple ways to style your cornrows.

Red Hot Cornrows

This cornrow hairstyle has hot red hair. With that beautiful, bold and sexy red hot color your cornrows look gorgeous.

Blonde & Black Styles

Whether you have blonde hair or black hair, cornrow hairstyles would look good on you. So, if you want to style your long and beautiful hair, do cornrow hairstyles. It would be the best utilization of your long hair.

Another Curved Cornrow Hairstyle

This is another way of styling your cornrows in a curved fashion. Her cornrows in a curved manner is looking terrific, isn’t it?

Side-parted Curved Thick Cornrows Combined With Thin Cornrows

This hairstyle would take some time to achieve. There are thickly curved cornrows combined with thinly curved cornrows. There are two thin cornrows in between three thick cornrows. If you like to do this hairstyle, have some patience while doing this hairstyle as it might take some time.

Middle-parted Cornrows

The cornrows have volume, and they are braided in middle-parted fashion. The cornrows with the middle-parted fashion are looking marvelous. Look at the finishing of the hairstyle and its precision, everything about hairstyle is looking gorgeous.

Thick & Thin Curved Cornrow Hairstyles

You can either make thick cornrows or thin cornrows according to your mood. Both styles look promising. Do varieties of styles each day and look fresh and new each day.

Voluminous Cornrows

These voluminous cornrows add style to your hair.

Thin & Straight Cornrow Hairstyles

Thin cornrows give a high-definition look. You must try this look once in a while.

Brown, Pink & White Hair Extensions

This cornrow hairstyle looks clean and gorgeous. It is one of the curved cornrow hairstyles with beautiful curves and patterns. Use brown, pink and white hair extensions in different patterns while braiding your hair to get this hairstyle. After you finish braiding your hair, twist the braids to make a beautiful bun as shown above.

Twisted Side Cornrows

If you want to give dynamics to your open hair, try this style. Do the side-partition of your hair. At one side make a few twisted cornrows. Sweep all parts of your hair at another side. That’s it! You are ready to go out for parties and events.

Very Thin Curved Cornrows At One Side

This is another way of styling your open hair by doing cornrow hairstyles. At one side of your hair, make thin and curved cornrows as shown above. The job may be tiring, but the result is impressive.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Little Girls

Style your little girl like this. It is a lot comfortable hairstyle.

Cornrows Paired With Two Side Braids

You can pair cornrows with side braids as she has. This hairdo looks amazing.

Middle-parted Thin Cornrows

This hairstyle looks amazing on her, isn’t it? Middle-part your hair and make cornrows as shown above. This hairstyle is easy to achieve in less time for the ladies with thin hair.

Six Double Braids Style

You can see that there are six segments of two braids in her hair. This cornrow hairstyle is usually for little girls, but if you want this hairstyle, there is no age limit for a hairstyle.

Cornrows Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you have short hair and you want cornrow hairstyle then, this is how you do it.

Cornrows With Neon Purple Highlights

The neon purple highlights on her cornrows in looking visually stunning. This is another way to style your cornrows.

Be Golden

The golden color is looking magical on her braids. If you like this cornrow hairstyle, you should go for this.

Model Style

It is one of the cornrow hairstyles that models do. Her hairstyle is looking sophisticated but straightforward.

Two side Braids For A Long Hair

If you have really long hair, then doing dutch side braids, as shown above, would make your long hair look amazing.

Creating Shapes With Cornrows

You can create shapes with cornrows as shown above. If you have a little girl, do her hairstyle like this. The girl has heart-shaped cornrows. It is looking delightful. There are many shapes that you can make and many patterns that you can create while making cornrows.

High Cornrow Updo

She has a high cornrow updo with two braids entangled at the front as shown above. This hairstyle is slightly complicated.

Curved Cornrow Hairstyle For Little Girl

This hairstyle is for little girls or school going girls. The curved cornrows with the beads at the ends of the braids look amazing.

Curved Cornrows Ponytail

She has styled her curved cornrows into a high ponytail. Make curved cornrows up to a certain length above the ends of hair. Gather all hair to make a high ponytail. A big earring like hers’ suits this kind of hairstyle.

Twisted Cornrows

Twisted cornrows are another type of cornrow hairstyles.  These styles of cornrows are looking beautiful on her, isn’t it?

Half Up Done Cornrow Hairstyle

As you can see, make cornrows only at the roots of the hair. Do this half up done cornrow hairstyle and look fantastic.

Unique Cornrows Updo


Look at this terrific updo. The updo done with the cornrows looks magnificent. We can see the hard work behind this hairstyle.

Half Up Done Cornrow Hairstyle For Short Curly Hair

This hairstyle is for the ladies with short curly hair. You do not need to make cornrows using all sections of your hair. Use top section of your hair to make cornrows and let another half section of your hair open.

Pair Cornrows With Braids & Bun

You can make cornrows at the front section of your head. Braid the section of hair beneath your ears and make two braids. Make a high bun and tie those braids around your bun.

Summer Vacation Hairstyle For Girls

This one is for little girls. Make simple cornrows like this to give your little ones a comfortable and stylish hairdo. It is one of the simplest cornrow hairstyles.

Thick Cornrow Style

This hairstyle is for the African ladies with naturally big and bulky curly hair. The cornrows are thick, and thick cornrows look beautiful.

Cornrows Hairstyle For Reddish Hair

This is the cornrow style for reddish hair. This hairstyle looks edgy. There are many elements that need to be done to achieve this hairstyle. This style includes thin braids with crimped cornrows at the top of the head.

Cornrow For Black & Pink Combo Hair

If you have two color combination in your hair, for instance, the model shown above has black hair with pink highlights from the mid-way to ends of the hair. Make cornrows by using pink hair extensions to create variation in the style.

Blonde Hair Extension

She has long and beautiful hair with a color combination of black and blonde. Make five segments of cornrows as shown above by using blonde hair extensions. Then, make two braids as shown above. This hairstyle looks amazing.

Ponytail With Braids Cornrow Style

Make cornrows up to the crown of the head and gather them to make a high ponytail. Braid the ponytail to make a braided ponytail.

Curved Thick Cornrows Combined With Thin Cornrows

This hairstyle looks complex. You need to make four thick cornrows and four thin cornrows in between of them — braid hair sections up to their ends.  Afterward, gather them to make a low ponytail.

Golden Cornrows Style

The cornrows in golden hair are looking amazing. Pair cornrows with a beautiful low bun, wear a golden earring and a golden necklace. You would look magically beautiful in the entire attire.

Use Blue Hair Extensions

Adding colors to your black hairstyle can be the right decision. Make cornrows by using blue hair extensions in your natural black hair. The blue color looks vibrant and fresh making you look lovely in the cornrow hairstyles.

Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

The combination of black and blonde hair is looking marvelous. The cornrow hairstyle has helped to show off the beautiful color combination of black and blonde.

Cornrows & Bun Style For Long & Thick Hair

Here the four views of cornrow styled with high bun are given. If you have long & thick hair then, this hairstyle would look perfect on you.

Cornrow Hairstyle For Crimped Hair

If you have naturally crimped hair, this is how your hairstyle would look if you do cornrows. If you do not have typically crimped hair then you can use crimping irons to make crimps in your hair and afterward, make cornrows.

Cornrows For Orange & Yellow Hair

Her hair is long, and the orange and yellow color combination towards the ends of the hair looks stunning. Make use of orange and yellow hair extensions or threads while making cornrows to get this hairstyle.

Red Cornrows Style With High Ponytail

The red color of the hair is eye-catching. Make a high ponytail by gathering your cornrows.

Fiery Red Cornrow Hairstyles

The hair is colored red from roots to its tips. The cornrows are looking wonderful in red color.

Twisted & Curved Cornrows

The cornrows are curved and twisted. Make a low bun with these curved and twisted cornrows.

Embrace Purple

The cornrows highlight the black and purple colored hair. Use small hair clips around the braids. They add beauty to your braids and overall style.

Another Purple Style


This is another way to style the cornrows using purple color. Look how amazingly the hair is styled to bring out the best of the cornrows style.

Side Cornrow With Open Curly Hair

First of all, notice how the hair is cut. Make side cornrows at the side of your head. The cornrows are thin and are of high definition. Keep the other section of your hair open.

Cornrows For Short Red Hair

This hairstyle is for the ladies with short red hair.

Complex & Dynamic Cornrow Style

Notice how the back of the head is designed using cornrows. This hairstyle is complicated to achieve and require professional, but you can learn how to do if you observe the hairstyle. Design the back of your hair like this and make a high bun.

Pink Style

You must use pink hair extensions while braiding cornrows to match the pink color towards the end of the hair.

Dreadlocks Using Cornrows


This is the dreadlock style that is made using cornrows. No one will have the courage to mess around with you if you do this hairstyle. This makes you look funky and cool.

Red Cornrows Style

This is another way to style your cornrows in red hair. You should use red hair extensions at the top section of the cornrows to match the red hair color towards the end of the hair.

Half Down Cornrow Style

She has curly hair having ringlets. Leave the hair at the front, and top section of your head and at the back do this amazing cornrow hairstyle.

Two-tailed Bun Style

Split hair into four sections and make four braids as shown above. Combine two braids at each side to make two low buns. Wear a big round earring; it suits this hairstyle.

Cornrows In Admiral Blue Hairstyle

This is for ladies with long hair. Look, how beautiful her hairstyle is looking. She has curved cornrows. Another attractive feature of this hairstyle is the admiral blue color of her hair.

Hairstyle For Naturally Crimped Hair

Make two side braids and three thin cornrows in between. Middle-part your hair and make two tails as shown above.

White Hair Extensions

Make use of white hair extensions as shown above to make your short hair look long and beautiful.

Gorgeous Black Cornrow Hairstyle

See, how gorgeous her hairstyle looks! Middle-part your hair and make cornrows as shown above. Use rings to decorate your cornrows. Make thin braids until all sections of your hair are braided and make a high ponytail. You are sure to look magnificent in this gorgeous hairstyle.

Edgy Black & Orange Cornrow Hairstyle

The small and thin black cornrows are looking amazing. A beautiful pattern is made using orange and black braids. Braid three thick cornrows as shown above to make a braided ponytail.

Silver Hair Extensions

Silver hair extensions, when used for braiding black hair, looks wonderful.

Beautiful Black Cornrows Style

If you are heading to a party, try out this hairstyle to look the best in your black curly hair.

Use Small Hair Clips

Cornrows with the braided ponytail are looking fantastic. Small hair clips around the braids add beauty to this hairstyle.

Half Down Cornrow Hairstyle

Do this half down cornrow hairstyle and decorate your hair with flowers. This hairstyle would be ideal for wedding events.

High Bun Combined With Ponytail

Make cornrows to make a high bun at the crown of your head. At the back side of your head, make cornrows horizontally till mid-way from both sides and leave the long hair so that a ponytail is formed as shown above.

Half Up Done Cornrow Hairstyle

These are the half up done cornrow hairstyles.

Curved Cornrows Style

This is the curved cornrow hairstyle, and this hairstyle is looking fabulous.

Therefore, these are 102 terrific cornrow hairstyles that you should try out. Cornrow hairstyles define you as bold, beautiful, young, free and funky. Ladies, embrace these hairstyles, and you will be welcomed by everyone.

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