73 Fabulous Burst Fade For Enhancing Your Personality

A burst fade also commonly known as south of France fade came into action in the late 1960s. It was a substitute to afro hairstyle users loving less volume of hair in their head. Many celebrities use these south of France fade variations. Latest and most popular wearing or somewhat respawning this hairdo was American singer Usher. Usher Raymond fans around the world follow him for both his singing and style, so they adore burst too.

In a burst mohawk fade we have a mohawk fade of any kind to our bottom head while we keep our top part long. In recent years people having curly hair are usually amongst those who wear south of France fade. Let us see here some of our best Burst mohawks, fade haircut collection.

Comb over Burst Fade

burst fade

A comb-over is clean and straightforward. With any hair nature maybe wavy or a curl, These hairdos look beautiful. A mohawk means there will be a lot of hair space in one’s rear head part. So here we can have both lateral and a vertical comb over. Here we have an undercut lateral Comb-over with a clean-shaven face.

Low fade with curls

A low fade is a boon for those people who adore using linings and patterns in their head. Similarly, a little fade gives you more than enough space for you to experiment with different types of designs. A low fade is also called side lock, but it travels to our rear part of the head. A low mohawk fade looks friendly with steps, and it seems more organized than other hairdos.

Burst curly Fade

Burst and curls are those two entities which come together very often. Spiral is that very hair nature which a blast seeks for perfection. We can have curls and burst for any hair length and skin tones too. Curls look beautiful with different variations of highlighting and hair colors also. So south of France fade looks even more lively with different highlightings in it.

Mohawk and Burst

As we already know that South of France fade is only complete when we have a mohawk in its bottom. We can use tons of different formats of mohawks here. Some of our most popular mohawk variations are box, half-dove and dove mohawks. Similarly, a full mohawk also works well with any burst as it was made for bursts.

Usher Raymond- The king of Burst Fade

Usher has a worldwide fan following all over the world. Similarly, Usher brought back this south of France fade to life as he was that first celebrity to try a burst in modern times. Usher Raymond who was also one of the judges in “The Voice” USA. Having achieved so much in his singing career, Usher got no chill when it comes to style. He is a style icon for many models and wannabe actors. Raymond has a bald fade mohawk followed by a burst fade medium in his top. Even though he has a long face, Usher uses a pattern in his side part of his head which looks fantastic too. So follow Usher and be stylish.

Art Behind Round Step Fade

Round step fade is more eccentric than a mohawk. It means that it is somewhat similar to an urban side lock. We can have two different types of step fade in a Round category. A single step fade is in our second picture whereas a multiple step fade is in our first one. We can use different hair lengths to attain a Round step fade. Similarly, we can also have different piercings to go with a circular step fade.

Arch curls with Mid Fade

Curls with mid fade are playing safe as well as looking stylish at the same time. A Mid fade provides you with an open space to use neck tattoos as well as linings too. We can follow a mid fade with buns or braids too. A Mid fade is an evergreen which means it is also known as an all season haircut. If you are interested and looking forward to making your first impression strong and flawless, you should probably go with a Medium fade.

Scrap Mohawk Afro

In a scrap mohawk, we keep some hair in our separating part of long and short ones. By doing a scrap, we can achieve a balanced hair volume and a stylish look. We can also have a thick hair to compliment with a scrap mohawk fade.

Burst fade With Razors

Electric razors are fundamental tools in every hairdresser’s work zone. Making ones work easy and efficient though sometimes these machines can be tricky. Above we have our hair styling algorithm if we use hair trimmers to style our hair.

Low spiral Fade

A spiral fade is a common form of a step round fade. We have a low spiral fade here. One can also have linings complimenting spiral fade.

Linings in South of France fade

Linings are add-ons to one’s hairdo, and it is very much trending too. One can also have different patterns or graphics contents in different parts of their head for better results. We can easily obtain linings and designs because of fade mohawk here. Similarly, one can also highlight his coatings for further enhancements of this haircut.

Faux Hawk With a Side Lock

A faux hairstyle has a unique look of a converging top. We have a cute, sharp top and a first clean region here. A faux mohawk adds to its elegance here. In a mohawk faux we have a long faux to ones rear part of his head. To achieve a side lock in our ear region, we cut out hair short there resulting in an open up.

Burst Afro Fade

Afro hairstyle is famous for its huge volume of hair in one’s hair. Most people like their afro long but for those who love short hair they can use mohawk fade. It will not only balance your volume of hair in your head but also concentrates your positive energy towards your head.

High Fade

Fade is a common base for many hairdos. It’s simple to achieve with basic skills too. One can have any style of hair in their top, and a fade can merge with it beautifully. A high fade will give you a clean and disciplined look and its better for summer in different hot countries too.

Bursts And Beards

Burst get along well with different beard styles. One can wear a goatee or a french cut for better results. A thick beard and a low fade work along well while a combination of mid fade and a cleanly-shaven face is sublime too.

Mid Burst fade- curls and without curls

A medium burst has broad compatibility. It is the reason behind its popularity and growing uses. Here we have a medium blast and a variation of cul and straight hair nature. We can have a clean-shaven face with straight hair whereas a latino beard merges well with a curly mid-fade.

Undercut with Separator Liningface with straight hair

A burst is famous to the teens of modern generations. Undercut with a separator lining looks clean and stylish. We can also link an undercut with highlights for further betterment of our finishing. Ear piercings also compliment well with a low bald fade undercut as shown above.

Fang Over with Sparse beard

Sparse beard gives you a clean look. We can add a thin line of mustache and an ear piercing to complete this hairdo. A fang over hair in one’s top has an intermingled phase of hair over each other giving you a nestling appearance. Similarly, we can use this fang over burst with both formal and informal items of clothing.

Kids With bursts and variations

A burst looks stylish for people of all ages and facial tones. Everyone wants their kid to be smart and stylish. Well, a fade mohawk enables you to achieve that same feat. Similarly, one can also add different hair colors to get along with a burst. With both straight and curlers, your kids will look cute and stylish too.

Burst With Neck Tattoo And Shades

When we try too many components to style ourselves, we have to be careful. Similarly, a perfect combination results in elegant look and trendy style. We have a neck tattoo here which is fully visible because of the skin fade. Similarly, a thick bushy beard manages our hair volume and gives us a complete look.

Short curls with Round Fade

Short curls look clean and powerful. You can do a Round fade as above or a mohawk here with different beard styling. Similarly, you can also use ear and facial piercings as add-ons for this hairstyle.

High Military Fade

Military personnel must look clean and disciplined, and a burst fade taper is a right hairdo for them. We are free to choose taper fade for both curl and wavy hair nature. One can also have a full taper or a Round version of fade as above.

Comb Over Mid-fade

A comb over is by far the most used hairstyle among males from every age. We all know that this hairdo is easy to use and manage too. Our another plus factor of this hairstyle is that we can have an undercut which enables us to use ear piercings. One can also use different hair oils and creams for achieving a comb over for dry hair.

Mohawk for women

Not completely a bisexual haircut but innovation is quick in modern generation kids. womens and girls who adore short hair should try wearing a burst as its both cool and sexy. They can also have ear piercings as shown above which results in proper finishing. Similarly, wearing matchable highlights gives womens a glossy and exotic look.

High Pompadour with Goldenbrown Highlight

The golden brown color is the king of every hair highlights. We have a ton of different shades which our stylists can evolve from this shade. One can use both a long or short hair if he is using a golden brown highlight. Also, this highlight goes well with both light and dark skin tones which is pretty much handy too.

Top Coloured mohawks


Colouring gives us a finishing look to any variety of haircuts. A coloring looks better if it matches the skin tone and many other peripheral factors of one’s hair. We can achieve a better hair color by matching our colors with skin tone. Similarly, using different kinds of beards also gives us a stylish look.

Above you have four different variations of coloring your hair. With both darker and lighter coloring, a burst works out well. However, our hair length is also an essential factor for using these hair colors. For essence, if one has long hair, light hair color is suitable for these owners. Similarly, for short curly hair, we can use a dark version of hair colors.

Half Globe with Shaven mustache

A glove is well known as a semi-mohawk. We focus our ear portions only for a globe haircut. Here our model has a Muslim style cleanly shaven mustache to workout with his Globe. Similarly, we can still have an ear piercing or a short, thick beard to get along with a globe haircut.

Mohawk with Sparse Goatee      

A goatee is simple, clean and stylish. It is a beginner way of styling his beard. We have to cut our beard parallelly in both inner and outer portion while an uneven but straight beard line lies in our bottom and a top part. A mohawk and goatee go together from an extended period in their history. A combination of curly hair and straight goatee works well too.

Full Faux Mohawk

Everyone Knows how a faux look like with details. One can have a full faux or a mohawk with lengthy faux in it for further improvement in this style. Facial and ear piercing goes well perfect in this hairdo. Although you must have medium size hair for attaining this hairstyle, you can use hard gels in case of short hair too.

Flat top mohawk

A flat top is that hairdo which one can recognize from a far distance too. Popular in the ’80s this hairstyle looks showy and smooth. We can have our best finishing top colorings in a flat top. This hairdo is perfect for people with a round face. Here this kid has a pattern of a cross to enhance his flat high burst.

Burst fade Black Man

Well, some haircut can look lame for satisfied skin tone owners but not our burst mohawk fade.  A burst is every season and every tone haircut. One can say that it is more popular with black guys, but it’s only a conspiracy as white people love and look well ina burst. Here our guy has a thick beard and a medium mustache with ear piercings to enhance his south of France fade.

Burst Fade Taper

A taper is short for Taper fade. We can have a taper fade with a long top to balance our overall hair volume. Similarly, we can use piercings and linings for enhancing our taper fade.

Flat Top bald Fade with Mohawk

We have a combination of skin fade along with a flat top and a Mohawk here. When different components of hair styling come together, our final result is dazzling.

High Burst Fade

A high burst is a combination of a sidelock with a high fade mohawk. We can say that a burst hairdo is long only in our top. A high burst is most popular with many people having neck tattoos. Similarly, an eyelash cut or piercing here looks pretty badass too.

Burst Fade Straight Hair

Misconception can take so much from your life. Well, there is a popular misconception that a burst or south of France fade is only for curly hair owners. It’s wrong as a style popular with one group of people doesn’t mean it can’t get well along next group. We can use a burst with a straight hair too.

Burst Fade Waves

Here we have a top bun like structure with a mohawk fade. Let me explain what is happening here. Our guy has a wavy hair which lies in between straight and curls. So his top-most long part is acting as a bun as he has tied them rather than letting it open. Similarly, we have an undercut around the bun which separates this mohawk with his bun.

Burst FAde White Guy

A burst is for both black and a white guy. Here we have a bald fade to our side and an undercut around our top burst. We can say that this hairdo here looks like a fake mohawk because of our thick rear hair.

Round and box Low Fade

Above, we have two different methods of side-locking one’s hair. We have a box side cut in our first picture. Similarly, in our second picture, e have a palm circle around our ear. With both these haircuts, our primary goal is to remove the hair from our ear section. This haircut is mostly for those people who are practicing to keep their hair long.

Mohawk with braids

Braid is trendy and Beautiful. If a person has long hair, then he should try wearing braids every once in a while. Braid has its charm in its styling. We can either have a thick version of it or like the one shown in our picture above.

Burst Fade with Design

Designs are add-ons to enhance our hair form further. Here we have a thin side coat with a rear pattern lining.

Burst Fade Afro

An afro comes from one’s thick hair. We must have a thick furry hair to achieve an afro. One can add a fade or ivy in his bottom part and get a complete look.

Dove with Mohawk

We can say that a dove-hawk is similar to step mohawk. Our only difference here is that our ear portion hairline looks somewhat circular. One can freely use linings to compliment a dove-hawk.

Mohawk with Temple Sliming

Our guy here has a temple sliming along with a box mohawk. Our trick here is to keep our hair long so that we can have a long sliming down the temple.

A front Boul Cut

Also known as a Mushroom cut, we remember these iconic children haircut from the ’90s. We can have a simple burst mohawk to combine with a box cutter to give us a complete look.

Bald fade With a pattern

Even in a bald fade, we can have linings and patterns. It’s only possible because we have a side hair left from our mohawk. Hence, one can achieve a unique bald fade and lining combination because of burst hairstyle.

Faux Hawk With Reverse lining

We can have a distinct faux mohawk by adding reverse lining to it. We keep our hair long forming a line rather than following it skin fade. Hence, we can get a unique final look after styling.

We can choose from different kinds of hairstyles shown above that matches your personality. We have a ton of different styles to follow in our market. One can get easily confused as a style favorable to someone is not necessarily good for you. So why not try a method which is universal and gets along well with any form of skin tone and face shapes. Here, our south of France fade haircut comes to action as it is compatible with any personality and person.

So you are going towards a new year with different kinds of resolutions you think you will follow. Let us add a new point to it in the form of being stylish all year long. Sounds complicated and it is too. Well, you have a headstart as your hairstyle can be a burst fade as shown here. A burst mohawk fade or south of France fade is a solution to your hair styling complications. So be stylish and look amazing with a burst mohawk fade in your head.

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