76 Amazing Buzz Cut You Will Love To Wear

A buzz cut is a boon for people loving short hair. Clean and composed you can party all night long with this base backing up your style. We all know bowl cuts, don’t we? Yeah, that same one of the kid in Home Alone. Well, we can say that a buzz haircut is similar just short and Organised. People of all ages and face shapes can use a buzz and look sexy.

A haircut that never gets old and if you want to be unique there are thousands of hair modifications too. Let’s see our list of Best buzz walking into the style world.

Classic Buzz Haircut

buzz cut

Our science behind a buzz is pure, keep it small and keep it straight. Similarly, for people who love long hair, you can keep your strands to medium too. Celebrities love these hairstyles. Buzz Cut female users are growing day by day as models all around this world is enjoying it.

Buzz Cut Black Men

Skin tones don’t make a difference if you are wearing a buzz. With dark or light skin color we have a buzz for them all. Similarly’ we can add tons of different beard and mustache styles to work along with these buzzes.

Uniform Buzz haircut

Imagine you are a person with a tight schedule and you want to get a haircut. Similarly, you want your hairstyle trendy and matching with your personality. Well, you have your answer right here. Just grab a Machine and set it to number 4 and you have your instant buzz haircut. Simple yet sexy, an excellent way to take the lead in your street.

Twilight Of a Buzz

Yes, he is Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter. A hair form can change it all. We do not doubt that he looked well in his medium length hair but how is this for a cracker — a transformation from sugar boy to bold Pattinson. He can take on any role with these Buzz haircuts.

Buzz Cut with a beard

A beard completes ones look. You can have any variation of beard forms if you own a buzz in your top. Here, our model has a long thick hair matching lavishly with his short Buzz.

Sexy Buzz Haircut Level Zayn Malik

Your favorite One Direction artist Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik with his breathtaking looks ladies. Well, no one has any doubt that style is one thing that Zayn does not compromises. Similarly, he has his solo look in a buzz from quite a time now.

Mid Skin Fade Comb-over

A skin fade looks beautiful with a short hairline. Similarly, we can use have different neck and face tattoos to compliment a buzz.

Short Buzz and Piercings

A piercing looks bold yet beautiful. In any event, a piercing helps you in being a center of attraction. A piercing ina clean-shaven face helps us to transform all these positive vibes towards your face.

Buzz Haircut, Mini Fade

A short hair with a suit looks perfect. Nothing can go wrong with these combinations. Fact is short strands are easily-manageable, and we can enjoy them all season long. To sum of finely trim your beard and you will be as pleasing as our actor here.

Faux In Top- Bradley Cooper

Well, everyone knows that a faux and buzz are two different kinds of hairstyle. But, none said that you couldn’t have them both. Just ask our ‘Hangover’ star Bradley in this case. No surprise that Jennifer Lawrence can’t get enough of him in many of their movies. Therefore, have a short haircut and get the toppings with faux.

Number 2 Buzz

A hairstyle staying in the middle of these short hair category is number 2 buzz. Simple and an excellent choice for people with dandruff. Moreover, these hairdos are even better with a short beard and ear piercings. Similarly, we can use hair highlights as these strands are suitable for that modifications.

Powerful Buzz Cut Balding

A flow of power and look of Authority, you can get them all if you go bald. Some people have them naturally while others love this dominant personality you get with this hairdo. Prince Willam shares his royal style with a buzz in his top.

Nick Jonas- Baby Face Monster

American singer Nicholas Jerry Jonas has his fair share in the style market. Recently married with  Priyanka The former Miss World, we can say that his life is heading towards the right direction. Similarly, it is no secret that a factor behind his style and personality is his buzz haircut. Be stylish and take your first step in a method like Nicholas Jerry Jonas with a buzz haircut in your top. Similarly, you can also try different forms of beard styles with a buzz and fade.

High Fade And Buzz

As most of the people adore their buzz uniform, many people don’t take fade as an option. What is shorter than a short buzz? Well, a skin fade. We can have steps by using different lengths of short hair. Similarly, we can use linings better in a fade than in a simple buzz haircut.

Irish Tiger-Notorious Conor Mcgregor

Our own undisputed ultimate fighting championship lightweight and featherweight champion Conor Mcgregor loves wearing buzz with his thick Irish beard and mustache. Similarly, athletes in Mixed martial arts love buzz as it helps in gaining agility and quick movement. Also, people love to wear their hair short if they indulge in jobs involving sweat.

Short Buzz- Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, a superstar famous for his acting abilities as well as his style. Pitt used long hair in starting phases of his career. It’s no surprise as long hair was trendy in that late half of our twentieth century. However, he used a buzz hairdo for his superhit movie ‘Fight Club.’ Similarly, he continued wearing his short hair for a decade now, and womens love it.

Buzz Cut Styles-Karim Benzema

This French international and Real Madrid football clubs favorite number nine Benzema is famous for his skills and agility in the field. His pace and a quick moment are successful because of his haircut. Benzema wore buzz haircut with different modifications all his footballing career.

Buzz with Steps

We can achieve a step in buzz haircut by merely using a machine in two lengths. Hence, we can have a number one in our bottom and number three in our top portion. Our model here has the same hairdo and has a clean-shaven face to add to his style.

Buzz Hairdo – A military haircut

A force having the responsibility to guard a whole nation, serving in the military is no joke. For helping our troops in conducting their day to day activities smoothly and flawlessly, a buzz haircut is necessary. Clean, disciplined and agile all these important criteria is possible with a buzz haircut.

Buzz with Sparse beard

Beard associates directly to one’s personality. A person with a neat beard looks composed and confident. Add a thin mustache, and it will result in a complete hair form. A buzz haircut works well with many different beard styles. Here, we have a guy with a short beard and short, sparse beard.

David Beckham-The king of styles

David Beckham doesn’t need any introduction. A footballer with a successful career and a true gentleman, he is a style icon for many youths. He had many different hairstyles throughout his career, and he used to change it all the time. One of his beat haircuts is keeping his hair short as in a buzz and a fade in Side. Coincidence or fate, he had the most auspicious days of his career in his buzz haircut days. Here, he has a short uniform buzz hairstyle with ear tops and a finely trimmed beard to complete his look.

Top Pointed Buzz

A short hair doesn’t stay down. Well, a perfect solution to this problem is keeping your strands pointed. Your strands result in better organized and clean too. We can have a clean-shaven face to go with this hairdo. Similarly, we can also use different varieties of fade working up with a pointed buzz haircut.

Undercut Buzz Cut


An undercut is fairly distinctive than other hairstyles as our side part of strands is undercut. These hairdos will result in better hair management and sexy appearance. We can either use scissors or machines to achieve an undercut. A fine undercut with a clean-shaven face is a perfect combination.

Number 4 buzz cut

We have a barber doing a number four of machine steps to the guy’s hair. One can imagine this hairstyle as a clean look. We can have hair highlights and linings in this number four variation of buzz haircut.

DJ Khaled with Short Fade

Dj Khaled has a broad physique, and a buzz haircut balances his frame for him. He wears a medium trimmed beard and thin latino mustache to compliment his buzz. As an artist who loves to wear a lot of ornaments in his head and neck, it’s essential for him to keep his hair short so that his decorations have good exposure. So, a Buzz with fade is a perfect hairdo for him.

Golden Brown Buzz Haircut-David Beckham

David Beckham’s versatile hairstyles are no surprise for anyone. His body physique, playing skills and fan following made every haircut he used trending. Well, a buzz cut was trendy before he used it. Here, we have a golden brown top and a cleanly trimmed beard working pretty well. Beckham used this hairdo towards the end of his season atManchester United.

Short Top Rough Buzz

Here we have a top rough as well as a flat top buzz. Every people have their way of managing their hair — most people like clean, flat top whereas some love them rough. We have our models with a ruffled top and a smooth one. With both these hairdos, a clean-shaven face looks sublime.

French Beard and Buzz

A french beard is among trends of styling one’s beard. Inspired by style capitals of France we have a beard for every haircut and every face structure. In a french beard, we have a triangular mustache coming down as a thin side beard. This thin side Line beard ends with a reverse triangular chin beard. We also have stranded in our lower lips. An eyebrow slit is a perfect add-on for a buzz with a French beard.

James Marsden- Shrill in a mid-Buzz

Our ‘Westworld’ actor has a cowboy hat for most of his time in the series. Well, a cowboy hat mostly has a buzz underneath it and its the same for Marsden too. He has a composed, and serious look for his character and a buzz helps in most of his character’s look. Offscreen he remains stylish and fresh too, and a buzz hairdo is there for every style he wears.

Thick Mustache and Bald Fade

A slightly thick mustache, a lower lip beard, and a bald fade all mix up with a buzz haircut to give you a bold gangster look. Similarly, with piercings and linings, you will get a stunning result. A bald fade has some serious capacity to make your appearance bold. Therefore, for being a responsible and mature person, you will love to wear our above hairstyle.

Shrill with Linings

Shrills can be natural or accidental. These hair forms come in your way of styling your hair if you want it short. So, you can either leave shrills as it is or innovate it into linings as above. Here, have a long shrill and our model has a long lining towards his pigtail. All in all, we can say that this is an intelligent way to deal with irritating shrills.

Angled Fore Buzz

An angled top is a technical and clean haircut. Our hair must make an angle with our side linings. We can have a thin long or a thick side strand as above to go along with our angled buzz. We will have a Round facial structure as a result of Angled Buzz hairdo. Similarly, our model here has a zero fade to his bottom part of his head.

Patterned Buzz with a Goatee

A goatee is a stylish and significant foundation for any hairstyle. Similarly, it is in our trending beard styles for a long time. Celebrities and athletes love this style. One can also use a goatee with highlights for further innovation. One can have a thick base or a thin one with your goatee.

Ryan Reynolds with mid-Buzz

Yeah ‘Deadpool’ Ryan Reynolds, well you might not have forgotten him simply because he went under a mask for a couple of movies. This multi-talented star likes to stay stylish and humorous in real life too. As for his hairstyle, he wears a medium buzz haircut with occasional skin and taper fade. Reynolds looks good in both these fades, and his medium trimmed beard gives a finishing touch to his stylish attire.


Ryan Gosling With short buzz Taper Fade

Ryan Thomas Gosling started his career as a child artist and quickly made his way to the top with a dozen hit movies. This star comes to everyone’s attention with his recent Oscar-nominated film ‘La la land.’ Gosling has a good fan following throughout many nations and girls, and guys mostly follow him because of his style. Here, he has a little Buzz with silver highlights and his short trimmed beard.

Adam Levine- Short Buzz

Adam Noah Levine has fan followings all over this world. He is the vocalist of a famous musical name ‘Maroon 5’. In addition to his sweet and powerful vocals, he is famous for his style and personality off-pitch. Adam is a successful singer who made a judge of ‘The Voice’ too. He used medium faux and comb-over before, but he loves his hair short nowadays. And where there is short hair, a buzz hair comes before any other hair forms. Here, Levine is wearing a short top with an elegant and short beard.

Zac Effron- A lifeguard with Styles

A talented actor and stylish person who is trending for his latest hits of ‘Baywatch.’ Zac has it all what takes to be a successful artist, and he is successful because of that. Zac used variations in his style and attire in his starting days. He is wearing a clean medium buzz fade in recent years, and that is working out pretty good to him.

Captain America- Latest Looks

Our favorite Marvel Superhero Captain America star actor Christopher Robert Evans looks dashing off-screen too. He has a natural golden brown strand which works perfectly well with his beautiful pair of eyes. Christopher Robert Evans hairdo is perfect for a composed and sophisticated character in his movies.

Number one Buzz Haircut

For achieving this haircut set your machine to number one. A slightly long hair than being completely bald. One can have a clean and composed look here. This hairdo is easily manageable and also simple and straightforward. People with tight schedule love wearing this haircut.

Zayn with silver top

Zayn used a ton of different variations of hairdo throughout his singing career. Here he has a very fashionable silver hair color in his top. Talking about Zayn’s beard, It is short and sparse. Piercings were famous and trendy then, and Zayn had a nose and ear piercings to enhance his style. He also had eyebrow slits and Patterns in his hair in a certain period.

Buzz with Linings

Linings are trendy. Young people of all age love linings in their hairdo. A stylish but straightforward choice is to add patterns too. We generally have two kinds of fillings. Our first one is separator lining while the other one is a Side lining. We have a separator lining in our first picture as our model has a bald fade to his bottom.

Comb over with fade

A comb-over and fade are suitable if you have a medium length of hair. Looking disciplined and clean, a comb-over is also easily manageable and stylish. Similarly, we can use different hair oils and creams to get that shine in our hair. With a comb over you can also use hair highlights in your top portion.

Pointed Top buzz

A pointed top hairdo is a common way to finish your styling in Buzz Cut. Short hair lovers find these variations of hairdressing easy and efficient. Similarly, we can have highlights in our portion which is pointed to get a vibrant look. Our models here have a full pointed and tip led variations of buzz hairdo here.

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Our Favorite Man in Black

Will Smith never looks a day aged in all these years. This ageless transformation is because of his fitness and style. He wears a bowl Buzz Cut with occasional fade and undercuts. Will likes his hair form straightforward, and this superstar looks the best in it.

Buzz Cut and thick beard

A buzz cut girl users are also throughout this world for mens however its best colors are with different variations of beard. Here, we have a thick beard and mustache working well with our model’s short buzz cut with a bald fade.

Ever thought that a Buzz Cut came from the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear? Well, it’s not, but still, Buzz cut is trendy and loved by all. If you are a teen or an aged person wear a buzz and look stylish. Similarly, a buzz is compatible with a different beard and add-ons. Walk up to the street looking like a king and rule over the fashion world with a Buzz in your top. An evergreen hairdo which looks lovely and clean too. A haircut which is supporting many successful celebrities and personalities alike, wear a  Buzz Cut and feel special now.

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