140 Trendier Caramel Highlights That Can Make Anyone Turn Their Heads!

Ladies! are you bored with your single-toned look?  Or, they don’t surprise you anymore? Then get ready for the new, luxurious, trendsetter Caramel highlights. If you are more into brown or golden shades, then dive right into the caramels.  Playing with the hair hues will not only give your hair a perfect definition, but it also adds softness endowing your overall look. It is an ideal decision to add a subtle tinge to your natural hair as people opt for unique.

Now, as you’ve decided to add some pop of color to your hair, you can go for various options. If you like some reddish tinge, go for Chestnut, Mocha, Auburn, and Red shade mixed caramel highlights. But, if you’re more of a brown chocolate lover, dark chocolate highlights, light caramel, copper, toffee, and honey highlights will surely make you feel beautiful. It’s not that the highlights fit perfectly only on the brown hair, blonde-haired too can surprisingly flaunt these contrasting caramel highlights.

So, below are some collections of the versatile caramel hairstyles, that are worth giving a try.


Caramel Lob With Beeline Honey Highlight

If you want to add some pop of color to your natural caramel lob, try some beeline honey tinged highlights. Adding some light beachy waves will make your highlights more shiny and revealing.

Brunette Caramel Highlights

Brunette hair goes with every style. But, if you’re bored with your hair, then the addition of the caramel highlights leaving your roots brown will make your hair much more appealing.

Butterscotch Colour Melt

Who doesn’t love an ombre?  If you want to stick to the simple yet appealing ombre then, the contrasting appearance of the black-butterscotch color melt is perfect.

Glossy Caramel Balayage

This Glossy Caramel balayage is perfect for The Red Carpet look. The caramels are beautifully blended that you barely can differentiate the highlights apart from the natual color.

Beach Wave Balayage

Ladies with the shoulder-length lob, spice your hair by dyeing the strands a caramel and giving it beachy waves.

Light Ash Blonde Ombre

The subtle change from dark ginger to the ash-blonde ombre will make your hair more sophisticated yet gorgeous. Adding some light body curls will give more definition to your hair.

Butterscotch Bob With Creamy Highlights

Are you bored with your regular Bob?  Go for the messy chopped hair with some highlights to change your look.

Honey Blonde Sunkissed Rolls

The honey blonde highlights are perfectly placed on the brown hair forming a Sombre. The natural rolls on the tips provide the best texture to your hair.

Auburn Mixed Copper Highlights

The auburn mixed copper highlights flatter your hair with the orange shade yet doesn’t hide your natural brunette color.

Subtle Caramel Ombre

Suppose you have a long natural brown hair and are willing to add some pop of color without giving up your natural hair color. Then, this Subtle Caramel Ombre is for you.

Luminous Light Brown Hair With Sunflower Blonde Highlights

The luminous light brown hair with sunflower blonde highlights will make you feel like you’re off to the prom, date, or family parties looking fabulous. Pulling it to a half ponytail or some twisted braids will add beauty to your balayage.

Simple And Alluring Chestnut Highlights

The Alluring Chestnut Highlights is a prevalent hairstyle rocked for many years by the popular actress Priyanka Chopra. Try this beautiful hair this fall.

Subtle Beach waves With Light Brown Highlights

This hairstyle with wavy end will look beautiful for your prom, homecoming, and other events. Overnight Beach Waves is one of the most popular ones. Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence are a few of the A-listers flaunting this dark hair with brown highlights.

Caramel Front Framing Bangs


The Front Framing Bangs with the caramel highlights provides the best definition to Jenifer Lopez’s jaws. No wonder she looked stunning with this look at many of the Award shows.

Loose Curly Lob With Tawny Ombre

This tawny ombre is one of Taylor Swift’s classic hairstyles and is very popular among teenagers.

Dark Coffee With Caramel Sheen

Having a Dark Coffee with Caramel Sheen is what will make your hair look ravishing.  Styling it with beachy waves will give more clarity to your caramel highlights.


Copper And Caramel Highlights in Auburn Hair

Copper and caramel highlights into the auburn hair are worth giving a try. This shade will make you look out of the box.

Simple Yet Elegant Dark Chocolate Auburn Hair

The mesmerizing blend of brown-auburn color with the natural swirl will make your look elegant and party-ready.

Smooth Lobed Golden Sombre With Highlights

Are you done with your waves or natural curls? Then ladies, dive right into a Golden Sombre straight lob to give yourself a unique look.

Short Pixie Haircut With Highlights

Pixie Hair has been ruling the beauty industry for some years now. You may have seen Scarlette Johanson and supermodel Bella Hadid on the runway rocking this hairstyle. So, if you want a cool modern hairstyle, then hop on to Short Pixie hairstyle with a pop of ash grey highlights.

Medium Length Sunkissed Highlights With Bangs

The mixture of brown and blonde looks exceptionally authentic. The soft blonde highlight seems like your hair is kissed by the Sun. Also, the bangs add beauty to your hairstyle.

Stacked Bob On Mocha Brown Hair

If you want easy to handle, stylish brown shade bob, then this is for you. The lack of volume problems can be solved by giving it a stack cut.

Ash Blonde Ombre

These light ash-blonde highlights add some warmth to the hair, making them suitable for of skin tones. The gradient development of dark to the light color, forming an ombre, adds structure to your hair.

Vanilla Blonde

The straight vanilla ombre will help you refashion your style. The lovely change of dark black hair to the vanilla blonde adds some depth and shine to your hair.

Dark Roots To Light Honey Blonde Tips

The beeline honey hair with the lemon highlights is perfect for the warm skin tones. The natural black roots with highlighted tips will help to create a beautiful contrast.

Golden Layered Hair

A layered cut will not only add dimension to your hair; it also adorns your Golden highlights. Adding some blonde streaks to your front hair will give more clarity to your square face.

Salted Caramel Highlights

Are to done trimming and chopping off your hair to get rid of the split ends?. Then add some highlights to your lower ends, ghosting your rough forked tips. This technique will give some texture to your hair and help to retain your natural hair length.

Chocolate Caramel Foliages

When it comes to the chocolate caramel hair color, they never fail to shine. This ready to go and easy to style long Bob, when curled up to some loose curls, will make you look comfortable and beautiful.

Very Luminous Sunflower Blonde Ombre With Dark Brown Roots


I bet you; this trendier sunflower ombre will compel people to compliment your luminous hair. Plus, the dark roots provide the lovely blending of the dark brown hair to sunflower blonde ombre.

Classic Caramel Tinged Highlights On Natural Brown Hair

The classic caramel highlights work like magic when added on your natural brown hair. They give your natural hair a different dimension that makes people turn their heads for a double-take.

Coca Brunette Slacked Lob

People tend to believe that highlights go entirely only with long hair. But, these highlights work just as well with the short hair. As seen here, the golden balayage on the coca brunette slacked lob resulting in an ombre, is what you must try.

A-line Bob With Golden Honey Highlights

The Side-parted A-line bob with some beautifully highlighted strands will provide you a relaxed and chic look with less effort.

Natural Brown Hair With Blended Highlights

Long natural brown waves with the blended caramel will emphasize your locks and give your hair the sheen appearance.

Wavey Blonde Highlights

When it comes to the bright Blonde Highlights, we believe that this hair does not go with the brown-headed. But the fact is that this flashy color tends to add uniqueness and brilliant color to every natural hair.

Natural Brown Balayage With Bangs

Enjoy the warm shade brown this summer with the medium hair ombre and show off your calm personality. Also, the bangs can never go wrong on any style.

Partial Soft Golden Highlights On Chocolate Hair

If you’ve been wondering how a partial soft Golden Highlights will look when added to your chocolate brown hair, then just take a look at the above picture, and see how this lady flaunts the shiny golden highlights on her dark hair.

Sideswept Medium Length Creamy Blonde Sombre

If you want to style for prom or the date night, this classic creamy blonde Sombre will brighten your face. Pulling it into a side-swept with some dazzling curls will help you to show off your makeup skills.

Chestnut Brown Highlights

If you have a long bob, take a style tip from this lady who wears her wavy lob with the elegant chestnut highlights.

Front Frame

The front frames, and the highlights, are used to enhance the facial features of a person. Here, the framed hair defines the model’s jawline and glamorizes her prominent forehead.

Caramel Mini Highlights On Natural Brown Hair

If you are not much into hair colors but want to spice your hair a little, your brown hair’s small highlights would be a perfect idea to keep your natural look.

Caramel Lob Curl

The soft caramel baby-lights are great for those who want the seamlessly blended caramel hair.

Black Hair With Chunky Caramel Highlights

The perfect Black Hair Balayage looks stunning with the chunky caramel highlights. If you want to style it for a special occasion, wear some lower curls or straight it for your daily style.

Light Chocolate Highlights With A Swirl End

The Balayage technique goes perfectly with any hair color, including dark hair. The only thing that concerns is the selection of correct hues that suits your fashion. If you want subtly highlighted tings, then go for these light chocolate highlights. And pull the hair into the swirled end; this will make your hair more sophisticated.

Black Hair With Coffee Ting Highlights

Coffee ting to black hair is one of the perfect hair color combinations to show a seamless color contrast.

Messy Layered Natural Hair With Light Brown Highlight

You can add some light brown highlights steaks to your natural hair to give some shiny natural appearance. Also, putting your hair into a layer cut will provide more dimension to your hair.

Toffee Hues For Medium Length Hair

The Toffee Hue for the medium hair will never fail to amaze if you’re off to your best friend’s wedding as bridesmaids.

Short Pixie


The Short Pixie Caramel hair with the jagged eye covering will give you the 2000’s swoosh Emo look.

‘The 50s Light Cinnamon Brown Hair

The very talented American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey never fails to amaze us with her iconic 50’s hairdo. You can get this vintage look by pulling your hair into the side puff and adding some curls to the end. Pinning the red rose to the sideways above an ear will work as your hair adornment.

Lovely Golden Front

This nifty art of highlighted work will illuminate your face curves. This lovely golden highlights on your front frame will surely make you look ready to hit the high school party tonight.

Warm Messy Strawberry Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

The art of making messy hair without looking like a mess requires some tricks. And some of the skills behind it is creating loose curls and adding some highlights to those curls.

Simple Caramel Highlights

Highlights on black hair will make your hair refined. You can either wear this style with some lovely curls or give it a straight appearance.

Honey Blonde Highlights On Royal Plum Hair

If you are bored with doing a royal plum hair, then adding up some honey blonde highlights on it will give a sassy look to your hair. The highlighted blonde will even hide your splits ends.

Golden Mini lights On  Strawberry Brown Hair

Caramel is excellent when it comes to adding some warmth to your hair. If you do not have the confidence to color your whole hair caramel then, adding the golden mini-lights will give your hair some cool effect.

Autumn Russet Hair With Strawberry Blonde Ombre

The three-toned hair gradually shifts from black to strawberry blonde with russet in between. The ombre gives a dramatic look to the style due to the fluffier blonde part.

Natural Black To Harvest Gold Ombre


Are you tempted with blonde Ombre? Great! But before diving right into it, why not consider adding on some golden highlights on your harvest blonde.  This technique will make your hair look impressive and sophisticated.

Light Ginger Hair

Did you love “Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle”? If yes, then I am sure the above picture reminded you of the ginger headed actress Karen Gillan. You can either have middle-parted hair like her or style your hair by pulling it into side-swept with shaved sideways.

Brown Balayage With Bright Tangerine Highlights

The Bright Tangerine Highlights provides a splendid contrast to the Brown Balayage. I bet you this differing color mix will be the top look for this fall.

Chopped Hair With Subtle Highlights

If you want to refashion your hair, try this daring look. Adding subtle caramel highlights will upgrade your bold decision.

Warm Foliage

The warm caramel hues are the most flattering option to choose for your date night. To give this style glow-up, wear the body waves at the lower ends.

Caramel With Orange Blonde

Here’s another simple caramel hue hairdo. This one is the mixture of caramels with the shade of orange blonde.

Blonde Babylights

Blonde shade can never go out of date. You can now rock this versatile shade with some baby-lights on your hair.

Awe-Inspiring Mix

The two contrasting colors, black and brown, happens to go perfectly with each other without the color blent allowing a bright contrast between them. The beautifully twisted braid in the middle has given more definition to the contrasting hues.

Brunette To Blonde Layered Hair

Brunette and blonde shades have been around for decades, and it can never go out of style. The subtle transition from a dark brunette to a blonde shade with some chunky highlights will make your layers more reviling.

Sweet Brown Balayage With Sparkling Amber Highlights

When it comes to adding some highlights to your natural hair, feel free to paint the small streaks of hair with the sparkling amber. These highlights will help you preserve your natural look by adding some spice on it.

Bronde Balayage In Wavy Lob With Bangs

The wavy lob with brow-dusting bangs is one of those hairstyles that are preferred by most of the talented Hollywood artists. From the artistic pop singer Charlie XCX to brilliant American actress Mila Kunis this trendier bob balayage has been a trendsetter.

Black Cherry Caramel Highlights

The gradual flow of black hair to cherry to a caramel shade is a style to make your hair look more flattering. Also, the layered cut will give justice to your caramel ombre.

Chunky Strawberry With Caramel

Thanks to the fantastic beauty and the color techniques this highlight brings to the table. This work of art truly makes our hair stunning and full of dimensions. Try this caramel sundae with a mix of the strawberry blonde highlights to get the chunky, cool vibe.

Shiny Dark Caramel  Hairstyle

The shiny caramel streaks fit perfectly on the dark hair. Use the curling rod to make your tiny stripes more luminous and reviling.

Wavy Brunette Into Ash Blonde

The ash-blonde ombre has been quite into a trend these days. Preferred by most of the celebrities, this medium length easy-to-style brunette to ash-blonde looks well put into and classy.

Awe-inspiring Strawberry Blonde With Burgundy Mix

Strawberry blonde has always been a kind of shade that provides the warm golden reddish tint to your hair. Combing the dark hair with the chunky blonde streaks will make your style enviable for any occasion.

Simple And Sweet Curly Lob With Salted Caramel Mini-lights

The salted caramel mini-lights on your natural dark lob will give your hair more volume and fine texture. Also, rolling the lower ends will make your hair sassy yet straightforward.

Black To Blonde Balayage

Do you like to work on your dark shade hair but don’t want to overdo your natural strands? Then, spice it up with some blonde highlights. This hairdo will give you a simple and refreshing look.

Shiny Chocolate Balayage

Why not talk about the Shiny Chocolate Balayage. This dark brown hues that fit perfectly in any style will never go out of style.

Perfectly Blended Caramel Lowlights And Highlights

The medium lobe offers plenty of options for adding some spice of colors to the natural strands. Above, you can see how you can perfectly rock the caramel lowlights and highlights on the dark hair.

Beautiful Smooth Hair With Caramel Babylights

Baby-lights are the most popular trend right now. To emphasize the small streaks of highlights, straight and sleek hair is regarded as the best.

Light Beige Blonde Highlights

If you want the brown balayage with the beige blonde highlights, then try this look. The loose waves will create a dramatic look and makes you feel like you’re off to date night.

Auburn-Coffee Highlights With Black Roots

Give your dark black hair some life by adding streaks of coffee highlights. Leaving your roots dark will give your hair a subtly transition look.

Perfectly Melted Golden Brown Highlights

Now you’ve known that the two contrasting shades of blank and blonde go well with each other, you can rock this perfectly blended distinctive shades on your daily routine.

Smooth Brown Hair With Caramel Striped Highlights

Show off the chunky caramel highlights on the dark hair with the straight and sleek hairdo. Use the ironing rod to get the smooth straight hair with the swirled end.

Hazlenut Mocha Highlights

You may find “The Hazlenut Mocha Highlights” pretty fancy word to define this hairdo. But, trust me, this hazelnut caramel hue will give you a sophisticated look as its name sounds.

Expresso Waves

Are you a coffee lover? Then put on some expresso shade on your dark hair. Like coffee boost your energy, let this shade enhance your look.

Dramatic Coffee Ombre With  Lower Curls

If you want to style like the iconic 50s stars, then try this dramatic ombre. This hairstyle will take you back to the vintage black Hollywood era.

Accessible to Style Medium Cool Blonde Hair

Give your hair a new start with some cool blonde shades and brighten up your complexion.

Dark Hair With Stripped golden Highlights

Combine the lighter shade of gold to the dark hair forming an irregular stripe and give the fancy chunky effect.

Warm Shade of Salted Caramel

A warmer, darker shade of salted caramel will look beautiful when light waves are added to the lower ends.

Feathered Bob With Copper Highlights And Bangs

Lisa Rinna never fails to amaze her fans with her spectacular Feather cut Bob. The tings of copper highlights that she adds on those bangs and the tips illuminate her square face. So, for ladies who want to reveal their angular jawline like our diva, then add some copper blended highlights to your feather bob.

Dark Hair Balayage With Heavenly Curls

The brunette balayage with some delicious caramel ombre involved is must try hairdo. The hair color is particularly suitable for women with warm completion. This worldly and straightforward makes everyone drive crazy.

Dark To Harvest Brown Hair

You can also play with the different hues of the brown on the dark hair to form the contrasting ombre look.

Strawberry-Ginger Color Mix

Ask your stylist to give you the unique Strawberry-Ginger mix hue that brightens up your fair complexion. You’ll love it!

Shiny Spotlight Ash Balayage

The shade of brown-grey ash takes the balayage into the next level. This hairdo is perfect to create the light reflect off the hair to have a sheen balayage effect.

Face Framing Coffee Highlights On Dark Chestnut Hair

Do you want to brighten up your face and give clarity to your face shape? Then, ask your stylist to choose some luscious coffee highlights around your face and a splash of it through the length as a front framing. This dark chestnut hair will automatically light up your face in a fair manner.

Caramel Highlights With Front Face Framing

This other front framing will make your colleagues compliment your look. Not only that, but it also gives volumes, and light to your coffee brown hair.

Warm Buttercream With Baby light

Getting the warm shade of Butterscotch is the key to style. The small blonde baby-lights will look splendid and effortlessly blended.

Brunette Hair With Ash Blonde Hits

Try this smoother transition from your natural brunette to the highlighted hair to give it a reset. The small hits of Ash-blonde will nail the look.

Subtle Caramel Hair On Chocolate Hair

Try adding the Subtle caramel hues on your Chocolate hair to bring it back to life.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Forget the brunette hair and opt for the Strawberry blonde hair with the cherry highlights at your next visit to the salon. Ask your stylist to paint your natural hair into deep flashy strawberry blonde to give you a bleached look.

Glossy Walnut Brown Balayage

Black-brown hair needs certain hues to make people draw their attention. So, the subtle lift with the glossy walnut balayage will add up to your daily routine look.

Chunky Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Warm-up your style with the shade of strawberry blonde highlights. Paint it in the stripped form, giving it a sundae appearance by beautifully blending with your natural hair.

Tiny Caramel Highlights

This brown hair with a tiny caramel tinge is what you will opt for. The straight hair with swirl inward end is the best way to present your little highlights.

Elusive Caramel Color Tinge

Do you want to color your hair, and don’t want it to look conspicuous, then try the caramel color tinge? This technique of elusive highlights will work all year round and any seasons.

The Scarlet Witch Hair

Are you a Marvel fan? Then you must indeed have recognized Elizabeth Olsen, who portrayed the Scarlet Witch character. Create this Ashy Root caramel brown hair she rocked as an avenger to be flattered by people’s comments.

Soft Brunette Hair Spiked With Honey Highlights

Straight long shaggy with the hits of Honey Highlights is what will bring your pale brunette back to life.


 Medium Length Caramel Bronde Highlights


Caramel and blonde are two contrasting shades that go perfectly with each other. This Bronde color is one of the best options to update your natural dark hair.

Beachy Caramel Balayage

Are you bored with long hair? Go for the choppy cut with some caramel highlights added on it. To give it a vibrant appearance, add some beach waves.

Front Framing Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

Coloring the thick steak of the front hair, blonde, will surely glamorize your prominent forehead and promote your facial structure.

Highlights On Black Hair

When added to the naturally dark hair, the golden blonde highlights will give you a contrasting look that fits perfectly with one another.

Brown Hair With Lemon Highlights

The lemon highlights mixed on the caramel hair is simply amazing. The middle-parted shaggy on the front face helps to promote your facial structure.

Warm Chocolate, Amber  Caramel Highlights

The caramel highlights on the warm chocolate auburn mix go beautifully with one another. Either it is a date or the highschool parties, you can rock this hairdo magnificently.


Dark Caramel Highlight

A complete bleach to your dark hair will damage your hair texture and make it monochromatic. So, the subtle tinge of the Caramel Highlights will jazz it up.

Lived-in Brown Balayage

Take the bold step and chop off your hair into the A-line lob. Adding up some brown highlights will add some spice to it.

Layered Caramel Highlights in Chocolate Brown Hair

The transition from dark hair color to the caramel shade will give you the contrasting effect on your layered hair. Add body-waves to give a messy appearance to your layers.

Natural Blonde With Highlights Barely There

The natural blonde hair with highlights barely there is one of the best options to add on to your daily routine look.

Shiny Tortoiseshell Hair

Just take a look at this warm, shiny, middle-parted tortoiseshell colored hair. Aren’t these tortoiseshell classics? If you want

Light Caramel Highlights

The Light Caramel Highlights on your frizzy hair amazingly hides your rough split ends. So ladies, try this life-saving hair color.

Ashy Light Blonde Balayage

To style your long hair, cut the tips into a ‘V’ shape, and add  Ashy-blonde to your lower part. This ombre will also give some volume to your long hair.

Subtle Beachy Waves With Natural Caramel Highlights

Ombre caramel highlights on the natural hair are what people opt for. Use the curling rod to get the light waves or make the braids and leave it overnight. Either way, you can get great beach waves.

Roasted almond Hair With Copper Highlights

Coloring your short Bob is cost-friendly, and the best decision you’ll ever make. Try the roasted almond color and add some copper streaks on it. It will give you a sassy look.

Lucious Chestnut Auburn Hair With Golden Babylights

Get this flattering hairdo by adding up some golden baby-lights to your chestnut-auburn tresses.

Dark Brown To Blonde Balayage

The Dark to Blonde Balayage will make a huge difference to your traditional style. The slight curls added on will give more clarity to your highlighted mane.

Subtle Partial Diamond Highlights

The blonde hues are so much fun to play with, and they bring the best out of your hair. And look at those curls! They make your partial diamond highlights look very prominent.

Ash Blonde Highlights With Dark Roots

There is plenty of the hue that falls on the caramel palate. Try the light shade with some Ash-blonded highlights added on leaving the roots dark.

Chocolate Brown Hair Blonde Tips

Chocolate brown hair with Blonde tips brightens up the highlighted strands. The wavy hairdo further clarifies the highlights.

Rose Gold Hair With Light Blonde Highlights

You can probably call this ‘a quirky style.’ I know it looks a bit unusually bright, but look how interesting and appealing it is.

Honeybeeline Highlights On Messy Brown Hair

To draw some attention to your messy mane, add some small streaks of irregular honeybee line highlight to your natural hair. And instead of using the comb, use the finger comb to get the voluminous tresses.

Caramel Highlights On Brown Hair

If you want to stand out of the crowd, hops on this perfectly blended Brown Caramel Waves forming a Sombre look.

There is no argument on the fact that The Caramel Highlights go perfectly on any style.  So ladies, when you pay the next visit to your salon, make sure you ask your stylist to select the best option from above.

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