101 Bold Coffin Nail Styles to Try This Year

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If you are looking for a cool new style for your next pedicure, then you can’t go wrong with the coffin nail design. It’s an original style that has the nail itself shaped like a coffin. You might think it’s morbid, but it’s a hugely popular style right now. If it makes you feel better, they are also called ballerina tails after the shape of a ballerina’s shoe. It’s a cool new look that you can take right into the holiday season with you.

It’s a different nail design that you can rock all year round. It was time for a new style when all we’ve had is choices between round and square shapes. It’s a cool shape to try out and there are many different designs that will complement the style.

Check out these 101 Bold Coffin Nail Styles to Try This Year:

1. White Light

If you like simple looks, then this white style is the one for you.

coffin nails

2. Black Designs

If you are looking for a darker look, then try this black designs. It’s an amazing look that is simple to create.

3. Golden Looks

A great design that has A lot of gold elements to it.

4. Marble Designs

The marble design that has some sparkles throughout the style.

5. Fun Designs

If you like magnificent designs, this one has golden elements as well some cool feather designs.

6. Lace Designs

These coffin nails are created with black, matte polish and lace designs.

7. Sparkle Designs

This gorgeous design has soft colors as well as plenty of sparkles all over it. A design like this is sure to turn heads wherever you go.


8. Cool Marbling

If you like unique looks, then you are sure to love this one. 

9. Add Some Pop

This is a gorgeous style and by having one nail with a sparkle design it really makes the whole style pop.

10. Glitter Styles

This is a bold look that would be great for an event or wedding.

11. Pink Sparkles

Another great look that has some bold sparkles to it.

There are a few things that you will need to have coffin nails at home:

Electric nail drill

Acrylic powder

Acrylic brush

Nail file

Cleaning pads (lint-free)


12. Ombre Sparkles

A bold look that has white and pink together. The added sparkle is truly unique.

13. Bold Shades

These colors are gorgeous and the style itself is very shiny.

14. Bow Ties

These precious bows are a style that would look great at a garden party or having brunch with your friends. It’s a sweet style that would suit an elegant style well.

15. Glamorous Looks

This is a bold look that really shines. If you like styles that really pop, then this is the look for you. The gems will definitely stand risen from the nail.

16. Elegant Designs

A simple look with a bright red color. We love the flowers that were added to the one nail.

17. Frosty Colors

A great style that has some snowflakes all over the nails.

18. Interesting Looks

This is a cool look because parts of the nail are clear. It’s an interesting style that is sure to catch the eye.

19. Cool Purples

A stunning shade of purple that looks amazing with the black design.

20. Bold Designs

These nails are bold because the gems stand up high. This is not your average look and not everyone can pull this look off.

21. Sweet Styles

A simple color that has a lot of large and golden gems.

If you look at the coffin nail, you can see that it has a flat top and tilted sides. It has the shape of what a ballerina shoe would look like as well as the shape of a coffin. You may think that you need long nails to have the design, but they can be created with acrylic powder.

22. Triangle Designs

This is a light shade that has triangles and some gems with the design.

23. Navy Designs

When you bring light and dark together, you have a style that is bold and eye-catching.

24. Sweet Pastels

This pink and blue together look amazing together. Add some texture to the style to create a truly unique look.

25. Golden Looks

If you really want to add some bling to your style, then you can’t go wrong with these golden elements.

26. Bold Whites

This stunning white is made more spectacular when you add some gems to the look.

27. Clear Lace

We love the fact that some of these ends are clear. It creates such a magnificent look to the whole design. Everything about this look screams of elegance.

28. Shiny Sparkles

Another bold look that has pretty shades and shiny sparkles. If you are a fan of pink, then you are sure to love this look.

29. Shocking Glitter

It’s a very basic and neutral polish on most of the nails and then all of a sudden you get a burst of glamor to the whole style. The sparkle nail is rather magnificent.

30. Sunset Colors

A great look that someone who loves pink is sure to love. We love the different shades that are part of the sparkle.

31. Black and White

This elegant style is perfect for a night out on a town. There is a lot going on with this cool style.

32. High Flowers

A stunning style that has flowers raised high on the nail.

33. Golden Glitter

This would be a great look for the holidays because the gold will glitter.

34. Glamour Gold

Black and gold are awesome shades for holiday colors. Try these out for your next party.

35. Sweet Pastel Colors

These colors are amazing and the gems are the perfect added touch. The added strip of sparkle really makes the whole look pop.

36. Iridescent Colors

A gorgeous shade that is one of a kind. You can wear this shade for any season.

37. Long Nails

This is a French manicure style that has all kinds of glitter. We think it’s a gorgeous look.

38. Shiny and Sparkly

Black shiny colors go well with sparkles.

39. Awesome Designs

A great design that has some awesome colors and a dripping design. We love how cool it looks together.

40. Original Marble

This is the original marble coloring from back in the day. If you are looking for a retro look, then this is it.

41. Cool Eye Images

What a cool design. We can’t imagine loving a better style than this one. It’s so creative.

42. Floral Designs

A great look that you are sure to love no matter what.

If you are doing the coffin nail design at home, you need to learn how to trim your nails. For this effect, you need the sides to be tilted so that they look like the coffin shape. The idea is to trim the side with a drill or an emery board to shape them on the sides.

A tip would be to put the drill on low and tilt it to the side on an angle. In order to get that coffin look, you have to make sure that you do not buff the nail in line with the innermost side. When you are finished that you trim the flat tip to get that straight look.

43. Cool Looks

If you are looking for an elegant style that is also really pretty, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

44. Softer Shades

A great look that blends in pink and white together in a gorgeous and soft style.

45. Solid Colors

You don’t always need fancy designs to make an impression. This bold red is sure to steal the show wherever you go.

46. Striped Styles

You can make a simple look pop just by adding something different to one nail.

47. Hot Shades

These shades are typically more popular during the summer months. If you want a bold look that pops, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

48. Muted Shades

There are a lot of different things going on with this style. If you like things a little crazy, then this is the look for you.

49. Printed Styles

We love all these amazing looks because they are so unique.

50. Dripping Lips

These pop culture references always make for cool nail designs. You are sure to get a ton of compliments with this look.


51. Shiny Looks

A style like this is glamorous because of all the shine. Try it out this holiday season and see how many compliments you get.

52. Mysterious Looks

If you like dramatic looks with an air of mystery, then these are the nail designs for you.

53. Soft and Pretty

This subdued look is perfect for an everyday style.

54. Bold and Pretty

This is very similar to the previous look but these nails are super shiny.

55. Retro Styles

If you are looking for more of a vintage style, then you can’t go wrong with these looks.


56. Bold Glamor

If you want show-stopping nails, then you have come to the right place. These nails scream of glamor and class. You are sure to win a ton of compliments with a style like this one.

57. Creative Styles

If you have a hard time choosing just one style, then this design would be the perfect choice for you because you get a little bit of everything.

58. Hot Purple

If you like bold colors, then you can’t go wrong with bright shades like this one. Purple is always an awesome choice.

59. Bold Sparkles

Sparkles of any shade are always going to be popular choices.

60. Rose Designs

Another example of a simple style that has a design on just one nail. By just having one nail done, you have a design that pops.

61. Bright and Bold Colors

This is a look from the 80’s for sure but it’s still a cool style to wear today. Bring back some of that nostalgia of the old days with this cool design.

62. Crazy Designs

If you like dramatic looks, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

63. Bold Blacks

Black goes great with any color, especially sparkles.

64. White Lace

French manicures will always be popular but you can give yourself a modern look by trying a design on the end instead of just a line.

65. Polka Dots

Every nail seems to be different with this style which can be an overwhelming look. If you like dramatic styles, then it’s perfect for you.

66. Bright Gold

You can make any look pop by adding some gold sparkles to it.

67.  Different Looks

They have combined solids with marble with this cool look.

68. Gem Designs

Some people like the gems on the nails, while others don’t. Figure out what style works best for you.

69. Bold Blues

The great thing about blues is that they always make a pop. If you want a style that really stands out, then this is it.

70. Different Looks

A great style that brings in gold elements in a few different ways.

71. Bizarre Designs

If you are looking for something that’s a little more bizarre, then check out this cool look.

72. Golden Lips

We have the dripping lips once again but in this case, the look is a lot more dramatic. We have gold and black together which is a very distinctive look.

73. Interesting Looks

Another bold design that has a very interesting look.

74. Bright Designs

A great look that really stands out. If you are into bold and grand looks, then this is the one for you.

75. Marbling Designs

Another great marble design that you are sure to love.

76. Stunning Styles

This marble design has cool pastel colors throughout the look.

77. Golden Lines

Gold is a popular color for the holidays so why not try this look out for your holiday parties.

78. Fun Pink

Pink is always a fun color to try out and you can wear a light shade like this anywhere.

79. Bold and Bright

This is the kind of style that is sure to draw the eye your way.

80. Dark Elements

If you prefer dark looks, then this is sure to be a design worth trying.

81. Cool Looks

Another bold design that anyone would love.

82. Light Designs

If you prefer light and simple looks, then this one is sure to put a smile on your face. Add a few gems and you have a bolder style. This look can be worn for work or play.

83. Pointed Gold

This is a very unusual look but it stands out. The fact that the gold is only on the tips makes the coffin look really stand out much more.

84. Soft Blue

Pastels always make for a pretty look. If you want something different, then look no further than this.

85. Pretty Sparkles

These sparkles really blend in with the pink. It’s a pretty look that you are sure to love.

86. Bold and Chunky

Not everyone likes these chunky nails designs because the gems can be uncomfortable. But if it’s the kind of thing that you enjoy, then give it a try.

87. Sparkle Looks

Another pretty look that you can wear to your next party.

88. Green Designs

We love the different shades of green with this style. If you want something different, then green is the way to go.

89. Chrome Looks

Another great look that has a lot of different elements to it.

90. Silver Sparkle

Silver sparkles are always a great choice if you want to use black polish. The two go so well together and will have you feeling glamorous.

91. Crystal Looks

When it comes to the holidays, sparkles are always in. If you love pink, then this would be a great style to try out.

92. Triangle Tips

A great look that is unique and one of a kind. It’s another modern version of the French tip manicure.

93. Grey Designs

You might think that grey is a boring color for polish but once you add some gems to it, it really makes it shine.

94. Retro Pastels

This is another design from a different era. But if you like that retro vibe, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

95. Ice Queen

This style is icy and cool. If you really want a style that everyone is going to be talking about, then this is the one for you. It’s very glamorous and provocative.

96. Spiky Styles

If you want a style that is a little more badass, then try some spiky gems instead of crystals. These are definitely bolder choices.

97. Pretty Purple

We love these purple nails and the fact that each one has its own personality. If you love purple, then you are sure to love this look.

98. Hot Pink

Between the hot pink color and the bold gems, this is a serious style. If you want something shockingly awesome, then this is the look for you.

99. Cool Designs

Another unusual look that people are sure to be talking about all night long. If you want original looks, then this is the one for you.

100. Gems Lines

Another simple style with a bit of pop from the gems.

101. White Sparkle

This frosty look would be perfect for the holiday season.

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